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The Moose Bar, Canary Wharf

This was a temporary bar next to the Ice Rink in Canary Wharf. It closed on the 19th February 2014.

2 Jan 2015 10:00

The Grapes Hotel, Maentwrog

Very friendly staff, good food and a roaring fire in winter. Its a good hotel as well as the main pub for Maentwrog. Fantastic.

1 Mar 2006 16:04

The Windmill, Moorgate

It reopened today, refitted as an Italian wine bar - looks a lot more airy with refitted loos, couches and a chez longue.

1 Mar 2006 15:33

The Master Gunner, Moorgate

Nice, Youngs have struck gold here, they've removed the "Wine Bar" decor they put in a few years ago and put the wood pannelling back. Its about average on price for round here, but a much better pint, with friendly service han many places on the main road. It is still afflicted with being way too busy towards the end of the week though.

1 Mar 2006 15:32

Jack Stamps Beer House, Streatham

This place NEEDS the refurb - good for a few with the lads, but I wouldn't take anyone else in there.

1 Mar 2006 15:29

The Waterfront, Streatham

As the treadbare selection of pubs in Streatham goes this place rates quite highly - not a whiff of trouble in there, mainly due to the rougher element being priced out of the market. Good food - the pizzas are great, the beer isn't watered down and the spirits/cocktails are good - if a little expensive. As below a place to take the girlfriend, not what I'd say about the Greyhound.

1 Mar 2006 15:25

The Railway, Streatham

Much better than the previous incarnation, still a way to go though. It gets pretty busy and I've had a few missing evenings in here what with the Kroney on tap. Before the refit, they could have replaced it with a public loo and that would have suited me fine, but not it isn't a bad place to come for a quick one on a Sunday afternoon, shame theres no pool table any more though, I'm not sure theres one left in Streatham anymore.

Food is good, if a little pricey.

1 Mar 2006 15:20

The Pied Bull, Streatham

Strange, after the refit this was a lovely place, it still is but was tainted by a meal I had there a while back. It was standard pub lunch, I had a lasagne and my significant other had the steak and ale pie. Both were grey in colour and tasted awful. After that I can't quite bring myself to set foot in the place.

They still serve a good pint and its a nicely done out pub but I'd avoid the food at all costs. Hows about a bit of a makeover Youngs? Sort the kitchen out and this could be a brilliant place once again.

1 Mar 2006 15:14

The Bar Aquarium, Old Street

This used to be the Lord Nelson, which was a smokey (proper) pub with 2 pool tables and a darts board. They've got rid of the friendly staff, lamo'd the floors and brought in the Euro beers and surly barstaff. Not a place I'd go off my own back, but if a crowd of us were in the area its ok for one or two before going somewhere better.

1 Mar 2006 14:43

The Litten Tree, Old Street

The foods not that bad, but I wouldn't be seen dead in here after lunchtime, its all a bit hooded top in here of an evening.

1 Mar 2006 14:38

The Angel, Old Street

Fantastic friendly staff, shorts served in iced glasses. One of the last real pubs left in the city that hasn't gone gastro and laminate floor on us. XXXX could do with replacing with Fosters as below, but the place is excellent none the less.

1 Mar 2006 14:36

The Fox, Old Street

There is certainly more than a whiff of "*sigh* what do you want now" from the staff, but its a pretty good boozer on the whole, a little difficult to get round inside when its busy, the beer is good and they always have quality spirits - if a little on the expensive side.

1 Mar 2006 14:11

Sosho, Moorgate

High prices, although not a bad place for a late drink if you're up for paying for it. The cocktails are good, but far cheaper in Context down the road.

1 Mar 2006 14:01

The Heeltap and Bumper, Broadgate

No draught beer, full of suits on expenses, terrible.

1 Mar 2006 13:53

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