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St. George's Tavern, Victoria

I had to renew my passport and the Passport Office is opposite this pub. I had half an hour to kill so popped in for a pint. The pub is a good old fashioned pub with plenty of real ales. They were still serving breakfasts when I went in and it looked OK. I opted for a pint of mild (can't remember the name) and it was very tasty. The only drawback to this pub is the price. £4.85 is a bit too rich for me. Pity, because it put me off going again.

14 Mar 2019 09:59

The Bull, Woolwich

Went on a Saturday night to see a band. It's the first time I've been to this pub for about 40 years and it hasn't changed much which in my eye is a good thing.
There were 5 ales on offer but unfortunately one ran out before I could try it. The 4 I tried were Proper Job, Tribute, Jail Ale and Long Man's Best Bitter. All were excellent and I'd certainly go again.
The staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

21 May 2018 19:52

The Mayflower, Leigh on Sea

Have been here a few times and it has improved immensely since the first visit. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the toilets clean and tidy. A very good selection of real ales on tap and a nice outside seating area. A good way to start the day.

22 Jul 2017 11:58

The Royal George, Deptford

What a lovely pub this is. No TV, no gambling machines and no piped music. It's what a pub should be, a place to sell good ale.

Good selection of Sam Smith's beers, Lagers and spirits. Very cheap too.

If you hanker after what pubs used to be like and should be like then give it a visit. The staff are very nice and knowledgeable.

14 Jul 2014 13:55

The Earl Haig, Bexleyheath

Much improved over previous years and has recently been refurbished and is now a decent pub selling a very good range of real ales. The food is also very good and reasonably priced.
It does tend to get a bit crowded at weekends which is testament to how much it has improved.
Good quiz night on a Sunday around 8:30.

28 Mar 2014 09:44

The William Camden, Bexleyheath

Hadn't been here for a time but was hungry and fancied a pint.
Had heard that they do cask beer now and found that Moreland's Golden Hen was on offer. Unfortunately it had hit the bottom of the barrel so switched to GK IPA which was average at best.
The food left a lot to be desired so doubt if I'll be returning as there are a lot of better pubs in the area which is a pity because it's a good looking pub in a decent area and a good location.
I expect they probably make enough money on a Friday and Saturday night when it's full of lager / alcopop drinking kids.

28 Mar 2014 09:35

The Ship, Leigh On Sea

Went on a Wednesday at 1:00PM and it was shut. A guy was outside painting and said it opened at 2:00PM. ???????????????

25 Jul 2013 11:21

The Olde Smack Inn, Leigh On Sea

Lovely pub with a really nice sun deck outside. You'd be hard pushed to find a better location.
Good selection of beers including Doombar which was excellent.
There were adverts for live music in the evening which wouldn't appeal to me but overall a very nice pub.
They did a good selection of food but I'm more interested in the beer.

25 Jul 2013 11:18

The Peter Boat, Leigh on Sea

Nice pub with lovely outside area looking over the estuary.
Toilets were very clean and tidy.
Plenty of people eating and looking contented. I didn't eat anything myself though so can't really comment.
Beer selection wasn't the best and the pint of Wherry Bitter I had wasn't that good. Could be so much better with a few decent beers on tap.

25 Jul 2013 11:15

The Crooked Billet, Leigh on Sea

Lovely pub and the first you come upon walking from the station.
Good selection of beers, tried the Nicholson's Pale Ale and the Adnams Southwold Bitter. Both excellent condition and reasonably priced. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable.
There's a lovely outside eating area with a superb sea food shop next door. You can buy your sea food and eat it in the outside area.

25 Jul 2013 11:11

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Conveniently situated in the Kew Bridge railway station.
Stopped off for a pint before getting the tube back to town after a day out at Kew.
Had a pint of Pride which was in excellent condition and the bar staff were friendly, polite and efficient.
Cannot believe some of the previous postings about the locals, I found them to be friendly and charming.

17 Jul 2013 13:27

The Greyhound, Kew Green

Went here with a group of like minded old codgers and had the best pint of Young's Bitter I've had for a long time. They also had London Pride and Doombar.
The barmaids were lovely and even brought our drinks to the table for us.
The food looked excellent although we didn't try it.

