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The Muddy Duck, Hethe

My first visit to a pub since the easing of lockdown and only my second visit here, the first being probably about 40 years ago when still a village local. The layout is as previously described although having entered from the carpark I was unaware of the Smog. However I did notice signs for Bog and Grog. The restaurant is currently closed due to Coronavirus but food consisting primarily of pizzas served either in Grog or in a yurt erected in the garden, this being fully occupied at around 6pm yesterday (Saturday). The piźzas were prepared in a wood-fired oven adjacent to the yurt and looked very tasty confirmed by a couple on the next table. Three ales were on offer being Hook Norton Hooky bitter and two from localish Blackpit Brewery near Silverstone Daytripper and Cut and Run all priced at £4.25. I tried the latter two of which the Daytripper was very refreshing but maybe a touch too hoppy whereas the Cut and Run was a good allround bitter. It was too sunny to leave our dogs in the car and being tired from a longish walk they were delighted to crash out on the cold flagstone floor after being made welcome by the staff. Table service only at present but this was carried out efficiently and amicably. All in all my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and will happily call in again when next in the area.

19 Jul 2020 15:55

The White Horse, Forest Hill

Still being run by the same people as mentioned in the last posting.
Currently closed as a pub due to Coronavirus but offering takeaway meals. Two starters, two main courses with rice for £31 was superb value and superb quality. Due to current circumstances there was no draught ale available but I will be back when the pub trade is up and running again hopefully reasonably soon.

16 May 2020 23:36

Red Lion, Chinnor

This pub has slowly declined in recent times but has been acquired by Oak Taverns who operate a number of renowned real ale pubs in the area. The pub is temporarily closed for a refurb and should reopen by the end of the month. I will post again once I have paid a visit or two by which time any teething problems should be resolved.

4 Mar 2020 23:51

The Village Gate, Wendover

This pub is situated a mile or so out of Wendover and a similar distance from the village of Weston Turville both of which have a choice of drinking establishments and there are only a few houses in the immediate area so effectively no local trade. It was having to cater for the dining trade to exist but has closed on more than one occasion. Although I haven't been in there much in recent times I drive past quite often and yesterday I noticed that there had been a serious fire leaving only the outer shell standing. It will need a complete rebuild and therefore I suspect unlikely to reopen as a pub. It's a shame as it was actually quite a nice place but always struggled to attract sufficient clientele despite a succession of different proprietors.

16 Aug 2019 09:28

The Seven Stars, Marsh Baldon

Bought by the local community a few years back after another closure and subsequently extended to the rear to create a dining area thereby freeing space up for drinkers in the bar area. A choice of upto four ales available consisting of London Pride and three changing locales although only two on my visit being Shotover Prospect and Amwell Springs (a new brewery) Easy Geez. I was with two friends and we each bought a round, the first two being served by a young barman, and every one was a short measure and only topped up by request. The third round was served by the landlord and again every one was short. He was not amused when I asked for top-ups but reluctantly conceded when I told him about the previous short measures and as I was walking away from the bar area he handed me a half-pint to share out to compensate. I hadn't told him that the previous drinks had been topped up but then he hadn't asked either.
The pub itself is in a lovely rural situation, I'm told the food is good and the quality of the beer was fine. Some staff training wouldn't go amiss.

14 Aug 2019 16:09

Penny Black, Bicester

Almost 4 years on and nothing has changed. The two banks of handpumps are still duplicated and even worse they were three GK beers on with Old Speckled Hen joining the Abbot and Ruddles so that reduced the choice to three. The Doom Bar clip was turned round (no disappointment) reducing the choice to two which left Hook Norton Old Hooky easily available in this area and Shepherd Neame Spitfire Amber which I have not tried for some time so settled for that. Guess had run out although the clip had not been turned round. As per my previous posting I was left with Hobson's choice. Old Hooky it was. I also ordered fish and chips and lo and behold they had run out of fish. Can I recommend this place? NO!

19 Mar 2019 11:50

The Black Horse Hotel, Thame

Formerly a down-market pub attracting the younger element and not sorely missed. Was closed for a year or so but reopened late 2017 as a White Brasserie gastropub, part of chef Raymond Blanc's empire. On entry the bar is to the right with a lounge area to the left both of which are dog-friendly. Beyond that there are two areas set up for dining and which were quite well populated on a cold winter's Monday night although the drinking areas were almost empty. For interested diners the food is well-presented and tasty with prices not far above the local average. However this site is about the beer and four ales are offered, these being the inevitable Sharps Doom Bore, the more palatable Atlantic Drift, Timmy Taylor Landlord and the consistently good locally brewed XT Four. Beer prices are about 30p per pint above the local average although there are three other pubs in the town with similar prices.
In summary friendly service and well-kept ales in comfortable surroundings but not the place for a good night's drinking.

22 Jan 2019 22:19

The Bernard Arms, Aylesbury

Not just closed but recently demolished.

6 Jan 2019 01:10

The Dinton Hermit, Ford Village

Closed about 3 years ago and I believe now a private house. Currently has a for sale sign up. Highly unlikely to ever re-open.

6 Jan 2019 01:07

Waterloo Tap, Waterloo

Fairly empty on a Saturday lunchtime rather surprisingly in view of the constant stream of passing pedestrian traffic but friendly enough. In the same ownership as the Euston Tap which is why I visited although I probably wouldn't go back despite the huge range of beers, around 20 in total including 5 cask ales and 1 cider. The ales were 3 from Five Points Brewing, a Twickenham Stout and Pig and Porter Skylarking, this being the one I tried, a slight hoppy taste but a bit bland and too pale for me despite being advertised as a session ale. I left feeling rather disappointed.

6 Jan 2019 01:02

Falcon, High Wycombe

A standard Wetherspoons so no surprises. Apart from Doom Bore and the usual Greene King dross there were only two other ales on, Milestone Comet a hoppy golden ale at 4.2% and Wychwood Bah Humbug a darker slightly spiced festive offering at 4.3%. To be fair both were in very good condition and at £1.99 per pint each exceedingly good value. Nothing here to get excited about but equally nothing offputting.

6 Dec 2018 14:45

Owd Nell's Tavern, Bilsborrow

Surprisingly busy on a sunny late Wednesday afternoon with family groups and dogs in abundance which I accept will not appeal to some but it's a spacious building split into a number of smaller areas and lots of outdoor seating. I wasn't eating but the menu appeared to be reasonably priced and offering the usual pub classics with plenty of takers. There was a good selection of ales and different styles on tap and my choice of Cross Bay Sunset 4.2% was very refreshing particularly as I was only charged £2.40. The average price in my neck of the woods 200 miles south is currently around £3.80. I only found the place in passing having turned off the M6 southbound onto the A6 to avoid holdups ahead. Along this stretch between junctions 33 and 32 there were other decent-looking pubs and garden centres etc so ideal for a break to avoid being fleeced by motorway services. In summary well worth a visit particularly for families with children in tow although there's enough space for everyone.

