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The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

In here today and found they had issued a new menu. Now I know that Wetherspoons are not a centre of culinary excellence but their latest offerings, in my opinion, are dire. The curry club menu has been revamped and there are no longer any de-luxe curries. My wife had the lamb rogan gosh and was hard pushed to find 2 small pieces of lamb. I had the chicken skewers which comes with a side salad and I would normally put salad cream on this. I learnt that JDW's have ceased providing this and your only choice now is mayonnaise. It appears that the majority of dishes are chicken based, i.e. the cheapest. Talking to the duty manager he said he was not aware of any dissatisfaction with the menu and that there were new items like hot dogs!!!. To my mind the food is on a lower scale than McDonalds and that's saying something. In future I will grab a snack in the nearest Greggs and just drink in JDW's.

6 Jun 2013 20:29

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

I totally disagree with Surreyyokel. Following my visit in September last, my friend and I visited, what is my local JDW, at the beginning of December on a 'Curry Night'. He ordered a chicken jalfrezi and was told it was not available. He then picked a chicken bhuna and returned to his seat. The manager appeared and said that this also was not available! By this time I was getting rather annoyed and reminded him it was a curry night. Also pointed out to him that there was only one guest ale on and also there were no Christmas ales either. He replied that the Christmas ones were due on next week despite Wetherspoon's stating they would be available from 1 December. As we left one Christmas ale appeared.

2 Apr 2012 19:43

The Crown, Morden

kaktus - I find that rather odd as there is a massive mosque just up the road on the old Express Dairy site.

11 Feb 2012 19:38

The Queens Head, Epsom

This building has been totally renovated and is now being advertised as an up-market kitchen design,sell and fit operation.

28 Dec 2011 19:39

The Coronet, Holloway

This pub featured on the BBC London News tonight. It appears that JDW employed bouncers when the Society of Irish Travellers held their agm next door. It is alleged that damage was caused some time back and the company did not want a repetition of this. Some of those barred were policemen, solicitors and a barrister!!

The case is now going to court on discrimination grounds. JDW have said they will vigorously defend the action.

I always thought that it was absolute legal right for any landlord to refuse to serve a customers without necessarily having to give a reason.

25 Nov 2011 19:38

The Grapes, Sutton

cockneypaul - I think I will just ignore your comment!!

14 Oct 2011 19:58

The Queens Head, Epsom

Going past to-day, I noticed that major renovations are taking place but it is not apparent whether this going to open as a pub again.

28 Sep 2011 19:48

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

In here this evening for the first time in over 2 years. (Bear in mind this is my local Wetherspoons!). Somewhat improved although it still does not appear to have been redecorated. The food, both portions and presentation were very good; better than your average Wetherspoons. My drinking companion considered his rump steak to be the best he had ever had in this chain. The only drawback was that there were only 2 guest ales available with another 4 'not yet available'.

21 Sep 2011 23:17

Picture House, Colwyn Bay

A quirky, interesting pub. Somewhat on the small side for Wetherspoons'. Seating on various levels although I would not wish to climb all the stairs to the tables in the gallery especially after having a few! A little on the dark side.

4 guest ales available and the the service was good.

However, the approach to the gent's toilets is all what is wrong with Wetherspoons. In this particular pub you go up a flight of stairs, take a few steps across the floor and then down a further flight to what are quite nice toilets.

Definitely would visit the next time I am in the area.

11 Sep 2011 20:08

Sussex, Rhyl

A gloomy pub in a scruffy town. It originally was the Rhyl Old Comrades Club. One of Wetherspoons' pubs that has that impression of a converted entrance to a coal mine!

3 guest ales on. Service was acceptable. I would not consider visiting again.

11 Sep 2011 19:55

The Palladium, Llandudno

On first glance at the outside you might not believe this was a JDW pub as the Wetherspoons name is right at the very top of quite a high building.

This pub has recently been refurbished and is quite impressive although the high padding to the back of the seats on the right is somewhat off-putting.

It was very busy on my visit, with 6 guest ales on and the service was not that good.

Toilets, as usual, are up stairs.

Would only visit again if in the area.

11 Sep 2011 19:50

The Black Bull Inn, Bangor

A rather interesting pub that originally started out as a pub then became a catholic church (a small one at that) and reverted to being a pub once more. The bar area is in the narrow church area with two large rooms on the left. A pleasant smoking area with tables and chairs is to the right. It's one of the few Wetherspoons with the toilets on the same level!

4 guest ales on all being locally produced Welsh ones. Service was good.

According to the manager the pub gets very hectic when the students are back as this pub is their first port of call when heading for a night on the town.

11 Sep 2011 19:43

Tafarn Y Porth, Caernarfon

I was not very impressed on my visit to this pub. 3 guest ales on.
Gloomy atmosphere not helped by a large group of old men all talking very noisily in Welsh. Definitely would not visit again. Considering Caernarfon and its castle is a world heritage site, this pub should be an awful lot better.

11 Sep 2011 19:33

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

mdoc62 - Have you not e-mailed Wetherspoon's HQ at Watford to report this late opening?

27 Aug 2011 19:43

The Grapes, Sutton

Visited this evening and was very surprised how this pub has gone downhill. Firstly only 2 guest ales on, both from Triple F, and personally not particularly good.

The clientele leaves a lot to be desired with a number of local regular, very noisy, slobs together with groups of stupid chavettes.

The staff regularly cleared the tables of glasses but as to wiping them clean, this seemed to be a forgotten art as far as this pub was concerned.

It is thought that with the opening of the beer garden has attracted the local bums who would normally be associated with the other JDW pub up the hill at the other end of the High Street.

I don't think I will visit again

17 Aug 2011 23:48

The Greyhound, Bromley

Visited to-day. Can't quite make my mind up about this JDW pub. Tends to be a little on the dark side with an enormous amount of oak stained wood panelling. The gent's toilet are very clean and functional but are not immediately apparent as they are hidden by a rather wide wall.

6 guest beers on, 2 of which were definitely passed their sell-by-date. As already mentioned prices are much higher for both the beers and the food. 2 examples; a 14 oz rump steak being 1p short of �13 and how can it be justified for 2 small fish cakes with chips etc to cost �6 17.

It was very noticeable, especially when we were there, that this pub was definitely a candidate for 'god's waiting room'! ( I can say that as I am in that age group!!).

One good point is the number of staff working there. Compared with most other Wetherspoons this came as quite a shock.

I feel I wouldn't visit again unless I was in the area as it is definitely preferable to their other one at the opposite end of the High Street.

12 Aug 2011 19:54

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

The photograph (image 1) is reversed!!!!

12 Aug 2011 19:36

Foxley Hatch, Purley

It should be noted that this pub will be getting a new manager very shortly. His name is Michael and he used to be at Raynes Park

9 Jun 2011 19:26

The Skylark, Croydon

I was in here for the first time for many a year. I found it gloomy and in need of refurbishment. It was like going back in time to the original Wetherspoons, all dark stained wood and even darker furniture. There was a preponderance of high tables and chairs. The beer selection was good with 5 guest ales on. The food service was quite quick. The staff were pleasant. The beer garden was popular especially for the smokers!

Upstairs in the other bar a private party was being held. The fine original stairway that existed years ago has been replaced
by a poorly made and poorly looking wood contraption with crude posts. The floor in the gents' by the urinals was very wet and could have been something of a hazard.

Unless I am in the area I don't think I would go out of my way to visit.