17 Jul 2013 13:19

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Lovely pint of Young's Bitter at £3.50 and also sampled the London Gold.
Food was excellent. Bit pricey but what do you expect in Kew.

17 Jul 2013 13:15

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Lovely pint of Young's Bitter at £3.50 and also sampled the London Gold.
Food was excellent. Bit pricey but what do you expect in Kew.

17 Jul 2013 13:15

The Botanist On The Green, Kew

Went in with a few friends to try the beer. Tried the pale ale and the stout and didn't finish either. Very poor and overpriced.

17 Jul 2013 13:13

The Pilot Inn, North Greenwich

I went to the Neil Young concert at the O2 and rather than get a pint of revolting lager at the Union Square I decided to go to The Pilot.
I'm sure this pub is quite pleasant on a quiet day but don't go there if there's a big event at the O2. The staff just can't cope.

After about 5 minutes I eventually managed to catch the eye of a barmaid and ordered two pints. I was told there were no glasses so said barmaid decides to wash some up. This took her about 5 minutes and when she'd finished she started serving someone else. I remonstrated but got nothing but abuse.

My suggestion to the owner is to get a pot man in to collect and wash glasses and get more staff on when there's an event on.

In future I think I'll go in the Harvester for a pre-event drink.

18 Jun 2013 08:45

The Bankers Draft, Eltham

Very small Wherspoon's and can't be guaranteed getting a seat, something I definitely need nowadays. Never eaten in there but the food does look good.
Beer is always good and good selection. Young's Special was superb yesterday and only £2:19 a pint.
I usually only stay for a couple before moving on elsewhere but always get good service and a more than decent pint.

4 Jun 2013 10:15

The George Staples, Blackfen

Two of us went there for lunch and a pint on 3rd June 2013. Service was pretty good although some of the girls should learn how to smile.
Had a pint of Adnam's Ghost Ship which wasn't the best pint I've had but just about drinkable.
Ordered steak and kidney pud which was very nice and some Italian chicken dish which was also nice. Didn't have to wait long but it was 2:30PM so not busy.
This is more of a gastro pub now and fine for a meal. Prices weren't too bad and overall I'd probably go again.

4 Jun 2013 10:09

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

I too thought it was an old cinema or theatre but with all the huge pillars around I thought it couldn't be. Asked the barkeep and he said it used to be The Metropolitan Railway's function rooms.
The staff were very efficient and didn't wait long to be served. The food I had (fish and chips) was excellent.
Not a lot of choice reagarding real ales, the usual Ruddles and Abbot and also Courage Best and Greene King IPA. Tried the Courage and IPA and both were good. Also had a pint of Guiness which was excellent.
The only drawback which is expected considering the area is the prices.
£3.25 for the ales and £7.99 for the food but it did come with a free Guiness.

23 Mar 2013 18:44

The Rising Sun, Eltham

Lovely pub with very friendly staff. Food is excellent and very reasonably priced. Greene King IPA and Ruddles on keg. Usually only one guest ale but well kept.
Best pub for miles.

13 Dec 2012 10:55

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

What a disapointment. I used to use this pub regularly in the 70's and went there today for the first time sine then. I went with a few old mates for the nostalgia trip and was looking forward to a pint of my favorite tipple. Ordered two pints of Youngs and it ran out after the first pint was pulled. Ordered the Special and this was not on. The London Gold was also not on so ended up with a guest ale, Marshmallow from Oxfordshire Ales. It was OK but to go to a Youngs pub and they didn't have one beer on offer was ridiculous.
The pub is still a gem in the cesspit that is Brixton but I doubt if it will survive given today's experience.

21 Sep 2012 18:10

The Bridge House, Belfast

Very nice Wetherspoons. Plenty of real ale on tap and had a very nice steak too. Gets crowded even on a quiet night but certainly the cheapest pub in Belfast by far. Guiness was very good and the ales well kept.

13 Sep 2012 10:31

McHughs, Belfast

Lovely pub. Visited on a quiet Monday night and plenty of seats available. Best pint of Guinness I've ever had and staff very efficient and friendly. No live music when I went but decent music being played, ie not the computer generated crap you usually hear. This particular night they were playing very old blues stuff like Sonny Boy Williamson, Muddy Waters at al. Bliss.