31 Aug 2018 15:04

Albion Ale House, Standish

Close to the town centre traffic lights and diagonally opposite an Aldi store is this micropub with quite a narrow frontage but stretching back to a secret garden which I did not investigate. An added bonus for motorway travellers is that it is only about 5 minutes from Junction 27 of the M6 and is dog friendly. 5 or 6 ales are usually on with more at weekends, almost all relatively local and around £3 per pint. The usual pub snacks are served, crisps, nuts, pork pies and also a Lancashire cheeseboard. Open all day with a steady stream of customers who get a friendly welcome. Well worth calling in.

12 Aug 2018 14:09

The Red Lion, Studham

An attractive pub overlooking a vast common with a carpark to the front and plenty of roadside parking and a garden with children's play area to the side. There is also a smaller seating area outside the front door. You enter into the bar area with another seating area to the right and a dining area to the rear. There are a choice of three regular ales and a constantly changing guest, the beers on my visit being Greene King IPA, Adnams Southwold Bitter, Timmy Taylor Landlord and an Otter summer special, the name escaping me. Unfortunately the Otter was not really to my taste although there was nothing wrong with it but the Adnams was as good as I have had anywhere. Definitely worth a visit especially after dog-walking around the common as the bar area is also dog-friendly.

9 Aug 2018 23:30

The Bell, Studham

An old-fashioned pub accessed by central front door with a cluttered room on the right set up as a tearoom/gift shop with only a couple of lager taps and a nicer room to the left being the main bar and dining area. A couple were singing the praises of their food but I was there for a beer. A guest beer from Tring Brewery was advertised but unavailable leaving a choice of Greene King IPA or Doom Bore/Gloom Jar. I decided the latter was the safer bet but only just and I wasn't in the least bit tempted to stay for another. Although the staff were perfectly polite I feel the pub could be so much better. To be fair it is an attractive building with outside seating to the front, a sizeable garden behind accessed from the side and dog-friendly.

9 Aug 2018 23:10

The Olde Cross, Alnwick

Reopened about 18 months ago and now known as the Dirty Bottles Taproom and Smokehouse although my visit was on a June lunchtime. You enter into a rectangular room and are immediately faced with a bank of I think 5 keg taps from which you serve yourself having first purchased a prepayment card. No real ale to be seen but a larger bar behind did have a choice of Alnwick Gold or Anarchy Blonde Star, the latter being very refreshing on a hot sunny day. The bar area was of a reasonable size with another room off and there was another rectangular room to the left of the first room primarily used for dining specialising in smoked food. I didn't try the food but there were a number of diners seemingly happy. The landlord/manager(?) and lady barmaid were both friendly and welcoming and I would be happy to return. Having studied their website later I discovered there was also a roof terrace garden but I don't recall seeing any sign for it.

9 Aug 2018 22:47

The Three Horseshoes, Garsington

Usual GK direness although I only went into the bar. The good news was that the IPA and Speckled Hen pumpclips were both turned round, the only ale on being Three Horseshoes Best which is a most definite misnomer. I suspect it was Old Trip rebadged. I was there with a group of people and would most certainly not have gone there otherwise.

14 Apr 2018 18:52

The Antigallican, Charlton

In my experience, albeit only once and never again, you wipe your feet on the way out. Utterly dreadful.

18 Mar 2018 00:11

Bailie Bar, Stockbridge

Almost two years later I bravely entered the door and to my great relief there was not a Greene King beer in sight. Deuchars was still there accompanied by Courage Directors, Edinbrew Pale, Timmy Taylor Landlord, Oakham Citra and Cairngorm Wildcat. The Landlord was as good as ever but the Wildcat was even better, strong at 5.1% but very smooth and helped to wash down a tasty rump steak with whisky and peppercorn sauce and fries. A big thumbs-up to the three young ladies serving both food and drinks who were all friendly and efficient and importantly had smiles on their faces. My faith in this bar has been restored.

14 Jun 2017 22:36

Butchers Arms, Sheepscombe

Busy with both drinkers and diners last week on a sunny early Saturday evening and a friendly welcome from the staff. I was expecting to pay over the top but I was pleasantly surprised and my choice of Prescott Hill Climb was superb. Although I wasn't dining the food servings looked good and well-presented with a menu offering plenty of options and also not too pricy. The setting is superb in an idyllic Cotswold hillside village with its honey-coloured stone with footpaths all around for walkers.

22 May 2017 19:08

The Red Lion, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell

I have been visiting here infrequently for a few years although I have not previously posted and I was aware of a change of ownership abut 3 or 4 years ago. It was always a good friendly local with a choice of local ales and nothing much seems to have changed I am pleased to say. Ales on last night were Loddon Hoppit, West Berkshire Good Old Boy which was lovely and Gundog Ales Boozehound which my wife enjoyed. There was a small jazz band playing discreetly to add to the atmosphere. No food was available being a Sunday evening but they do quite a reasonable trade otherwise. Definitely recommended.

22 May 2017 18:50

The Crown, Chalgrove

This place has been dire for some time with only ever one ale despite three handpumps, that ale being Greene King Morlands Original and nothing like the original Original formerly brewed locally in Abingdon subsequently ruined in Bury St Edmunds. The Chinese takeaway albeit a separate business has also scored 1 star in a very recent hygiene inspection. However the pub has changed management a few months back and does seem to have new life but on Friday night there was no real ale at all which at least spared me from the Morlands.
I understand that the new management are also temporarily running the nearby Lamb which has also been dire for some time so they certainly have their work cut out to get any success in either premises. I hope they are getting assistance from Greene King but I very much doubt it from past reputation.

22 May 2017 18:36

Crook Inn, Tweedsmuir

I drove past yesterday and it is looking neglected and very sorry for itself. There was some scaffolding around an outbuilding but no evidence of any work being done and I imagine it would cost a fortune to put back into proper order. I fear the worst.

11 May 2017 16:43

The Squirrels, Duston

Further to my previous posting I discovered that the clientele had decamped to the nearby Melbourne Arms just round the corner but not listed on here. Four ales on from national breweries but all very acceptable and on a sunny day my Wychwood Hobgoblin Gold went down a treat. That's where I will be on future football visits.

11 May 2017 16:40

The Squirrels, Duston

My only visits here have been prior to football at nearby Sixfields when it was always busy but friendly and with a good choice of ales including the local Frog Island products. I walked in a few weeks back to find a virtually empty pub and only two ales, GK IPA and Abbot, suggesting that this is now owned by Greedy King. To be fait the IPA was almost drinkable which is unusual in itself but I won't be giving it another chance.

11 May 2017 16:33

The St Vincent Bar, Edinburgh

My second visit here against my better judgement to see if it was as bad as about 4 months ago. Dull, dreary and dismal covers the setting, staff and ambience (or lack of it). Added to which the only ale was Fyne Ales Jarl, usually a lovely refreshing beer, out of condition and an extortionate £4.50. paul154's final comment 5 years ago was an understatement, there are much better bars in the immediate vicinity let alone the rest of Edinburgh. Awful.

