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Username: DNADAVE

Age: 63

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The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

I must most humbly apologise to SPortAl3 for the misunderstanding the other week. I was totally unaware thatt his was his first time in a pub and that he is obviously not fully cognescent of how one operates. We sell beer, wines and spirits to our customers. Unfortunately due to the current economic climate we are forced to pay for these when they are delivered to the pub, which brings us nicely to the day in question. What you actually saw was a large delivery of wines and spirits arriving in the pub. In another era we might have been able to leave these lying on the bar and trust that nobody would purloin them.Alas times have changed and so, as to avoid any unpleasantness, we have to store these in the cellar. This is what yhe younger barman,unfortunately not myself, was doing. Contrary to what you thought that you saw I was paying the delivery man for the aforementioned wines and spirits, I say that I was paying, but in fact I was interupted by somebody who had walked into the pub whilst my back was turned and seemed to think that my lack of 360 degree vision meant that I was ignoring him. When I turned to serve you you seemed a wee bit agitated and overly excited and made a couple of wildly inaccurate remarks about myself and the rest of the staff, at that point it was suggested that would be far happier drinking in other pubs. Now that we have cleared up this misundestanding please feel free to call again.

2 Jul 2014 14:32

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Called here on Sunday en route to West Brom, and a big thank you to Jamie for opening the kitchen for us - ale wasn't bad either.

4 Feb 2014 13:18

Ye Olde Black Boy, Hull

Called here on Saturday, excellent place, good ale and the Hunter Pies are a thing of legend.

3 Dec 2013 16:46

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