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The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

I must most humbly apologise to SPortAl3 for the misunderstanding the other week. I was totally unaware thatt his was his first time in a pub and that he is obviously not fully cognescent of how one operates. We sell beer, wines and spirits to our customers. Unfortunately due to the current economic climate we are forced to pay for these when they are delivered to the pub, which brings us nicely to the day in question. What you actually saw was a large delivery of wines and spirits arriving in the pub. In another era we might have been able to leave these lying on the bar and trust that nobody would purloin them.Alas times have changed and so, as to avoid any unpleasantness, we have to store these in the cellar. This is what yhe younger barman,unfortunately not myself, was doing. Contrary to what you thought that you saw I was paying the delivery man for the aforementioned wines and spirits, I say that I was paying, but in fact I was interupted by somebody who had walked into the pub whilst my back was turned and seemed to think that my lack of 360 degree vision meant that I was ignoring him. When I turned to serve you you seemed a wee bit agitated and overly excited and made a couple of wildly inaccurate remarks about myself and the rest of the staff, at that point it was suggested that would be far happier drinking in other pubs. Now that we have cleared up this misundestanding please feel free to call again.

2 Jul 2014 14:32

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Called here on Sunday en route to West Brom, and a big thank you to Jamie for opening the kitchen for us - ale wasn't bad either.

4 Feb 2014 13:18

Ye Olde Black Boy, Hull

Called here on Saturday, excellent place, good ale and the Hunter Pies are a thing of legend.

3 Dec 2013 16:46

Ye Olde Black Boy, Hull

Called here on Saturday, excellent place, good ale and the Hunter Pies are a thing of legend.

3 Dec 2013 16:46

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

Called in here on Saturday, nice enough pub spoilt by average choice of average beer.

3 Dec 2013 16:42

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

Called in here on Saturday, nice enough pub spoilt by average choice of average beer.

3 Dec 2013 16:42

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

Called in here on Saturday, nice enough pub spoilt by average choice of average beer.

3 Dec 2013 16:42

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Called in yesterday afternoon before the Arsenal game, beautiful Victorian Gin Palace, even the lager drinkers with us enjoyed the Sam Smith's lager. The landlady, the lovely Caroline?made us welcome, put up with our attempts at flirting and managed to serve 3 people at once,cracking pub.

3 Nov 2013 14:34

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Called in here before the Villa game the other week. Never fails to disappoint, fime selection of ales, excellent staff and great food.

13 Sep 2013 12:04

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

No longer in the Camra GPG for 2014 - shows the danger of living on a past reputation

13 Sep 2013 12:00

Belvedere, Liverpool

Yet another snidey comment from Grizzlygus, who seems to wander from pub to pub, letching after young bar staff and making a nuisance of himself. The fact that there is only one pub in town that he has praised is a testament to his lack of taste/taste buds.

13 Aug 2013 14:49

Central Commercial Hotel, Liverpool

Called in here on Bank Holiday Sunday, it was chokker but I got served right away with an excellent pint of Copper Dragon.

2 Jun 2013 12:24

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

Called here on Friday, got charged £1.75 for half a 3.8% bitter which was no better than average. Good thing that they don't factor in transport costs to their prices!

22 Apr 2013 14:18

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Called in here on Friday, beer was ok, service was average and the decor appalling. It could be one of town's great pubs and instead it verges on the mediocre.

22 Apr 2013 14:15

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Called here on Saturday, excellent as always, even had the legendary 'Gray Pays and bacon'. One of my favourite pubs.

20 Aug 2012 12:16

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

The Phil is only always full of tourists because all locals know how far hill it has gone. Nicholsons seem intent to run it into the ground, by having a minimalistic staffing policy, and when there are suffcient staff behind the bar they seem to be students who are more concerned with playing with their i-phones than serving. If you want a decent pint in a traditional pub go around the corner to the Belverdere.

13 Aug 2012 13:27

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

First time that I've been here since it was refurbed. The refurb is the worst one since the Pig & Whistle, this was one of Liverpool's great traditional bars but now looks cheap & nasty, the toilets are upstarirs in what looks like a crack-addicts den. Beer was fine, and the staff have improved since last time but the pub itself looks awful. Won't be back in a hurry.

