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The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

The Lazy toad is still a great little boozer, friendly locals, great beer, Dogs welcome and given a treat! (good, because ive got a dog!). As some other commenters have said, easy to pass this place by but dont, its one of Shorehams hidden gems

5 Oct 2010 16:37

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

The Lazy toad is still a great little boozer, friendly locals, great beer, Dogs welcome and given a treat! (good, because ive got a dog!). As some other commenters have said, easy to pass this place by but dont, its one of Shorehams hidden gems

4 Oct 2010 22:12

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

Shut, Closed, Finished. a hundred and fifty years of history washed down the tube by greedy arseholes.

10 Aug 2010 20:39

The Wheatsheaf, Woodmancote

Just eaten here today. Not bad. not very good value for money. Small portions. How could anyone call this historic pub Balloos? are they nuts? this was a warm pub once with a fire burning in the hearth and locals at the bar , hang your heads in shame Mr and Mrs Balloo

2 May 2010 20:31

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

The place is closing down , opens its doors for the last time on Sunday May 9th. a crying shame. the arseholes at Enterprise inns should be shot

2 May 2010 10:51

The Windmill Inn, Littleworth

I disagree with the last comment and in a way agree!
I love this pub BECAUSE its a locals boozer, the locals may look scary but if you make the effort to speak they ar a genuine bunch and like a laugh.
I live 10 miles away from the pub but visit once every couple of months. the food is both great and bad because its a big plate of food and good value for money but its not high quality (and as long as you know this , then thats ok)
I enjoy this pub a lot

29 Mar 2010 20:55

The Red Lion Inn, Shoreham by Sea

we have been going here for food early evening about once every 3 or 4 weeks, for the last few years. and once every 6 months we have a bad meal and say we wont go back, but we do because of the beer and the character of the place.
The food is definatly not consistant, maybe this is a staffing thing ? ie chef only on 5 nights a week and the other 2 kitchen run by bar staff?
overall its still a good pub, 8 out of 10. but be careful with the grub

29 Mar 2010 20:42

The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham by Sea

A Great pub, good beer and live bands, shame its a couple of miles outisd my staggering distance otherwise it would be my local.(maybe i could move?)

29 Mar 2010 20:32

The George Hotel, Henfield

Im Sad to say that there is no Henfield pub (at the time of writing, March 2010) that is worth eating out in, all the pubs are slightly worse than they were a few years ago, its sad but true.
Value for money seems to have gone out the window in place of standard pub grub and greed(for money not food).
A real shame... drive down to Shoreham, Marlypins, royal soverin etc great value for money roasts and lunches, let the greedy landlords of Henfield have their cake and eat it themselves

13 Mar 2010 17:38

The Plough Inn, Henfield

here here will! the pickled old man should get down the white heart with mr happy

13 Mar 2010 17:29

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

This pub belongs to Enterprise inns (humbug, evil pub barrons) and they have put it up for sale for 325000

8 Mar 2010 19:51

The Chequer Inn, Steyning

Looks like the spring clean has taken place! now everything about this pub is good!

5 Jan 2008 11:23

The Royal Oak, Wineham

Tims gone.....
New landlord took over 26 Nov 2007.
End of an era.

29 Nov 2007 21:29

The Wheatsheaf, Woodmancote

Ballo's!!!the sign at the end of the road is now too complicated to comment on!
Anyway new people deserve a chance, Will try it soon.
If only the dear old pub name would be restored!

16 Sep 2007 10:21

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

Its me again! I thought someone else may have comented by now.
The place has been painted, its clean and bright, the new peopple seem nice , food starts soon, a good start

20 Aug 2007 20:46

The Crabtree Inn, Lancing

In some of my other comments about Lancing pubs I said - in a nutshell - "they are bad"!!!!
However I was not entirely right. This pub is the exception.
Clean, very clean! good beer. nice people behind bar, tales from other customers of very nice thai food thursday friday and saturday evenings.

31 Jul 2007 20:22

The Kings Head, Upper Beeding

I lived in Beeding for a couple of years and tried this pub many times hopeing that staff or regulars would be friendly and make conversation.
in the end I gave up (and i am a polite sociable person). this pub is not very well run, although its hard to say precisly what its problum is if you visit you will not be very interested in ever returning

27 Jul 2007 10:06

The Jack and Jill Inn, Clayton

Last Sun lunchtime we stopped by for a quick pint of Youngs, (not a beer i would normaly choose in a pub I didnt know, because it is a harder beer to keep well).
Anyway I went for it - nice pint, great small pub atmosphere, food looked good although we didnt eat.