5 May 2011 20:32

The Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington

As far as I am aware Tim Martin opened his first pub sometime in 1979 so I would think that "The Rochester" fails in being one of the first opened.

5 May 2011 20:20

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

I'm interested in jamesbartlett74's comments re the photograph. I wouldn't expect BITE to respond even at all. Witness my comments on the JDW pub, "The Grapes" in Sutton, Surrey where the photograph is reversed and nothing has been done!

27 Apr 2011 19:53

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

In here last Thursday (10th). The number of beers available weren't quite as described by the previous reviewer. I accept there were quite a large number of labels showing but the 'guest' ales available were 3 from Dorking and 1 from Ramsbury. The Hammerpot was not on during the whole of my visit, some 5 hours and the Scrummy Ale only came on just before I left. Bar service wasn't particularly quick, I know it's a Spoons and the food portions seem to be diminishing. One very noticeable thing is that it seems to be the meeting place for all the electric mobility scooters in the Croydon area. At one time I counted 10!

I can't quite make my mind up about this JDW pub and I still remain to be convinced it's worth drinking in unless you happen to be in the area.

13 Mar 2011 20:12

The Queens Head, Epsom

Passed by to-day and this pub is boarded up and for sale. I feel another bock of flats coming on!

4 Mar 2011 22:12

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park

The manager has recently introduced a mini-festival held usually over the last weekend of the month. It commences on Thursday evenings and lasts until Sunday. His intention is to highlight local brewers, hence Hammerpot as referred to below.

19 Feb 2011 19:27

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

By sheer chance I happened to be in Wimbledon to-day and after over 4 years decided to visit this pub. I found it to be somewhat improved since my last visit. Still dimly lit, but the decoration was in good order. The toilets were not bad either.

The last time I was there it was a Lloyds now it has reverted to being a normal (if that's the right word) Wetherspoons. The real ale selection was very good although all the beers were priced differently with Fuller's ESB priced at �2.80!!!!
They also had Hogsback's T over A at 9% but much cheaper than ESB.

The food was served quickly and in reasonable quantities. The staff including the manager were quite friendly and helpful.

Despite my earlier comment of years ago that I wouldn't go back, I would now say that I most certainly would.

17 Nov 2010 20:51

The Grapes, Sutton


You may be right regarding my being there on the wrong day. However, appearing somewhat cynical, it's a little strange that there were 6 beers available when Tim Martin appeared. I would think there was prior warning of his visit. Incidentally did he buy a round of drinks?

10 Nov 2010 20:03

The Grapes, Sutton


I totally disagree with you. All the JDW pubs I have visited during this festival have at least 5 - 6 festival beers on. (To my mind I think that's what 'festival' means.). Some even get rid of the standard ones such as Ruddles and Abbott. My local one has even managed 12 on some occasions!

I would suggest that this is a commercial decision made by the manager as it's not exactly overflowing with real ale drinkers. This is despite that this pub and two other local ones run other small local festivals during the year.

9 Nov 2010 19:52

The Grapes, Sutton

I was in yesterday for the current beer festival. I wish I hadn't bothered. There were only 3 festival beers available and another 4 were shown as coming shortly. We were there for about 5 hours and there were still only 3 beers.

It would seem that the management of this pub are not really entering into the spirit of the festival and treating the whole thing as a normal occasion.

Another noticeable matter was the fairly poor standard of the curries being offered. The presentation was poor as were the portions.

This is a pub that I enjoyed visiting in the past but I don't think I will be bothering in the future.

5 Nov 2010 00:31

The Harrow, Chessington

As I went past the pub to day it was being demolished with half the building already gone. I remember "The Harrow" in its heyday when it was a proper pub. The majority of its clientele came from the government estate across the road, but this has long gone, hence the decline.

18 Oct 2010 19:39

The Beaconsfield Arms, Southall

Pathetester - What photo???

12 Aug 2010 19:42

The Man in the Moon, Stanmore

Visited here to-day for the first time in about 6 years. Rather on the small side for a JDW pub but even so it was a rather enjoyable experience. It's in the CAMRA 2010 guide but they only had 3 'guest' beers available. This actually became 2 as the 'Old Growler' was well past its sell-by-date.

Very pleasant staff and quite quick service particularly the food. Wouls definitely visit again.

5 Aug 2010 20:17

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park

I recommended this pub some time ago and I still regularly visit. I was in to-day and there were 6 'guest' ales on one from Sambrook called 'Wandle' which I thought was not that wonderful; one from Loddon which was reasonably palatable, a 3 fff's which I avoided, as I don't like their beer, 2 from Dorking brewery, I had the 5% one and ended with Fullers ESB. All at �1.95 per pint . ESB round my way is �3.60 a pint.

The service was fairly quick although the staff seemed to lack communication skills. The food was your normal standard JDW's but the chips were better than normal, being light and crispy.

It still is one of the better Wetherspoons.

30 Jul 2010 20:22

The Flying Boat, Dartford

I was in here to-day with ex-colleagues as it was quite handy for them to reach. I am afraid my views have not changed much since my last visit nearly a year ago. The bar service was appalling with only one member of staff serving - bear in mind this was lunch time. No evidence of a manager let alone a shift manager. The worst scenario was when the sole member of staff had to prepare 6 coffees and there were at least 6 people waiting and the wait was over 10 minutes! Whilst this was going on another staff member was enjoying his meal break in full view of the bar!

The guest beer availability was better than last time with 4 beers on initially but the 'Bishop's Finger' ran out and no 'Abbott' was available.
In their favour the food service was exceptionally quick.

The toilets are quite a climb up 3 flights of quite steep stairs but on reaching them there was no soap in the dispensers and one of the toilet doors had at some time been kicked off its hinges and had not been repaired properly.

I am aware I said previously that I wouldn't go back but this time I will most definitely NOT return.

9 Jun 2010 21:19

The Crown and Sceptre, Streatham

In here today for the first time sine Feb 2008. My earlier comments apply, there were 5 guest ales on, all worth drinking, the service and staff were good and YES, the toilets still smelt.

20 May 2010 20:29

The White Horse, Epsom

I drove past here on Friday and there is a big banner covering the 1st floor front of this pub stating it is for rent or sale. So what exactly is the current position?

9 May 2010 22:33

The Railway, Putney

Haven't been in here for about 5 years and it still seems the same as I can remember although, maybe, fractionally cleaner. A good selection of beers and despite previous comments, the staff seemed quite competent. As with most JDW's the food was adequate but not inspiring.

4 May 2010 20:45

The Rocket , Putney

This establishment reopened on Friday, 30 April as the newest Wetherspoons' pub in London. It is now known as "The Rocket".

However it is totally different from any JDW's we have ever been in as it is basically their version of a gastro pub. Honestly! There are 2 bars with a very large dining area overlooking the river. Also there is full waitress service whether you are in the bar or dining. On approaching the pub we were slightly thrown as there were proper condiment sets on the tables and initially we did not think it was a Wetherspoons!

There is a dedicated menu containing most of the usual JDW items plus others that we had not seen before .

Prices were somewhat higher than their other places, the most notable being the rib-eye steak which was over a �1 dearer.

The beer selection wasn't that great and the atmosphere was a little unsettling, although the staff were very good.

It was interesting to have visited but we decided to go to "The Railway Hotel" as this is more of a typical Wetherspoons.