13 Sep 2012 10:25

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Lovely historic old pub. Visited on a quiet Monday night and very crowded with no seats available. Not a great choice of real ales but worth a visit for its ambience.

13 Sep 2012 10:21

The Shortlands Tavern, Shortlands

Popped in for a pint and pleasantly surprised. Two real ales available, Broadside and Doombar. Had the Doombar and it was excellent.
Very quiet but exactly what I wanted at the time.
Very comfortable, friendly landlady a bit pricey but overall I'd use it again.

8 Aug 2012 10:34

The Duchess Of Edinburgh, Welling

Another Tesco Express I'm told.

8 Aug 2012 10:32

The Duke of Wellington, Crayford

Nice pub, good selection of ale and good staff. On a busy Saturday night I never waited more than a couple of minutes for service.

12 Feb 2012 19:24

The Nordenfelt Tavern, Erith

Now turned into flats.

3 Jun 2011 23:17

The Ramblers Rest, Chislehurst

Lovely old fashioned pub with friendly staff set on the common.
Had a couple of pints of Youngs which was excellent. They also had Courage Best and Sharps Doom Bar.
Only downside was the price. 3.40.

3 Jun 2011 23:08

The Travellers Home, Bexleyheath

Had 3 good meals here last night. Excellent price and a nice pint of Braekspeare's. The total bill was less than 15.00.
I wouldn't recomend it as just a pub as nowadays it's more of a restaurant. Good value though

4 Feb 2011 18:52

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

I would only use this if your train is late. Good prices for a station pub but that's all that's going for it.
No Ruddles so settled for IPA which certainly wasn't the best I've had.
Handy for checking the train times though.

4 Feb 2011 18:48

Rubbing House, Epsom Downs

I was invited to this restaurant (it's not a pub any more) by a friend and was a little aprehensive at first.
I found the food OK albeit a bit overpriced. Had a few pints of Flowers which was a keg beer but OK but at 3.40 a pint well overpriced.
Lovely location but take out a mortgage before going there.

4 Feb 2011 18:44

The West Quay, Brighton

Probably the nicest looking Wetherspoons. Pity the upstairs bar was shut even though it was crowded downstairs.
A couple of guest beers on offer but one was off.
This place could be so much better but unfortunately it seems to be a magnet for the tea and coffee brigade.

14 Oct 2010 10:57

The Railway Bell, Brighton

Popped in before getting the train back to Victoria.
Bit of a dump but nice pint of Harvey's. MTV on the TV was obviously more for the benefit of the staff.

14 Oct 2010 10:53

The Regency Tavern, Brighton

I used to use this pub 40 odd years ago when I lived in Regency Square.
I popped in on the way back to the station. Very nice clean, tidy and friendly.
S&N Spitfire, Masterbrew and Bishops on offer. Bit expensive at 3.15 a pint but I suppose you'd expect that considering the lovely area it's in.
A little too PINK for my taste.

14 Oct 2010 10:51

The Park Tavern, Eltham

Popped in for the first time to this lovely traditional pub. I can't say I found anything to complain about. The Harvey's and the TT Landlord were excellent.
Friendly barmaid who knew her stuff. I'd certainly go again if I was in Eltham.

30 Sep 2010 06:46

Victoria, Belvedere

Lovely traditional pub.
Two prpoper ales on offer, Breakspeare and Spitfire and both well kept.
I just hope these sort of pubs survive.

27 Sep 2010 15:41

The Fox, Belvedere

What a lovely pub. 4 good ales available. Young's, Young's Special, Doombar and Fuller's London Pride. Tried the Doombar and Special and both were excellent. The food was superb and the benefit of having seafood on order was more than welcome.
I saw 4 lagers, Fosters, Carling, 1664 and A N Other and also Smith's for the keg lovers.
Friendly staff who couldn't do enough for you.
The best pub I've visited for a long long time.

27 Sep 2010 15:37

The William Camden, Bexleyheath

Station pub with a lot of rush hour commuter trade. In the evenings, it's full of noisey kids.
No cask ales but the Ruddles keg wasn't bad and at 2:15 a pint affordable.