13 Aug 2012 13:20

The Murderers, Norwich

Called here after the match on Saturday, beer was fine, staff were friendly. Not bad at all.

30 Apr 2012 09:19

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Called here on Saturday before the match, lived up to all my expectations, beer was excellent, barstaff were extremely helpful, even the dog in the corner was smiling. One of the best pubs I've been to, will definitely be back next season.

30 Apr 2012 09:16

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Great boozer, have used this a few times en route to games in the Midland, excellent ale and food, had a nice chat with Jamie the boss, knows his stuff, I just hope beating Wolves 3-0 doesn't mean they get relegated.

10 Feb 2012 13:38

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

I do not wish to call anybody a bare- faced liar but the last comment is totally without foundation, I was one of the aforementioned staff probably the one who was serving'His mates'. None of my mates were in there are Friday so if you mean that I was talking to customers whilst I was serving them then Mea Culpa. I do not see that there is a problem with somebody collecting glasses nor with anybody fixing a fault on the till. Nor do I remember anbody waiting '15 minutes' to be served. If you had of done I am pretty damn sure you would have made me aware of it. Incidentally I have just viewed some of your previous posts and you have done a hatchet on every pub apart from the Ship & Mitre -do I detetct an aganda here?

31 Oct 2011 13:55

Globe, Liverpool

The lasttwo comments beggar belief - Blue Scrumpy is complaining that they gate-crashed a private party, got free food and then moans about the pub. If its choice of beers is not up to some peoples expectations it is due to being a Punch Taverns house, and there are few Punch pubs with a better selection. As for UKRichard, I suspect that he is confusing it with Coopers next door. Please pay more attention next time.

17 Oct 2011 16:39

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

The 3rd Lion Tavern Quality Not Quantity Beer Festival

Lion Tavern Beer Festival Commences 26/09/2011

Rudgate Brewery Ruby Mild 4.4%

Local Ale
George Wrights Roman Black Beer 4.8%
Blonde Moment 4.0%
Peerless Hilbre Gold 4.5%
Triple Blonde 4.1%
Liverpool Craft Brewery Viking 4.2%
Liverpool Organic Brewery Higsons Bitter 4.1%

Ales –up to 4.0%
Brains Legend Ale 4.0%
Harviestoun Wild Hop I.P.A. 3.9%
Milestone Hoptimism 3.6%
Ossett Lion Brew 3.9%
Pale Gold 3.8%
ST Austell Tinners 3.7%

Ales – 4.1-4.5 %
Castle Rock Preservation Fine Ale 4.4%
Exmoor Wild Cat 4.4%
Hadrian & Border Reiver I.P.A. 4.4%
Holdens Golden Glow 4.4%
Northumberland Original Northumberland Ale 4.3%
Oakham Citra 4.3%
Poachers Black Crow Stout 4.5%
Salamander Golden Salamander 4.2%
York Scrum Down 4.3%

Ales – 4.6-4.9%
Batemans Salem Porter 4.7%
Black Dog Rhatas 4.6%
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.7%
Elgoods Indian Summer 4.8%
North Yorkshire Fools Gold 4.6%

Ales – 5.0% and over
Osset Excelsior 5.2%
Sharps Special 5.0%

Jollydale Dry Still 6.3%
Westons Scrumpy 6.0%
Organic (btl) 6.5 %

23 Sep 2011 09:11

The Wellington, Birmingham

Called in here before we played Villa last week. Beers were all fine, except for the Wye Valley which wa average. But a big plus was Tracy behind the bar. Even though the place was chokka she remembered our round of 12 drinks perfectly - total professional and a credit to the licenced trade .

1 Jun 2011 11:44

The Dispensary, Liverpool

I am a tad perplexed about some of the comments regarding the licencee. I work in the pub trade and have never found him and Pauline to be anything but friendly and courteous. All of a sudden there appears to be a concerted effort to make dismissive comments about the pub, mainly regarding Dave's personality. It has not gone unnoticed that this plethora of il-will has come about after he won 'Pub Of The Year 2010'.I know from working and drinking in pubs in town that in certain areas the Dissy is seen as an upstart in the Real Ale market, it doesn't serve enough different beers or bottles of foreign lagers like some of the more established CAMRA pubs. There has since been a scurillous magazine doing the rounds personally attacking one of teh bar maids.Well enough of this, the Dissy won its awards on quality of its ales, everything is mere back-biting by hacked of regulars of pubs that were lucky to make the top five pubs in Liverpool.