4 May 2010 20:30

The Albert, St James's

Years ago I worked in Victoria Street and even then this was one of the pubs in the area to avoid. There are far better pubs quite near

18 Apr 2010 19:43

The Drum, Walthamstow

My first visit for over two years and the pub has gone upmarket!! 2 stiff backed armchairs in front of the fireplace and a row of books on the mantlepiece. Doesn't quite go with the area. The only other change is that the 3 urinals, which were too close for comfort in the gents, have been replaced by a stainless steel trough. Beer selection not too bad including a couple of Irish ales although they were not that memorable. Unless I am in the area, which is unlikely, I don't think I will bother to visit again

17 Mar 2010 20:28

The Kings Ford, Chingford

I was in here today for the first time for some months. I thought that there was quite an improvement since my last visit. There was 4 beers from the Brentwood Brewery all selling at �1.69 per pint!! Quite drinkable especially the "Chocolate & Orange one at 6.5%.

Service was reasonably quick as regards beer and food.

4 Mar 2010 00:20

The Antelope, High Wycombe

Re adams1104 - He must like the sound of his own voice

26 Dec 2009 19:51

The Regent, Walton on Thames


You obviously dislike this pub intensely, so why the hell bother to go there???

3 Dec 2009 20:04

The Regent, Walton on Thames

Was in here to-day for the first time in years. Very quiet with the majority of punters being elderly and mainly on coffee. Two 'guest' beers on, a Welton's and Itchen Valley; the latter being quite a decent pint. Friendly staff, the usual menu and service reasonable.

Quite a pleasant pub although the toilets, which are upstairs as usual, needed some attention. Wouldn't go out of my way to visit again but if in the neighbourhood would certainly do so.

20 Aug 2009 20:54

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead


This is my local Wetherspoons which I used to visit fairly regularly but not for some time now. It's not the very worst of this chains pubs but it is not that great either as witness the majority of reviews. Locally it has a poor reputation among drinkers.

I don't hate Wetherspoons but what I do not like is the great variation that exists between good and bad ones and this is despite the occasional visits of founder and chairman, Tim Martin.

19 Aug 2009 18:54

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush


I don't know where you spent part of your past career as a 'critic', but you do not seem to understand how JD Wetherspoons works. If you require music and even dancing you visit their Lloyds No 1 outlets. However, if you enjoy the company of your friends and the ability to hear what they are talking about then you visit the JD Wetherspoons pubs where there is no music. They do have televisions but the sound is usually turned down and you have to rely on captions.

I have visted this bar on a number of occasions over the years and it's not that bad; there are much worse in this chain.

7 Aug 2009 20:44

Paper Moon, Dartford

Following a disappointing visit to the newly opened 'Flying Boat' I approached my visit to this pub with a little trepidation. I hadn't been in here for at least 4 years and that was not a very exciting experience.

Much to my surprise there were 4 'guest' ales on all of which were worth drinking. The duty manager was definitely on the ball and the service, both food and drink, was good.

A smallish Wetherspoon pub with a good cross section of drinkers. The only complaint was the toilets, which as usual, were up 3 flights of stairs which got progressively narrower as you ascended.

I enjoyed my visit and would definitely visit again when in the area.

16 Jul 2009 20:48

The Flying Boat, Dartford

Despite the eulogistic reviews above, my experience of this pub was somewhat different. Arriving today at 11 45am there were 3 'guest' ales supposedly available, but in actuality there was only one, Tanglefoot. When asked when the other 2 were likely to come on, the barman with earpiece and microphone was unable to say. Had one pint and walked down to 'The Paper Moon' which was a decidedly better bet. (See separate review).

I agree that the place was very light and airy with pseudo antique furniture and was quite pleasant to sit in. However it felt a little on the geriatric side due to a preponderance of elderly customers. I can say this as I am in my early 70's.

On balance I don't think I would visit again

16 Jul 2009 20:34

The Watch House, Lewisham

I was in here yesterday afternoon and was not very impressed. Dark and gloomy and a very poor 'guest' ale selection. Only 2, both Weltons and nothing to write home about. Pleasant bar staff but somewhat slow service. Food served quickly and reasonable portions.

The toilets are upstairs and quite a walk from the bar. Coming down the stairs could be a bit tricky as there are a couple of sharp left-hand turns.

Unless I am in the area again I would not go out of my way to visit. Not one of Wetherspoons better pubs.

11 Jun 2009 21:01

The Albion, Epsom

I went past to-day and it appeared open. I suppose they will be trying to snare unsuspecting punters as the Deby is run a week Saturday!

26 May 2009 19:42

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall


Take you self down to "The Crosse Keys" in Gracechurch Street in the City and you just might revise your opinion of "The Lord Moon of the Mall"!!

26 May 2009 19:36

The Grapes, Sutton

As I pointed out to the managers of this site sometime ago the photograph at the top has been reversed!!

13 May 2009 20:17

The Hogshead, Sidcup

This pub is closed and has reopened as a Wetherspoons called 'The Tailor's Chalk with effect from 24 April 2009

29 Apr 2009 20:47

The George, Staines

In here to-day for the first time in a few years. They had 6 beers on for the festival but nothing very startling. The strongest being Sinebrychoff Porter from Finland but not particularly exciting. Service was haphazard including clearing the tables despite the place not being very busy. (Considering JDW are showing 50 beers in their 'official programme', 4 of the beers available were not listed!). They still persisted in displaying the standard beers and there were many takers for the - weaker than water - Ruddles. Strange!!

The feeling I got was that there might have been a festival on but you wouldn't have thought so in this pub despite the coloured baloons. Even so not a bad pub for Wetherspoons.

16 Apr 2009 21:22

The Plough and Harrow, Hammersmith

I was in here to-day for the first time in about 5 years. A pleasant, airy pub although the layout of the seats and tables is reminiscent of a canteen. 4 'guest' beers on, all of which were worth drinking. Quick food and drinks service and very pleasant staff. Another point in its favour, the toilets are on the ground floor!!

In all worth a visit and I will be going back.

1 Apr 2009 20:15

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

Visited this pub to-day. It's one of JDW's better ones. Slightly on the small side but tastefully decorated.

The staff were friendly and efficient and the food service was good. However one slight disappointment, there were only 2 'guest' ales on but these were �1.79 a pint which somewhat made up for it.

As with most Wetherspoons the toilets are upstairs which are approached up 2 narrow flights of stairs. The toilets themselves are quite cramped.

Outside at the front is a large covered open area with tables and seats to accommodate smokers.

In all worth visiting.

12 Mar 2009 19:50

The Earl Beatty, Motspur Park

I haven't been in this pub in years and from reading the posts would not wish to do so.

The reason for this comment is that I travel by train at least once a week to Raynes Park to the Wetherspoons there. Each time I look across at the "Beatty", I notice that the middle section of the name board is missing as it was blown off in a gale many years ago and the pubco have never bothered to replace it. I think that sums up their attitude to this pub. If the financial climate was better, the pub would have been demolished and flats built in its place as the site is so close to the railway station.

7 Mar 2009 19:43

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Was in here again yesterday. Still by far one of the better JDW's in central London. At least 10 guest ales available but unfortunately all were served far too cold to the extent that they were virtually tasteless.