21 Sep 2010 09:39

The Yacht, Greenwich

Nice pub on the river Thames. Looks like they're more interested in being a restaurant nowadays. Doom Bar was off so settled for a pint of Young's London Gold and agree with previous post, it was a bit tired. 2.75 makes it a lot cheaper than other riverside pubs.

21 Sep 2010 08:37

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Lovely position on the Thames. Beautiful inside and a decent range of ales.
Biggest drawback is price. 3.20 the cheapest pint.

21 Sep 2010 08:33

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

Considering how busy this place gets you would expect more than one member of staff behind the bar.
Had a pint from the Nelson Brewery and it was simply awful. I complained but was not offered a refund. I insisted on a refund and was told that as I'd drunk some I could only have the cost of half a pint.
Needless to say I won't be returning.
The worst service of any Wetherspoons.

21 Sep 2010 08:28

The Rocket , Putney

Lovely location but no atmosphere. Dearest Wetherspoon's I've ever been in. No special offers and Ruddles, normally 1.55 a pint was 1.95. Still not a bad price but not much else on offer. Plenty of fizzy lagers though.

I'd say it's probably a nice place to go to eat but not for a drinking night out.

31 Jul 2010 11:32

The Fire Station, Waterloo

A nice pint of Braekspeare but at 3.20 a pint I won't be going back. More of a restaurant than a pub and a poncey one at that.

31 Jul 2010 11:29

The Railway, Putney

Hadn't been here sine it was Flanagan's back in the 60's.

I found the staff friendly and efficient. Pint of Ruddles was very nice. I didn't eat but the food looked like any other Wetherspoons which is good value for money.

31 Jul 2010 11:27

The Boathouse, Putney

Had a lovely pint of Young's Bitter but was disapointed that there was no Special on offer. Lovely setting for a pub, right on the river but 3.10 a pint is a bit too expensive for my liking.

31 Jul 2010 11:24

The Falcon Hotel, Southend on Sea

Horrible place. Rude staff, tatty furniture and overpriced, 2.95 a pint.

25 Jun 2010 09:57

The Borough Hotel, Southend on Sea

Nice friendly pub. Good service and a very nice pint of Courage Best at 2.60.

25 Jun 2010 09:44

Sovereign, Ramsgate

Not a great selection of ale on but had a couple of pints of Greene King IPA which was good. Also had Directors which I'm not a fan of.
I found the pub to be friendly clean and comfortable. The staff were efficient and the toilets spotless.

19 Jun 2010 13:57

Leading Light, Faversham

Went here prior to a tour around the Shepherd Neames brewery.
Had the traditional breakfast which was very nice and good value. The staff were friendly and polite.
Went back in the afternoon and had a few of the ales. All very nice and cheap. The beer garden is pleasant although it was half-term so a few kids.
Unlike most Spoons pubs the toilets are on the same level which is a bonus.
All in all a pleasant experience.

5 Jun 2010 08:11

Yates's, Hastings

Only one ale (Bombadier) and as I was just about to order another punter told me it was awful so I left. OK if you're a lager drinker I suppose.

22 May 2010 10:38

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Worst Spoons ever visited.
The staff (2 young girls) were more interested in chatting amongst themselves than serving customers. Tables full of crockery and none cleared during the 30 minutes I was there.
They'd run out of Ruddles and didn't offer an alternative at the same price (something all other Spoons do).
Bishop's Finger was OK but poor choice of ales compared to others.

22 May 2010 10:29

The Royal Standard, Hastings

I love pubs like this. It looks and feels like a pub. No gimmicks and friendly staff.
Choice of ale was a bit thin but the Masterbrew was very nice and reasonably priced for somewhere on the sea front.

22 May 2010 10:23

The Rum Puncheon, Gravesend

Lovely pub with 6 ales on offer. Tried the Landlord and Tribute and both excellent. Friendly efficient staff.
They now do food and although I didn't eat those that were dining looked well contented.

