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The Fountain, New Malden

Bring Ray and Mary back from Ireland, chuck out the current scum, redo the pub, serve well kept Guinness again and things would be so much better...

30 Jul 2008 00:11

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Unfortunately, nowadays the place is only frequented by staff from the hospital who are to tired to go anywhere else or consultants who have the money to be able to afford their extortionate prices. Nearly 4 a pint of lager???

The prices do change, depending on who serves you, but Youngs have destroyed this pub. Better to go to one of the (many) in the back streets that still serve good beer at more reasonable prices.

29 Jul 2008 23:49

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Went into the 'Albert' today - the first day open after the renovation. Young's have just hammered another nail in the coffin of proper pubs. The prices have gone up, there's no smoking already and the decor is totally hideous - turd-brown and burgundy walls, seats bolted down, etc... Regardless of what others have said here previously, it used to at least have a tiny bit of character. Now it's a character-free, badly designed interior that can't decide if it's a pastiche of a wine bar or a third rate restaurant - it's certainly no longer a pub. I've heard many people this evening say that they wouldn't go back there. I agree with them. I can't imagine many hospital staff going there often - they'll be at the Kingston Gate or The Norbiton for lunch. Staff seemed mainly disinterested too - maybe they feel the same as many of the customers...

9 Apr 2007 01:47

The Evening Star, Brighton

I've been to many pubs in Brighton and this one was the best. The real ales were in excellent condition and the bar staff polite, friendly and welcoming.

I just wish more pubs were like this.

2 Sep 2006 19:58

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Same as below, but the management has changed. The new Bar Manager is MUCH prettier than Paul - she's good at her job, knows the regulars and keeps the whole thing going well. Hope she stays there for a long time!

Well done Kelly!

2 Sep 2006 15:45

The Queens Head, Kingston Upon Thames

Bring back Eddie Ryan.

'nuf said...

26 Jul 2006 10:44

The Cocoanut, Kingston Upon Thames

Fullers have washed their hands of this place - don't blame them. Used to be a good boozer.

Now? Well, if you don't like beer and you want to share a pub with INCREDIBLY annoying people - try the 'cocoanut'!

26 Jul 2006 10:37

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

No draught beers. Want a pint of reasonable lager (there aren't any on tap) then be prepared to pay SIX POUNDS! - that's a couple of bottles. If you want to pretend that you work 'in the city' then fine. Otherwise, avoid this place, you'll just look like the rest of the idiots that drink there.

26 Jul 2006 10:33

The Willow Tree, Norbiton

This pub has been changed so many times in the last few years. They're now trying to cater for the HUGE Korean population in the New Malden area - fair enough.

However, if you like beer, then, as with most of the pubs in New Malden, give it a miss!

26 Jul 2006 10:20

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

Not a good place to go if you want a decent atmosphere, decent beer and decent food. Better than the Kingston Gate though - but for how much longer?

26 Jul 2006 10:14

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

This pub has got better and better! I'm not a fan of Young's beers, but the service here is excellent. The beers are well kept and they have an extensive range of Young's bottled beers - at a good price too!

The food is very good, if a little pricey, but they cater for the doctors at the hospital, who apparently have money to burn...

The regulars seem friendly and the bar staff are excellent - chatty, smiley and happy. The new landlord is a great laugh and teases everyone who comes in (don't take it personally!) Nice to have a northern lad in charge of what might otherwise be an average boozer.

I'd recommend this pub for a lunchtime beer and meal - avoid the 5pm to 7pm session if you don't like a busy pub - all the hospital staff go over there, rather than go 5 mins up the road to the other couple of Norbiton pubs and I can see why!

Finally, this place is being run properly - give it a try! :o)

26 Jul 2006 10:04

The Wheelwrights Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

This pub doesn't seem to welcome the 'Litten Tree' rejects - thankfully! So if you're not one of them, you'll probably be made to feel very welcome.

Otherwise, very friendly with a great new juke box - never too loud, but you can download and play just about any song you can think of while drinking great Guinness...

8 Nov 2005 10:47

The Case is Altered, Five Ways

One of the best pubs I've ever visited - peaceful, friendly atmosphere, wonderfully kept beers, no teenage idiots or noise - great for a cosy evening in Warwickshire.

