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Username: LittleNicky

Age: 48

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The Fountain, New Malden

Bring Ray and Mary back from Ireland, chuck out the current scum, redo the pub, serve well kept Guinness again and things would be so much better...

30 Jul 2008 00:11

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Unfortunately, nowadays the place is only frequented by staff from the hospital who are to tired to go anywhere else or consultants who have the money to be able to afford their extortionate prices. Nearly �4 a pint of lager???

The prices do change, depending on who serves you, but Youngs have destroyed this pub. Better to go to one of the (many) in the back streets that still serve good beer at more reasonable prices.

29 Jul 2008 23:49

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Went into the 'Albert' today - the first day open after the renovation. Young's have just hammered another nail in the coffin of proper pubs. The prices have gone up, there's no smoking already and the decor is totally hideous - turd-brown and burgundy walls, seats bolted down, etc... Regardless of what others have said here previously, it used to at least have a tiny bit of character. Now it's a character-free, badly designed interior that can't decide if it's a pastiche of a wine bar or a third rate restaurant - it's certainly no longer a pub. I've heard many people this evening say that they wouldn't go back there. I agree with them. I can't imagine many hospital staff going there often - they'll be at the Kingston Gate or The Norbiton for lunch. Staff seemed mainly disinterested too - maybe they feel the same as many of the customers...

9 Apr 2007 01:47

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