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BITE user comments - Bitter_Man

Comments by Bitter_Man

The Bee, Burnham

Made a return visit to this pub last week to see what if any changes had been made with the new owners. Beers on were Brakspears Bitter, Oxford Gold and a Guest Ale from Windsor & Eton Brewery. I must say the Bitter was Exceptional. But Oh dear what has happened to the Decor? The ceiling has been painted Dark Pink (Which makes the Pub very dark). Also all the comfy seating has been replaced by oversized Church pews, many of them just wood and no padding. Juke Box has Gone (although the 2 TVs are still there with one being tuned to a National Radio Station). Outside the once nice Patio Furniture and Umbrellas has been replaced by a collection of misfit furniture that only can be described as potential firewood as it is well past is usage date. Change for the Better - Not on this showing! Compared with my previous visits The Bee seems devoid of its usual Regulars indeed and Customers at all.

22 Aug 2014 08:48

The Bee, Burnham

R.I.P The Bee as we knew it for the last 14 Years. A new Broom (Cavalier Inns) has swept in and lost al lot of regular dedicated Customers within a week. How, by putting the prices up.
5p on Bitter (£3:40p a Pint)
15p on Guinness (£3:80p a Pint)
25p on Stella (£3:90 a Pint)

Having Drunk there sing 1st April 1999 it will be sad to leave................. Onward & Upward plenty more Pubs in the Street AVOID.

29 Apr 2014 23:48

The Bee, Burnham

After being at the helm of this pub for 12 Years the current Landlady (Lynn) is leaving on April 23rd. Lynn and her family will be missed by all her friends and Regulars. I wish the new people well but Lynn will be a tough act to follow. She leaves behind a loyal band of staff, who I'm sure will ensure some form of continuity. Lynn I wish you well for the future and thanks for the last 12 memorable years, we have had some good times!. See you on the other side of the Bar.

17 Apr 2014 11:33

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Visited this pub late on Tuesday Dinnertime, all tables were set out to eat with very little Bar area set aside for "Drinkers Only". seemed to be populated by women with children. Several beers on including Doombar & London Pride. My LP was passable but not up to the standards of Fullers Pubs and did not warrant a second Pint. My mate however had the Doombar and said it was very good. Maybe the LP had not been pulled through enough, who knows. Pleasant enough staff.

27 Feb 2014 11:48

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Very impressed with this Establishment that was once an HSBC Bank. Beautiful interior with very clean stylish Loos. Great selection of Ales. The London Pride was exceptionally good and at a very keep price for London. Definitely scheduled for a return visit.

26 Feb 2014 11:58

The Globe Inn, Weymouth

Visited on Tuesday this week. Agree with Longitude, great proper locals pub with friendly staff and clientele. Good a Beer, would thou roughly recommend a visit to this hidden gem of a pub just off the quay.

7 Feb 2014 14:41

The Boot, Weymouth

Visited this Pub again last Tuesday, I know it is winter but Oh dear what has happened to this once great pub? Service was awful as was the Beer. it was early afternoon and the place was full of locals, nice open fire but on arrival no staff in sight. eventually someone emerged from the cellar saying there had been a flood and proceed to investigate why the glass washer was not emptying. Despite me holding out a £20 note he just walked past me . eventually in between clearing an empty glass from the bar and serving someone else he got around to me, unfortunately his mobile went off and he took the call before giving me my change some 5 mins later. I have praised this pub on this site before, but sorry at the moment cannot score above a 2 and that is for the Log Fire. This once famous pub is on a steep downward decline.

6 Feb 2014 18:23

Sway Manor, Sway

Have visited this Hotel several times when in the Village seeing Friends. Also on one occasion I have stayed the Night. Large Car Park nice Grounds (with Pool) and activities for Children. The rooms are adequate and of a reasonable size. Downside when I stayed was that the Hotel Restaurant and Bar was shut when I returned around 10:00. Best check closing times before booking!!! Bar is in the corner of a large room containing Sofas and a Grand Piano with a few stools around the Bar. The Bar has Ringwood Best Bitter on Draught but I am afraid it is NOT kept very well. It is way too cold and Flat. Next time it tasted off but the Barman would not change barrel. My recommendations are walk 5 mins down Road to The Silver Hind or 20 Mins to The Hare and Hounds. If yo do have to drink in the Hotel go for Lager or Bottled Beers. The Bar is also way too bright, there is No atmosphere. Having said that the Reception Staff were friendly. Monday night there is always a Meal Deal, with other special Themed Nights and Tribute Acts appearing in the Restaurant of Conservatory areas. Please note I have been waiting for BITE to add this Pub for nearly 3 years now so my comments are based od several visits over that period so some thing may have changed, but you can check via their website.

6 Feb 2014 15:15

Silver Hind, Sway

As a regular Visitor to the area of Sway I have visited this Pub/Restaurant on many occasion. It is both a very good Restaurant and quiet locals Bar with low Radio music in the Background. Serving up a very nice Pint of Ringwood Ale with Friendly Staff. Outside Decking and seating Area and very small car park. Both Beer and Food recommended. Certainly Sway needed a new pub since the only other pub was turned into Flats. Keep up the Good work. will be back again next time i am visiting friends in the Village.

6 Feb 2014 15:01

Ye Olde Starre Inn, Christchurch

Visited this pub last wee late afternoon, only person in there. Barmaid was friendly but was polishing and cleaning windows. Sharps Doombar and Ringwood 49er were on offer. My mate had the Doombar and said it was good, however my 49er could have been better. I found the Pub very dark and in need of some TLC (a good tidy up behind the bar). Eating area looked ok. sited right on the main road into Christchurch so should be attracting more trade. Some work to be done, however i understand that the pub has only recently reopened after being closed for some time, so would return next time i am in Christchurch to give it a second chance

29 Oct 2013 09:05

The Thomas Tripp, Christchurch

visited this pub in early afternoon when unfortunately renovations were taking place. Paint and beer do not mix!!! also an outside Seafood Shack , BBQ and seating area were being constructed. However the beer offerings were Ringwood Best, Brakspears Pride of the River, A Charity Ale and Ringwood 49er, I had Ringwood Best Bitter which was OK. from the number of Bottled Lagers, Cider and other bottled drinks (especially Shots) this is clearly a Students/youngsters venue in the evenings. There were posters everywhere advertising Bands and upcoming events. Also the decor was Dark Red & Black!! Not my sort of establishment, but the staff were friendly enough. Doubt if I will be back Sorry.

29 Oct 2013 08:57

The Ship, Christchurch

Ringwood Best Bitter, Hobgoblin were on Pump, opted for Ringwood Best which was OK although a tad cold. Bit of a Gastro Pub, old at the front with a beamed ceiling and modern at the back. however tastefully done. I sat at the bar, but at several of the tables others were eating and i must say the food looked good. Friendly staff.

29 Oct 2013 08:50

The Railway, Christchurch

Visited here last wednesday Lunchtime (First stop of a Pub crawl of Christchurch).
Proper Pub with two separate Bars, I opted for the smaller which was full of locals and families going about the daily routine. Nice to see! Ringwood Best and London Pride was available, opted for Ringwood Best which was very good. Background Music was playing at a level that you did not have to shout over. Recommended if you are in the area or waiting for a train!

29 Oct 2013 08:46

The Sir John Barleycorn, Cadnam

Visited here last night, been a change of Landlord. Current one very accommodating and knows how to keep real ale (he is a member of CAMRA). Had a pint of HSB while the London Pride was being changed. Then had a pint of L P which was exceptional, Red Fox was also available. Found prices at £3.90 and £3.70 a pint dearer than I am used to in Berkshire. Although Bar snacks finished at 18:00 and we arrived at 20:30, he was more than happy to make us a Steak sand which with Chips and salad, which is all we wanted although a full menu was also available in either the Bar or Restaurant. Hope this chap gets the job permanently and if I lived nearer would certainly be a Regular. Well done sir, suggest you have a word with the Bar Staff to make sure they are singing from your Hymn Book.

22 Oct 2013 11:00

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Just paid another Fling visit. Glad to report everything is still excellent. Especially the Ringwood Best Bitter, lovely creamy head and lots of lacing just as it should be!!

8 Aug 2013 20:10

The Ship Inn, Lymington

Looked a nice Bar overlooking the water. Seemed to be more of a Lager/Wine establishment. But did have three Handpumps on the Bar. Sadly NONE had any beer available. This is on a Wednesday Lunchtime in the height of the season !!!!! Come On who is doing the ordering!!! The Barman asked what he could get us. we said real ale please. He replied he had none available so we immediately left and went elsewhere. If I ever go back to Lymington would give it another try but my visit seemed to back up stories I had heard from locals.

8 Aug 2013 19:59

The Kings Head Inn, Lymington

Strange Pub, looks like a Tea Room from outside. As you walk in off the you are immediately hit by the amount of wood and exposed Bricks. Very dark interior every light was on at Lunchtime in August. London Pride, Youngs Best Bitter, and English Pale Ale available. Marstons, Timothy Taylor and Gales HSB were not. Had the London Pride which was excellent, but was disappointed that local brews were not available. Small enclosed Patio available at back bit no views. Seemed to be doing a roaring trade in Food with over 50% of the tables full.

8 Aug 2013 19:53

The Mayflower, Lymington

Further to my last review I made a return visit yesterday and the Pub was open and serving Food Everyday from Midday. Large independent pub very similar to a Toby of Harvester. Menu and Food looked good and there seemed to be activites on most days. Large Garden to read with many Tables with umbrellas. Child friendly and two Smoking areas on raised decks. Additional seating in the front but that overlooks the Car Park and Road.Fuggle De Dum was available but I went for the Ringwood Best. Oh Dear! Warm, Flat and NO Lacing. Will give it another shot if in the area again but Better Pubs in Lymington, who Know how to look after the Beers.

8 Aug 2013 19:47

The Angel Inn, Lymington

Now called The Angel & Blue PIg Inn, several Beers available but I went for the good old Ringwood Best Bitter. Acceptable but went Flat very quickly and lacked any for of "Lacing" Not the best pint of Ringwood Best I have had , but certainly NOT the worst. Did not eat on this occasion but what I saw being served up looked appetizing. Nice Decor and a Patio Garden with many tables of assorted sizes.

8 Aug 2013 19:41

The Thomas Tripp, Lymington

Beers available were Flack Double or Palmers Dorset. As Flack Double is produced by the Ex owners of Ringwood Brewery I went for a pint of that, and very nic it was too. Unfortunately only one bar was open as the other was undergoing extensive renovation. However as it was a Sunny evening I took full advantage of the terraced Patio and wonderful display of Plants (Especially the Fuchsias). Will definately be back next time I am in the area

8 Aug 2013 19:36

The Kings Arms, Lymington

Looks like an old Coaching Inn. Nice rear Patio and Garden. Real Ales on were Sharps Doombar or Ben Doogle. I plumped for the Doombar. seems to cater for everyone and was advertising Live Music and Quiz Nights.

8 Aug 2013 19:32

The Bosuns Chair, Lymington

Sadly this Pub does not open until 5pm Monday to Friday so were unable to have a Lunchtime Drink after we got off the Train. (Nearest Pub in Station Approach). However we went back around 7pm and apart from one other punter and Two Bar staff were the only ones there on a Weds Night!. This is a Wadsworth Pub and had Harveys IPA or 6X available. Plumped for the Harveys which was very nice. Nice seating area/Garden at the rear. Worth a retun visit for the Beer alone

8 Aug 2013 19:28

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Was taken to this pub today for a lunchtime pint. I can only echo all the good points that have already been said. Had a great Pint of Coppers Ale and a Homemade Steak Pasty. Sat outside on the unique Stone Tables. The other unique feature is that there is no Bar, just a Hatch, when busy an Orderly queue forms often out the door. Afterwards you can walk it off by going for a walk to the old quarry, it's downhill on the way there but very UPHILL on the way back. A visit is recommended (even if it is out your way) when in the area.

6 Aug 2013 17:08

The Kings Head, Yarmouth

Visited here on Monday during a Day visit to the I.O.W. Old Peculier, Doombar and Otter were available. I went for Otter as I had never tried it before, although the beer was kept well I am afraid the beer was not to my palate, still I saw it off. Nice friendly staff and interesting interior, well Worth a return Visit, but I cannot agree with baddypurt, I think that the Bugle was the best pub in the local area but this was the runner up.

5 Jul 2013 14:21

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Yarmouth

Visited here on Monday during a Day visit to the I.O.W. I plumped for the Ringwood Best but Fuggle-De-Dum and Spitfire were also available. Pub looked nice inside but as the sun was out I chose to sit on the Patio at the side, not much of a view but pleasant. Worth a Visit, but the Bugle was the best pub in the local area in my view

5 Jul 2013 14:16

The Vine, Freshwater

Visited here on Monday during a Day visit to the I.O.W. Walked from Yarmouth to Freshwater and ended up here. Being a Fullers pub I was looking forward to a pinet of one of my favourite beers (London Pride), sadly the ONLY Bitter available on the Pumps was Seafarer (a beer I had not tried before). I found the beer to be flat and lifeless and only just drinkable. There was also a range of Lagers on offer but sadly three of these were unavailable. As this was a Monday dinnertime I can only assume they had had a busy weekend and were awaiting deliveries. Nice inside but smelt of Brasso as it appeared they were in the middle of cleaning and left it on the bar, so I went and sat outside in the secluded garden in the front, a bit noisy but it was on a main road. The Baguettes were very good and reasonable at £4.95. Will give it a try next time and hope there is more choice available.