20 Jul 2007 18:00

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

Its 20th of July, I went to the Gardeners at lunchtime. Colin and Annmarie were saying goodbye, new landlord Simon was bringing his things in.
So all change?
Watch this space.

20 Jul 2007 17:53

The Farmers, Lancing

The landlords may have tried hard but on a nice summer evening there are people here looking for a fight.its the same in other Lancing pubs.
Head for Shoreham, its safer.

13 Jul 2007 08:24

The Wheatsheaf, Woodmancote

THE GALLOPS! at the Henfield end of this Rd is a sign that says "the Wheatsheaf rd, also known as the Albourne rd"
How any muppet could change the name of this pub amazes me. For this reason alone its to be avoided.
The Wheatsheaf was a great country pub 20 years ago, two tiny bars and a open fire, corn dollys on walls.

13 Jul 2007 08:13

The Castle Hotel, Bramber

This pub is a lot better at growing flowers than keeping real ale.
It looks fantastic and has over the years won local best garden type awards.
However the landlord is known to be rude to customers and beer is not cheap.

10 Jul 2007 19:11

The Chequer Inn, Steyning

I would travel 10 miles for lunch at this pub. thy sell somthing that is hard to find nowdays - "GOOD VALUE".
Food ace. Beer ace. only critisism maybe a good spring clean?

10 Jul 2007 19:04

The White Horse, Steyning

This pub has its place (maybe the centre of New York?).
However it will prob do very well in Steyning, I think there are people who like this Yuppi type place, clean and very expensive. If you seek a well kept real ale and a chat, Avoid!

10 Jul 2007 18:58

The Norfolk Arms, Steyning

The pub itself is has fantastic potential and thrived 10 or more years ago, but the present landlord has run this place down over the years, its not the cleanest pub in Steyning, if you see the landlord do any work try to capture it on film!!

10 Jul 2007 06:52

The Rising Sun, Upper Beeding

The pub that everyone drives past on the roundabout!
take a hour to check it out. Its nice and old fashiond interior, locals drinking at small semi circle bar. good cheap pub grub. pub quize eve is good ( dont know if they still do it?)

10 Jul 2007 06:48

The Henfield Tavern, Henfield

they spent more money on the place! Doh!
Same old clientel, same "would you like a brawl tonight atmosphere"

9 Jul 2007 20:07

The Royal Oak, Wineham

I hear that Tim is going in the spring (of 2008)
This place will no dought be ruined, A Harvester Maybe?

Go soon to see what a real pub was/should be like.
Smile at Tim and see if you can get one back!

8 Jul 2007 17:24

The Lazy Toad, Shoreham by Sea

I live in Lancing where all pubs are GRIM!.
I often walk my dog here for a couple of interesting ales, (the dog gets given a dog chew or treat, nice touch). A very good locals boozer, plenty of middle aged conversation, prob not for the 20 year olds.
The selection of real ale is a good reason to visit, even if you dont have a huge gut and a long beard!

8 Jul 2007 17:16

The George Hotel, Henfield

This pub used to be under the managment of Mike Bingham, it was fantastic value for money (food) and people used to come here to eat from Brighton Horsham etc.
Its now sadly gone down hill as far as value for money and the landlady thinks shes running the hilton.

I asked her about hiring the function room once and she said " this is a hotel, not a village hall!"

Bad attitude lady.

7 Jul 2007 07:02

White Hart, Henfield

This is one of the nicest pubs in Henfield now, apart from Giles the landlord who is tired of it and obviously doesnt wish to be there any more.
Food not bad if a little pricy.
beer kept quite well.
Cleanest pub in the village.

7 Jul 2007 06:52

The New Sussex Hotel, Lancing

This is one of the only pubs any decent respectable person can drink in in Lancing.
On a scale of 1 to 10 i would rate this place as 3.
the rest of Lancing pubs are on a minus , they are grim grim grim.

6 Jul 2007 20:38

The Gardeners Arms, Henfield

Long standing landlord Colin is off in the next week or two. lets hope this little victorian pub has a new lease of life soon, it needs a bit of life injected into it again

6 Jul 2007 19:10

The Bull Inn, Mockbridge

My sister lunched at the bull last sat(30th june 07).
she is a solicitor. she ordered , handed over her keys, ate, paid and was given somone eles keys! her car keys had been given to a woman who had pocketed them then the womans husband had got his set of keys out and used them to drive off. my sister got her keys back 5 hours later. thekeys included her house keys. If a publican demands keys and takes them he is responsidle by law for the car and the house, he could be liable in court. If you read this landlord of bull, I would stop this practice if i were you!
Apart from all the above, you are giving out a message to your customers that says "WE DONT TRUST ANY OF YOU"

6 Jul 2007 19:04

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