11 May 2017 16:23

Mathers, Edinburgh

Deterred from entering by several varieties of lowlife outside the front door on a Wednesday afternoon.

28 Oct 2016 17:37

Bird in Hand, Princes Risborough

A Greene King pub doing good trade following a change in tenancy about 18 months ago. The undercover outdoor area was particularly busy on my visit. Beers on offer were Greene King Mild, the dreaded IPA and Bird In Hand Special which I suspect was a modified Old Trip, this dire choice fortunately accompanied by Chiltern Beechwood bitter and Rebellion Smuggler and Evolution. The Evolution was a very nice pint but somewhat spoilt by the price of £4.00. This is probably the Greedy King penalty for being allowed to stock non-GK ales as the average price for Rebellion beers in this area is around £3.50. I have no complaints about the pub itself which was clean and tidy with a very friendly welcome at the bar.

29 Jul 2016 12:32

The Six Bells, Headington

A spacious pub just off the Oxford eastern bypass so very accessible and the beer prices are lower than the local average. That's the good news. Unfortunately this is a Greene King establishment with no guest ales so I was stuck with a choice of IPA, Old Trip or Old Speckled Hen. I detest the first two so tried the Hen which can be drinkable but alas this was also disappointing so I switched to a Guinness, unusual for me as a lover of real ale. The pub was fairly busy and reasonably tidy but the garden was a disgrace with uncleared dinner plates swimming with unfinished chips and beans from earlier customers giving a clue as to the menu along with litter everywhere. Alongside the pub and behind the kitchen appeared to be a rubbish area although fenced off and this stank to high heaven. All in all it was very downmarket and somewhere I am unlikely to return to.

26 Jul 2016 12:17

The Crown Inn, Clunton

Visited on a Wednesday evening about 6 weeks ago whilst staying locally and looking for somewhere to eat. I arrived to find the carpark virtually full as was the pub and discovered that Wednesday night is fish and chip night and obviously very popular so fish and chips it was. You must take into account that there are very few chip shops in this rural area hence the appeal. No starters or desserts seemed to be on offer but I was presented with a lovely and sizeable piece of haddock with copious chips and a scoop of mushy peas for £7.50 which certainly filled me up assisted by Hobsons Best to wash it down. The other ales were Stonebridge Station bitter and Ludlow Gold all priced at £2.80 if I remember correctly. The landlady and locals were all very friendly which made for a very enjoyable evening and I would happily visit again. Definitely recommended.

5 Jul 2016 12:27

The Bell, Stoke Mandeville

What a difference to the depressing Bull! Busy with lunchtime diners being looked after by three young ladies all smiling and welcoming. I wasn't eating but the food looked good and well-presented albeit a bit over the top pricewise. This is a Charles Wells pub with Youngs Bitter, Bombardier (I think) and Wells Wonderful Wallop which I have not previously come across but certainly lived up to its name. Unlike the Bull I would be happy to visit again.

5 Jul 2016 12:08

Bull, Aylesbury

Called in yesterday lunchtime to find half a dozen presumably locals staring at their pints with no conversation going on. There was no evidence of any bar staff at the time either. Two ales were on, the most unimaginative Greedy King IPA and the inevitable Doom Bore so I decided to beat a hasty retreat to the nearby Bell. I have never visited previously and am highly unlikely to do so again.

5 Jul 2016 11:52

The Honey Pot, Oxford

Further to Paul d102's post last September, Oxford City Council approved the plans for demolition of this pub about three months ago and it has been closed for a while. I cannot comment on Bertrand's review as I have not been in there for about 30 years and there are unlikely to be any further reviews barring any remarkable change of plans.

5 Jul 2016 11:45

The Thatch, Thame

Primarily a gastropub but with two small areas for drinkers with a number of outside tables to the rear. Two ales on yesterday, the inevitable syrup now known as Doom Bore and Timmy Taylor Landlord which was in superb condition but at a gastronomical price of £4.60. Thame is a small Oxfordshire market town not Central London! However there were plenty of customers, mainly diners, so they must be doing something right. No problem with the ambience or friendly and polite service but surely the management must be distantly-related to Dick Turpin.

9 May 2016 16:24

The Lamb, Chalgrove

Consistently dismal. Yes I am biased against Greene King but I am not alone in my opinion.

23 Feb 2016 18:37

The Kings Arms, Wheatley

One of the far too many Greene King pubs in the Oxford area. Three handpumps but only two ales on last night, the choice being Sharps Doom Bore or the dreaded IPA. I have commented on other previous posts about the downfall of Doom Bar since the buyout by Molson Coors but the extent of the syrup taste just gets worse and worse although I expected it to be better than IPA. I struggled to drink my pint and then decided to break my Greene King boycott by switching to IPA which was marginally better but only just. Having not paid attention to the appearance of my pint I realised as I got towards the bottom that there was a lot of sediment in the glass. That of course is not the fault of Greene King but pure lack of attention by the proprietor. I have granted 1 point for being open and 2 points for friendly clientele but zero for the beer and absolutely no recommendation for a visit.

23 Feb 2016 18:32

The Blue Ship, The Haven

Being a stranger to the area I used the GBG to find a pub for a family Sunday lunch get-together and came across the Blue Ship. However on arrival the pub exterior looked a bit run-down and if I was just driving past I might have been deterred but with a table for six booked I bit the bullet and went in. Upon walking into the pub we were given a friendly welcome and my fears subsided. The bar area is smallish and rectangular with scrubbed tables and benches and a hatchway through which the drinks were served (there is no traditional bar counter). We were seated in a smaller room to the left with three tables set up for dining and also a bar billiard table which was covered over but used for league matches. There was at least one more room to the rear which I didn't enter. A choice of roasts were on offer as well as the regular menu at prices a bit above my own area but this is well-heeled West Sussex territory. No complaints about the quality of the food or portion sizes and all was well-presented.
On the downside the only ale on offer was Hall and Woodhouse Ruby Rustler which was pleasant enough but no better than that and an expensive £3.95. The landlord explained that as it is a rural pub and January being a quiet month he only stocks one but the choice is greater in the summer months when the large garden becomes popular with walkers and families. Also the toilets, while perfectly clean, are outside and on a day when there was the first snow of the winter the lack of any heat was very noticeable particularly for the ladies.
In summary the pub is a bit quirky but both the landlord and landlady could not have been friendlier and despite the time of year there were a number of people enjoying their lunches. I would certainly return if in the area but it could be very busy when the good weather returns.