5 Jul 2013 14:09

The Red Lion, Freshwater

Visited here on Monday during a Day visit to the I.O.W. Walked from Yarmouth to Freshwater along a designated walk and ended up here. What a find!!! Had an excellent pint (very welcomed) of Goddards Fuddle-De-Dum 4.8%. also available was Sharps Doombar, and Good Old Boy and Mr Chubbs Bitter both form the West Berkshire Brewery. This is a nice pub adjacent to a church sited on a quiet road. some tables outside in the Front and a large beer garden at the rear. From the stickers in the window this place seems to be a regular in The Good Beer Guides and the Egon Ronay Food Guides. Staff were very welcoming and although I did not eat I am sure the food is good. The interior of the pub is traditional warm and inviting, although most tables were given over to food. Nevertheless this pub is high up on my places to revisit ASAP. 10/10 for the Beer.

5 Jul 2013 13:59

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Visited this pub today as part of the 2013 Brakspears Henley Ale Trail. Whilst I like what the new Tenants have done to the Pub I do NOT like the fact that they are trying to recoup the costs from the punters.

Today I have just been charged £3:80 for a Pint of Brakspears Best Bitter & £4:30 for a pint of Ringwood 49er, surely the dearest in Henley! certainly dearer than the previous dearest pub (The Angel).

How can this pub be included on an Ale Trail at these prices? My Local Brakspears Pub only charges £3:35p a Pint. Sorry will not be going Back here!!!

11 Jun 2013 19:49

The Counting House, Bank

Nice pint of London Pride here yesterday, no problems with short measures. Very busy pub but a very interesting one. Steeped in History and Elegance. Saw they did food but did not sample it as I had planned own eating in Chinatown. Well worth a return visit.

7 Jun 2013 15:42

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Lovely Pint of London Pride. Also available was HSB, Chiswick Ale and Brewery Brags. Could have done with more Bar Staff early evening on a Friday only one Barman on! (See Beer Spotters remarks of a year ago). Seems to be a Sports Bar with several TV's and Music. Will definately be making a return visit as this is one of the better pubs in the Town.

10 May 2013 23:21

The Queens Head, Wokingham

Small Pub that seems to have just been redecorated and has some new furnature. A locals Pub with Dart Board Six real Ales on offer. Had a nice pint of Greene King Abbott Ale but at £3:55 a Pint quite expensive. Seating area in the front which would be a sun trap in the summer. worth a second visit.

10 May 2013 23:15

The Hope and Anchor, Wokingham

Nice pint of Brakspears Best with Hobgoblin, Oxford Gold,Morrelles Varsity also available. Nice friendly Pub with music, Secluded Garden, TV's Piano and Bar Billiards. Range of comfortable seating including leather chairs and Sofas. Well worth a visit. will be back soon.

10 May 2013 23:12

The Crispin, Wokingham

Small old Pub which smelt a bit Musty. Had a Pint of Twyford Tipple, which unfortunates was not to my friends or my taste as it was a bit sweet, still we managed to down it. Also available was Clifton Ale, Waterloo & Doombar. Juke Box and Bar Billiards available. Seems to be a locals Bar.Sadly this Pub was not for us and will not be returning

10 May 2013 23:06

The Duke's Head, Wokingham

Excellent pint of Brakspears Bitter @ £3:30, also available was Pedigree & Red Rascal. Pub with Patio Garden, Good Food and Background music. Not many Patrons when I visited this lunchtime.

10 May 2013 23:00

The Gig House, Wokingham

One of the better Weatherspoons Pubs, Light and Airy inside and a nice seating area outside . Good Pint of Greene King Abbott Ale £2:60. Also available was Adnams Broadside and Ruddles best. Food looked and smelt Good at a reasonable price. Well worth a return visit, next time will eat!

10 May 2013 22:56

The Red Lion, Wokingham

Visited this Pub today at noon, we were the only customers. Had a Pint of Brakspears Best Bitter. Unfortunately the Barrel went and we waited for a new one to be connected, this was very good and at £3.30p a pint reasonable. The other hand Pump beer available was Morrells Varsity. Pub advertises DJ and music nights and offers free WiFi. However I found the Decor to be Tatty and souless, there were bare floorboards and formal tables, more of a restaurant than a Pub as it advertises itself as a Thai Restaurant. Staff were friendly, but sorry will not be returning as there are better pubs in Wokingham.

10 May 2013 22:51

The Star Inn, Ringwood

Ringwood Best, Summer K
Lightning, Black Cat Cider. Nice Friendly Pub. Which was very warm. Pub Dog Friendly

9 Feb 2013 22:32

The Original White Hart, Ringwood

Ringwood Best,forty Ninner, Old Thumper. Nice pint! Background music - Special Nights Curry/Fish/Grill

9 Feb 2013 22:26

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

Good atmosphere, Ringwood Boondangle, Best Better, forty Niner.& old Thumper. 2x Larger Tv Screens.

9 Feb 2013 22:16

The Crown Taps, Ringwood

Nice pint of Ringwood Best, Nice to see Rolls available at the bar for £1. background music, Fruit Machine, TV Pool. A proper pub that welcomed Tourist and Locals alike.

9 Feb 2013 22:09

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Nice to see this pub busy against! But I was pleasantly surprised to see Brakspears Bitter back on, and in fine fettle. Biggest shock was the price of Peroni! �4:75 a Pint! Needless to say I was glad I am a Real Ale Drinker.

14 Oct 2012 09:42

The Foresters Arms, Brockenhurst

Made a return visit yesterday, Ringwood Best Bitter was a reasonable pint but not the best in the area. One of the few remaining pubs that has a separate Public & lounge Bars. Both bars w very busy, the Public Bar has a Pool Table TV and limited seating/Tables. one word of caution if busy and you are standing at certain points at the Bar you might be asked to move by the Pool Players or lrisk being prodded by a cue! the lounge bar is used for more of a restaurant and was very busy on this occasion with families who were all seemed to be eating. The food looked very nice and smelt great. If in Brocenhurst worth a visit.

25 Aug 2012 10:50

Rose and Crown, Brockenhurst

Visited this pub last night and sampled a very acceptable pint of Ringwood Best Bitter. Friendly staff and nice decor. Food looked and smelt very good and the place was full of families (Holidaymakers) and locals alike. Will definitely go back when in the area again. This pub is recommended as a must visit if you are in the area.

25 Aug 2012 10:41

The Snakecatcher, Brockenhurst

Further to my daytime visit in May 2011, I paid a return visit to this pub last night and was pleasantly surprised in the difference. The place was packed with locals and holidaymakers. Most were eating, the food smelt and looked delicious. Had a pint of Ringwood Best Bitter aptly renamed "Snakecatcher" This pub had friendly efficiant bar staff and A visit is recommended if in the area.

25 Aug 2012 10:36

The Queens Head, Henley-On-Thames

Now called "The Beer Tree" not "The Beer House" sorry pinky royal. Was renamed earlier this year and has 200 different Beers on sale. The dearest being �19:50 a bottle.

23 Jul 2012 13:38

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Having been to most of the London Nicholsons Pubs, I gave the Carpenters Arms a try last night (Saturday). Quite Quiet for 10pm of a SAturday, but has a good range of beers but sadley several were off. I wanted London Pride but it went as my pint was being poured so I opted for the Nicholsons own labelled bitted. not bad but have had better in other pubs in the chain. Would pay a return visit as this chain has a good name for quality food at the right price. Very near to the Caastle, Train Stations and High Street, also several other pubs in close proximity if you are doing a pub crawl. Give it a Try.

17 Jun 2012 08:41

Chequers Inn, Lymington

Had a lovely two pints of Ringwood Best Bitter this Lunchtime whilst sitting in the Garden in glorious sunshine. A relief after all the rain we have had. The Fish,Chips and peas were good as was the Salt & Pepered Calamari, I recommend this busy pub, especially if you are doing the coastal walk from Lymington to Keyhaven, where The Gun is another popular pub.

13 Jun 2012 17:39

The Old Bell, Henley-on-Thames

Just visited this Pub as the Final Pub in the 2012 Brakspears Henley 2012 Ale Trail. I have not been in this pub for over Twenty years but Oh Dear what have they done!!! Ripped all the character out of it Thats What. It used to be a nice Traditional Beamed Loacals Pub and Now!!!! Well I agree with delpus this is now an awful Modern souless pub serving only ONE Handpump Brakspears Ale (Best Bitter). I onlly went in here to claim my FREE PInt & FREE T-Shirt otherwise it is best to sreer clear. One local told me it is the Dearest Pub in Henley now and a whopping 50p a pint more than other pubs in the townj. Unless you are on the Henley Ale Trail or want to be ripped off in a modern soaless Bar (not a Pub) then this is the place for you, otherwise there are plenty of other Pubs in the Town with loads of character and cheaper. 8/10 for Beer 0/10 for Atmosphere.

2 Jun 2012 21:26

The Walkabout, Embankment

Went in here just before midday last Tuesday 22nd May. My Two friends and I were the first (and only) customers. Staff were still preparing bar!. Typicall walkabout, bare floors TV and Fruit Machines everyhere. I would imagine this place (like other Walkabouts) are packed during Sporting Events and at Night. Notice as we went in said ALL Beers �2:50 a Pint, so we opted for good old Vicoria Bitter (VB), and was promptly charged �4:25p for a Stubbie. Needs people for an Atmosphers, will leave this Bar to the younger Crowed in the Evenings and plump for a more Traditional Pub in Future.

26 May 2012 13:09

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

It is noted that both "notsobitterman" and "Westycabs" are new members to this site, Welcome.

Regarding the Barcardi incident it was the barmaid who told me that the pub did not have another bottle in the pub!

Regarding the "New Style" GK IPA pump. This is the only pub in the area serving the IPA through this type of Tap and I am sorry but the taste has changed from a normal Beer Engine style pump, this is no reflection on the Pub, staff or Landlord, but GK.

As for the comment on the Vansitart, I happen to rate the pub as being one of the best in the area, but spoke honestly about the visit made on that day. I note "Westycabs" did not comment on the negative feedback from others (only me).

12 May 2012 11:57

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

This once vibrant Pub has been spoilt by the new (current) Landlord.

Gone are the Saturday night live bands which were excellent. The Pub was always heaving with a great atmoshphere.

Now the pub is almost empty after 10pm on a Saturday.

The Greene King IPA (once excellent) is now on a pressurised High Tap and is almost undrinkable.

The range of Spirits is also limited (on a Bank Holiday Saturady night they only had a half a Shot of Barcardi left at 22:00). Sadly I do not feel the need to return

6 May 2012 00:52

The Vansittart Arms, Windsor

Been in here twice recently and found it rather inviting with a good pint of beer (London Pride). However went there tonight and could not wait to leave. beer was not up to much (London Pride) and the clientel (as well as the Landlord) was roudy, I know it was soon after the end of the FA Cup Final but the needs of ALL patrons should be accomodated. I will however give it another try next time I am in Windsor. If you are the Landlord/Landady I hope you are reading this and act accordingly.

6 May 2012 00:41

The Bishop On The Bridge, Winchester

Visited here on Tuesday as Part of a Pub Crawl of Winchester. Larger Modernised interior with large eating area that seems to cater for failies. Several Real Alse available including Sprinter, Fullers ESB, London Pride and Fullers Discovery. I plumped for London Pride which was very good. Maybe worth a return visit

26 Apr 2012 16:27

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

Nice pint of GK IPA with Abbot also being available. Friendly Bar Staff and Locals. What I would call a pub at the more Basic end of Decor but never the less acceptable with a nice view of Winchester Cathedral. Would I go back (probably not).

26 Apr 2012 16:21

William Walker, Winchester

My experience is somewhat different to Bernie5 and wolvsfan. I visited this pub last Tuesday whilst on a Pub Crawl of Winchester. Several Real Ales were available including George Gale- Seafarers, London Pride and George Gale Spring Sprinter. I plumped fro the London Pride which was very good Although the place was quiet as it was mid afternoon I was served promptly and politely. The pub has been updated internally at some time but still retains some olde world Charm. Background music at an acceptable level. Would I return - Not Sure

26 Apr 2012 16:15

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Not suer what Bernie5 means by the Landlord being a bit odd?, I visited this pub last Tuesday afternoon during a Pub Crawl of Winchester and found the Landlord excellant. He WAS the Landlord who had been there for 10 years. Beers available were Ringwood Best @ �3.50 which was excellant, also available was Doombar, Exmoor Gold and Black Jack. Nice quiet friendly pub with bags of Atmosphere and a nice woodburning fire. Best Pub I found in Wincheste by a mile. Will definately be back on my next visit and hope to eat there as well

26 Apr 2012 16:06

Royal Oak, Winchester

Popped in here last Tuesday during a Pub Crawl of Winchester, but it was almost Empty in the afternoon. Admitidly the pub is tucked away down a passage but something must be keeping the punters away? 6 Real Ale Pumps were available I plumped for the GK IPA which was very good, also available amongst others was Old Speckled Hen and Royal Oak . Nicely decorated with Oak beams and Background music, but as blamm says there are better pubs to in Winchester to visit, the best I found (so far) was The Eclipse.