However if you require the Greene King IPA it will cost you �1.59 and not the heavily advertised 99p that is charged elsewhere. Also all guest beers were
�2.69 a pint which is a long way from the norm of �1.99. One of the barman said that at his local JDW which was a couple of miles away the beers there were �2.10 a pint. I expect to pay extra for drinking in City pubs but these differences are a bit hard to take, especially in a Werherspoons. Another oddity was a Welton beer of 2.8% abv!!! GK IPA is bad enough, god knows what this would be like?

20 Feb 2009 13:19

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

Despite what I wrote on 8 August last year I re-visited this pub to meet some ex-colleagues. There have been some changes. It appears to have been refurbished or at least the carpet has been cleaned and some seats/stools have been recovered. Unfortunately the state of the toilets has declined even further with no toilet roll holders whatsoever - the rolls are now placed on the floor!! The soap dispensers are starting to disappear. One good thing is that the overpowering smell seems to have gone.

There were 5 guest beers on including "Exmoor Beast"

Since my last visit the staff have changed and there is a new manager although the service is very slow.

11 Feb 2009 22:55

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

Reasonedview - 2 questions. Will his visit make any difference to this rather shabby pub and did he buy you a drink??

8 Feb 2009 19:37

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

Reasonedview - I quite agree with you. I visit Wetherspoons as they are an excellent provider of real ale at ridiculously low prices. Most other pubs simply would not have the variety on at any one time and even if they did the cost would be at least �1 or even more for each pint.

Many of their pubs are pretty grim as this is borne out by the many postings, so it is not me alone being critical. I feel though that having visited some 150 of their establishments over the years I do have some idea of what I am talking about.

In closing Wetherspoons do run some excellent pubs but they are few and far between.

24 Jan 2009 19:40

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

This is my nearest Wetherspoon's pub and I paid my first visit to-day for over 2 years, arriving about 2.20 pm. It was fairly empty with a few of the usual reprobates in the enclosure on the left. One person behind the bar serving, the manager, and it took nearly 5 minutes to get served. 2 guest ales on. I found a seat and in doing so noticed that nearly every table was covered with plates, glasses etc. The manager eventually got round to clearing the tables by 3.05 pm and even then only cleared the plates away.

On asking for a pint of the other guest ale was told that this had run out. There was no other guest ale waiting to come on.

In all a pretty poor experience. The pub is dreary, gloomy, atmosphereless and in need of a total refurbishment. The furniture is scratched and worn especially where some idiots have carved their initials on the tables.

I only visited this pub again as I had been told that it had improved and some of the recent postings seemed to bear this out. I have visited very many JDW pubs and unfortunately 'The Edmund Tylney' might not be the worst but it is grim.

22 Jan 2009 19:25

The Grapes, Sutton

As johnbabercomb has already pointed out this pub's name has changed back to "The Grapes". It is now owned by J D Wetherspoon and has been open since 12 December 2008. It is situated at the bottom of the High Street in Sutton.

I visited there to-day and was reasonably impressed. It's not your usual JDW's as it is quite modern looking although when busy I imagine it would become quite congested. There is not much room between the bar and the seating area and this is not helped by those who stand at the bar after they have been served.

The staff were very friendly and efficient and the food service was quick. However, a full menu is not available as there are certain items missing, eg rib-eye steak, chicken and ham pie, western combo to name but a few.

For once the toilets are on the ground floor but tend to be a little cramped. There is a separate function room upstairs

I would recommend this pub as it is a vast improvement from JDW's other one at the top of the hill!

15 Jan 2009 21:10

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

The only problem with Leatherhead police station is that it keeps old-fashioned shop hours. Open for a few hours per day and even then you would be lucky to find anyone to attend. You are hard pressed to find one in the town centre at the best of times.

4 Jan 2009 20:01

The Kings Ford, Chingford

I was last here in September 2006 and absolutely nothing has changed. A very, very average Wetherspoon's.

Only 1 Christmas beer on initially, Burton Bridge Santi-Freeze and eventually Wickwar's Christmas Cracker. The latter was flat and very uninteresting. (Regarding the Xmas ales I am aware that they are advertised as "at least one or more of these will be available" but this is completely different from previous Christmases when 3 or more could be bought.).

The staff were quite efficient and the food was served quickly. In all unless you are gasping for a drink this establishment is best avoided.

18 Dec 2008 22:13

The Beaten Docket, Cricklewood

This is the first time I have been in here for a few years. On first sight a welcoming pub with friendly and efficient staff. However two major drawbacks:-

1. Only ONE 'guest' ale on, that being 'Dune', otherwise the usual fall back
ones, IPA, Abbot, etc.

2. NO Christmas ales whatsoever despite 16 being advertised by JDW!!!

Another odd thing was the latest issue of 'The London Drinker' available in large quantities; so presumably they do stock a better selection of beer. I probably was unlucky. Even so I will not be going back.

5 Dec 2008 21:37

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon


This has never been much of a pub. However, there is another pub "The Printworks" a little further up Faringdon Road which is part of the JDW group, albeit a Lloyd's No 1. You probably won't like this as it's situated in a basement.

With regard to your other criticism, most JDW's haven't much atmosphere as they are dependent on a high throughput because of low prices.

21 Nov 2008 19:31

The Moon on the Square, Feltham

Went here for the first time since 1996 and nothing seems to have changed!
A good selection of guest ales, very friendly staff and quick service.

It's a very local pub as the staff appeared to know virtually every customer. What it's like in the evening may be different but I really enjoyed my visit. As with many Wetherspoons pubs the toilets are up stairs.

9 Oct 2008 20:19

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

As I have said before this pub is pretty grim. However why didn't your wife post her comments rather than reading it second hand??

5 Oct 2008 19:19

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

White Van Man

You obviously have not been in many Wetherspoons pubs! The majority are average to very poor.

5 Oct 2008 19:16

The Waterfront, Wandsworth

I visited this 'gastro-pub' last Sunday. It is on the river front and is the ground floor of a modern block of flats know as Baltimore House. The views from the pub up and down the river are pleasant but directly opposite is a cement plant!

It's run by Youngs and the prices definitely reflect this. The pub is very airy with a central bar and very large windows. There is an outside seating area. The toilets are up 3 flights of stairs.

On the day I was there it was only possible to buy Youngs ordinary bitter despite all their beers and Wells products being advertised in the drinks list. Even then after 2 pints it ran out!!! The food provided was adequte although, to my mind, overpriced.

I would mention if this had not been a family occasion I would not have been here. This is the first time I have been in a Youngs establishment for over 25 years because I don't like their beers, their mainly dreary pubs and their prices.

As you may gather I will definitely not be going back.

5 Oct 2008 19:12

The White Horse, Epsom

According to one of the local papers the landlord is having problems with meeting his tenancy costs and it appeared from the article the pub might close.
The pub co owning this pub said that they have reduced the rent and fixed it into next year.

4 Oct 2008 19:34

The Furze Wren, Bexleyheath

Visted this pub for the first time today. I definitely would not have done so when it was a Lloyds No 1.

A good size pub with plenty of room. 4 guest ales on, all quite reasonable. Despite it been busy through the lunch hours, both the drinks and food service was good. The staff were friendly and efficient.

The gent's urinals were equipped with american style push flushes which a lot of the local failed to use, hence something of a smell. There only appeared to be one hand dryer.

Otherwise one of JDW's better pubs and I will no doubt visit in the future.

18 Sep 2008 20:11

The Herbert Wells, Woking

Was in here yesterday for about 4 hours or so. As I hadn't been in for over 2 years very little in the pub has changed other than most of the staff behind the bar.