20 Jan 2016 13:02

The Old Chain Pier, Edinburgh

This bar has been reopened for at least two years but I have only just paid a visit. It's situated right on the seafront looking across the Moray Firth towards the Kingdom of Fife with glorious sunsets given the right conditions. It doesn't look too big from outside but on entering the central door there is a conservatory to the right with the main bar ahead and a further area up some steps to the left, all in all surprisingly spacious. Despite Storm Barny trying to take the roof off it was decidedly busy with both drinkers and diners happily mixing together.Needless to say the outdoor seating was totally deserted in view of the weather but I'm sure would be lovely on a sunny summer's day. Four ales were on, Greene King IPA which I avoid wherever possible, Harviestoun Schiehallion and Alechemy Rhapsody and Citra Burst. I had a pint of each of the last three with the two Alechemy beers from nearby Livingston being my favourites. The food was generally traditional pub fare with a Scottish bias as you might expect and my locally-caught haddock was superb along with good chunky chips, mushy peas and salad at £11.95, about the norm for Edinburgh as were the beer prices. Definitely worth another visit with the advantage of free roadside parking right outside if you are driving which I would not recommend.

23 Nov 2015 18:12

The Three Horse Shoes, Barnard Castle

A smart spacious bar with friendly welcoming staff. Lots of tables set up for diners but with plenty of room for drinkers and customers of both types were well in evidence. Ales on were York Brewery Guzzler and All Seeing Rye with the guest beer being Pennine Brewery Rocket Fuel, a 4.3% very tasty golden ale at £3.00 and well worth it. My visit was a lunchtime stop whilst I was passing through but I would happily visit again if and when in the area.

6 Nov 2015 18:27

The Stockbridge Tap, Edinburgh

Called in lateish on Wednesday evening and amongst a choice of seven ales there were two from the Valve brewery in Edinburgh, a brewery I had not previously heard of. It turns out that it was the brewery launch night so I had to give them a try. First I had Garden Hop 3.8% which was an unfined darkish bitter with a slight malty taste which was perfectly drinkable without being outstanding and then followed by Matchbox, 4.1%, a blonde hoppy ale which was very good indeed. I will certainly give this another try when I next get the chance. There was also a keg offering from this brewery which I didn't try but seemed to be popular with others.
You will never be lonely in the Stockbridge as it is always popular with all ages and with a wide choice of beers, both cask and keg, and plenty of malt whiskies as well. Of the seven real ales Highland Brewery Island Hopping and Alechemy Brewery Ritual are regulars with the others constantly changing, mostly but not all from Scottish micro breweries. No wonder the Stockbridge is the current Edinburgh CAMRA pub of the year.

6 Nov 2015 18:09

The Phoenix Inn / Morgans Bar, Inverness

My first visit to this bar and I was surprised to be the only customer around 1pm on Wednesday lunchtime. There was no obvious reason for the lack of trade as all was clean and tidy and with a choice of six ales. I chose a pint of An Teallach Ale from Wester Ross which was in fine condition and went down well. Unfortunately being a Sassenach from down south I don't often get to have any An Teallach beers but I have never had a bad one.
it's difficult to know how to rate this bar. Being the only customer there was obviously no atmosphere and I can only assume it comes to life in the evening. I will endeavour to check it out on my next trip to Inverness but that might not be any time soon.

6 Nov 2015 17:38

The Flower Pot, Aston

Now even more expensive at £4 per pint which makes me reluctant to return but it is very friendly and good for walkers on the Thames Path. Beers on were Brakspear Bitter brewed in Witney, Brakspear Trailblazer brewed in their micro-brewery in Henley, Ringwood Boondoggle and Fortyniner. I have to deduct a point for the pricing.

20 Jul 2015 11:42

The Six Bells on the Green, Warborough

Certainly a picturesque village pub outside the front overlooking the green and with a tidy enclosed garden at the rear, dog-friendly throughout. Three ales on, Brakspear Bitter and Oxford Gold and Marstons Help For Heroes but prices approx. 30p per pint above the local average with an orange juice and lemonade for our driver costing an eye-watering £3.60, the same price as the cheapest beer. Seemed to be doing a good food trade but I did not see the menu or the prices. On the plus side there was certainly a friendly welcome and all was clean and tidy but I have to deduct a point from my rating for the unreasonable pricing.

27 Jun 2015 18:01

The Cricketers Arms, Warborough

Has been closed for some years and is now a private house.

27 Jun 2015 17:46

Bailie Bar, Stockbridge

I have visited this bar previously but not posted a review although Mappiman's 2011 description remains accurate. There are 6 handpumps with the inevitable Deuchars, another that I cannot remember and the remainder changing regularly but usually a good choice. However last Wednesday these 4 pumps were infected by 4 different Greene King offerings. How depressing! I walked out and spent my money in the consistently good Stockbridge Tap close by.

18 Jun 2015 19:36

The Star Inn, Stanton St John

Delighted to see details of an application for a premises licence and refurbishment work being carried out. Although the Talkhouse is almost next door in a small village the Star was always more down-to-earth, friendlier and less expensive. Hopefully once re-opened it will continue along similar lines. It was previously a Wadworth house but I don't know if that remains the case.

18 Jun 2015 19:22

The Pulpit Inn, Portland

Although I travel round a fair bit I have not visited this pub but you will see from some of my previous postings that my opinion of Doom Bar is similar to Cellarboy, Colmc and Mark888. Since the Coors takeover of Sharps the standard of Doom Bar has gone downhill markedly but it seems to be even more available countrywide than the dreaded Greene King IPA. Tastebuds of the UK should unite in protest!

18 Jun 2015 19:11

The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow

Two reviews at an unearthly hour this morning from two new reviewers registered only yesterday. Coincidence or what? The ratings for the Feathers obviously have to be ignored. If I lived closer I would check the place out for myself to see how good it really is but it doesn't justify a 2 hour drive.

28 Apr 2015 11:51

The Kings Arms Hotel, Bicester

Was closed for a while but recently reopened after a major refurb and appears to have gone a bit up-market. Ales on were both from Fullers, Pride and ESB.

24 Apr 2015 16:37

The Swan Inn, Bicester

Closed and being converted to a tapas bar according to a note in the window.

24 Apr 2015 16:33

Penny Black, Bicester

Look carefully at the two banks of six handpulls and you will see they are duplicated so a choice of twelve become six. These consist of Ruddles bitter and Abbot (both Greene King so I avoid) and Doom Bar (found everywhere and like drinking undiluted syrup). So I was left with three guest ales which were Wild Weather Ales Howlin' Gale mild, Evan Evans Gold Hop and Moorhouse's Farmhouse. Having requested Gold Hop I was told it had just run out, the Farmhouse tasted strange (maybe the end of the barrel) so I asked for it to be replaced with a Howlin' Gale which it was without question and to be fair this was quite drinkable. I was intending to stay for two or three pints but only had the one as a result of my bitter (excuse the pun) disappointment.

23 Apr 2015 11:46

The Counting House, Dundee

Large rectangular open-plan bar in the centre of the city busy mid-afternoon on Wednesday with a good spread of customers young and old but still lacking in atmosphere, not unusual for Wetherspoons. In addition to the usual Greene King rubbish Scottish breweries were well-represented and my pint of Orkney Northern Light at £1.89 went down well. In summary the bar was bland, not good or bad, but the only one I tried in Dundee so I cannot comment on local opposition.

