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Username: Chaslyn

Age: 73

Sex: male

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Blue Boar, Ludlow

Shut for a while but now (about a year ago apparently) but now reopen. Popped in for a quick one and initial impressions were great. Totally restored without losing its essential character, Clean, tidy, organised. Good service, excellent Gent's Loo, quirky decoration. Don't know who owns it but it didn't feel like a managed house. Impressed.

29 Sep 2016 10:00

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Recent visit very disappointing. Been going in for years but noticed that service has become very patchy. Visited last week and had one of "those days". First barman completely cocked up the round, the 2nd. lad in the afternoon was sadly in the wrong business ( no eye contact, very slow, continually chatting to other off duty members of staff, every table had empty glasses on, the fire had gone out and there were trays of half polished cutlery all along the bar top. At least 2 customers left without a drink as our mate chatted away. A senior member of the team arrived, cleared up all the chaos and I thought at last I can go to the bar and get a quick round in. Sadly no. Halfway through the round with my drinks out of reach the phone rang and was answered straight away and there followed a 5 minute call about an accommodation enquiry whilst I stood there. It's easy really ,if you have a live customer give them priority and let the phone ring. As I said probably just a bad day. Beer was good, loos clean and by early evening the place was as busy and buzzy as always. Don't get complacent guys.

19 Feb 2013 08:09

The Horseshoe Inn, Ledbury

Been going there for years and seen it through a few ups and downs. It's currently on the way up with a couple of exceptions. Seems to function mainly as a pizza house with a few additional items on the menu but in my experience the thin crust pizzas are exceptionally good. It works fairly well as a pub however the bar creates a bit of a bottleneck and if the tables are full and there are a few of you enjoying a beer then you end up jumping around like a Morris Dancer to let people past. The beer is generally excellent (Butty Bach on my last visit) with the normal Lagers. The Landlady is always very friendly and helpful and there is a tall girl who works at lunchtimes who is really efficient and smiley however a couple of the male evening staff have a bit of an attitude and kind of spoil the experience. overall a good little pub for a beer in the evening but just watch the steps on the way out!

19 Jan 2013 11:29

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