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Username: CALCULON500

Age: 47

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The Golden Stool, Tottenham

AAAARRRRRGGHHH!! IM IN THE GOLDEN STOOL...................AGAIN! this is what goes through my head whenever i find myself in the golden stool. It's allways the same! I'm drinking up town with mates, I stagger on to a night bus and fall asleep, the next thing i know i'm in the golden stool. This pub is weird they sell beer in cans. Despite being the only white person in there the other punters were friendly enough. the barman did look at me as if i was insane though. The music was hard and heavy dance with an african MC. quite an interesting experience. Once i realise where i am i finish up my can of redstripe and make for the exit.
i have a feeling that this puib is now closed

14 Dec 2006 16:47

The Dutch House, Tottenham

This pub is my local and i've been in it several times. It's a bit depressing at first but the more beer you have the better it gets. Sometimes they have a darts thing going on in there and it;s really lively. I went in with my brother once and a friendly guy tried to buy my brothers kebab off him! we all laughed and then me and my bro sat down, got comfortable and watched the spectacular site of two big drunk tatooed blokes arm in arm singing "i got you babe" on the kareoke whislt looking into each others eyes. But the best thing, for me, about this pub is the fact that i can say, when directing people to my house from the tube station, "pass the dutch house on the left hand side" i've allways loved musical youth. i feel that they waould also like this pub and i wouldnt be supprised if they drink in there.

14 Dec 2006 16:02

The Crown and Sceptre, Fitzrovia

Well i needed a place to meet my friends to celebrate my recent birthday and as a few of them work near this pub the desicion was made and a time set. On entering this pub i noticed to my dismay that it was packed to the rafters with the type of friday evening post office media company punters that usually make me spin round and head straight back out the door. As i was early and meeting people i coulndnt do this. Luckily my Lovely girlfriend was waiting with a pint of cooking lager for me. The place was so full we were standing up near some idiots talking about media and trying hard to impress each other with thier sickening faces and stupid scruffy but expensive and fashionable clothes. It always amazes me what people will wear if they think its fashionable. anyway back to the pub review. the beer was ok and the barmaids were friendly and atractive. The decor is typical for this king of clientel sruffy but fashionable and expensive and a bit boring. there is a nice pub underneath the crapulence hopefully someone, oneday, will show it off.

4 Dec 2006 15:37

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