20 Apr 2015 15:42

The Flower Pot, Aston

Rather an old-fashioned pub with a dog-friendly bar and welcoming locals. As previously mentioned the bar is full of stuffed fish and animals, lots of humorous signs and a real live African Grey Parrot amusing everyone with its calls. The beer garden has a huge amount of tables which I imagine would be well-populated during Henley Regatta as the river is close by. Beers on last night were Brakspear Bitter, Special and Honey Bee and Ringwood Boondoggle, the first two being tried and definitely approved although the prices were above average even for the Henley area. Conversely the food prices were very reasonable with a good choice of honest pub grub although no food was being served at the time. All in all certainly worth another visit to compare at a busier time.

20 Apr 2015 15:26

Woodies, New Malden

My second visit yesterday approx. 2 years after the first although I did not previously post a review. The interior remains unchanged with a choice of 6 ales with the walls and ceiling totally covered in sporting memorabilia. However a large covered and spacious verandah now sits to the front with further tables outside and these were proving popular in the sunshine. New toilets have also been installed very recently. Being a converted sports pavilion it has more of a feel of a social club than a pub but this is absolutely no criticism and I will certainly return.

12 Apr 2015 18:59

The Fox Inn, Tiddington

The less-than-welcoming manager installed at the re-opening has gone, few tears being noticeably shed, and the pub is now being run on a traditional tenancy. The new incumbent is friendly and happy to chat and the place has a much better all-round feel to it. Unfortunately the ubiquitous Doom bar still taints one handpull but the local and consistent XT 4 is also on permanently with another regularly changing guest. A much better experience nowadays.

12 Apr 2015 18:40

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

I can confirm that the ales brewed here are available at the Atholl Arms in Blair Atholl which is under the same ownership and the food menus are also very similar. Both premises are highly recommended by me and if you have time to spare I can also recommend a tour (and the products) of the Edradour distillery.

5 Mar 2015 18:01

Atholl Arms Hotel, Blair Atholl

Holidayed nearby almost 3 years ago and used the Bothy Bar regularly, eating there twice. I occasionally drive up to Inverness and stop here for refreshment and also stretch my legs with a short stroll down to the fast-flowing River Garry. The entrance to the bar is from the beer garden to the right of the grand-looking hotel and the ales here are brewed at the Moulin Inn in Pitlochry which is under the same ownership and the menus are also similar. Both food and drink are very palatable at sensible prices and there is always a friendly welcome. Only the small matter of just over 450 miles from home precludes me from visiting more often.

5 Mar 2015 17:49

The Cricketers Arms, Littleworth

This is how traditional village pubs used to be with beams, flagstone floors and a wood-burning stove and always a welcome from the owners Stuart and Angie. Four handpulls for ales of which Hook Norton Hooky is permanently on with the others rotating but always from local breweries and another handpull for cider again from local producers. Two beer and sausage festivals are held each year, one this last weekend with a choice of sixteen ales all local and priced at £3.10 per pint well below the average for the area. Plenty of takers for the sausages with some interesting flavours and served either as hotdogs or with mash and onion gravy, both good for soaking up the beer. This pub is a regular winner of Camra awards and Stuart will happily discuss his beers and the brewers concerned. A visit is highly recommended and unlike some other establishments the locals are friendly and will not ignore you.

24 Feb 2015 09:46

The Nelson, Cowley

A hellhole for years, renowned for drugs, violence and all manner of illegal activities. Will definitely not be missed. Sadly the lowlife will only infest another pub in the area, not sure which one yet.

22 Feb 2015 16:18

The Old Windmill, Coventry

Lovely old pub with an interesting layout of different drinking areas. A good choice of ales sensibly priced but the only food on offer was either pork pie or game pie. Having chosen the latter I was then informed they had sold out, a bit strange as there was a distinct lack of trade and those customers present left a bit to be desired, nevertheless the pork pie was good. On the plus side the young lady behind the bar was very pleasant and my pint of Springhead Outlawed washed my pie down well. I can also report that the toilets (gents at least) were spotless.

20 Feb 2015 11:34

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Farewell to the Madding Crowd which closed on Saturday having opened as a new venture in 2002 down an alleyway on the edge of Oxford's main shopping area. Unfortunately the premises were inconducive to a traditional pub atmosphere but a good selection of ever-changing ales and regular CAMRA GBG listings and local awards helped to maintain a steady customer base. However Oxford city centre, which used to be a bit of a real ale desert, has seen a considerable rise in recent times of establishments offering a wide range of ales which has dissipated the level of trade here over the last two years or so. I suspect it is unlikely to reopen as a bar, more probably as yet another restaurant, and I wish the proprietor Charles Eld a happy retirement.

3 Feb 2015 11:59

The Old Red Lion, Tetsworth

Fairly traditional pub overlooking the village green and cricket pitch and incorporating the village shop. Three handpumps dispensing mostly local ales, the XT 4 on Friday evening being particularly drinkable. Logs burning away on the open fire were throwing out the heat and roasting the dart players alongside. A domino school was in action at the other end of the bar and cribbage is also played. A range of the usual pub meals are available seemingly well-priced but not tried.

11 Jan 2015 17:42

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Islington

Very busy at 6pm yesterday with drinkers of all ages trying the 8 handpumps and 16 kegs. Only had time for one, Arc Angel, a mid-brown bitter that went down well but will certainly be back for another try when next in the area. Thank you to the previous poster for bringing this bar to my attention as I was previously unaware of it. For the benefit of future visitors, turn left out of the Angel tube station, left at the lights after about 100 yards into Goswell Road and it is immediately on the left. Happy drinking!

11 Jan 2015 17:28

The Argyle, Farringdon

Visited yesterday having seen the GBG entry but beers on offer left me underwhelmed, the only three on offer were Greene King IPA (ugh), Deuchars (tasteless) and Fullers Jack Frost which was ok and priced at only £3.50, cheap by London standards and also Fullers standards. On the bright side I enjoyed a very tasty gammon steak with fried egg, chips, tomatoes and mushrooms for just £7.95.
My overall impression was that from a beer point of view there are plenty of pubs in the area with a more interesting selection although the pub was clean and tidy and the staff welcoming. I just don't think the GBG entry is justified.

11 Jan 2015 17:17

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

An early evening visit found this bar to be full of office workers, shoppers and tourists enjoying an interesting choice of ales and no arrogance at all from the staff who all appeared polite and friendly. Easy to see why it's on the Camra list of heritage interiors. I would have no hesitation over another visit.

10 Dec 2014 11:14

Clarks Bar, Edinburgh

Looks a bit daunting from outside but a delight inside, an old-style traditional bar with ornate fittings and more importantly a friendly welcome and a good choice of four real ales. Well worth a visit and only about a 10 minute downhill stroll from the plethora of Rose Street bars but of course after sampling a few the uphill return walk might take a bit longer.