4 guest ales on but nothing to write home about including Hogsback TEA which I do not like. Considering the CAMRA interest I would have thought the selection could have been better. The beer was �2.10 a pint which is the most I have paid outside of the central London JDW's. The food service, surprisingly, was fairly efficient.

22 Aug 2008 20:27

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park


I was in here on 19 August and both those beers were available then plus a couple of other ones. I agree they are not particularly palatable. The manager tends to buy 'local' beers rather than sourcing all his guest beers from the JDW bi-monthly list. He also tends to go for the lower abv ones which to my mind is a great pity.

Despite these criticisms I visit this pub on average about 3 times a month and agree it is one of their better ones; even though at times it looks like a mothers and toddlers club!!

21 Aug 2008 20:52

The Ship of Fools, Croydon

I visited this pub about 2 weeks ago and again to-day. On both occasions there was only 1 'guest' beer available with 3 pumps showing 'available shortly'. I don't know what Wetherspoons' definition of available shortly is but it was not in the 3-4 hours I spent in this pub, each time.

It is obvious the pub has had a change in personnel including the manager and the proficient cellar man that used to be there, to the extent that it is now not worth visiting. To add to the decline the toilets are disgraceful with 2 urinals leaking and the stalls having vandalised toilet roll holders. Soap dispensers just about remaining on the wall and this is not helped by an overpowering smell.

As far as I am aware this is a CAMRA recommended pub but I think that even they would have to reconsider based on current performance.

According to the manager the CAMRA members who drink in there are quite happy with the current situation, bearing in mind there used to be at least 4 'guest' beers always available!!!

It is obvious from my comments that I will not be going back.

6 Aug 2008 20:34

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Haven't been in here for nearly two years until yesterday. I have always liked this pub but it was even more impressive than on previous visits.

There were 8, yes eight, 'guest' beers on, admittedly 6 of them were from the Oakham Brewery. According to the manager they are 'showcasing' individual brewers on a weekly basis. Also available were the usual fallbacks i.e. Abbott, Pedigree etc. Another 2 'guests' were waiting to come on.

The service was good and the staff very attentive with at least 6 on. I must admit I had to pinch myself at times that I was actually standing in a JDW pub and getting served extremely quickly.

It is very obvious that this pub is run very well and I imagine JDW HQ also keep an eye on matters as it is the venue for their annual shareholder's meeting.

25 Jul 2008 20:11

The Malt House, Dorking

It was announced in the local paper that this pub would close in September as the lease has expired. Planning permission is being sought from the council for a large block of flats to be built on the site.

17 Jul 2008 19:38

The White Hart, Chessington

I passed by this pub to-day; it is closed with the windows boarded up. I don't know what the plans are for it but presumably it will be demolished eventually and flats or houses built on the site.

17 Jul 2008 19:34

William Stanley, South Norwood

In here to-day for the first time in a couple of years or so. Initial impression is that it could do with being refurbished as it appeared somewhat scruffy.

Had no intention of staying too long and this pub does not encourage you to do so.

Three 'guest' ales on, all worth drinking.

Not a pub I would go out of my way to recommend but if you are in this depressing area of SE London it is slightly better than other local ones.

10 Jul 2008 21:08

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Popped in here to-day, walked the length of the bar and went out the door. The reason; only one 'guest' ale on plus the usual ones.

It has never been much of a pub from the day it opened; there are definitely much better pubs in Epsom.

3 Jul 2008 19:40

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Very disappointing visit to-day. Despite the temperature outside being in the 70'sF the pub had a major electrical malfunction. No air conditioning, reduced menu, i.e. nothing could be grilled, although they could turn out burgers and the toilets were not too good. To add to the heat the windows could not be opened Even so a very reasonable selection of real ales and the staff coping very well.

I trust that this is only a minor setback.

25 Jun 2008 22:29

The Wrong 'Un, Bexleyheath

Haven't been in this pub for a few years and made the mistake of going in there to-day just after 12 noon.

Only one person serving although the number of punters would not have overworked him. The worst thing about this place was that there were NO guest beers on whatsoever. There was one waiting to come on and it eventually did at about 4 o'clock. Another had appeared at about 2.30 pm. When asked why the obligatory 2 guest beers were not available, the answer that they had run out - what before lunch-time in a very quiet pub!

Usual food and the service was quick due to lack of customers.

One thing is definite, we will not be visitng this pub again.

11 Jun 2008 22:35

The Tyburn, Marble Arch

Visited this pub for the 2nd time in 3 years. Nothing very startling, more like a cafe/bar than a JDW pub. As a previous poster said it has more the looks of a Lloyds No 1, although it is not big enough. Most of the punters were conducting business and therefore drinking tea/coffee/water.

Real ale selection was poor, so just had the one pint of Hampshire Rose.

The gent's toilet is rather interesting. It is down flights of narrow stairs and you are faced with a very large circular bowl as soon as you enter. I imagine the inebriated would take it for a communal toilet: actually it is the washing facilities, there being no individual washbasins.

Obviously cheaper than other local pubs, but not really worth visiting.

22 May 2008 21:31

The Moon Under Water, Watford

I was not aware that the Duke of Edinburgh drank in Wetherspoons!!!!

18 May 2008 19:00

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

I visited this pub for the first time for about 18 months. It is one of JDW's better pubs with a good selection of real ales. The food was good and the service quick.

Normally I would not comment on the clientele but unfortunately the day was spoilt by a silly old git who was maudlin drunk. He insisted on breaking into song several times and took umbrage when told that it was not worth hearing. He was also upset as he kept on insisting he was a regular and that we were not.

I would not rule out returning but I will give it some thought in a few months time. It's a pity as the pub was definitely more enjoyable than a lot of those in this chain.

1 May 2008 22:16

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

To Rachel 12

The reason for the dead atmosphere is that all the so called movers and groovers have gone up the road (about half a mile) to the other JDW/Lloyds No 1, "The Printworks"!

9 Mar 2008 19:56

The Gatehouse, Highgate

This must be one of the very few JDW's were virtually all the reviewers agree that this is a good pub. I definitely agree also as I visited this pub on Wednesday, 20 February.

A nice atmosphere, friendly staff, quick service, both food and drinks. 5 'guest' ales besides the usuals.

Without a doubt I will be going back and I don't often say that about a Wetherspoon's pub!!

21 Feb 2008 19:29

JJ Moons, Tooting


How can you possibly say that??? Have you seen "The Full House" at Hemel Hempstead or "The Matchmakers" at Bow, east London? There are others including the one just up the road at Balham.

13 Feb 2008 20:00

The Crown and Sceptre, Streatham

Visited this pub from 1130 until 1700. I haven't been here for at least 3 years. It is still a good place to have a drink probably because it has always been a pub. Not a bad atmosphere.

There were a number of real ales available from Itchen Valley, 3 Rivers and Weltons. One from 3 Rivers, with a really stupid name, like 'Muggy Figgy etc' was a great pint at 7.2% ABV. There was also a beer from Weltons at 2.8%ABV which the duty manager said did not sell very well. I can imagine that. From my distant memory, and we are going back sometime, it used to be illegal to sell beer below 3%ABV!!!!!

The staff and service were good. The food was provided very quickly and there were decent portions.

Without a doubt I would definitely go back again. The only aspect I did not like about the pub were the gents' toilets - they smelt.