13 May 2011 10:47

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

The 2nd Lion Tavern Beer Festival begins on 31st March 2011. Among the beers available are:

Bowlands Bowlands Dragon 4.2
Conwy Honey Fayre 4.5
Ilkley Lotus I.P.A. 5.6
Jarrow Red Elln 4.4
Millstone Vale Mill 3.9
Shardlow Narrow Boat 4.3
Southport Goldensands 4.0
Wolf Wolf in Sheeps Clothing 3.7
Batemans Dark Mild 3.0
Belvoir Star Bitter 3.9
Bradfields Farmers Stout 4.5
Howard Town Dinting Arches 4.4
Kelham Island Pale Rider 4.3
Nethergate I.P.A. 3.5
Osset Excelsior 5.2
Phoenix Double Gold 5.0
Wold Top Wold Gold 4.8
York Guzzler 3.6
Big Lamp Prince Bishop Ale 4.8
Celt Experience Golden 4.2

21 Mar 2011 15:50

The Caledonia, Liverpool

Ignore all previous comments. New licencee has picked the pub up by the scruff of the neck and brought it back to life. Four handpumps, one of which Timothy Taylor best bitter is a regular, and all of a high standard. Very friendly barstaff, free Wi-access. An excellent pub to relax in or on a week-end night boogie on down to live jazz or blue grass.

9 Mar 2011 15:18

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Carlsberg thankfully don't do beer festivals but the Lion Tavern does. It starts tomorrow for as long as the beer lasts. Don't missit.


Church End Gravedigger’s Mild 3..8
Grainstor Rutland Mild 3.4

Local Ale

Southport Golden Sands 4.0
George Wrights Cheeky Pheasant 4.7
Spitting Feathers TBA x 2


Westons Scrumpy 6.0
Raspberry Twist 4.0

Ales - below 4.0%

Ilkley Mary Jane 3.5 L
Snowdonian Purple Moose 3.6 L
Yates Best Bitter 3.7 A
Hophead Dark Star 3.8 L
Wadsworth Henrys IPA 3.6 A

Ales – 4.1-4.5 %

Hop Back Crop Circle 4.2 L
Ossett Silver King 4.3 L
Phoenix Pale Moonlight 4.2 L
Caledonian Autumn Red 4.4 A
Saltaire Harvest Moon Ale 4.2 L
Adnams Kolner 4.2 L
Coach House Dick Turpin 4.2 A
Battledown Natural Selection 4.2
Hawkshead Lakeland Gold 4.4 L
Lakeland Red 4.2 A

Ales – 4.6-5.0%

Bushy’s Old Bushy Tail 4.5 A
Orkney Dark Island 4.6 D
RCH Old Slug Porter 4.5 D
St Austell Proper Job IPA 4.5 A

Ales – 5.0% and over

Bridestone American Pale Ale 5.0 L
Highland Orkney Blast 6.0 D

21 Sep 2010 08:42

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Called in on Sunday afternoon. Only two staff on which given that there was a demo in St George's Hall with 3,000 people was a bit short-sighted. Service was appalling, young kids slamming drinks down becasue they were busy. Beer was ok, but in the last couple of years this is a pub that has began to believe it's own publicity. It's good pub but not a great one.

6 Jul 2010 10:10

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Oops,it would seem that I have hit a raw nerve with Wirral-Realalian. Yes, I do work there, it's hardly a state secret. No has complained to myself or any other staff memeber about the temperature of our beers, if they were to do so we would do our utmost to rectify any short-fallings there and then, rather that wait for anonymity of web-page to make sweeping generalisations.

19 May 2008 13:49

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

One of Liverpool's finest oubs, excellent beers, excellent staff, eccentric boss. May I humbly point out to Wirral-alian that we had a visit from Casque Mark in the same week that they visited and guess what? Our cellar temperatures were absolutley spot on. Please leave it to the experts!

14 May 2008 12:17

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