10 Dec 2014 11:05

Sandford Park Ale House, Cheltenham

Busy on a Saturday lunchtime with a mix of customers young and old. Two welcoming and polite young ladies behind the bar serving a choice of 10 cask ales and a similar number of keg. My pint of Church End Vicars Ruin at £3.10 went down well as did the giant bacon and blue cheese toastie with chips and salad at only £4.50. Needless to say that the beers change regularly and a screen on the wall keeps you up-to-date with what's on or sold out. I feel a return visit before too long despite living 50 miles away.

1 Dec 2014 11:53

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

My repeat visit yesterday found the pub back to normal with a good range of customers and still with 6 real ales, Fullers London Pride, Wye Valley HPA and Butty Bach, Dartmoor Jail Ale, North Cotswold Shagweaver and Bespoke Going off Half- Cocked. I tried this last one 4.6% priced at £3.00 and very nice it was too. I did fear the worst after my previous visit but my only concern now is a Punch Tavern sign looking for a new licensee. Fingers crossed that the pub continues as is.

30 Nov 2014 20:10

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

My repeat visit yesterday found the pub back to normal with a good range of customers and still with 6 real ales, Fullers London Pride, Wye Valley HPA and Butty Bach, Dartmoor Jail Ale, North Cotswold Shagweaver and Bespoke Going off Half- Cocked. I tried this last one 4.6% priced at £3.00 and very nice it was too. I did fear the worst after my previous visit but my only concern now is a Punch Tavern sign looking for a new licensee. Fingers crossed that the pub continues as is.

30 Nov 2014 20:10

The Plough, Great Haseley

A new tenant/chef in place this week with a new menu which had some interesting choices at prices average for the area. Although I did not eat, the food looked good. Ales on were Doom Bar (yawn) and Vale Brewers Choice which certainly was a good choice and according to a local the new host has even reduced some of the drinks prices. Long may he reign!

8 Nov 2014 19:13

The Fox Inn, Tiddington

Re-opened yesterday. Is there anywhere I can escape the tragedy that Doom Bar has become?

7 Nov 2014 16:40

The Castle Hotel, Newport

Visited on Thursday lunchtime for a sandwich and pint after a walk along the coastal path with wife and dog who was welcome in the bar area and given biscuits. Locals at the bar were happy to chat and we enjoyed between us Felinfoel IPA and Dragon Heart and Mantle Moho. Double Dragon was also on but not tried. Julie the landlady was lovely so we decided to return in the evening minus the dog for a meal in the restaurant. Business was brisk but we did not have to wait too long for our food, our choices being traditional cod and chips and sea bass fillets both good-sized portions and very well presented. Nick the landlord/chef was equally friendly and happy to chat once service had finished. This was definitely the best pub we found in the area and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

2 Nov 2014 19:41

Farmers Arms, St Davids

A pub handy for cathedral visitors and also dog-friendly but with little atmosphere not helped by a barlady (landlady?) with almost a couldn't be bothered attitude. The own-badged Farmers Ale was bland but Gower Gold was lovely, Double Dragon was also on but not tried nor was the food. I felt the pub could be a lot better if more effort was put in but maybe a chose a bad day.

2 Nov 2014 19:18

Tafarn Sinc, Rosebush

The previous description of the pub is accurate but we did not investigate the garden as it was pouring with rain, not unusual in the Preseli Hills which are beautiful when the sun does shine. However I disagree about the landlord and landlady who were both welcoming. The landlord was keen to explain the three ales on which were Cwrw Tafarn Sinc brewed locally for the pub, Worthington bitter and Buckleys bitter and also to explain their pub food specialities. I didn't try the Worthington but the other two were fine as was the home-made and very tasty faggots with chips and mushy peas. Definitely worth a return visit hopefully in better weather so that I can look at the outside of this unusual building and also to stock up on cheese again from the Pant Mawr cheese farm literally just round the corner.

2 Nov 2014 19:07

The Haymakers, Chesterton

If this pub was refurbished 18 months ago I hate to think what it was like before. Bare floorboards, bare bench seating around the walls, worn-out tables dirty and sticky did not give me confidence to try the food and the barstaff, although polite, did not inspire. At least there was a good range of ales with five from the Milton Brewery and three guests. My pint of Milton Pegasus was perfectly acceptable and priced at a very reasonable £3 so not all was bad. My visit here was made with reference to the Good Beer Guide and and I therefore expected rather better but unfortunately left rather disappointed highly unlikely to return.

12 Oct 2014 13:10

The Grapes, Oxford

Well-kept Bath ales as others have praised and on my recent visit a lovely guest Seven from the Bristol Beer Factory. Probably not a pub you would want to spend all night in but certainly good for a couple of drinks and a return visit.

7 Oct 2014 19:27

Jericho, Oxford

Downmarket decor with severely upmarket pricing and short measures only topped up when requested. Can only appeal to people with more money than sense or foreign tourists who don't know better. My one and only visit was one too many.

7 Oct 2014 19:16

The Narrows, Abingdon

A fairly recently opened Wetherspoons outlet with quite a small frontage to the street which belies its inner size. On entering, the bar servery is immediately along the wall on the right with some tables opposite partially separated off by a wall and beyond the bar is a large area with more tables used mostly for dining as the kitchen is adjacent. The whole building is deceptively long with high ceilings and very light inside. It was very busy on Sunday lunchtime with people tucking into their Sunday roast dinners and my roast beef was a good size helping and nicely cooked. The drinkers are not forgotten with 10 handpumps dispensing so the downmarket Greene King offerings can easily be avoided. All in all a very pleasant experience and one of the better Wetherspoons examples. Long may it continue.

4 Sep 2014 15:47

The Conservatory, Cheltenham

An error in my previous post. Butcombe Gold was not on, it was Battledown Sunbeam.

3 Sep 2014 12:28

The London Inn, Charlton Kings

A large roadside pub on the A40 with two good-sized bar areas, a function room and with accommodation. Food looked well-priced but the kitchen had closed before I arrived. Four handpumps but only two in use offering Butcombe Gold and Timmy Taylor Landlord both at only £3 per pint. Only a few locals in at 10pm last night but friendly. Quite a pleasant pub but no better than that.

3 Sep 2014 12:27

The Kemble Brewery Inn, Cheltenham

As I walked in last night at 9.50pm the barman came to the door announcing they had closed early due to a lack of customers. I have visited several times in the past and it has always been busy. I can only assume there has been a change of landlord and if so it looks as though another change is needed. Maybe I was unlucky so in time I will try again before I condemn it completely but it would be a shame if what was such a popular pub should close for good.

3 Sep 2014 12:17

The Conservatory, Cheltenham

This business is now called the Feathered Fish. It is a sizeable building with a spacious front area and a narrow central section leading to a larger area to the rear although the servery here is not always in use. Food is well-presented with a range of pizzas, burgers and steaks etc at reasonable prices with special offers on food and drink on different nights.. There were three ales on, Wickwar Bob, Butcombe Gold and Bankers Draft. A comfortable pub with friendly staff and I would happily visit again.