2 Feb 2008 19:29

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

This is a follow up visit to my one in June this year. Unfortunately this pub is still in decline with a very poor selection of real ales and as before one was sold that was going off. This was a weak one named Davenports. When I mentioned this to the bar maid she showed total disinterest and made no attempt to remove the pump label. The next one I sampled was Itchen Valley's Tower Bridge and this ran out as my pint was pulled. Of the 20 or so Christmas ales listed in the recent in-house magazine, only ONE was available. In all a very poorshow by this pub which in the past I always recommended. Definitely not now!

Being the run-up to Christmas it was fairly busy but even so it took 45 minutes for the ordered food to arrive.

Reluctantly I will not visit this Wetherspoons pub again until there is a noticeable improvement.

21 Dec 2007 18:44

The Moon and Cross, Waltham Cross

Visited this pub to-day. One of the better ones in this chain. Good real ale selection. The service, both drinks and food, was quick and friendly.

Will without doubt visit again.

22 Nov 2007 21:24

The Drum, Walthamstow

This is a follow-up report to my one of 20 September last year. The pub's still the same with the usual collection of old reprobates. Also there is still the very limited menu. As it was the Autumn Beer Festival, an excellent selection of beers was available.

However, I made the mistake of having the fish pie and it came up quite burnt at one end. The people behind ordered 4 meals one of which was steak and this came up frozen. They complained, the barman said he would have another one brought out but they refused as they considered it would just be reheated. Knowing JDW's of old I would have to agree with them. Even with a limited menu they still can not get it right. In future I will pop into Greggs which is virtually next door as at least you know what to expect from this chain!

8 Nov 2007 22:14

The Picture Palace, Ponders End

I visited this pub to-day. The first time for about 6 months. It is somewhat quieter due to the smoking ban.

There were only 2 guest ales on with a third promised but this did not materialise in the 4 hours or so I was there. There is a'new' menu available. I say new but it's only 4 actual new items. We ordered a new one, the fish pie. The contents were tasty but the pastry seemed to have been assembled by a trainee bricklayer! It was solid, not puff and slightly hard to digest. It was supposed to be accompanied by vegetables of the day. These consisted of peas, a mushroom, half a tomato and chips. I suppose in Wetherspoon's eyes chips would be 'vegetables of the day'!

I feel the pub has regressed since my last visit and this is reflected in my marking of 4. Unless I am in the area I do not think I would visit again.

24 Oct 2007 20:16

The New Crown, Southgate

I visited this pub on Thursday, 27 September and found it to be your usual JDW conversion from a large shop. Tended to be a little gloomy even on a bright day mainly due to the low ceiling.

However, it's was better than I expected with 3 guest beers plus the usual regular ones. The service both for food and beer was quick and the staff were very friendly. The gents was reasonably spacious and clean.

I would not hesitate to go back.

29 Sep 2007 19:43

The Moon on the Hill, Sutton

Visited this pub two days running:-

1. Sunday 2 September between 1445 and 1730. Fairly quick service both food and drink, obviously helped by the Irish manageress being on duty. Only 2 guest ales on but after about an hour a third one was available. It's not too bad as Wetherspoons pubs go particularly at this time of the day. It's on the gloomy side and could do with a proper refurbishment.

2. Monday 3 September between 1545 and 1800. My god what a difference a day makes. At this time of the day all the tables on the top floor were covered with dirty plates, glasses and the normal detritus from a busy lunch-time. It took one member of staff nearly an hour to clear this area even then the tables were not wiped down. When I was using the gents, the duty manager rushed in, looked in both toilets, switched on both hand dryers and rushed out all in the space of 10 seconds!!

There was only one guest ale on and another appeared just before we left. The excuse given was that the lines had broken!! The Irish manageress was not there so presumably it was her day off. It showed as the staff were quite hopeless and to some extent on the defence.

Quite honestly I don't think I will be going back there in a rush and I know my wife will most certainly not.

I am coming to the opinion that the Wetherspoons empire is in freefall and that the original ideas of Tim Martin have been dispensed with. I don't know what his current role is, although he still puts his name to their house magazine and he is shown as chairman. I understand that he still carries out visits to pubs, but quite honestly what do they achieve. I say this bearing in mind some awful pubs that make up this chain.

4 Sep 2007 20:10

The Coronet, Holloway

Haven't been in this pub for a few years but went back to-day. I really enjoy this place. Good selection of real ales including 'Coronet' brewed by Oakham especially for the pub. Although only 4% abv, it was a really good beer. Other beers included Ringwood 'Thumper'. Fairly quick service both with the drinks and beers. I would feel the only drawback would be when Arsenal were playing at home and the pub is probably over-run then. There were two minor drawbacks. The seating, in the alcoves and the settees, was on the low side. The gents' toilets needed a good clean out as many of the users were incapable of aiming straight when at the urinals. I would most certainly visit again.

30 Aug 2007 21:45

The Walnut Tree, Leytonstone

Visited this pub on Thursday, 16 August 2007 between 12 noon and 5 pm. A large roomy pub with plenty of seating. 4 'guest' ales on plus the usual fall-back ones. Service a little slow, well it is Wetherspoons! Reasonably busy with a mixed range of customers. Staff were very pleasant.

The only drawback was the gents toilets which smelt quite strongly, as the extractors were not working. Also the hourly inspection routine which used to be a feature of the JDW chain seems to have ceased. The floor needed a good wiping as it was fairly wet from those who seem incapable of aiming properly!

In all a better than usual pub for this chain and I would definitely visit again.

17 Aug 2007 21:31

The Last Post, Loughton

I visited this pub on Thursday, 19 July between 11.20 am and 5.00 pm. First impressions were that it was on the small side and rather cluttered with furniture.

The guest ales on offer were rather limited with the best being 'Old Peculier'. The other 2 were 'Stones' and 'Brew XI'. These 2 were so weak and pretty tasteless that a glass of water would have been preferable! These 2 beers can be bought at �1.39 a pint if you have a voucher from the recently issued JDW advertising newsletter. So obviously the company wanted a very cheap beer so that their profits would not suffer too much!! As well as these the old faithfuls of Abbott, Spitfire, etc were available.

By 1.00 pm the pub was packed with office workers coming in for lunch. I would hate to see this pub on a Friday or Saturday night as there is very little room to move.

The worst part was the gent's toilets. 3 urinals so close together you would be lucky if 2 thin people could use them at the same time. The third one is virtually useless as part of the access to it is blocked by the condom machine. When it's busy I imagine the washbasins must get used!!

According to the manager this is the busiest JDW pub for its size.

Having said all this, the staff were very friendly and pleasant. The food was of a good standard and served quickly.

However, because of its size, lack of room and inadequate toilets I would not venture back.

20 Jul 2007 19:33

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge

I visited this pub to-day. It's become a lot better since it went non-smoking. 4 guest beers on of which one, Itchen Valley's Greenjacket was off - very sour. The staff who all appear to be eastern European did not seem to care and continued to leave the pump handle badge to the front.

This pub caters for tourists as the main coach dropping off point is on the other side of the road and Tower Bridge is the attraction. It was not particularly busy but the food service was quite slow. The food when it arrived was standard JDW's but there were no complaints.

The toilets, as usual are down stairs and then you have to pass through 4 different doors to access the facilities.

This used to be my regular Wetherspoons when I lived across the bridge in Wapping and it appeared to be much better then than it is now. However it is still a good way ahead of many of this chain's other outlets.