26 Apr 2012 15:54

Old Gaol House, Winchester

Adnams Broardside was on offer for St Georges week @ �1.99, when I visited on Tuesday which was very good as vwas the GK IPA at �2.49. A typical Wetherspoos but mad very welcome by the Bar Staff. Very well patronised for a Lunchtime/Early afternoon. The pub had SEVEN Fruit Machines and one Quiz machine of which NONE were played during my stay. Flat Screen TV on the wall and several smaller areas of the main Bar for people that wanted to be Quiet. Good value for money and will definately be going back next time i am in Winchester for a Pub Crawl. Well worth a visit.

26 Apr 2012 15:46

White Swan, Winchester

Visited here last Tuesday Beers on were Old Speckled Hen, Abbot, Green King St. Edmunds. Friendly welcoming Bar Staff & Locals. Nice welcoming Log Fire. Although this Pub seems to have had an internal makeover it has been tastfully done. Although I did not eat in here the food did look good. Next time I am in Winchester I definately will be revisiting this pub. Beer was kept very well

26 Apr 2012 15:38

The Albion, Winchester

Visited here last Tuesday 24/04/12 as it was the first pub I came accross after getting off the Train. Had a Pint of Abbot, which although slightly cloudy tasted OK, but @ �3.50 a Pint was expensive. Other Ales available were Flower Pots Bitter and Hophead. This pub has been over modernised and is more like a european Cafe with its fancy Coffee maker. However the food did look & smell very good. I move quickly on to Ye White Swan

26 Apr 2012 15:30

The Mayflower, Lymington

Walked past this Pub last week, saw the sign for "Happy Hour" and decided to venture in. unfortunately at 16:20 in the afternoon it was CLOSED, not opening until 17:00. Shame, looked a nice place and as it was a lovely sunny day a Beer in the Garden would have been nice. It is nice they can aford to close in the afternoon and miss out on passing trade. Needless to say I ventured on by and gave my trade to another establisment.

27 Mar 2012 10:49

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Just come back from another visit to the area. Pub's Beer & Food still excellant. Had a great night on Friday 16th for Paddy's day with all you could eat Buffet, Irish Band and lots of punters dressed up. Had a go on the Sunday Night Quiz but did not do any good, still had many pints of Ringwood Best Bitter over the weekend and at �3 a Pint was reasonable and a lot cheaper than my home town in Berkshire for a similar brew. Will definately be back in a few weeks. Great LAndlord and Staff, Thanks

21 Mar 2012 09:04

Chequers Inn, Lymington

Whilst doing the six mile walk along the Spit from Lymington my mate and I dropped in yesterday Lunchtime for some liquid refreshment. Found thre Real Ales on Ringwood Best Bitter, Ringwood 49er & London Pride. we opted for the Best Bitter which was very good and had good laceing, however at �3:20 a pint was 20p Pint more than other pub in the area. Nice Pub with olde world charm and whitewashed interior walls,(although why the Christmas Tree was still up in March with working lights beats me). Got a large garden area attached with heaters, ample seating and the ability to make it covered in bad weather, making it ideal for functions as it also had an outside Bar!. Would definately like this for my local as the Bar person and those in the bar seemed OK.

20 Mar 2012 17:31

The Gun, Keyhaven

Went here yesterday lunctime whilst doing a local six mile walk along the spit from Lymington . The beers on were Sharps Doombar - Ringwood Best Bitter Timothy Taylor Landlord and wells eagle. My mate and I opted first for Ringwood Best (�3 Pint average for area), This was a very nice tasting pint although cloudy, I had a second pint whilst my mate opted for a Doombar which was clearer and also very well kept. I found the place friendly although I can see how some of the other comments made regarding the Landlord are justified but he was OK with me, the other staff are also friendly. This pub has a Military and Naval theme throught and is adorn with pictures and other artifacts. To eat we plumped for the renown Crab sandwhiches with chips which went down very well. The pub is dog friendly and has a covered area attached like a conservatory. Recommended pub to visit if in the area, but Locals and Regulars are No 1 in this establishment, Grockles are seen as a nusience, but please persevere and enjoy your Pint/Meal.

20 Mar 2012 17:22

The Crusting Pipe, Covent Garden

As a regular user/reviewer of this pub , my last visit (today) was disappointing. This once vibrant busy wine bar was totally deserted this lunchtime. Even in winter/Spring you would be hard pressed to find a table outside. Today every one of the dozen or so tables was available. This can be put down to two things. One a new menu where a lot of old favourites have been removed and a large hike in prices for what remains (a small cafe next door is far better value for money) and where I now go. The other is a steady hike in wine prices , a "house" bottle of Spanish Rose is �19.95 where it used to be �14.95. Still a nice place to go and people watch and listen to the Buskers, but I fear it is pricing itself out of the market. Better value places in the area to consider first.

6 Mar 2012 20:37

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Had a great pint of London Pride here last night. Only critisim was that more staff needed on a Busy Friday Night. as the two lads working needed to work a lot faster and watch what custumers were waiting and serve them in order.

I was left waiting to be served holding a �20 not on display for almost 10 mins before one came over and promptly served his mate standing next to me.Who had not even finished his pint.!!!!!!! NOT GOOD!

3 Dec 2011 11:40

The Red Lion Hotel, Milford on Sea

Went in this Pub last night , before visiting the local Thai Restaurant. Very quiet for a Thursday Night only my party (3) and another couple @ around 20:30. Nice pint of London Pride. Food menu looked good and very reasonable (especially the Specials). Would like to visit again and try the food.

3 Nov 2011 23:29

The Old Five Bells, Burnham

Was in this pub las Sunday (early evening) and although the pub was practically empty I had a Very nice pint of Greene King IPA and at �2.75 a Pint was very reasonable for the area. All credit to the beer keeper. New Landlord recently took over and already making his mark. Some nice new furniture inside and out. Only one Large TV on the wall now (well you can only watch one at a time). and lots ove other area you can escape to. The only downside is that as it is so large when there are not many people there the place lakes atmosphere. Will deffo start going back in here more now (at the expense of other pubs in the Street). Well Done Guys. 8/10 for the Beer.

16 Sep 2011 11:48

Ye Olde Swan, Burnham

Pub Re-Opened today - Under New Management

13 Aug 2011 20:33

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Paid a return visit here last Saturday, what a change! this Pub used to be rocking on a Saturday night but since the new Landlord came in 80% of the punters seem to have vanished, maybe it is because of the Holiday season or maybe it was the unknow Duo that were playing called Fully Twisted. Sorry Guys you were awful. The male Guitar player managed to play the whole set (2Hrs 30min incl break) without any emotion or commitment and you murdered most songs and had NO audience interaction (except from your followers) at all. You need to speak to the Punters!. Will head back to see Grapevine Blues (with the Brilliant Dr IKA) on 27th August, but if things do not improve will cross this pub off my Windsor Haunts. Which would be a shame.

8 Aug 2011 16:14

The Bexley Arms, Windsor

Visited here again last Saturday Night from around 20:30, The place was Empty on a warm August Saturday Night. Barman seemed very uninterested in serving anyone and I had to wait around five minutes for him to finish his phone call in the back before he served me. London Pride was OK but still expensive (Guess this is why it is void of punters unlike the other pubs in the area). Think I will have to give this pub up and try the Vansittart Arms until such times there is a change.

8 Aug 2011 16:04

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Popped back into this pub yesterday early afternoon, Henley itself was buzzing but this pub had one Customer (Regular), the Landlord who was slumped in an armchair in the corner (think he had been sampling his own stock all morning), and an aging (but very pleasant) barmaid. Only Brakspears bitter on, and was not much better than the Pint of last week. I do not think they sell enough.

3 Aug 2011 13:07

The Rose and Crown Inn, Henley-On-Thames

Was back in Henley yesterday and re-visited this pub when it was open. Alas on a Busy sunny Tuesday afternoon in Henley my mate and myself were the only people in the Pub. Nice well kept secluded garden in the back but the Bar area was dark and cluttered. Nice Pint of Brakspears Bitter. Pub may be better in the evenings. No hurry to go back, plenty of better in the town.

3 Aug 2011 12:58

Three Tuns, Henley-on-Thames

As promised I followed up my visit of last week (see last comment). Went here yesterday lunch time. The small rear garden was full of older clients eating/drinking and enjoying the sunshine, a few more were eating in the rear dining room. The front Bar was empty but had a nice breeze from the open windows. That was the best this pub has to offer. Very slow Bar service only had one straight pint glass available (duty to party on Sunday aparently), As they do not open on a Monday and have a dishwasher did not understand this comment. Brakspears Bitter was good but the Oxford Gold was Cloudy and undrinkable, so exchanged for another Bitter. Typical Town Pub run by people on behalf of others. ie an Absent Landlord. I suggest you give this one a miss and pop up the road to the Row Barge or one of the other much better pubs in the town. (Note to Landlord please spend some time in your pub and watch what goes on in your absence) Oh and clean your pipes out!

3 Aug 2011 12:50

The Little Angel, Remenham

Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" The Pub itself was empty at Lunchtime but the rear Patio was quite busy with people soaking up the July Sunshine. Nice Pints of Brakspears Bitter and Oxford Gold, but was one of dearer pints I found in the area. I used this Pub many years ago when it has a warm friendly evening atmoshere albeit full of Hooray Henry types that looked down there nose when you walked into "their" pub. Now the pub has been Gutted and extended and has a large Conservatory on the side. Most of the seating has been turned over to dining and there are Varnished floors everywhere. I am sure that this pub is still a great place to eat of an evening but is more of a Resturant/Gastro Pub than the place was in days gone by. Would not bother to go back if I did not need to get the Ale Trail Stamp.

26 Jul 2011 14:23

Saracen's Head, Henley-on-Thames

Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" Small seating area outside the front, Nice sun Trap but on Roadside edge. Nice Pints of Brakspears Best Bitter & Oxford Gold. (The cheapest we found in Henley and one of the better pints, Nice interior and Friendly Staff/Landlady. Did not try the food but Noticed they did Toasties for �2, which is a good price these days. Would go back and wish this was my Local. It is about a 10 Minuite walk from the Centre of Henly and 15mins from The Rail Station and Riverside. Give it a Go.

26 Jul 2011 14:16

Three Horseshoes, Henley-on-Thames

Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" . Although situated between two roads there is a large seating area to the front and side which is a bit of a sun trap for the evening sun. I was here around six o'clock and very pleasent it was. Good pint of Brakspears Bitter and HobGoblin. Very friendly Bar Staff and the Landlord is a Gem. Would like to have this pub as my local as it seems to be the centre of the local community, with something on most nighst (Monday Pool competition, Tuesday Darts competition etc.) Will definately be back again (Next week if I can arrange it). My recomendation is to visit as it is only a FIVE minuite walk from the Rail Station,.

26 Jul 2011 14:07

The Rose and Crown Inn, Henley-On-Thames

Went here yesterday Lunchtime as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail". Unfortunaely it was CLOSED due to several factors. New people had ony just taken over and they were not opening until 16:00. But they told me that the previous owners did not open on a Monday anyway. So a bit dissapointing. Will go back next week to see what it is like but it will not be on a Monday

26 Jul 2011 14:00

The Row Barge, Henley-On-Thames

Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" as it was a nice sunny Lunchtime I opted to sit in the South facing patio, which is a hidden Gem. I used to frequent this pub many years ago but never knew about the Patio, Lots of Tables all with umbrellas, also Patio heaters for those colder evenings. Very friendly Bar Staff/Owners but be warned this pub is not open all afternoon it is only open 12:00 to 15:00 & 17:30 to 23:00 (Monday to Friday) but open all day at weekends. Nice Pint of Brakspears Bitter. Will definately go back - Recomended.

26 Jul 2011 13:56

Three Tuns, Henley-on-Thames

Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" But was dissapointed as it was CLOSED on a Monday!!!!!! Who in their right mind closes Mid Summer on a Hot July Afternoon when Henly was full of Tourists. All I can say is they must make a lot of money when they are open to compensate. (Perhaps the prices are high). I shall return next week on a day other than Monday to report further.

26 Jul 2011 13:45

The Queens Head, Henley-On-Thames

Now renamed "The Boat House" I Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" Small Patio at rear which is a Sun Trap but the Pub is a large souless shell of a GAstro Pub. On a Sunny afternoon there was only about four people in there. OK Pint of Brakspears Bitter. But would not return here during the day, may be better in the Evening. I remember this pub as the Queens Head and it was always very busy, seem they have ripped the soul out of the place

26 Jul 2011 13:41

The Anchor, Henley-On-Thames

Went here yesterday mid afternoon as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" The only Real Ale they had was Brakspears Bitter which was OK but not the Best I have had. Mid Afternoon and the Pub was very quiet (empty) despite being just yards away from the River Bank and loads of Tourists enjoying yesterdays sun. Nice Patio Garden at rear but the Pub itself is dark and clutterd (Like Grannies living room) with lots of Nik Knacks. Would not go back other than to get the Stamp for the Trail

26 Jul 2011 13:36

The Angel On The Bridge, Henley-On-Thames

Went here yesterday as part of the "Brakspears Henley Ale Trail" as you would expect on a nice sunny Lunchtime the Riverside Patio was packed. I chose not to go outside because the Pub insisted all drinks for outside were served in Plastic Glasses. As we all know beer does not taste good in them. This establishment is more of a Restaurant than a pub but never the less the Brakspears Bitter was on Fine form. This pub was one of the more expensive in Henley but you are paying for the Loacation and Views. Worth a visit in nice weather.