3 Sep 2014 12:08

The Sudeley Arms, Cheltenham

Yes the food prices are cheap but I cannot comment on quality as I did not eat. The two ales were Hobgoblin and the fast-fading legend that is Doom Bar. Could not see any reason to return.

3 Sep 2014 11:56

The Hope Tap, Reading

Fairly standard Wetherspoons outlet with an element of downmarket clientele although not as bad as some. Beyond the usual Greene King dross, London Pride and the syrup known as Doom Bar there were only three other ale choices, two being from the Wild Weather brewery which I had not previously come across. These were Big Muddy and Little Wind, the first was not tried but the second was very acceptable. The third was Andwell Resolute bitter which was quite palateable but had a slightly unusual taste. Unfortunately the pub as a whole had nothing to tempt me back although there was nothing actually wrong with it. Unlike Arsenalfan36 I will not be returning.

29 Aug 2014 01:05

The Black Eagle, Hockley

I am another who agrees with mcroyal's accurate description. A good range of ales from handpumps split between the two separate bars but fortunately a chalkboard lists what's available, ABV and price. I enjoyed a home-made very meaty steak pie and chips washed down by a pint of Holden's Golden Glow but a lack of time prevented me from staying longer. Nevertheless I am sure I will pay another visit when next in the area.

27 Aug 2014 12:26

The Fleur De Lys, Dorchester on Thames

Lovely village pub with the bar area to the front and a dining area behind. The bar area is dog-friendly and you can eat there but these tables are not reservable. There is a large beer garden to the rear where Aunt Sally is played and a small carpark if you are brave enough to negotiate a narrow archway although street parking is available close by. Three handpulls serve a regularly-changing selection of ales although only two in use on my visit, Loddon Hoppit and Oakham JHB. However at £3.00 and £3.20 per pint respectively they were excellent value and well looked after. The landlord and landlady are very welcoming which leads to a very pleasant overall experience.

20 Aug 2014 15:28

Tobacco Factory, Southville

Large open-plan bar area with lots of sofas, tables and chairs also with beanbags on the stage area. Quite busy lateish on a Tuesday evening with a number of football followers after a nearby Bristol City game but no rowdiness whatsoever with the home supporters subdued after an unexpected defeat. Three ales on with Sunrise and 7 from the Bristol Beer Factory and Wormcatcher IPA from Late Knights. Cannot comment on the food as they had finished serving but the menu looked interesting with some unusual offerings.

13 Aug 2014 12:15

Masons Arms, Headington

Headington Quarry where the Masons is situated is like a village within a town albeit on the outskirts and the Masons has the feel of a village pub. It is invariably busy in the evenings with various pub games taking place, darts, bar billiards, aunt sally and cribbage and also a regular quiz night. Football is shown on TV but with the volume off. Currently their regular ales are Dark Star Hophead, West Berkshire Good Old Boy and Rebellion Mutiny with a guest ale often from lesser-known breweries. Looking forward to the annual beer festival in four weeks' time.

9 Aug 2014 20:52

The Bull Inn, Great Milton

This is indeed a freehouse no longer owned by Greene King with their depressing range of beers. The husband and wife tenants have tidied up the garden, increased the food trade and there are now four ales on offer which change from time to time but currently there is Doom Bar (yawn), London Pride, Gales Seafarers and Butcombe Bitter which was a superb pint. The improved ambience has certainly improved the level of business and people that make an effort should be encouraged. What was a dying pub now has a new lease of life.

9 Aug 2014 01:37

The Honey Bee, Aylesbury

Newish pub and the only pub on Fairford Leys estate with two large eating areas and a central bar area forming an L shape. Four handpumps featuring ales from Marstons and their subsidiaries. Food menu covers the usual pub favourites with a large specials board mostly two for the price of one appealing to families and groups but fine catering it isn't. Nevertheless if you want a cheap night out it is worth considering.

8 Aug 2014 19:02

The Oyster Inn, Connel

The Oyster Inn is a restaurant attached to a pub called the Glue Pot opposite the metal road bridge crossing the entrance to Loch Etive. Both pub and restaurant were busy with diners enjoying a wide-ranging and well-priced menu naturally featuring local seafood, my scallops and bacon starter followed by smoked salmon fillet with seafood risotto main course both being a credit to the chef. Unfortunately the only ale was a rather lacklustre Caledonian Deuchars IPA.

5 Aug 2014 20:49

The Kilmartin Hotel, Kilmartin

Hotel set in a commanding position overlooking Kilmartin Glen famous for its standing stones scattered throughout the glen and medieval gravestones in the churchyard opposite. Three handpumps with Orkney Corncrake, Thorn Dhu Cairns and Loch Lomond Maid of the Loch all in good order. We chose jacket potatoes with haggis from the snack menu, the potatoes being a good size, well-presented and thoroughly enjoyed. Similarly the welcome and service from the landlord and young waitress was much appreciated. The cosy carpeted bar area is dog-friendly. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

5 Aug 2014 20:39

The Tigh an Truish Inn, Clachan Seil

Old traditional pub in a lovely setting with a beer garden to the side. Only 3 locals ( but all 3 English!) in the bar around 5.30pm but an hour later it was very busy with locals and tourists alike. Food menu looked interesting but we didn't eat although a family were enjoying a cream tea in the garden on our arrival. Two handpumps serving Atlas Wayfarer and Cairngorm Sheepshaggers Gold at £3 per pint, the cheapest we found during our holiday.

5 Aug 2014 20:26

The Barn, Lerags

Paid 4 visits during the course of a week's stay and ate on 2 occasions with food being very good and reasonably priced. Good portions of local produce inevitably including freshly caught seafood. Pleased to say that our chalet was clean and comfortable and the site fully dog-friendly with the owners' two dogs, a Great Dane and Labrador both overweight, themselves very friendly. Two handpumps dispensing Fyne Ales Highlander on one with Rune on the other at first and then Jarl all in good condition. The Barn is a bit isolated although only 3 miles from Oban but is well-supported by locals as well as holidaymakers. Children are well looked -after with their own menu and a play area close by outside. My only problem is living nearly 500 miles away!

5 Aug 2014 20:18

Brewdog Nottingham, Nottingham

I agree almost entirely with the last posting except overpriced should read vastly overpriced. I went along much against my better judgment with a small group of friends but can promise I will not darken their doorstep again. Most of the other customers appeared to be various types of saddos but if they are happy to addle what brains they have whilst being fleeced so be it.

25 Jul 2014 00:56

The Lambert Arms, Aston Rowant

Definitely a hotel rather than a pub with most of the various rooms set up for dining. Staff polite but not over-welcoming. Two ales from Vale Brewery, Brill Gold and Red Kite, both of which down well on a hot summer evening. However what used to be a nice lawned garden is now a cold block-finish courtyard with hardwood tables and chairs some of which were the high-level variety that seem to me to be totally pointless. This was my first visit for a number of years and unfortunately there is no incentive to make a another. Nothing was bad but nothing particularly good either.