28 Apr 2010 21:46

Volunteer Public House, Bexleyheath

I first used this back in the 70's when it was a Truman's pub. I always get good friendly service here.
Tried the Bateman's Miss Canada but wasn't keen. The Courage Best was good though at 2.55 a pint. They also had Wadwoth's 6X.

4 Mar 2010 18:08

The Kings Arms, Bexleyheath

I've lived in Bexleyheath for 32 years but never been in this pub before today. The first impression I got of the pub was that is stunk of urine. This was in the bar, not the toilet.
The only real ale I could see was Courage Best which wasn't bad but 2:90 a pint was 35P dearer than The Volunteer where I'd been earlier.
Of the two I'd certainly chose the Volunteer.

4 Mar 2010 18:03

The Courthouse, Dartford

It doesn't look like a penny has been spent on the place since it opened.

Only ever visited in an afternoon when it's been empty.

They never seem to have the ordinary Young's Bitter on. The Special is very nice though and worth the visit.

5 Feb 2010 22:29

The Flying Boat, Dartford

Clean, modern pub serving a few real ales.

I disagree with most comments about the decor and ambiance. I find it too big and open. It would be much better if it had a few "areas" rather than just a huge one. There is a smaller one out back but this is usually full of young mums with their kids.

I prefer the Paper Moon down the road.

5 Feb 2010 22:26

Paper Moon, Dartford

Nice little pub with a good selection of ales.

Biggest drawback though is the toilets are upstairs and the place is very draughty. I had to move twice to try to get out of the draught but to no avail.

5 Feb 2010 22:21

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

I've always found the staff friendly in this place even if they do seem to change every time I go there.

Always a good selection of ales to choose from.

The one thing I like about this Spoons is that the toilets are on the same level. The Flying Boat, Paper Moon in Dartford and The Turnpike in Welling all have upstairs toilets.

5 Feb 2010 22:17

The Dog and Bell, Deptford

Lovely little pub.

Friendly efficient staff and reasonable prices.

Sampled the London Pride which was excellent.

5 Feb 2010 22:12

Richard I, Greenwich

This is the first time I've been here since it was a Tolly house back in the 70's. Thankfully not much has changed except it's bigger now that the off licence part has been incorporated into the pub.

This is a proper pub with no nonsence. Very friendly staff and contrary to previous comments. no music.

They had Young's Special, Young's Bitter, Bombadier and Young's Winter Warmer. They also had Pilsner Urquel on draft for the lager drinkers.

I sampled the Winter Warmer and the Young's Bitter and both were excellent.

5 Feb 2010 22:09

Zero Degrees, Blackheath

Went in today for the first time. The decor is a bit strange, like something from a 70's sci-fi movie.

The beer however was very tasty. I tried the Pale Ale, Venician Lager and the Black Lager. This was happy hour (4:00 - 7:00) so only 2.00 a pint.

The menu looked good if a little pricey. I'll certainly go again.

5 Feb 2010 21:59

The Fox on the Hill, Denmark Hill

Typical 1950's looking pub but the only good thing about this place is the food is always good.
Tables are rarely cleaned and the staff are incompetant.
Always check your prices because they invariably forget the special offers etc.

24 Oct 2009 17:15

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Great pub, nice food but probably the most expensive pub in the area.

24 Oct 2009 17:07

The Robin Hood and Little John, Bexleyheath

The best pub by far in Bexleyheath. How a pub should be. No loud music and a mixed crowd of revellers.
Excellent range of real ales which are all kept well. The landlord and staff are friendly, polite and efficient.
Beware. There are certain rules like not drinking out of bottles which makes it even more attractive.

24 Oct 2009 17:00

Sidcup Place, Sidcup

Went on Friday night 23/10/09 and the place was only a quarter full. Excellent service which you'd expect with so few people there.
Food was hot and as good as it can be in these places.
Good selection of lagers but only Tetley's bitter. Wine was very reasonable and prices in general were average.
I'd certainly go again.

24 Oct 2009 16:54

The Fox on the Hill, Denmark Hill

This used to be a good pub in the 60's but is now simply awful and by far the worst Wetherspoons I've visited.
Terrible service, lousy beer, disgusting toilets.
The food wasn't bad though but I wouldn't go again.

19 Feb 2007 18:07

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