8 Nov 2005 10:41

Barcadia, Kingston Upon Thames

Thanks for the warning, 'Anonymous' - if that's the case on the 30th then I won't go in. No real ales, poor selection of whisky, and thumping 'House' crap. I'll go to a proper pub instead...

30 Oct 2005 10:33

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

Went there last night to see what it was like.

No real ales. Lagers badly kept and very expensive. Didn't even dare try the Guinness as if they can't keep lager, they stand no chance with Guinness. The bottled beers are currently 3 a bottle - and all just the average brands! Walk 200 yards down the road and buy them in a proper pub for half the price.

Service incredibly slow at the bar (10 minutes for a pint of lager at 6.30pm - 2 other customers waiting).

Standard of service better in the food area, though why they would want to boast about their 'chefs' is beyond me - I trained as one and NONE of the meals they served up would have been allowed out of my kitchen. Health and Safety/Food Standards should be paying a visit soon too - reported them for cleanliness/food hygiene issues - mould growing around the lids of sauces, etc. and general lack of appreciation of hygiene regulations - from hand washing to toilets and back again...

Certainly wouldn't recommend this place - definitely wouldn't go back.

25 Sep 2005 19:16

The New Inn, Ham

I rather like this pub, even though I'm not a fan of Young's pubs. Beer has always been well kept, staff friendly and the food is actually very good with a wide choice - have a look at the 'specials' board.

Recommended for a Sat/Sun lunchtime couple of pints and a meal.

14 Aug 2005 22:39

The Case is Altered, Five Ways

Visited this pub with a friend (a cider drinker). Absolutely loved it. Great staff/atmosphere - real 'traditional' English pub. Beers were so good I didn't want to leave!

Best thing about Warwickshire that I found - looked even more steeped in history than the castle...

14 Aug 2005 22:35

The Financier and Firkin, Kingston Upon Thames

Let's hope that sad, overrated theme pub 'O'Neill's' is the next to go... Bring back PROPER pubs with REAL beers!

31 May 2005 21:31

The Cocoanut, Kingston Upon Thames

Beers often seem to run out - not a good start for a pub. Agree with Womble - a Fuller's pub where the (badly kept) London Pride has run out. No ESB, no Chiswick Bitter or any other Fuller's ales. Not the place to go if you like proper beer. More of a student lager place. The clientele seem friendly enough, though one young lady sitting at the bar seemed to want to get alot more than friendly with any customer in trousers!

31 May 2005 21:28

The Litten Tree, Kingston Upon Thames

It's a toss up between the Litten Tree & The Tun for worst pub in Kingston - Litten tree just about wins it. Beer is appalling, clientele have about as much taste too. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Attracts chavs and 16 year olds - and 16 year old chavs, from what we could see. I'm always a bit iffy about pubs with bouncers on the door - shows they either get alot of trouble, or are expecting it...

31 May 2005 21:20

The Railway Arms, Alton

Visited last weekend. The staff were friendly and efficient, the regulars were cool too.

The beers were FANTASTIC - very well kept, obviously their landlord/cellarman knows his beers. My favourite was the 'Moondance' - light, with a good hoppy flavour. The cider was above par too - I'd certainly travel the 40 miles or so to Alton just to drink in this pub!

31 May 2005 21:05

The Wheelwrights Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Genuine family-run pub with the best Guinness in Kingston. Atmosphere is very friendly and there's always someone to talk to. Bar staff are professional and pleasant. Food is well prepared, though nothing out of the ordinary.
Best pub in Kingston by far. And not ALL the boys at the bar are grumpy!

9 May 2005 14:28

The Royal Oak, New Malden

The best pub in the 'High Street' area by far. Beer is well kept and food is excellent. Landlord a good chap and has Premiership and International matches in a comfy, welcoming upstairs room on the big screen.

Definitely recommend the Guinness!

9 May 2005 14:22

The Earl Beatty, Motspur Park

A dirty, grotty pub. Shame really, as the area isn't that bad. Being near the station it attracts a certain 'type'. I certainly wouldn't go there again - intimidating atmosphere. If it was re-vamped, decorated, change of staff and better beers, I'd reconsider!

9 May 2005 14:17

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