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The Olive Branch, Horsham

Having only recently changed hands, my wife and I decided to go for a meal here to celebrate her going on maternity leave.

What can I say, the food has certainly improved, no doubt due to the new management and chef having migrated across from a well known local hotel. Despite only taking over a couple of weeks before we went there, the service was very well organised and attentive, though not so much as to be over powering.
The food was well presented overall, the bread board starter containing a good selection of breads, though it would have been nicer to have the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar seperate, not mixed together in one pot, a personal view perhaps.
My wifes main course was a delight on the eye, salmon fillet cooked to perfection (in her view) served with asparagus and baby carrots. My main, a dish of tortellini with Sun dried tomatoes tasted very nice, along with the half garlic ciabatta. For dessert, a word of caution, if the manager offers you Tira Misu, beware, it is VERY rich, though enjoyable none the less ;)

Overall the night cost just over 50 for the two of us, money well spent.

If your looking for a good night out, in a warm and welcoming environment, with food that looks and taste the part, we both highly recommend this place, much changed from its previous incarnations under H+W.

29 Feb 2012 22:34

The Olive Branch, Horsham

Lets be honest though, the name may change, but everyone will still know it as The Green Dragon. They changed the name of the local nightclub to 'The Chameleon Bar' however everyone i talk to still calls it Shelleys, yet another good example of a local name....

1 Jun 2010 21:02

The Olive Branch, Horsham

Farewell to the Green Dragon, soon to return as The Olive Branch....

31 Mar 2010 23:51

The White Hart Inn, Ufton

Stopped off here on the way back from the International Living History Fair at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. Rather quiet on Sunday, just us and a couple of others, but a decent meal served with good service.

3 Nov 2008 18:33

The Red Lion Coaching Inn, Ellesmere

Came here whilst on our trip down the Llangollen Canal, marvelous food, and portion sizes that blew us away. Definately coming back!

26 Oct 2008 23:15

Bridge Inn, Chirk

Whilst travelling on the Llangollen Canal, my new wife and I decided to moor at bridge 21 for the evening and enjoy some food here for dinner. Regrettably they didn't do food on tuesdays and thus we had to trudge all the way to chirk and back for our evening meal. Please, food 7days a week.

26 Oct 2008 23:13

The Olive Branch, Horsham

Toilets are now clean and presentable, and the flat screen in the bar area is a welcome addition.
It is good to see that the manageress has seen the error of her ways an introduced a cheaper menu after the ridiculously expensive gourmet one was shunned by customers to go to the Lynd next door.

They are now toying with Live music on a Friday, this went down very well with all concerned, keep up the good work there.

4 Jun 2007 22:12

The Lynd Cross, Horsham

I had grown to like this pub after my previous comments, however, the last two weeks have again, sadly given me cause for complaint.

Standing by the bar, it became evident that they were short staffed, and having had my order taken by someone who seemed to be the manager, i gladly waited for my drinks to be poured. Nothing to over the top, an Archers and lemonade, and an Abbot.
When the manager disappears, i assumed it was to go and get another bottle of Archers, when in fact, no the manager had gone to deal with a complete different issue, with the drainage system.

On returning 10minutes later, my drink was finished. Not the kind of service you expect.

Further to that, i saw the manager answer his mobile, have a conversation and serve customers twice. That is not the way to create a good impression.....

4 Jun 2007 13:37

Bar Vin, Horsham

This is the only pub in Horsham i physically avoid, it would be a fantastic place were it not for the seemingly constant need to shoehorn people in so it is practically impossible to move to the bar.

9 Mar 2007 21:50

The Olive Branch, Horsham

Why is it everyone that slates this pub refuses to put there name by what they've written? For goodness sake if you've got something to say, be proud of it.

Incidentally, the manager was not sacked, HDC decided that they no longer wanted him as DPS and so he has been moved to another pub with Hall and Woodhouse. A better paid one as i'm lead to believe.

With the new landlady in place the pub seems to have become rather quiet, Kareoke, a night once packed in both the lounge and the bar, now seems to be very slow for trade, Fridays are also rather quiet. Saturdays have now taken a turn where trade arrives at around 9pm and bubbles along until 12 when most leave for Shelleys (the local latenight bar).

Overall i still feel the Green Dragon is a nice pub to come to, with good food and a pleasant atmosphere. To say that it is disgusting and that Hall and Woodhouse should get rid of it is frankly ludicrous.

18 Oct 2006 12:29

The Crown, Horsham

What can i say, this COULD be the best pub in Horsham, it has the best location in the middle of town, a good sized drinking area and a decent enough kitchen, however the refurbishment would take more money than the brewery want to spend.

Needs a new landlord, new doorstaff and a few days to bar every dodgey character in Horsham before getting in a fresh customer base.

7 Jun 2006 12:41

The Olive Branch, Horsham

It is remarkable to note that those slating this pub, seem all to be anonymous.....
This pub has been my local haunt for the best part of two years now, and as such i find very little wrong with it. Whilst there is a limit selection of beer on offer, what must be remembered is that this is an independant public house run by an independant brewery so unlike 'spoons or other national chains wont have such a broad selection.

The selection of entertainment in the pub is also quite good, with Kareoke and quiz night being personal favorites. I look forward to the world cup with all the football on the two rather large projecion screens they have. And, unlike 'spoons there has been no mention of banning the St George Cross.........

Bar staff are friendly though wont take any crap from the public, the same for the doorstaff. It is also good to see women working the door as well as men.

7 Jun 2006 12:30

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