7 Jun 2007 23:10

The Rochester Castle, Stoke Newington

Visited this pub last Thursday during the Spring Beer Festival. A very good selection of real ales on and in good condition. Haven't been in here for about 3 years and it had definitely changed. Very much lighter and airy and as far as I am concerned a step forward from the original gloomy atmosphere that used to prevail. Also the food portions were better than usual for a JDW.

5 May 2007 21:42

The George, Croydon

This is a very busy JDW pub close to the main shopping area of Croydon and many offices. Not a bad pub but the range of real ales is the usual suspects plus 2 'guests' only. These are only obtainable at the front bar which currently is in the smoking area, although come 1 July this will disappear. The back bar now appears to open from 12 noon onwards and the beer available is very limited. The gents toilet is down stairs of course and tends to be a bit gloomy.
The other two pubs, as far as I am concerned, the Ship of Fools at West Croydon and the Skylark at South Croydon are preferable.

For a quick pint and a meal whilst out shopping it is adequate.

The service when I was there was n ot super quick but you did not have to wait too long.

1 Feb 2007 21:38

The Picture Palace, Ponders End

This is one of JDW's better conversions of an old cinema. Very light and airy and quite spacious.

Good selection of real ales but not one of the advertised Christmas beers on offer. When the manager was asked about this he thought that they might be delivered on Thursday, 7th or the following Thursday!! (Note to Tim Martin. What is the point of printing a brochure listing about 24 or so beers specially for the December/Christmas period and not one is available).

Pleasant staff, good service and a pleasant pub to visit. A reasonable choice of real ales. Would definitely visit again.

6 Dec 2006 21:53

The Crown, Berkhamsted

This a Wetherspoon's pub. Quite an attractive one with quite a good atmosphere. Not quite your normal run of this chains pubs.

Smallish bar with low ceilings and timbered effect with plenty of seating.
Toilets upstairs as usual!

Fairly quick service at the bar although one of the bar-maids seemed unable to speak! Food provided very quickly although it is the standard JDW menu.

We were here about 2 years ago and it does not seem to have altered much. Not too bad as JDW pubs go.

3 Dec 2006 14:59

The Full House, Hemel Hempstead

Despite the extremely poor reviews of this pub, we decided to visit it never having been there before. We did not witness any punch-ups but without any doubt it is one of the most cheerless, atmosphere-less and uncomfortable pubs we have ever been in!

This was not helped by the slobbish duty manager who thought it was all a bit of a laugh when we queried the poor display of Christmas beers. There was only one available despite a number of unused hand pumps. He gave no reasons for this.

At the time we were there, mid afternoon yesterday, it was reminiscent of break time in Dante's inferno.

This is definitely one pub in the JDW chain to be given a wide berth. It should be renamed 'The Full of Shit House'.

3 Dec 2006 14:31

The Masque Haunt, Old Street

We visited this pub to-day. A typical bog standard Wetherspoons. Reasonable service, fair range of real ales, admittedly not very strong (all under 4.2%) other than the 'Abbott'.

A definite improvement on out last visit about 2 years ago when it was very crappy.

14 Nov 2006 23:19

The Alfred Herring, Palmers Green

I regret having to disagree with most of the previous comments. I visited this pub on Saturday, 4 Novbember and quite honestly thought the atmosphere was funereal. Very dark brown woodwork and seating in the annex. Not helped by the uninspiring carpet mainly black. At the far end of the annex there are tables with large circular lights overhead. Anyone over 5 feet tall has to duck every time they get up!

The real ale range was poor and it can not get much better as there are only 5 or 6 handpumps.

I agree with the comments on the staff. They were on the ball and friendly.

This is one pub I would not visit again.

5 Nov 2006 16:38

The Admiral Byng, Potters Bar

Visited this pub on Saturday, 4 November. I thought it was much better than the usual run of Wetherspoons. Admittedly it was during the day but it struck me as a good example of a 'local' pub.

The range of real ales was limited as they were expecting a delivery following the end of the festival. However, they had some good deals on curries, which we ordered, and the receipt showed 'New Curry Club'.

Staff were quick and efficient. To me, probably not to others who read this, it was enjoyable drinking in here.

5 Nov 2006 16:28

The Cap in Hand, Hook

Haven't been here since it went non-smoking. It's a bright airy pub with good car-parking and just off the main road.
Our visit followed a disappointing one to the 'Coronation Hall' in Surbiton. On entering we were greeted with what looked like a decent display of festival beers. Fullers Discovery, this was off as was the Bishop's Tipple. The latter according to the staff had run out despite the festival only starting that day and it was only 2.45 pm!!! Other than Exmoor Beast and Robinson's Lighthouse all there were was the usual fall back ones. A slight improvement at least they were advertising the festival and a well produced leaflet was available of the festival beers. Another surprise was being able to taste the strongest beer in the list, Thomas Hardy at 11.7%. Brilliant. Overall somewhat disappointing but at least fractionally better than the one in Surbiton

20 Oct 2006 19:51

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

This is a follow up on my previous visit of 20 September last. To-day, 20 October was the first day of Wetherspoons Autumn Beer Festival. There we were expecting some great beers and all we got was 4 rather weak bitters plus all the usual ones, Pedigree, Abbott, Spitfire and Courage Best. As far as this JDW outlet was concerned - what beer festival?? No advertising nor any leaflets to say what was on offer. After 3 pints we left and proceeded to the 'Cap in Hand' at Hook.

20 Oct 2006 19:39

The Angel, Angel, Islington

I visited on Friday 13 October between 1630 and 1930. A typical Wetherspoons. Very busy with a good cross section of customers. The staff incredibly were on the ball and for once the service was excellent. My only complaint is the toilet, as you can guess, it's downstairs and they are steep. This is not helped by one of the hand-rails overlapping and I would have thought that in this age of 'health & safety' not desirable/allowed

14 Oct 2006 15:08

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Very similar to the one at Kingston which is now a Lloyds. It was originally part of a supermarket but to me it's another one of JDW's conversion from a gallery in a coal mine. Dark and gloomy and not very inviting. The bouncers do not help matters as they were obviously not taught manners when they were in captivity at the zoo. It has certainly deteriorated overthe last 2 years or so. Would not visit again.

24 Sep 2006 00:21

The Moon Under Water, Watford


I agree with you I am totally committed to JDW!!! I think the white men in coats are coming to get me soon!!

My friends and I plan a short crawl of up to 3 pubs usually visiting them on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The visits are during the day and we are never there after 8 pm, especially on a Saturday. We go for the selection of real ales as most other non-JDW pubs just do not offer the range. If they do you are looking at up to �1 a pint more. I must admit we have taken to nipping out to McDonalds, Greggs or some other equally unhealthy outlet as Wetherspoon's food is reaching an all time low. It really is a major effort to eat in one of their places these days. In closing I would say we have visited about 150 of their pubs all in the SE of England and London. So as you said we really are beyond redemption.

I don't know. Have you read the latest JDW own trumpet blowing magazine which features some odd character who has visited ALL their outlets. Even we don't aspire to that!

23 Sep 2006 23:41

The Moon Under Water, Watford

I have visited this pub but it obviously made no impression.

As other critics mention, this establishment is down the road from Wetherspoons HQ. You would think it would be a show-piece. I feel that since Tim Martin gave up leading from the front and took a background role, i.e. visiting different pubs most days of the week, the whole JDW ethos has gone backwards. The company is run by a youngish accountant who I very much doubt is much of a beer pub devotee. All he can see is profits and this is helped by the binge drinking antics of the teeny boppers and other associated slapheads. It doesn't matter what the place is like as long as the drink is cheap.