26 Jul 2011 13:30

Ye Olde Swan, Burnham

Currently CLOSED - Boarded Up yesterday by South Bucks Council after a visit by Bailiffs. This could be the end of this pub as the High street still has FIVE Pubs and a Wine Bar.

2 Jul 2011 12:04

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Back again to this pub, this time for the Sunday Quiz (8pm). Had a great night - serveral pints of the Excellent Ringwood Best Bitter and while we were waiting for the Quiz my party had had a great Sunday Roast. (Beef, Lamb, Pork) But a FULL menu was also available as well. RECOMMEDED

24 May 2011 18:23

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

Visited this pub Yesterday, I had been to it's sister pubs "Hare & Hounds" in Sway (Excellent - The Best one). & "The White Hart" in Lymington and wanted to compare them. Had a nice pint of Ringwood Best Bitter, with Greene King IPA , Greene King Abbott Ale & Sharps Doombar also on. A bit on the dark side as it had a dark wood ceiling and low beams. Very clean toilets, large Car Park, outside seating and Child friendly. The ONLY thing letting this pub down was the service, in that there were two bar staff who both seemed to dissapear at the same time or kept chatting to people at the Bar instaed of serving. When they were behind the ramp all was well. Worth a visit. FANTASTIC Indian opposite which is also worth a visit.

24 May 2011 18:19

The Foresters Arms, Brockenhurst

Visited here twice over the weekend while in the area. Reasonable pint of Ringwood Best Bitter, but not the best I had by a long way (Hare & Hounds in Sway beats it by a mile). Nice atmoshere in this but which has two bars and low beames ceilings. Seems to do a good food trade. This pub is very handy as it is opposite an excellent Chinese and is good for a Pree dinner drink or a place to have a beer whilst waiting for your Take Away. Limited parking (but loads nearby) and a small garden. The other beers available were Ringwood 49ER and London Pride. Recommended

24 May 2011 18:10

The Snakecatcher, Brockenhurst

Had a reasonable Pint of "Snake Catcher" (Really a renamed Ringwood Best Bitter) and a really nice Tuna & Onion Roll. The other food looked good as well. I was there at 14:00 and there was only one Bar Staff on Duty who was trying to do everything, Serve Drinks, Wait on Tables, Answer Phone and 101 other things. Result a LONG Wait for our food and the first choice was not available but was only discovered after I had paid for the required dish and the Kitchen had received the order from the Electronic Till.This place needs MORE STAFF and better communications. Very Clean Toilets but more like a Gastro pub or Wine Bar. With its bare wood flooring. Would go back again but not in a hurry!!!!

24 May 2011 18:03

The Bexley Arms, Windsor

Visited here last Saturday 7th May @ around 20:45 there was no more than eight people including my party of two. Decent enough Pint of london Pride. But way over the top on Price Not much change out of �8 for a pint of London pride and a Pint of Fosters. Sport showing on a Flat Screen TV but no sound and a Foreign game of Football. There are two other pubs within 100 yards the Mitre and the Vansittart Arms, who seem to be atttracting more clients so I guess there prices are more reasonable. Will give them a try next time. Low rating given for Price and lack of Atmoshere/Clients. Rating given for Beer quality alone.

13 May 2011 13:19

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Great Group on last Saturday called "Grapevine Blues". Had a Guitaar player Dr IKA (Google him) who in my opinion was Better than Brian May (and that is something coming from a Queen fan). Nice pints of Greene King but a tad expensive at �3.45. Even Central London charges �3.25 for London Pride!! Well worth a visit if in the area. New landlord recently taken over and they now do Thai Dishes on the menu that look very appealing.

13 May 2011 13:12

The New College Arms, Eton

Sorry Last Post should have read " Morocan" NOT "Mongolian"

28 Apr 2011 11:54

The New College Arms, Eton

Pub definately now gone for good and operating as a Mongolian Restaurant

26 Apr 2011 18:57

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Was in the area again on Tuesday so popped in here for an evening meal "Steak & Ale Pie" Chips & Peas lovely, and all washed down with some excellent Ringwood Bitter. Lovely Pub all round, I wish I lived nearer. Went to one of the Sister Pubs at Dinner time today "The White Hart" (Lymington) but found it to be not as good. Will try the other sister pub "The Smugglers" next time but I think I will be back here many more times this year.

24 Mar 2011 17:04

The White Hart, Lymington

Had lunch in there today as I enjoyed going to one of their sister pubs in Sway "Hare & Hounds". Found this pub to be not as good. Nice Pint of Ringwood Bitter and my party ate the Beer BAttered Cod which I was told was good, but I found my Ham Egg Chips & peas no be below expectations. Peas Hard, Chips only warm (Nice tasting) Eggs Cold and overcooked and the Hame was sparce and full of grissle. I would recommend you go to the Hare & Hounds where the Food, wecome and surroundins are much better. Will try the other sister pub next time I am in the area called "The Smugglers".

24 Mar 2011 16:59

The Rydal, New Milton

Visited this Pub last night Wanted a Pint of Ringwood Bitter but unfortunately was in the process of having the Barrel changed, so went fo Sharps Doombar which also had just been changed. Nice pint but a Tad Cold meaning it was flatish. Busy pub mainly for the younger crowd. Had door open at eight o'clock at night and the Patio was full of smokers and the pub cold. Food looked reasonably priced but did not see anyone eating. I felt that there was an atmoshpher in there and as such will not be keen on returning sorry.

24 Mar 2011 16:49

Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street

Was in here today from 16:30 to 20:30 as part of a large party in a room on the second floor. Although the room had a bar only the Guiness and a Lager was working. You had to go down two flights of stairs for Real Ale. Both the IPA and London Pride were good. Overall the pub is excellent over several floors and bu around 18:00 was packed with worekers and tourists alike. My only critisim is that they had our party (around 60) and another large party as well as walk ins, but they did not have enough staff to serve at the Bars and deliver Food to the tables. Increase the staff and this pub is worthy of a 10/10. Would definately go back.

11 Mar 2011 22:08

The York, Islington

Visited here at Lunchtime yesterday. Nice Pub and Good Beer. I was doing the Nicholsons Pub trail and wanted a Tee shirt "As advertised" the Manager abruptly told me He was not part of the trail (even though I pointed out he was on the Map", had No Tee shirts but did have the stamp to stamp my Map. He then went back to repairing the Dishwasher which had parts all over the Bar and he was banging something which spoilt the atmoshre. He did howevr break off to serve food to a table (without washing his hands!!!!!! Will not be going back any time soon especially to eat. 5/10 for the pub and beer. 0/10 for Landlord and his attitude.

10 Mar 2011 10:36

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Forgot to add on my last Report that the Gents Toilets are one of the Cleanest and most sweet smelling ones I have encountered in a Public House for many years. Excellent keep up the good work

20 Feb 2011 09:05

The Hare and Hounds, Sway

Had lunch here today with friends who are soon moving to village. What can I say excellent all round. A Good pint of Ringwood Bitter. Excellent Food, Freshly Cooked and piping hot at a reasonable price. Has a small Restaurant on the side. Latge Car Park and ample seating outside. Kids & Dog Friendly as well. Advertising a Sunday Night Quiz. The staff also are so friendly with a cheerful smile on entering and an equally enthuseastic farewell Rhank You. A nice change from what I am used to in Berkshire. I will definately be back at the soonest oppotunity. 10/10 for Food, Ale and Atmoshphere. Have uploded Photgraph which I hope will soon be agreed by BITE.

18 Feb 2011 18:33

The Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

Visited this pub today at Lunchtime. very quiet but had an enjoyable pint of Sharps Doombar, whilst sitting outside in the winter sunshine. Cannot comment on the Food or Evening Trade but from what I experience would make a return visit. Flat Screen TV showing sport (Rugby advertised when I went).

16 Feb 2011 22:17

St. George's Tavern, Victoria

Visited here last wednesday 26th Jan. I was doing the Dick Whittington Ale Trail. Provided a Good Pint of London Pride. Staff were friendly and for a midweek lunchtime the pub was very busy. Not so appealing from the outside but lovely inside, with a restaurant area at the back. would definately go back and would like it as my local. (unfortuately it is nearly 30 miles away).

30 Jan 2011 11:45

The Elephant and Castle, Kensington

Visited here last wednesday 26th Jan Late morning. I was doing the Dick Whittington Ale Trail. Unfortuantly they did not have any Tee Shirts Left but did provide an Good Pint of London Pride. Staff were friendly and for early lunchtime the pub was quite busy. Very appealing from the outside in a nice quiet location. would definately go back and would luke it as my local. (unfortuately it is nearly 30 miles away).

30 Jan 2011 11:41

The Royal Stag, Datchet

I have critised this pub in my last few notes, but in this one I must heap praise in abundance. The London Pride was the BEST Pint of LP I have ever had in any Pub, as good (if not better than the LP I had as the Fullers Brewery Trip recently) and at �2.95 not a bad price. Yes I still had an issue over short measures, but better than previous visits, but the pints were topped up without question by friendly staff. Bar Food looked good and the place was buzzing all night with standing room only!!!. Long may it continue and look forward to my next visit. Tis visit 10/10.

29 Jan 2011 09:07

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Made another visit last Friday (22nd) and had a few pints of some very well kept Adnams Broadside (4.7%), a change from my usual London Pride. Very attentive Bar Staff who topped the Glasses up without me asking. I think someone attached to the Pub must be reading my past commentss. My only critisim was that No one shouted Last Orders and we missed out on our last round, may have changed hands as they always used to serve late on Fridays. Food looked Good and the place was packed. Long may it continue.

24 Oct 2010 19:48

The Old Five Bells, Burnham

Nikki & her son only lasted 8 Months, now gone to Freehouse near Guilford. Not been in since. Last Sunday IPA was Cack (Usually Good) so went on Becks, only SIX people in so no atmosphere. Not keen on returning

2 Aug 2010 13:00

The Royal Stag, Datchet

I have reported many times on this pub and have always tried to be open an honest. I went there yesterday evening (16th July) and had a really good night. Great Beer and Great Company. However on thing Blighted the night (I have mentioned this before), without excepton on the seven rounds I and my friends purchased (three pints a round), we had to ask for the Glasses to be topped up every time. Sometimes the pints were a half an inch light. If we had offered less then they were asking for a pint we would have been told where to go, so why should we be expected to accept a smaller measure for the same price?

17 Jul 2010 01:06

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Now (Gillian) is working the Pub full time is is heading back towards being a decent pub again (like it was in the late 80's, & 90's). Regretably it will never completely get back to those great days because of the Recession and the fact that many people have either passed away or moved on. Redecoration is a plus Factor. Not been to a Comedy Night but here they are in general a Sucess, but have been cut back to one Night (Friday) a week.. Agree with Beersponge this pub is now back on the Radar and worh visiting again after some years in the also ran bracket.

8 Jul 2010 09:27

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Went there last Night 8/5/10 had a great night the Greene King IPA and Abbott were on top Form as was the Live Music. The place was packed and Buzzin, but not too over crowded. The only critisisim was that there were (at times) not enough Bar Staff on. During the night only one Bar Staff was on an they did Not scan the Room as to tell who was next. I waited nearly 15 mins to be served when it was clear that waiting Regulars were served first, over "Walk-ins". At one stage the Landlord went behind the Bar to help but ignored me and went straight to a regular waiting at the Bar who had just walked in. Visitors be warned please go there but expect a wait if Busy.

9 May 2010 02:16

The Ship Inn, Weymouth

Very quiet when I popped in here admitedly it was after 22:00 but it is a big popular pub and it was easter week. There were only three other people in here when my mate went in. We had a pint of BAdger 4% Bitter (which was very nice) but there was no atmosphere. Competition is fierce in Weymouth and although this pub is busy during the day, seems to be loosing out on the evening trade. However having said that it is early in the season and the cost of drinks does not help.

11 Apr 2010 00:32

The Red Lion, Weymouth

vast improvement over my visit at this time last year. several real ales on sale mostly local. I went fo JURASSIC Bitter which was mid strength and at first had a strange taste. but quickly got used to it and it was really quite pleasant. This pub is in Brewer Quay which is a cobbled area and a sun trap. Very popular and difficult to get a seat outside if the sun is out.

11 Apr 2010 00:11

The George Inn, Weymouth

Forgot to say that there was Fag Ends in the Gents Urinals so it appears they are non to hot on the smoking ban

11 Apr 2010 00:07

The George Inn, Weymouth

Made a return visit last week whilst in weymouth on Holiday. HAsd a pint of Piddle 4.1% Bitter. Was OK but the taste was not what I liked so had one and went to The Ship next door. Pub was deserted even though it was Easter week and there were lots of Holidaymakers

11 Apr 2010 00:06

The Clipper, Weymouth

What a find, Large center of town pub catering for the sports fans. On the day I went to watch Arsenal v Barcelona it was on the big Screen and Green King IPA was a �1 Pint all day. I must say the beer was excellant even at that price. I enquired why it was so ceap and found ot that they were closing for a refit the next weekend and had to sell it all. It was normally �2.25p a Pint.Friendly Staff and worth a visit. Food looked OK and was priced at the cheaper end of the market.

