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The Gunners, Highbury

I'm not into football and haven't been on a match day, but as you can guess from it's name the pub IS a shrine to Arsenal and well worth a look if you are a fan but not concerned about the ale.

I've only been there for the live music, and the times I've been it has been a good little music venue. It's shite for real ale though - several pumps on the bar but only one in use, and sometimes not even that! They only had London Pride last time I was there, although a decent selection of bottled beers in the chiller cabinet. £5 for a bottle of Bishops Finger that I can get from Aldi for £1.20 is seriously taking the piss though! Talking of piss - the toilets are fucking freezing and the hot taps don't work. Nor does the hot air hand drier - disgraceful for a pub that charges rip-off prices for it's ale. Got to say the bloke behind the bar in sports attire and a baseball cap was really good at his job though - very keen to serve you drinks.

16 Dec 2019 23:35

The Sebright Arms, Barnet

Recently paid my first visit to this pub in several years - purely because there was a band playing. It's a tiny old fashioned pub that's off the beaten track, and to be honest I'm surprised it has managed to remain open. It's a McMullens pub so I walked in with low expectations of the quality of ale on draught. However, on visits to another local McMullens pub the Queens Arms I have found their bottled 'Strongheart' and 'Hertford Castle' ales very acceptable and great value for money. So as it was a McMullens pub I asked if they had either of those bottled ales from this brewery - only to be met with a blank look and told they don't stock them! One pint of the mediocre at best McMullens cask ale on offer was enough and I headed off elsewhere in search of a decent pint.

6 Oct 2019 13:33

The After Office Hours, Barnet

Now demolished.

6 Oct 2019 13:16

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