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Comments by whiskeychaser82

The Marquis of Granby, New Cross

cheap good guinness, good selection of old school bar snacks, pool table and amusing jukebox. dodgy casually racist locals.

18 Feb 2010 13:26

Royal Albert, New Cross

damn fine if expensive roast. nice too see some plaintain on the menu too! alright selection of interesting(ish) beers but also too pricey. the layout of this place still throws me...the bar bit feels all wrong and i just cant quite relax. staff are nice although on a few early evening visits they seem to be hiding in the cellar for a while! here for food, marquis for football, amersham for a good night out.

18 Feb 2010 13:24

The Walpole Arms, New Cross

really not very nice. went in to watch some football and it was full of smelly man-children. cheap beer and newcastle brown ale helps but the shifty manager/owner doesnt. heard he might of gone so maybe it'll be useable eventually

18 Feb 2010 13:19

The Amersham Arms, New Cross

hmm getting there. this place is getting some of its original buzz back and its obvious a bit of efforts going into trying to get it going again - probably in time for the east london line. the last few thursdays ive been have been rammed with stuff going on in the back, upstairs gallery bit and im pretty sure i saw a piano in the front recently. foods still reasonably priced, pretty good but uninspiring pub grub - roasts are getting better, beers pricey, cocktails nice enough but a bit slow. a few new nice girls behind the bar always helps too! popped my head in the back last saturday and it was full of the trendy kids getting pissed and dancing (ironically?) that used to overrun this place. fridays however are still a bit too chavvy for me.

18 Feb 2010 13:16

The Amersham Arms, New Cross

i keep on hearing various rumours about this place. either itsis being sold or theres a roof terrace on the way and a return of live music!! im all for live music and roof terrace. by no means the best pub in town, having a half decent music venue in new x was well good. also i (and i reckon most of new cross) need an alternative to another summer in the hobs beer garden, especially with a 'bbq summer' on the way.

5 May 2009 17:26

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