21 Jul 2014 00:46

Cricketers Arms, Cowley

I give this pub 1 point for being open and another for having the ever-depressing GK IPA on which was even worse than usual. Having managed to drink that I went to the bar to try a Titanic They Think Its Ale Over but they had a problem with the gas and were unable to serve any draught beers. Time to beat a hasty retreat. A decent pint of Titanic might have earned an extra point but a score of 2 is fully justified. I won't even start to discuss the level of clientele.

19 Jul 2014 18:06

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

My report is much the same as previous posts. Four handpumps but only three on as the Doom Bar pumpclip was turned round (no disappointment to me), the three being XT 3, Animal Hoot and Tring Sidepocket for a Toad all well presented. Didn't try the food but a diner close by gave us his recommendation and apparently he is a regular visitor. The food prices seemed a bit above average but conversely the beer prices were lower than I was expecting taking into account the area and the slightly upmarket premises. The bar and dining area are on split levels with dogs welcome in the higher bar area. My first visit since the re-opening but a repeat visit will not be too long away.

6 Jul 2014 21:01

The Queens Head, Horspath

Traditional and busy village pub on a Friday night with an Aunt Sally match outside and World Cup football inside on TV. Three of the four previously mentioned ales were on with Fullers ESB replaced by Fullers Summer Ale priced at only £2.50 per pint. Having tried a pint, on my return to the bar I declined a second and the barman said he was not surprised as nobody seems to like it. I then had a Shotover Prospect which is usually quite acceptable but not good on this occasion as I suspect the barrel was on the way out and finally tried the Pride which was very nice. I have not had a problem on previous visits and would happily return as I think firstly I made the wrong choice having been tempted by the price and secondly I was just unlucky. The Prospect was not bad enough to return it but not good enough to enjoy. C'est la vie.

5 Jul 2014 20:51

The Hampden Arms, Great Hampden

Lovely village pub with sizeable garden and surrounded by woods and walks. A good local trade enjoying friendly banter with the landlord/chef giving as good as he got. Three ales on which were Rebellion IPA and Chiltern Cobblestones, both local, and London Pride. The a la carte menu is a bit pricy but there is a set menu at £10 for two courses or £13 for three courses (not available at weekends) which is excellent value with sizeable servings of good quality. Certainly worth going again.

3 Jul 2014 11:32

The Bell Hotel, Aylesbury

Komakino's summary of 8th April is spot-on. The layout does at least allow you to escape the less desirables in the main. My occasional visits are usually in the daytime and the barstaff invariably are welcoming and helpful. This particular Wetherspoons is still much better than certain other branches in Oxford, Banbury and Reading amongst others.

1 Jul 2014 18:12

The Chequers Inn, Churchill

My first visit here which is the 2014 North Oxon Camra Pub of the Year with 6 handpumps but only 5 ales on, Hook Norton Hooky, Wye Valley HPA, Purity UBU, Stroud Budding and Bath Ales Barnesey, the first and last both found to be in good condition. Very welcoming and surprisingly well-priced for the area. The previous comments about the three outside tables is certainly accurate but with all tables taken the parked cars do not cause much of a deterrent. The food was not tried but looked good and a return visit will take place before too long.

29 Jun 2014 21:01

The Blue Boar Inn, Chipping Norton

Very busy on a late Sunday afternoon both inside and out with TVs showing the World Cup in the bar and what sounded like karaoke booming out from an adjoining room. Four ales on, Wychwood Full Brazilian which tasted sharp and may have been on the way out, and Hobgoblin and Marstons Burton Bitter, a good drinkable session beer, and New World. None of the other pubs close by appeared to be busy probably because all the customers appeared to be at this one.

29 Jun 2014 20:47

The Albany, Thames Ditton

Riverside eaterie trading on its location and 3 years after the last reviews the outdoor tables and parasols are still covered in insects and cobwebs, surely an occasional brushing is not too much to expect. Three ales on yesterday, Everards Brazilian-style Xingu which was refreshing but a bit too lagerish for my taste, Youngs bitter which was better than expected and Adnams Broadside which was not tried. The food for our party of six was of middling quality posily presented and a bit short on quantity hence I felt it to be over-priced but as I live 50 miles away I do not know what other local establishments might charge. However I have eaten better and cheaper in Central London. I am unlikely to return.

24 Jun 2014 12:14

The Lions of Bledlow, Bledlow

On previous visits there has been a good spread of 5 different ales but last night there was a lacklustre offering of 3 Wadworth beers, 6X, Ipanema and Swordfish and Upham Sprinter with the Doom Bar pumpclip turned round although nowadays it tastes like syrup anyway. Maybe that was why the pub was not very busy which it invariably has been in the past and why we are unlikely to be hurrying back. An overall disappointing experience which I hope is a one-off.

16 Jun 2014 22:56

The Wheatsheaf, Chinnor

Both the pub and garden busy last night despite very high prices for the area and dire Greene King offerings of IPA and Wheatsheaf Ale (suspect it was Old Trip rebadged for the pub). Fortunately Timmy Taylor Landlord was also available and very drinkable as usual but that would not be enough to tempt me back. This is not a reflection on the hardworking barstaff who were very cheerful.

14 Jun 2014 12:59

The White Horse, Hedgerley

The garden was very busy early on a warm and sunny Thursday evening with the pub itself almost empty. As usual a good choice of ales from micro-breweries, two previously not encountered before, with Box Steam Easy Tiger and Mantle Cwrw Teifi being enjoyed and Three Castles Tornado being even better. I have been visiting the White Horse occasionally over the last 5 or 6 years and nothing much has changed but it doesn't need to.

13 Jun 2014 11:38

The Admiral Benbow, Milton

Quite quiet for a sunny Sunday lunchtime but a friendly welcome and treats for the dog. I suspect it would be busier during the week being a short walk away from a large business park. Real ales were Plum Pudding Bitter brewed by Ringwood for the pub, Brakspear Oxford Gold, Loose Cannon Abingdon Bridge and Potbelly Hop-Trotter, the latter two being sampled in the lovely enclosed garden. Food was not tried but prices looked very reasonable and a couple tucking into Sunday roasts gave us their recommendation. Would be very happy to visit again.

9 Jun 2014 11:17

The Chequers Inn, Ledsham

Very busy on the recent Bank Holiday Saturday lunchtime. Both Glentworth Northern Light and Leeds Best in good condition along with good value and tasty hot beef baguette. Two young barmaids were very polite and welcoming despite being worked hard. Very happy to visit again when next in the area.

3 Jun 2014 12:49

The Northumberland Arms, Felton

Wife and I with dog called in last Thursday evening whist on holiday. Very friendly welcome for us and treats for the dog. Good choice of 4 ever-changing local real ales and well-priced for the area. People on the next table commented on how good the food was so we booked for the next evening. The food was indeed very good but had to wait an hour for it to arrive. Yes they were busy with all tables taken but even our very pleasant waitress appeared embarrassed by the time taken. Maybe we were unlucky and I would happily try again on our next holiday as in every other respect it could not be faulted.

3 Jun 2014 12:26

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