11 Apr 2010 00:00

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Just had a another week in Weymouth (we went last year) and made a return trip to The Nothe Tavern. (See previous postings). I ate here three timed during the week and each occasion the Food was perfect. on e one occassion the service was not as good in that my party had to ask for condements, sauces and cutlery to eat the starter with. The beer (Brakspears Bitter) was top notch at �3 a pint. which is cheaper than my local which is nearer the Brewery in Oxfordshire. Recommende if in the area. Hopefully will be going back next year. Buy the way the pub id dog friendly and if you eat in the Pub part and not the restaurant then dogs are admitted inside.

10 Apr 2010 23:55

The Globe Inn, Lostwithiel

Visited this Pub while visiting friends in Bodmin. Excellant pint of Skinners Betty Stoggs. Had Lunch here as well Very Good Quality and selection. Looks nothing from the outside but a Tardis inside. Has outside area with fold back roof. A visit is highly recomended if in the area

10 Apr 2010 23:44

The Bee, Burnham

This is my Local and I agree with trose10 the Brakspears Bitter is usually Very Good as is the Pedigree. The staff are excellent too. I and four of my friends ate there on Saturday night and all had an excellent meal (Steaks). I am sure trose10 experience was a one off regarding the food and would urge them to give it another try.

17 Mar 2010 10:26

George Inn, Burnham

Just heard this pub is closing W/C 25th January. Present Landlord handing Keys back and walikig away. Shame because this Pub had a Bank Holiday Beer Fesival that was well attended. Let us hope that this is not yet another Pub that is lost........................RIP

24 Jan 2010 23:47

The Blackwood Arms, Littleworth Common

Understand this Pub is currently COSED. Is it pemanent I ask. Given that it is well off the beaten track I fear it is.

24 Jan 2010 23:42

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Vast improvement over previous visits. Great pint of London Pride which was in Tip Top Condition. Two pleaseant friendly Girls behind the bar providing Service with a smile. Tables were regulary emptied of glasses and the food seemed to be served until quite late. WELL DONE TO THE NEW OWNERS - who have done wonders to make this pub more Customer Friendly - judging by the number of patrons there last night. Merry Xmas to ALL.

12 Dec 2009 08:26

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Nice pint of London Pride. When I ordered I was asked if I would like it is a Straight Glass or Mug (a nice touch these days). usual selection of Nicholsons Ales including Hobgoblin and Morrisy Fox. Upper dining room. Worth a visit. I visited during the day so not sure about evenings

5 Nov 2009 08:50

The Feathers, St James's

Excellant Nicholson pub, I found the staff friendly yesterday (Early afternoon). Good selection of Ales on including Morrisy Fox. Nice Decor with Mirrors and wood panelling everywhere. impressive Chandeliers and music you could hear but was not too load so that you could not hear yourself talk. This very busy pub (Lunchtime) was well worth a visit and I would definately return again.

5 Nov 2009 08:42

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

One of the Better Nicholson Pubs. Decent Pint of London Pride with all the usual Nicholson Ales available. This pub has a High Ceiling and a spiral Staircase leading to an upper dining room. Recommended for a visit if you are in the area. Nice Decor

5 Nov 2009 08:36

The Crown, Soho

Visited here yesterday (Early Evening) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Quiet but served a good pint of London Pride. Bar Staff were y helpful and but friendly. Typical Nicolson Fare, nice Tuna Melt Sanwich & Chips for �4.50 Although not much Melt!). Still worth a visit if in the Area.

1 Oct 2009 11:09

The Clachan, Soho

Visited here again yesterday (Evening) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Busy but served a good pint of London Pride. Typical Nicolson Fare. Worth a visit for one if in the Area.

1 Oct 2009 11:06

The White Horse, Soho

Visited here yesterday (Early Evening) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Busy as you would expect with office workers, nice pint of London Pride. Bar Staff were friendly Typical Nicolson Fare. Worth a visit, but watch the short measures!.

1 Oct 2009 11:03

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Visited here yesterday (Afternoon) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Had phoned ahead to ensure XL Tee Shirts were available (I was assured they were). However was met with most unfriedly Bar man who insisted they only had a few L size left. I advised hime they did have XL and upon investgation came back withn said items without apology. Reasonable pint of London Pride (had to ask for Top Up. Other beers available were TT Landlord, Hobgoblin, and TT Goldedn. Good music playing at acceptable leve (you could here yourself talk). However I shall not be busting a gut to go back as for one thing it was so small downstairs.

1 Oct 2009 10:58

The Three Greyhounds, Soho

Visited here yesterday (Afternoon) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Quiet but served a good pint of London Pride. Bar Staff were friendly Typical Nicolson Fare. Also available were Morrisy Fox, TT Landlord Black Sheep and Old Rosie Cider. Worth a visit if in SOHO Area.

1 Oct 2009 10:50

The Tottenham, Soho

Visited here yesterday (Early Lunchtime) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Busy but you would expect that from a pub in Oxford Street/Tottenham Court Road. Would have like to taste the Beer But London Pride & TT Landlord were both OFF (Pipe cleaning). There was 2 Ciders on Handpump and 2 Morrisy Fox Brews, but decided to have a Spirt and move on. Typical Nicolson Fare. Not Worth a visit if in the Tottenham Court Road Area. I mean who has BOTH their premium real Ales unavailable at a busy lunchtime, it does not take moer than an hour and a half to clean pipes!!!!

1 Oct 2009 10:46

The Black Horse, Fitzrovia

Visited here yesterday (Early Lunchtime) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Quiet but served a good pint of London Pride. Bar Staff were friendly, Typical Nicolson Fare. Worth a visit if in the Tottenham Court Road Area.Timithy Taylor Landlord also available

1 Oct 2009 10:40

The Marquis of Granby, Fitzrovia

Visited here yesterday (Early Lunchtime) as part of the Nicholson "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail. Fairly Quiet but served a good pint of London Pride. Bar Staff were foreign but friendly Typical Nicolson Fare. Worth a visit if in the Tottenham Court Road Area.

1 Oct 2009 10:33

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Went here yesterday Lunchtime. Very large selection of ales (for a Nicholson Pub). I went for the London Pride which was OK but as stated before not perfect. Two very nice girls behind the Bar who were pleaseant and smiling. This was a Sausage themed Nicholson Pub so I went for an �4.50 Oxford Sausage Sandwhich (which arrived quickly with Chips). The Chips were perfect but I think the Sausage was Microwaved as it came so quickly and was slightly dry. Never the less was edible. This was not my first visit and will definately not be the last. worth a look if in the area

10 Sep 2009 15:35

The Globe, Moorgate

Popped in here yesterday (early evening) for a pint of London Pride. It was a nice evening and there was as many drinking outside as inside. You are asked where you will be drinking when you order, yes youv'e guessed it if outside it is Plastic Glasses. Large Flat Screen TV showing Sky News (no volume). Quickly served by Friendly BAr Staff.

10 Sep 2009 15:24

The Coal Hole, Strand

Another nice pint of Greene King - much the same as my June visit but quieter and not so many Bar staff - Think I got there before lunchtime rush this time.

10 Sep 2009 15:20

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Popped in here yesterday for a pint whilst on the way home. It has all been said before - OK for a pint or two but not an all nighter. Quick service and Friendly bar staff. I did have to ask for a top up though

10 Sep 2009 15:18

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Had several nice pints of London Pride here last night whilst my friends enjoyed Pedigree which was also top notch. Shame the same cannot be said about the Bar Staff. I waited over 10 mins to be served there were thre staff on but only one serving! One was intent on filling up the bottle Fridge while the other was hiding. when I did get served all three pints were "Short" by quite a long way. I thought this was a one off but we had six pints each and EVERY one needed to be topped up (we were served by all three staff during the course of the night). Having said that the beers were always topped up without a fuss. I suggest anyone who goes here just watches that point. The staff were also slow to clear away empty glasses and used food plates. On the subject of the food the people on the next table had breaded fish which was served a very dark brown leaving me to think it may have been reheated in the frier!!! a point worth remembering. I give it a 7 for beer and atmosphere but not much for service I am afraid

5 Sep 2009 13:36

The Duke of Connaught, Windsor

Nice Back Street "Locals" pub away from the Tourist Zone. Large (mainly covered) seating area hidden out the back with outdoor dart board. On the Saturday Night I was there a Blues ban d was playing and were very good. Looking at the Forthcomming Events they seem to have Live Music most weekends at no extra charge. I normally drink Real Ales of which there was a good selection, but it was a Hot summers night (yes we did get some) so I stayed on cold Lager but will be returning ASAP to sample the Ales. Friendly Staff (english) and enough of them so as you did not have to wait to be served. Did not try the food as it had finished but the menu looked good and reasonably priced.

4 Sep 2009 09:39

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Have to agree with nicnocs1 about the staff. Went in here last night around 19:00 four bar staff were on (all foreign I think). Quickly served but short measures and although my pint was topped up it was done reluctantly. I watched this practice being repeated during the hour and a half I was there. must have saved a pint or two. I wanted my map stamped for Ale Trail but said you only get one stamp per visit and not for food. This must be the only pub in all 100 I have done the trail in not to know the rules. I had a Sort & mixer all they wanted to do was promote the offer of a large one for an extra �1. They should not be encouraging people to drink like that. If I had wante a large one I would have asked for it. Not worth a retun visit I am afraid.

20 Aug 2009 08:34

The Pheasant, Burnham

Since my last Review this pub is now under new management - Nice pint of London Pride - usual Lagers/Ciders and Guiness. Now doing Food. Advertising an "ALL DAY BREAKFAST" from 08:00 to 20:00. Quiz Night every Thursday @ 21:00 (went last week and was well attended). Will go again tonight. Large Screen showing sports. Garden and a "Smoking Den" hidden away round the Back. This pub is getting back to where it used to be - I now recommend this pub so give it a try.

23 Jul 2009 12:11

The Henry VI, Eton

Have not been in this pub for ages - but last time I was there the Toilets Stank and are less than adequate for a Pub hosting live music in Eton. I agree with Screwedover about the need for a refurb. The Manager who had been there for years left recently so that could account for the amatear and slow service. Try the Two Brewers by the Castle (top of the long walk) in Windsor. Much better.

17 Jul 2009 18:51

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Visited this pub early on a FrIday evening as you would expect both the Pub and Garden areas were heaving with three deep at the Bar. London Pride - Greene King IPA and Whitstable Bay available on Handpump. Pub worth a visit but in quieter times (i would suggest in between the Lunchtime and early evening rush). seems to do a good trade in food. Could do with a Pot Man to keep the tables clear.

19 Jun 2009 10:52

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

Large Tourist pub situated on the Banks of the Thames. Nicely decorated with Chanderlers and a mezzamine,but as it was a summers evening I joined the others on the Riverbank Terrace. This was packed (NOT BIG ENOUGH). London Pride, Timithy Taylor Landlord, Jennings Cumberland. Would go back when it was quiter and it was packed with Tourists and City Worker alike. Beer got warm quickly and I had the last pint of London Pride before it went. On reflection should have refused it because it was not up to much and I am afraid the Thames got almost half of it.

19 Jun 2009 10:46

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

Visited this pub yesterday afternoon as part of the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" what a find. Sadley the place was not busy but found it to be very tastefully decorared with lots of small rooms and nooks and Crannies to tuck yourself away. Has background music playing and the cleanes toilets I have seen or smelt either in London or the provinces. They are a credit to the cleaning staff and rival posh Hotels.. LOndon Pride, Greene King IPA Whitstable Bay and Proud of Pubs (Morrisy Fox) all available on Hand Pump served from a Bar situated under a Skylight in the Roof which made the pub light and Airy. Friendly Staff and Manager. Highly recommend to visit if you are in the area. This pub also has a courtyard Garden for those long summer nights.

19 Jun 2009 10:38

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

Stumbled upon this pub by accident, I must admit the NAme enticed me inside. I found an excellant pub selling London Pride and ESB. I sampled the London Pride which was in fine form. This pub is nicely decorared with Oil pinting adorning the walls. Two plasma TV's were showing sport but the volume was not up high enabling normal conversations to continue. Toilets were down in the basement which had a spiral starrcase. Disabled toilets were available at street level. Well worth popping in for a pint if in the area. Food was also available.

19 Jun 2009 10:31

The Walrus and Carpenter, Monument

Visited yesterday afternoon as part of the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" Had a very nice pint of London Pride at �2.50 Very friendly staff - Customers seemed mainly City Workers. I suppose it was not on the Tourist Trail. Would definately go back when next in the area.

19 Jun 2009 10:25

Ship, Monument

This little Gem of a pub is very well hidden. I visited yesterday Lunchtime as part of the "Dick Whittington" Ale Trail and had to ask in a local shop how to find it. When I did I was delighted at what I found. Although full of "suits" well it was Lunchtime the Ales were on fine form I went for the Greene King IPA and ws not dissapointed. There were more people outide than in but there were mare than enough staff to serve us all. If you can find it THe Ship is well worth a visit. Did not try the food and did not see anyone elsr eating.

19 Jun 2009 10:20

The Coal Hole, Strand

Service much improved since my May review, There were lots of staff on who were willing to serve with a smile. Nice pint of Greene King IPA for �2.25. No short measures either. MAnaged to get my Tee shirts this time (I phoned ahead to make sure they had some). Will be back.

