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Username: BWW

Age: 57

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The Nags Head, Walthamstow

Dear David. Thank you for your very useful suggestions. You might want to try a a girlfriend or I hear there are places you can pay for certain services. That may alleviate some of that frustration and anger that's building. I don't speak Italian by the way so am unsure what 'Mwah, mwah' means. On second thoughts does it translate as 'meow, meow'?

7 Dec 2009 14:40

The Nags Head, Walthamstow

davidb: if he doesn't want kids in the pub then he should stop them coming in fullstop. As for the parents being 'middle class' - have you been to any other parts of Walthamstow, or did you only turn up for the cat-themed beer festival? If Walthamstow is middle class then Haringey is surely only a step away from achieving Royal Borough status.

Maybe families want to spend an hour in the pub with other families, what's wrong with that? Maybe they interrupt your enjoyment of the Daily Mail.

24 Nov 2009 12:43

The Prince, Wood Green

The old Prince hasn't had atmosphere since the late 80s when Tony ran it. It was then run by a succession of idiots who turned a once thriving local into an absolute dive - none more guilty than Rick who was so scared of the travellers he paid them money to stay away. All he managed to do was alienate the last few regulars that used to make this a great boozer.

16 Nov 2009 17:07

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