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Pig headed, arrogant and downright rude but above all HONEST !

Username: Muffindamule

Age: 87

Sex: ?

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The Swan, Brentwood

As mentioned by others on this site, this was once a smashing pub with everything going for it. It is now the worst pub I have had the displeasure to visit in Brentwood. Truly abominable. My recommendation ? Give it as wide a berth as you possibly can. Not even worth using as a shortcut through to the back of the High Street !

9 Jun 2012 07:28

Moon On The Square, Basildon

It has been almost seven years since I last reviewed this pub and I can honestly say that little has changed in that time. The smell of stale beer and toilet duck continues to permeate the air and I am still waiting for that half of shandy.
On a slightly more positive note, the hammer shaft which I had left on display in trap one during my last visit is no longer there. Either it has decomposed , been stolen or someone has had the audacity to flush it away. Fred, the elderly gent who used to sit at the first table on the left as you enter from The Towngate, was no longer there either and may well have suffered a similar fate.
The usual market traders were conspicuous by their absence on this occasion and had been replaced by representatives of the travelling community who appeared to be letting off steam after a hard day's work. I finally left at half past ten as I wanted to get back home to Billericay by lunchtime to check that noone had stolen the lead from the roof during my short absence.

19 Nov 2011 22:57

The Blue Boar, Billericay

Has greatly improved over the past year or so. Staff are quicker off the mark and a deal more friendly than they used to be. Food is reasonable. Some amazingly good offers on some good beers. The free wifi is an excellent service and one which it would be nice to see being offered by a few more establishments in the area. This pub is certainly now back on track. Well done !

16 Mar 2009 12:52

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