19 Jun 2009 09:10

The Red Lion, Burnham

I used to use this pub a few years ago (before refurb) when it was run by Clanger and Pauline. Went in on Saturday Afternoon where I was pleasenetly surprised at what had been done inside. As England were playing the place was as expected packed (however because of the noise could not hear the Large Screen TV). Only one Real Ale was on (cannot remember what) all I know it was very nice but far too strong for me. Food looked good and reasonably priced. Seems to be a bit more upmarket now and has a large range of wines. Must disagree with dmess though, THE BEE at the top end of the High Street is far better (although it does not cater for Sport Fans). Would like to go back on a quieter day and sample the food

8 Jun 2009 12:20

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Made a vist this Dinner Time as I know the Landlord (Robert) from his days in "The Christopher" in Eton, unfortunately he was not on the premises. (Robert if you read this Brian, Vince, Nicky & Lesley) called to see you and were sorry to have missed you. However we were made most welcome and the beer I sampled (London Pride) was Top Notch. there were five in the party and we all ate. Food was good the Tuna Melt was to die for, and very reasonable with Chips and Salad @ �6.50. As we were celebrating a Birthday we spashed out on some Champange and that was not bad either. I recomend this pub if you are in Windsor as it it off the beaten track at the edge of the Long walk and near to the Castle. Also there appeared to be no Dogs or posh voiced Drinkers (as previously noted). Shame the outside seating is not bigger, but I understand why.

25 May 2009 18:51

The Royal Stag, Datchet

As previously stated the Windsor Pub Co now own The Stag, However the same Bar Staff seem to be there and the London Pride still excellant at �2.75 a pint (Adnams Broadsword and a Cider also available on Hand Pump). However I feel I must advise readers of two areas of concern since my January Visit. One some of the Bar staff do not know the meaning of a "Pint" I went to the Bar on two occassions for Three pints and had to ask all the pints to be topped up on both visits. they were all at least a quater of an inch short.. Also being a Friday Night every table both inside and out were occupied except one, great we thought even though it was outside the Kitchen. Then we knew why, the kitchen staff had music (well really it was just a loud Noise) playing at full volume which when the door opened drowned out all conversation and the pubs background music.Take a tip from me and stay clear of the rear seating area. New menu now with some exciting and reasonably priced dishes on it. Well worth a return visit.

23 May 2009 09:33

The Coal Hole, Strand

This pub is always Busy and the service always slow, not enough Customer Friendly staff. Food looked good but was going to China Town for a Chinese so did not try. Good range of normal Nicholson Ales. Did this pub as part of the Dick Whittington Ale Trail but unfortuately they had no T Shirts left

7 May 2009 12:40

The Marquis of Granby, Cambridge Circus

Went in this pub yesterday thinking it was on the Nicholson Dick Whitting ALE Trail. Well it was not (My mistake). Reasonable pint of London Pride but at �3 a pint is 50p dearer that Nicholsons for the same Beer. Better (and cheaper) pubs in the area.

7 May 2009 12:36

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

Reasonable Pint of Greene King and London Pride. Busy Pub in the afternoon with City people and Tourists alike.

7 May 2009 12:31

The Opera Tavern, Covent Garden

Had a pint of The Guest Ale "Sly Fox" did not enjoy as it tasted of Pepper. London Pride Ok. Nice Atmosphere

7 May 2009 12:27

The Cambridge, Soho

Warm Pint of Greene King IPA in a Warm Glass on a warm day YUK. Sat outide in the sun which was the best bit. Best Avoid

7 May 2009 12:25

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Nice pint of Greene King IPA for �2.25 and London Pride for �2.50 (How do they do it?). A pleasant hour spent out side watching London Go By. Give it a try

7 May 2009 12:24

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Went in here yesterday out of all the advertised Hand Pump beers only one on at Lunchtime which was Tom Fool Nice taste but Horrible after taste - did not enjoy. Nice pub full of City workers but Slack Service, Had to wait nearly 10 mins for a member of staff to apper (I nearly walked out). Will not be going back in a hurry

7 May 2009 12:21

George Inn, Burnham

Beer Festival 2nd - 4th May 2009. went on first day - Excellant 25 Extra Beers available straight from Barrel at �3 a pint Plus 14 Ciders. Live Music & Hog Roast. Great family day out (there was even a childrens bar). Roll on Next Bank Holiday.

3 May 2009 12:58

The Old Five Bells, Burnham

Since my last review there has been a change of Manager (for the better). Out has gone SKY and most of the TV's and with it the younger element. I was in there on a Friday night and there was a nice mix of old and young (over 25's alike). This is a Greene King Managed House now and I had a good pint of IPA for �2.60. There is also a range of alternating "Guest Ales" Food is on every day with each day having a Theme. Ie Friday is Fish Day, Saturday is Steak & Sunday is "Roast" . When I was there you could get two meals and a bottle of wine for �16. Manager's name is Austin and I was served by a lovely friendly Barmaid called LIsa. Will be going back on Sunday Night for the Live Music.

2 May 2009 10:33

George Inn, Burnham

This pub does not look much from the outside but give it a try. Renown in the area for having around FIVE Real Ales on at any one time. Small front bar with Pool Table. When it gets busy non players tend to be in the way. Attracts clients in working clothes during the day and early evening. This Pub also holds 3 Day Beer Fesivals most Bank Holidays with Live Music and a Hog Roast. Next one being 2-4th May 2009 when over 40 Beers and Ciders will be available straight from the Keg (As well as normal Bar service for Lagers and Guiness). Will be going to Beer Festival so will review again afterwards.

30 Apr 2009 14:54

The Crusting Pipe, Covent Garden

Another excellent Lunch Time, a couple of bottles of House rose' and watchibg excellent Buskers. 10/10

22 Apr 2009 18:32

The George Inn, Weymouth

Just returned from a week in Weymouth and found this pub on the first night. Great Pint of Badgers Best Bitter for �2.50, for a 4% brew thats not bad and it was well kept. Nice touches on the bar FREE sweets for the Kids and FREE treats for the Dogs (Just help yourself). The pub is really three areas Upstairs Steak loft (no staff on the night we went) looks like you have to order at the bar yourself and get your own drinks. one end downstairs id a public bar area with pool table Juke box and where the live bands play on Fridays (gets very busy and music is loud). The other end downstairs is set for eating but you can sit and only drink if you want. large TV's showing music videos when I have been in but without sound. Some seating outside overlookig Harbour, only spoilt by the constant passing cars. late licence until midnight.

19 Apr 2009 00:19

The Red Lion, Weymouth

In need of decoration outside (scafolding put up after easter) the main attraction of this pub is location and large seating area outside. It is in the Brewers Quay areay wich is traffic free. Had a nice pint of Greene King IPA for �2.35 and a Pint of Adnams Broadside which was a bit stronger at 4.7%. so tried a Weymouth brew called JD which I am afraid I was not keen on. As superseagulls mentioned the place can be full of Kids and pushchairs. Ther are better pubs in the area such as The George Inn (just across the water) and The Nothe Tavern up the hill a bit.

19 Apr 2009 00:10

The Boot, Weymouth

Every time I am in Weymouth a visit to the Boot is a must. Had a good pint of Ringwood Best Bitter for �2.70 here on Easter Saturday. Pub was busy as usual with locals and Holiday makers alike. Made very welcome by the bar staff.

19 Apr 2009 00:01

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Last visited this pub 2 years ago (see comments) Ate in Restaurant on day of arrival (Easter Saturday) Glad we booked in advance and again yesterday. (Again booking recomended). Superb Service, Superb Food and Superb Real Ales. My local Brew is Brakspears and The Nothe had it on as well cheaper @ �2.70 pint. Also large branded scotch for �2.40. New owners since I last visited but has lost none of it reputation. A must visit when in Weymouth. Go to its website for current menu. I liked it so much I drank here every night as was staying in a cottage about 300 yards away.

18 Apr 2009 23:57

Yates, Weymouth

Looks depressing from the outside and in desperate need of painting. Clean on the inside with several large screens for watching sport with a range of seating from sofas to stools. The only Hand Pump beer on when I called in after Easter was a well kept Wells Bombardier and at �1.65 a pint a BArgain. Good extensive all day food menu but did not try.

18 Apr 2009 23:49

The Ship Inn, Weymouth

A Traditional waterside old Pub looking over the Harbour extesively but tastefully extended. Severa local beers on Tap but plumped for Badgers Best Bitter 4% @ �2.50 a Pint. Nice pint (but sadley not as good at The George Inn just down the road. This is a Family Pub which has live music on Saturday Nights. Has outside seating and a "Sun Trap" Courtyard. Visited several time sduring my holiday but did not sample the food. Scored on Beer alone

18 Apr 2009 23:44

Spyway Inn, Bridport

First taken to thiis pub two years ago when the beer and food were excellent. Was in the area again over Easter and made a return visit, whilst the outside could do with a lick of paint its loacation and inside make up for that. Signposted from the A354 it is about a mile up in the Hills. Large Garden and Carpark, Families welcome and has 4* Accommodation. Had some very nice well kept Otter Best Bitter and the Food and Service were Supurb. Well Recoomended. Evening Food starts at 18:30. Will defo be back next year.

18 Apr 2009 23:33

The Henry VI, Eton

Been shut for about a week for a Paint Job. Re-opened last night and was packed a Local Group "Million Dollar Bash" was playing. However the smell of paint was off putting and did not stay.

1 Feb 2009 19:34

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Went past pub last Night (Saturday) and it was closed? Who in their right mind closes on a Saturday Night? cannot guarentee this Pub will be open and if it is that it has any Beer to sell you.

1 Feb 2009 19:32

The George, Eton

Paid a visit here last night after visiting "The Royal Stag" in Datchet of Friday Night (Another pub owned by the same Company). Sadly will not be back. This is now a Restaurant pretending to be a Pub, and the prices reflect this. Must be the dearest Pub in the area �7.20 for TWO Bottles of Becks Lager, a cool �1 more than most other pubs. If it was not for the Tourists a clear candidate to close in the Credit Crunch

1 Feb 2009 19:28

The Royal Stag, Datchet

I was last here in July 2008 and November 2008 (see reviews), went back again last night and had a great night again (vast improvement) cannot compare the past like moggymooe can as I last used this pub at lunch times when I worked in the area about 25 years ago. However comparing it with November It was just as good. Not a spare seat in the house for most of the night and plenty more standing. Good, Quick service (if a little unfriendly in that the BArman never spoke or raiseda smile)., however the empties were quickly removed from the tables and the London Pride was Excellant and you now get a full pint without question. Will be back in the summer

31 Jan 2009 09:03

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Went in on the Tuesday (Eve) before Christmas. No Food on - Limited Beer/Lager available (Bottle Fridge was empty). One staff member on who was cleaning Brass as there were no cusomers until I went in. Landlady was there and said could heat a chili up if i wanted, whan asked about the lack of beer available I was told that it was busy Lunchtime and most of the stock had been drunk! Simple it was Christmas which equals a busty time of year, more customers who drink more = Buy more in and fill cellar up. Needless to say I did not stay!

26 Jan 2009 12:49

The Christopher Hotel, Eton

It is now almost two years since my last visit, but i visited again on Saturday 24th, during a Burns Night Celebration meal (Lone Piper).Much improved since my last visit. Still has mainly foreign Staff (but where doesn't nowadays), but change no longer given on a saucer. Food looks better than before (must have changed hands). Only one Real Ale on Hand pump but several good largers on Draught including Bud. Adjoining Restaurant now open regularly and usually busy (Sat Nights). Decor now relaxing with Tables, Bar Stools and a Leather Couch. Painted Pale Green and Cream. I now rate this bar "worth a visit"

26 Jan 2009 12:37

The Old Ship Inn, Upwey

Visited Upwey in April 2007 and stayed in the converted School House Holiday Cottage for a week. Every night went to to the local pubs only to return here every time. I agree with Bjork, best pub in the area by far. Had a wide selection of Real Ales and friendly Staff although not over busy (but busier than most other pubs). Did not Eat here but we are returning to Upwey for another weeks stay this Easter so will definately be Back, but this time will give other pubs a miss and come here every night. I will also update this log on my Return. If any one reading this is thinking about coming to the area read my other reviews of pubs in the area, I am sure though you will agree the "Old Ship" is best by far.

11 Jan 2009 15:36

The New College Arms, Eton

Still the worst and most Expensive pub in Eton High Street.
However NOT the worst Pub in Eton. That Honour goes to The Watermans Arms. Which used to be a great pub in the 90's.

14 Dec 2008 23:57

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Went here last night (Fiday) it was packed all night, unfortunately there were four drinkers at the bar who were rather loud and it was hard to make yourself heard above them. Nice pint of London Pride (although the Bar Staff stll need a talking to about short measures). No bell at the end of the evening they just open up the Patio Doors and let the cold air in. Otherwise an enjoyable evening.