22 Sep 2006 19:50

The Moon Under Water, Milton Keynes

I have never been to this pub but that was on the advice of the manager of the other JDW's. He said you would only go there if you were looking for trouble. Admittedly it was a Saturday afternoon and MK Dons supporters were starting to appear in the pub we were in.

22 Sep 2006 19:43

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

I use this bar reasonably frequently and the large ornate hall that makes up the main area is very attractive. It's the entrance that spoils it and the approach to the toilets. Good real ale selection and the food service for a place of this size is good.

22 Sep 2006 19:30

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

One of JDW's better pubs. Have visited many times although tends to get a trifle busy with tourists at lunch time and towards the end of the month attracts the area's civil servants. They are worth watching to see the ones trying to avoid paying their round! I know I used to be one.

One interesting fact is that they are forbidden to cook chips or so the manager said due to the fact the smell might upset some of the noted local residents!!

22 Sep 2006 19:21

Lord Denman, Dagenham

This is a lousy pub. Wetherspoons tried to off-load it but obviously there were no takers. Visited once found it quite depressing. Would not visit again.

22 Sep 2006 19:16

The Ledger Building, Canary Wharf

This is now a Lloyds No 1. Obviously this fits in better with the customer profile. You fairly well off financial/banking types. I used to like it but in the last few months has deteriorated somewhat. I don't like sitting in rooms that are remote from the bar. It needs a makeover.
not a lover of Lloyds I don't think I will visit again.

22 Sep 2006 19:12

Lady St Helier, Morden

This pub was put on the market some time ago and it obviously did not attract a serious buyer. Surely it's not big enough for a Lidl store?

It's an appalling place with very limited no-smoking area. The gents toilets are situated up 2 very long flights of stairs. This must go back to the days when this was the Odeon cinema and the loos served the circle customers. I understand that Hillary and Tensing Sherpa used these stairs for training purposes prior to their conquering Everest! I definitely would not visit again.

22 Sep 2006 19:04

The Knights Templar, Chancery Lane

It is a nice pub although at one of the recent beer festivals, the manager had not entered into the spirit of things, and the range of beers was extremely limited. I agree with most of the comments but I go to a pub for the beer; the toilets and their appeal are way down the list!

22 Sep 2006 18:59

The Kings Ford, Chingford

Been here once. It seems like a gallery in a converted coal mine. Not very impressed and the beer selection was a bit limited.

22 Sep 2006 18:55

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

Very large pub with a good selection of real ales usually on. Handy for the main line station.

22 Sep 2006 18:45

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

Not bad for Wetherspoons. Tends to get city types in during the week but is fairly quiet at weekends. Good toilets.
Comfortable seats although not a great range of real ale. Staff seem to be above average for JDW's. It's a better alternative to the 'Liberty Bounds' with just a trickle of tourists at most times. Although it's handy for Fenchurch Street station and Tower Hill I am always struck that it is just off the beaten track. Although there are many people living in the area it does not seem to attract the locals.

22 Sep 2006 18:30

The Edmund Halley, Lee

I visited thispub once. First pint was sour, the second nearly passed its sell-by-date. Drank up quickly and left. Would never go back. Definitely at the bottom of the JDW pile.

22 Sep 2006 15:34

The Edward Rayne, Raynes Park

This is a new JDW pub which has been open for 2 weeks. Visited last Tuesday and found it to be quite pleasant. Not their usual brown stained wood or the modern but ghastly minimalist approach. Quite subdued really!

Not a particularly large range of guest ales but managed a pint of one of Burton Bridges products and the usually reliable 'Bombardier'. Although it is brand new most of the stair tread edgings down, as usual, to the toilets were missing. Nice toilets though. I wonder how long this will all last. The pub is totally non-smoking with some seats at the front outside in 2 alcoves for those nicotine addicts. This might be alright on a sunny and warm day but maybe not so hot during the winter especially as it is fairly close to a very busy main road.

21 Sep 2006 20:48

White Lion Of Mortimer, Finsbury Park

Another one of Wetherspoons more depressing pubs. I don't know if they got rid of the hospital green paint that decorated dome of the walls, Would not visit again.

20 Sep 2006 20:17

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

A pub I use occasionally as it is, believe or not, preferable to JDW's other one across the road from the station. It goes from average to bad between Monday to Friday. I find that the only times to drink real ale were on a Monday or Tuesday evening whilst waiting for your train. As the week wears on the real ales run out particulary on Friday night when none are available. I think they are restricted by limited storage space.

20 Sep 2006 20:09

Wetherspoons, Ipswich

I did not know what to make of this pub. I have been in many Wetherspoons pubs but this was totally different. It was firstly a good local pub with very little trace on the inside that it was a JDW one.
One of the best pints of 'Abbott' I have ever had, indeed so good we had 4! Rather scruffy not helped by the building it's part of. Not much in the way of real ale.

20 Sep 2006 19:58

Wetherspoons, Hampstead

I visited once some time ago and thought it was a pretty awful outlet. It obviously hasn't changed as the comments bear out.

20 Sep 2006 19:51

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

Visited once and found it totally lacking in atmosphere, uninteresting and definitely not welcoming. Would not go again.

20 Sep 2006 19:49

Old Gaol House, Winchester

This is a lousy pub. Gloomy atmosphere and uninterested staff. When last visited they only had 'Pedigree' and 'best' on. I agree with all the other comments as to its crapiness. Would never visit again.

20 Sep 2006 19:23

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

A good real ale pub. Runs other festivals outside the main Wetherspoons ones. I visit this on a number of occasions. Otherwise a normal run-of the mill JDW.

20 Sep 2006 19:19

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Visited once and quite honestly never again. Extremely crowded, difficult to get a pint. But what can you expect it's next to Liverpool Street station.

20 Sep 2006 14:25

The Drum, Walthamstow

An excellent real ale pub. Has been rewarded by CAMRA in the past. It is accepted some of the customers look a bit dodgy but that is what the area is like anyway| Good staff and quick service. Unfortunately there is a very limited menu not like any other Wetherspoons I have been in.

20 Sep 2006 14:04

The Crosse Keys, Bank

I visit this pub fairly frequently and it you can stand the city types that frequent the place it is not a bad Wetherspoons. Good selection of real ales and one of the few city pubs that you can get a drink in on Saturday afternoon.

20 Sep 2006 13:58

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

I visited this pub yesterday, 19 September and found it to be not as bad as described. They usually have a good range of real ales and are usually served in good condition. The leather sofas at the top end in the non-smoking area are falling apart. One chair seems to be supported by breeze blocks and the stuffing is coming out of the sofas. No doubt helped by some of their customers. The upstairs non-smoking area is awkward to reach if you want to take up more than 2 drinks. Some form of dumb-waiter would be useful (I am not referring to the staff|). Although the staff seemed to have changed again but the service was efficient.

I and my friends usually visit this pub about once a fortnight and we are quite happy with it.

20 Sep 2006 13:53

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

It is without doubt one of the worst furnished Wetherspoons pubs I have ever been into. The designer should not be allowed to do anymore pubs in this awful style! Admittedly the visit was some months ago but I would not go back again. Quite depressing as it made you finish your pint as quickly as possible to get out.

20 Sep 2006 13:43

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