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Age: 43

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The Blackstock, Finsbury Park

I went in there again last night in case my last review was to harsh-well I needed the toilet and I was very desperate.Well the place has got even worse.....!The carpet is better,but the 1st thing you notice when you walk in is the smell.The pubs staff are terrible.Last night there was this fat ugly bird behind the bar sitting on top of the fridge with her feet resting on the shelf holding the pint glasses.There was a man customer just walking round with no drink,crazy drunk shouting at people.Another geezer sleeping in the corner and some old Irish man having a full conversation with himself at the bar.A young bloke was tormenting people saying he was the landlord,I found out he IS the landlords son.He asked me what I was doing there,well it is a pub.
So it smells bad,dirty barstaff,mental customers and a geezer questioning why you're there.

Not for me...!

18 Jan 2010 14:20

The Gunners, Highbury

Very poor pub.I'm an arsenal fan but avoid this pub.
The beer is flat and not very cold.
And the place smells of damp.
Rating 2

5 Nov 2009 12:44

Lyndhurst Bar, Derby

This is a real dump of a pub.But again I find myself chatting to the locals who are all good people.Rumour has it that you smoke to your hearts content in here,as they dont worry about getting caught.
DJ and Kareoke FRI and SAT night,with Irish music on a sunday afternoon.
I know its a dump,but I like it-Rating-5

4 Nov 2009 13:44

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