1 Nov 2008 08:57

The Bee, Burnham

Anyone on Facebook should go to discussion groups "The Bee at Burnham" & "Rubber Duck's Grand Tour" for more about this great Pub and the Regulars. Excellant Pint of Brakspears Best Bitter. This Pub now has Brakspears Special Back on. Excellant Friday night Last Night, Thanks to all the Staff especially the Two Lisa's

25 Oct 2008 12:00

The Globe, Moorgate

Visited here on the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" Today. Wish I had not bothered.
Bar was packed at lunch time and the only place to stand at the Bar to get a drink was an area for Glass Collection, Whilst being served by a Barman I was rudely asked to move away by a Barmaid as the area was not to be used, I said I was in the middle of being served but was again rudely asked to move to the other end of the Bar. I finally got my Pints, a pint of London Pride that was nothing to write home about and a Pint of Mangers Cider served in a "Hot" Glass. When I asked for my cards to be stamped towards my free T Shirt I was told I was only entitled to one stamp per round. When I pointed out the wording on the offer they gave in and gave me another. I suggest you give this Bar a wide berth unless you like beer in warm glasses servered by Bar staff who do not know their job and do not know the meaning of Customer Service.

4 Sep 2008 22:36

The Garibaldi, Burnham

Pub Reopened recently after major refurb and now selling food (Fresh Fish on Friday). Not been in yet but not heard favourable reports about Landlord who thinks he is the New Sherrif in town (Maybe a good thing). Will report later when I have visited for myself and formed an unbiased opionion - watch this space.

1 Sep 2008 11:03

The Old Shades, Whitehall

I Visited this pub yesterday as Part of the "Westminster to Piccadilly" Dick Whittington Pub Trail". Nice Pint of London Pride, usual selection of Ales served in a Nicholson Chain pub. Foreign Bar Staff who provided short measures (but was the same in all Nicholsons run pubs visited that afternoon). however was topped up without fuss. Very Busy when I was there, recommended but watch the size of the head on the Beer!!!

18 Jul 2008 11:54

The Clachan, Soho

I Visited this pub yesterday as Part of the "SOHO & NOHO" Dick Whittington Pub Trail". Music, TV's, Nice Bar. Usual selection of Ales served in a Nicholson Chain pub. Foreign BAr Staff who did not undersand plain english. Again we had short measures but was the same in all Nicholsons run pubs visited that afternoon, however was topped up without fuss.

18 Jul 2008 11:49

The Crown, Soho

I Visited this pub yesterday as PArt of the "SOHO & NOHO" Dick Whittington Pub Trail". Nice Quiet pub (when I was there late afternoon, background music and the usual selection of Ales served in a Nicholson Chain pub. Decent enough pint of London Pride.

18 Jul 2008 11:39

The Cambridge, Soho

Visited this pub yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. Usual good selection of Nicholson rated Cask Conditioned Ales, also punters can vote on the next guest ale they want. Agree with other reviewrs pub is either Too popular or Too Small. Still the Service and Atmosphere was good Would recommend a visit and the food looked good although I did not taste any, would go back.

11 Jul 2008 12:47

De Hems, Soho

Visited this pub yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. What a waste of time! This pub was included as part of a Cask Conditioned Beer Trail, and did not have any!!! Agreed it had a VERY good selection of Lagers from around the world (and Guinness), but for a non LAger drinker like me it was no good. I got my Stamp towards my Tee Shirt by having a Bacardi & Coke. Nice enough Pup and staff and I must say it was very busy and the food looked good, but sorry this is a Real Ale lovers site, so will NOT be going Back, I urge all Real Ale Lovers not to bother. Service was good and with a smile but I am marking Low because of the lack of Real Ale.

11 Jul 2008 12:39

The Bear and Staff, Leicester Square

Visited this pub yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. Usual Nicholson selection of Cask Conditioned Ales on offer, well kept. Full of locals and Tourists alike all having good time. Well worth a visit, would go back.

11 Jul 2008 12:33

The Princess of Wales, Charing Cross

Visited this pub yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. Four cask Conditioned Ales on offer London Pride (off),Harveys Sussex Best (off) & Robins Ransom, But I went for BeeZone, which was not really to my taste, far too aweet. Small Pub with Dining area upstairs quite busy with friendly foreign Staff. Quick service. Lots of people spill out onto the pavement, blocking the enterance. Barman should watch the punters entering to ensure he knows who is next to be served. Not sure if I would go out my way to go back

11 Jul 2008 12:28

The Coal Hole, Strand

Visited this pub again yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. Five cask Conditioned Ales on offer Landlord, Robins Ransom, Deuchars, London Pride, But I went for Harvey's Sussex, which was not really to my taste, should have had London Pride. Small area outside to sit and People watch. Very quie quick service. Beer was only �2.50 a pint. Well worth a visit, would go back.

11 Jul 2008 12:19

The Opera Tavern, Covent Garden

Visited this pub yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. Five cask Conditioned Ales on offer Landlord, 6X, Sharps Doombar,& Bee Zone, But I went for London Pride, which was a good choice. Small area outside on the pavement to sit and People watch. Very quie quick service. Had one of the "Specialist Sausages in Roll" Dissapointing! it was advertised as Pork and Red Onion, but instead of the onion being mixed in the sausage all I got was two small pork sausages with half a slice of raw red onion on the top. Might as well advertised it as a Hot Dog. Got a few chips with it (that were not advertised on the menu) for �5.50. Still the beer was only �2.50 a pint. would go back.

11 Jul 2008 12:13

The Wellington, Strand

Visited this pub yesterday Afternoon as part of "THE THEATRELAND" Dick Whittington Beer Trail. Three cask Conditioned Ales on offer London Pride, Marstons Pedigree, But I went for Landlord. Nice area outside on the pavement to sit and People watch. Very busy place with Tourists but good qick service. Worth a return visit.

11 Jul 2008 11:42

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Went Back as in my last review, Pleanty of punters, only one Bar Staff (Friday Night). Good pint of London Pride and Adnams, although had to request a "Top Up" on almost EVERY Pint and we had 20 between Four of us during the evening. Fancied a Sandwich (Fish Finger and Mayo being one of the specials) but they were only available at Lunch time!!, did not want to chance the Mains again. Once again recommend for a Pint as long as you do not mind a wait and check the amount of Head!!! Rated 8 for the Beer!!

6 Jul 2008 18:57

The Pheasant, Burnham

Previous reviewer spot on. Once a great friendly pub now suffering from ever changing Owner/Landlord/MAnager/Staff. It is pot luck what you will get month to month. Nice building inside and out with bags of potential. Garden to the left and large rear car park. Pleanty of better pubs in the Area I recommend "The Bee" in Burnham High Street as the best pub in the area at the moment. Sadly I have to say give this one a miss until changes have been made.

6 Jul 2008 18:44

Oak and Saw, Taplow

I have used this pub which is a typical village pub with green outside on several occasions and been made most welcome by the Landlord and Staff. Renown in the area for its good food (inspired by TV Chefs). This pub also has a good selection of wines, Lagers, Guinness and Ciders. Several Real Ales can also be found with Brakspears Best Bitter and Fullers London Pride usually in Fine Form. The Inside (see picture) doubles up as a Dining area, there is also a Patio area attached to the rear of the pub with large Tables a Parasols,a real sun Trap. The pub also boasts a Large Car Park and Garden with Picnic Style Tables. Children seem to be made welcome in the Afternoon and Early Evening. Entertainemt is provided by two Fruit Machines, Quiz Machine and Flat Screen TV and Background music. Service can be slow at times as the staff "disapear" out the back when on their own, and sometimes you have to request a clean glasse, but do not let this put you off. I recommend a visit when in the area

6 Jul 2008 18:23

The Crusting Pipe, Covent Garden

Went back again Wednesday 25th, packed as usual. Great lunchtime/afternoon atmosphere, listening to the Singers and players of Covent Garden. Gets a bit much though when they keep coming round for a donation. A few years ago they were not allowed to come to the tables!!. Food gone up (as expected), but surpringly the Rose' was cheaper and very nice too! Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

27 Jun 2008 18:49

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Not sure when and what time Alenut went, but Landlady is always missing, She has a full time day job and is always upstairs or absent during the evening shift (no customers). She will only be seen when really busy, that is when a private party is on or it is a Bank Holiday Sunday when a Band is playing. All other times the pub is run by Mark or other staff. There is no "Landlord" now, he left some time ago. Agreed he was (is) misrable but that is due too to much of what he sold, usually Red Wine! Must go back there sometime soon, it has been six months since my last review.

27 Jun 2008 18:38

The Garibaldi, Burnham

Pub Currently Closed (Joint decision by Police and Mitchel & Butlers). Will only re-open when a New Tennant/Landlord can be found. And then only after a complete refurbishment has been carried out. Shame because this could be one of the best Pubs in the village if run right. It certainly has a head start on some in that the Building has Character (also some very low ceilings).

5 Jun 2008 16:03

The Prince Albert, Guildford

Are Jim & Liz still the Landlord and Lady? If so i knew them many years ago when they looked after the Lounge Bar in "The Christopher Hotel" in Eton and the "Park Barn" in Guilford. if not does anyone know where they went to?

4 Jun 2008 01:11

The Royal Stag, Datchet

Last time i went in this pub was 24 years ago. went back about a month ago and was naturally surprised in the changes. Had a few good pints of London Pride and others in the party had Adnams both excellant. As a result decided to go for a meal which we did today (Lunchtime) Beer was just as good but the food and service well....... Service only one Bar staff taking Food orders and dispensing Drinks. Long Delays!!!! More delays waiting for the food I think several orders went in at once and it was not even 12:30. I had the Burger (Burnt) and the Fries (Burnt & Cold) also the reish that was supposed to come with it had to be asked for, it came after the waitress checked with the menue!!!!!!. she asked if everything was OK and I told her the Fries were cold but got no comment back at all. The other diners had the mnoroccan Chicken with salad were less then impressed with it and the side order of fries they each ordered again (cold and lacking in numbers). This poub is great for a beer as others have said but do not expect to much from the Food or Welsh Staff. Having said that I will go back in for a Beer but will steer clear of the food in future.

2 Oct 2007 15:03

The Bee, Burnham

Great News, The Monday Quiz is Back by Popular Demand. D J John is there every Monday, with the Quiz Starting at 20:30. Get Down there!! Also the Bee has now introduced a Loyality Card giving 5% of ALL Drinks and Food. Beer Just as Good and Great Friendly Service. Recomended.

4 Sep 2007 00:30

The Montagu Pyke, Charing Cross Road

Been here a few Dinner times with work mates and for leaving doo's. This once Theatre/Cinema/Punk Dance Hall is now a Boozer without character. As has been said before OK for a Cheap beer and as a meeting place but the High Ceilings make it impossible to hold down a sensible conversation when busy. Food OK for what you pay but plenty of other Boozers around offering better value for money.

22 Jun 2007 17:57

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Visited this pub as part of the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" - Soho and Noho. You get a Frre T Shirt after visiting 5 different Pubs - There a Six different Trails to do, all run by the Brewerey. This pub offered God Food a Beer at very competitive prices - Good selection of real ales and Lagers - Well worth a Visit was absolutely packed of a Friday Afternoon - even more on the Pavement outside. Nice ornate mirrors on the wall

16 Jun 2007 10:27

The Feathers, St James's

Visited this pub as part of the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" - Westminister To Piccadilly. You get a Frre T Shirt after visiting 5 different Pubs - There a Six different Trails to do, all run by the Brewerey. This pub was unexpectedly CLOSED!!! waste of time and effort doing the Trail - moved swiftly on to the next...... No Comments

16 Jun 2007 10:24

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Visited this pub as part of the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" - Westminister To Piccadilly. You get a Frre T Shirt after visiting 5 different Pubs - There a Six different Trails to do, all run by the Brewerey. This pub offered God Food a Beer at very competitive prices - Good selection of real ales and Lagers - Well worth a Visit

16 Jun 2007 10:22

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Visited this pub as part of the "Dick Whittington Ale Trail" - Westminister To Piccadilly. You get a Frre T Shirt after visiting 5 different Pubs - There a Six different Trails to do, all run by the Brewerey. This pub offered God Food a Beer at very competitive prices - the cheapest of the day �5 for two pints of Carling Lager. - Well worth a Visit

16 Jun 2007 10:19

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

Nice place to sit outside in the sun and people watch. Typical large "End of Pier" show type Bar serving Every DAy pressure beers and Lagers. Have not stayed all night but used it as part of a Crawl when visiting for the day. Nice place to sit and watch the kids spend your money on the Funfair Rides!!!!

14 Apr 2007 14:09

The Cricketers, Brighton

Nice pub to include on a Crawl, gets very busy and usually has a bouncer or two on the door. Not a place to spend the whole night expecially in summer

14 Apr 2007 14:04

The Mucky Duck Inn, Tismans Common

Off of the beaten Track Pub & B +B. You really need a car to get here. Good selection of Beers and Lagers. Large feature Fireplace which has a roaring wood fire in the winter. TV in the corner and Fruit Machine. Have been here several times mainly on a Saturday Dinnertime. Good menu with Specials Board, although the food is good and plentyful I think a tad over priced for the country, more like London Prices. Still worh a visit particulary if the weather is nice.

