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I like a nice pint of Real Ale Preferably straight
from the Barrel, if not from a Beer Engine (Hand Pump). I particulary like an good Pint of Brakspears Ordinary Bitter. Ringwood Best, or Dorchester Bitter. As they say I know what I like. I do not like to ripped off or Fobbed off with a sub standard pint, it is dear enough,unfortunately too many pubs (especially in London) like to give short measures.

Username: Bitter_Man

Age: 71

Sex: male

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The Bee, Burnham

Made a return visit to this pub last week to see what if any changes had been made with the new owners. Beers on were Brakspears Bitter, Oxford Gold and a Guest Ale from Windsor & Eton Brewery. I must say the Bitter was Exceptional. But Oh dear what has happened to the Decor? The ceiling has been painted Dark Pink (Which makes the Pub very dark). Also all the comfy seating has been replaced by oversized Church pews, many of them just wood and no padding. Juke Box has Gone (although the 2 TVs are still there with one being tuned to a National Radio Station). Outside the once nice Patio Furniture and Umbrellas has been replaced by a collection of misfit furniture that only can be described as potential firewood as it is well past is usage date. Change for the Better - Not on this showing! Compared with my previous visits The Bee seems devoid of its usual Regulars indeed and Customers at all.

22 Aug 2014 08:48

The Bee, Burnham

R.I.P The Bee as we knew it for the last 14 Years. A new Broom (Cavalier Inns) has swept in and lost al lot of regular dedicated Customers within a week. How, by putting the prices up.
5p on Bitter (£3:40p a Pint)
15p on Guinness (£3:80p a Pint)
25p on Stella (£3:90 a Pint)

Having Drunk there sing 1st April 1999 it will be sad to leave................. Onward & Upward plenty more Pubs in the Street AVOID.

29 Apr 2014 23:48

The Bee, Burnham

After being at the helm of this pub for 12 Years the current Landlady (Lynn) is leaving on April 23rd. Lynn and her family will be missed by all her friends and Regulars. I wish the new people well but Lynn will be a tough act to follow. She leaves behind a loyal band of staff, who I'm sure will ensure some form of continuity. Lynn I wish you well for the future and thanks for the last 12 memorable years, we have had some good times!. See you on the other side of the Bar.

17 Apr 2014 11:33

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