14 Apr 2007 14:01

The New Inn, Upwey

Went to Upwey for a week and could not find this pub - found the other three so went there instead

14 Apr 2007 11:08

The Royal Standard, Upwey

This pub was the worst of the three pubs I visited in Upwey. Although it is in CAMRA 2007 Good Beer Guide, whiched lived up to it insertion in the Guide. The local beer straight from the cellar was great. And there it ends. There are two Bars we first went in the Lounge - or was it a front Room? - or was it a Zoo? There was Tatty furniture cluttered Bar (we had to move a Train Set to put our Drinks on it). There was also a Mere Cat (I think)in a cage. we quickly went to the other Bar wher one other person was seated at the Bar listening to Radio Four. This Bar had a Well Worn Red carpet and Smoked Stained walls and Ceiling. With various Glasses Hanging from Hooks in the Ceiling. The walls were adorned with old Pictures and stone jars and Books. The house cat seemed well at home on a Bar Stool and I heard there was an Owl in the Rear Garden!!! Again in this small pub everyone could hear your conversation. DO NOT TAKE YOUR MOBILE PHONE HERE!! YOU ARE CHARGED 10p every time it rings!!!! If you want up to date Tourist Information steer well clear - we saw booklets from 1999 and 2003 - a WEE Bit out of date and Dusty. This pub could benifit from a good clean - new carpets and a de-cluttering. Rated 2 for the beer alone - nothing else!

14 Apr 2007 11:07

The Riverhouse Inn, Upwey

This is a Restaurant pretending to be a Pub!!

Went here twice whilst staying in a local Holiday Cottage. The first time for a beer. There were four other people here who had eaten the Reastaurant about 80% of the seating was empty hence no atmosphere (or music) - you felt everyone else was listining to your conversation. Nice enough beer "Riverhouse Bitter" (Brewed by Courage and is an upmarket Best) well kept. Staff were friendly and the inside of exposed brickwork and knick naks is pleasing. If only it had more customers. Went back on another night to eat, this time the Restaurant was busy, however you have to buy all your drinks at the bar yourself (even during your meal) and you order the food at the bar. Although they advertise Childrens Meals and urge you to ask if ther is anything you want. The would NOT provide small portions of Adult meals (even though we offered to pay FULL price) or provide Just Egg and Chips (when Ham, Egg & Chips was on the menu). The food itself was good except for the overcooke (burnt) jumbo Chips. This was the second best of Thre pubs in Upwey (see my other revues). Suggest the Landlord, decided whether he wants a Pub (as the name suggests) or a Restaurant. Having said that worth a visit when in town. This pub also does B & B.

14 Apr 2007 10:53

The Sunray at Osmington, Osmington

This place is described as A "Bar & Grill" it has a BBQ area outside, with a large Garden with a Climbing Frame for the Children. It is Pleasant enough and appears to be a Family orientated Pub serving a decent pint of Butcombe Real Ale. I am sure there are better pubs in the area but did not have chance to use them. Sorry did not try thr food

14 Apr 2007 08:31

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Had some good pints of Real Ale here, particulary the Cumberland. Food is Excellant, was here many years ago and the standards are the still the same. Friendly atmosphere. The pub has a terraced area out the back with spectatular views. Children are welcome and the Restaurant has a Kids menu. Advisable to book in advance though to ensure you get a table!!

14 Apr 2007 08:27

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Had a Good Pint of Archers in here over Easter Weekend. This pub has a terraced Garden (needs some TLC) at the Rear and Tables in the Front (Although they are directly on the Road) Parking is accross the Road in a seperate CAr Park. Food is Expensive (London Prices) and Finished at 2pm (Although we were slightly late they did serve us - limited selection).However the pub shut at 14:30!! This is a Family Pub that needs to cater for the Tourist and be open all Afternoon. I found the Staff Friendly enough.

14 Apr 2007 08:23

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

Not a very nice advert for British Hospitality. I feel sorry for any Tourist visiting Convent Garden and walking into this Hell Hole. Having had the unfortunate honour of visiting this pub (under duress)I will not be back, It is overpriced, Dirty, Dingy and everything all other reviewers have said. Any Tourist reading this please note this is not typical of a British Pub.

7 Apr 2007 17:57

Red Lion, Langley

Been here a few times mainly on a Friday Night. The Lndlord ( A very large guy) chases you out dead on time!!! Loads of staff behind the bar but very few willing to serve. when asked most say I am only collecting glasses!! waited 15 minutes last time for a beer!! However must say the Greene King was very very good. TSW mentioned Pub Fights, must say I have sensed tension in there and seen situations that have nearly resulted in a fight. This pub has character and a large dining room - it just need that certain somthing to put it back on the straight and narrow.

7 Apr 2007 00:25

The Garibaldi, Burnham

Character Pub found at the lower end of the High Street. New Landlord took over last year, very pleasant atmosphere having all major Sporting events on two TV's. Watch out for the low beams!!!

Occassional Live music and at weekends not afraid to use their late license. Just opposite the Local Village Hall so very handy to pop in whilst at a do there. Good Local Trade. Give it a whirl. Not tried the food but it does have a large Garden at the rear and ample car parking.

7 Apr 2007 00:17

The Fifield Inn, Fifield

First time i have been here since it changed from the Famouse Cider House. Nice pint of well kept Real Ale. Good Menu and quality Food at a reasonable price. Beer GArden for the Summer and cosy feel for the winter. If you are in the area definately worth a visit. Open Xmas DAy for meals but book early!!!!

7 Apr 2007 00:10

The Crusting Pipe, Covent Garden

Went in here yesterday, last time i was here was May 2006. Largely the same but have increased the seating area inside by knocking out the Toilets and opening up another area. The Toiletes are now a very high standard that would put some London Hotels to shame. The price - well the Wine has gone up and the selectio reduced, I paid �18.25 for a bottle of Rose' and �6.95 for a Sausage Sandwich (admitadly it was Cumberland - although not a complete one). Still worth a visit even if it just to watch the Buskers.

16 Feb 2007 09:48

The Old Five Bells, Burnham

Extensively extended olde village pub in quaint setting next to St Peters Church. Currently run as a typical Sports bar for the younger set. Large enclosed beer garden with plenty of seating. Convienience food at realistic prices. but you gets what you pay for!!. On busy nights has Bouncers on the door. In my view this once nice pub was spoilt with the over extension.Ok for a quick one, but i would not wish to spend the whole night here. Some good Real Ales if your not into Lager!!

8 Feb 2007 20:17

The Christopher Hotel, Eton

Used to be a thriving, lively pub. The best in the High sSreet. Now just a bar serving the Hotel. Food looks good, but low volume of trade, lacks atmosphere. Smart polite Bar Staff but some foreign. Price amongst the highest in the High Street a place where change is often given on a saucer. Unless you are staying here I suggest this is usedas a quiet meeting place where you can start a crawl of the other fine establishments down the road. Restaurant never open these days.

5 Feb 2007 16:17

The George, Eton

Went in here on Saturday - waste of time. Polish girl behind bar said she was not serving drinksas she was awaitress. All other staff were downstairs in the Celler sorting out a problem, I waited for a bit then gave up. If the beer is as bad as their customer relations,AVOID and go elsewhere.

29 Jan 2007 18:31

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

Very large pub set in a lovely location. when the weater is sunny there is nothing better than sitting outside people watching. However it is a tourist trap so it gets very busy and often has bouncers outside during the day. Inside is dark and misirable and the Bogs are a camels ride away down flights of stairs and endless corridors. OK for an afternoon drink if you are feeling flush or someone else is picking up the tab. As can be seen by the photograph they take a pride in the appearance and water the hanging baskets regulary. Give this place a once over, after visiting an ATM.

21 Jan 2007 19:22

The Peirson, St Helier

One of many Town Pubs in St Helier. Nothing Extra Special to make you want to go back for more.

22 Dec 2006 12:50

The Exeter Inn, St Helier

Typical Town Pub, but looks inviting from the outside with lots of hanging baskets and tables. Sadley the inside lets it down, in need of a revamp and a lick of paint. Tobacco stained walls and ceilings. Would go back if it was "Made Over". Typical Range of local and International beers.

22 Dec 2006 12:48

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Usually vist this pub when in town, if you can get a seat outside it is better as you can watch the world go by, people watch and if sunny get a tan as well. Downside is too many Dammed pigeons. Worth a visit to see for yourself.

22 Dec 2006 12:43

The Old Court House Inn, St Brelade

Frequented by tourists as it featured in the Hit Series "Bergerac" as Lil's place. Nice location though.

22 Dec 2006 12:41

The Old Portelet Inn, St Brelade

Lovely Pub, with great Views. Visit this pub every time I come to Jersey, although a bit off the beaten track, but on a bus Route

22 Dec 2006 12:39

The Toby Carvery, Langley

I occasionally meet Ex Work Collegues here. I found the bar staff offish (in that it was a chore to serve you)and the Beer pricey. But the worst thing was that if you were NOT a resident you were made to feel unwelcome as soon as time was rung. had a meal once in the carvery - surprisingly that was not to bad. Unless you have to don't bother - Typical estate Pub situated on a main road (A4), who let kids in the restaurant after 9pm. Agree with other review about the pikey's. INCIDENTLY LANGLEY IS IN BERKSHIRE NOT MIDDLESEX.

21 Dec 2006 10:57

The Pitcher and Piano, Holborn

Nice Black leather sofas in the window,Ok for relaxing in but not practical for eating. The bar is a conversion possibly from a small cinama. The whole place lacks atmosphere and has tables like a Canteen. Prices for a Bottle of Wine and pint of Lager were reasonable and the food Ok. But did not like the bar staff giving the change on a saucer. Plenty of Traditional pubs in the area to choose from.Not in any hurry to go back.

20 Dec 2006 23:04

The Walkabout, Covent Garden

Typical Walkabout Chain Pub. Often have 2-4-1 special offers (mainly on bottled beer). Lots of TV's showing mainly OZ and NZ Sport (NO SOUND). It is a long Corridor so it is standing (Crusing) room only when it gets busy as the staff remove the tables early evening to get more punters in. Watch out for the spilt beer on the floor as it is Bloddy dangerous. Bogs down some pretty steep stairs, OK if you are sober but if not beware.

20 Dec 2006 17:13

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

Dark Dingy Bar, over priced drinks - served by uncaring staff. Nobody seems to collect glasses regulary or wipe tables. Usually very packed at lunchtimes and after work, get here early to ensure a seat and a clean table. If you do not want beer then better off at the Crustin Pipe wine bar.

20 Dec 2006 17:07

The Crusting Pipe, Covent Garden

I use this Wine bar a lot to meet up with friends I used to work with in Holborn. Best sit outside to people watch and listen to the everchanging buskers (Did not get to see G4 but most entertainers are fairly listenable. Beware they often come round with the hat or try to sell CD's not sure but I believe they are not supposed to when you are seated! have eaten here once or twice OK but nothing special, typical london prices. Recommend the House white wine or nuber 71. which are reasonably priced. Seats (outside are wooden and slatted which get a bit hard on the Bum after a while. Worth a Visit

20 Dec 2006 17:00

The Harte and Garter, Windsor

Tourist Bar and Hotel - Expensive Beer served by staff that can bearly understand English (or pour a full pint). I fully agree with "Pubcustomer's comments" Has got a carvery, food passable (depends on what Chef is on), service slow (different dishes come out of the kitchen at different times - for the same table!) - also sometimes you do not get what you ordered. Steer clear at Christmas - Special (limited) Menus with Special Prices. Must admit haven,t been for some time as it was so poor. Not inclined to try any time soon.

20 Dec 2006 16:46

Ye Olde Swan, Burnham

New brooms have swept this pub out, but now taken over as the major sports bar in Burnham. having Two Large screens and several Flat screens over the bar. gets very busy at the weekends with clients often spilling out onto the pavement in the summer. Even so unless you are under 20 and like noise, pool and Sport. I would walk on by

16 Dec 2006 17:05

The Red Squirrel, Slough

Since this pub changed from a Harvester to a Sizzler, standards have dropped. Sells cheap beer (assume it is short dated and specially purchased). when I was in there earlier this year I too found it to be short on bar staff. On the night I was there they were holding a Quiz, that was more like organised chaos when drunken customers took over the mic and read out the questions. (I hope that it was a one off). Sorry but will not be going back anytime soon. Next time I am in the area I will try somewhere else.

16 Dec 2006 17:00

The George, Eton

Avoid plently of better pubs to choose from in the Street

16 Dec 2006 16:48

The New College Arms, Eton

Sport being shown on several small screens but no sound - what's the point. One of the most expensive pubs in Eton. Sort of place you have one and move swiftly on..... Friendly but foreign (Polish) Staff. unless your desperate and loaded I would't bother.

16 Dec 2006 16:40

The Watermans Arms, Eton

Been my "local" for over 20 years - still go there occasionally even though I moved out of the area. Good food, frienly staff one of the best Traditional Pubs in Eton. Ideal stopover for those cruising the Thames. Can get very busy when a Private function is on or when the Fair is in town (Late July). Great selection of Beers kept well especially the Brakspears. Always has a Guest beer on handpump.

16 Dec 2006 16:12

The Red Lion, Burnham

Typical Football Sports Bar Frequented by mainly Chelsea Supporters. Recently changed owners so hope that a decent real Ale is introduced, currently selling mainly lagers. Busy periods late afternoons/early eve, weekends and whenever a match is being shown. Needs a complete revamp! have to agree with Catsknob's comments as well

16 Dec 2006 16:02

The Bee, Burnham

Best but Dearest Pub in Burnham - Friendly Hosts and Staff especially Keith & Sindy. Great Pint of Brakspears. Locals bar that used to Host a Pub Quiz on a Monday but sadly that has now stopped.

16 Dec 2006 15:52

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