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Comments by vladtheimbiber

The Beer House, Sheffield

It's hard to compare this excellent establishment with a typical British pub as it's more comparable with a continental bar. However, it has six well kept real ales on draught, friendly staff, civilised punters, no music, fruit machines or food and that scores 100% with me. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon here and I will return as soon and as often as I can. Best of luck with the venture.

16 Feb 2015 19:40

Victoria Hotel, Sheffield

Popped in for a quick one only to find that there are no real ales on board, which was very disappointing as the barmaid was very friendly and the decor, whilst dated looked very comfortable especially the long curved bench in the bay window. I was advised to try the Brothers Arms nearby which was excellent.

7 Feb 2015 15:01

Mount Pleasant, Sheffield

I've been meaning to visit this wonderfully preserved old style English boozer for some time and I found it to be the quietest, most tranquil pub I’ve ever been in even though there were others drinking. No muzak, pool or fruit machines - nice!

I’ve been in pubs where I was the only customer which were much livelier but what’s not to like about that? - long may it remain so.

The pub only has two rooms which is a very pleasant change from the open plan style of so many pubs these days. Friendly, knowledgeable landlord and staff make this a calm retreat for anyone just wishing to while way an hour or two.

Definitely a place to return to.

15 Jun 2014 19:21

Strines Inn, Bradfield

I've not been in this wonderful old pub for some years mainly due to the complacent attitude of the staff, but on this unexpectedly pleasant evening I decided to pop in for a couple. Well, the couple turned into a session for precisely the opposite reason previously mentioned. The young serving staff were very welcoming and genuinely seemed to care about the beers even to the point of of bringing my pints to my table after they had settled and then been topped up; a complete turn around from before. The management should take note of this and try to retain these young staff members who together display a level of professionalism way beyond their years.

7 Jun 2014 18:23

The Brown Bear, Sheffield

This is a great value, beautifully restored Victorian city centre boozer.

The only downside IMO is that it's exclusively Sam Smiths but that's OK by me (wouldn't suit everyone of course). At least it's not run by a pubco. Sam Smiths are uniquely independent and long may it remain so.

As to the comments re: clientele - it depends what time of the day you go in. I've certainly been entertained midday by the various drunks, but generally it's pensioners ekeing out their income in a very friendly, cosy little pub the like of which is just too uncommon these days. Evenings are in my experience very civilised at least pre-theatre. Whatever, I've never been troubled by anyone here.

I always pop in when in Sheffield.

12 Sep 2013 20:13

The Anglers Rest, Bamford

Popped in whilst passing and heard that the villagers of Bamford had acquired the pub and hope to run it as a FREE HOUSE for the benefit of the community. This is a real turn up in the pub's fortunes as it had been running down for a while and I can't remember the last time I had a meal here, as food has not been available for what seems like years.
Surely things can only get better now that the pubco that ran it is longer bleeding the life out of the place.

7 Sep 2013 13:25

The Lescar Hotel / Hunters Bar, Sheffield

Good pub with a great range of cask beers to suit all tastes but expensive! – a pint and a glassful of peanuts was £5.79, a very dear way of buying nuts which I will avoid in future. This practice is becoming increasingly commonplace with little choice.

10 May 2013 18:12

The Maynard, Grindleford

If you're thinking of getting hitched go here - if u just want a drink don't.

5 May 2013 17:31

The Sheaf View, Heeley

It's hard to fault this wonderful, characterful pub except that I don't live closer!

It's everything you'd expect from a free house - individual interior decor, good atmosphere, friendly staff, but above all a great range of beers at very reasonable prices.

When it comes to sheer enjoyment pubco's and gastro's just can't compete with this type of pub.

21 Apr 2013 19:36

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Terrific old Victorian pub largely unchanged. Wide range of cask ales in superb condition. Can't wait for another excuse to revisit.

15 Apr 2013 17:10

The York, Sheffield

It's been totally refurbished in what, I must agree is a very pretentious style for what was once just a good old traditional pub. But the service was friendly and the one ale I had was very well kept.

9 Apr 2013 11:02

The Fox and Duck, Broomhill

Visited for the first time last night and will definitely go back to this no-nonsense, good value lively pub. A wide range of cask ales were all (apparently according to my colleagues) well kept.

9 Apr 2013 10:59

The Ladybower Inn, Bamford

It's food based but at least the prices are reasonable and I didn't feel edged out by the diners. Friendly service and a good choice of ales, the bar area is comfortable for a pint or two but not for a session.

1 Mar 2013 20:43

The Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Bamford

Beers pricey? You can say that again - at least 80p above the The Ladybower Inn for the same pint of Farmers Blonde. It's been said before by others on this site and so I'll say it again - very overrated and essentially a RESTAURANT that just happens to sell beer. Don't bother when the Ladybower of the Anglers are so nearby. Not the pub that I used to know.

1 Mar 2013 20:40

The Bulls Head, Foolow

Surely you mean the Bulls Head at WARDLOW a couple of miles away which has been closed for well over 10 years.

1 Mar 2013 09:16

The Rutland Arms, Sheffield

A good trad boozer with a friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. A varied selection of ales in good condition. I always pop in when waiting for a train.

28 Nov 2012 18:39

Red Lion, Sheffield

Popped in for a quick one and was not disappointed.
Wish I could have stayed longer.

22 Nov 2012 19:29

The Old Queens Head, Sheffield

Yes, the exterior belies the blandness of the interior.
The beer was OK but no more than that.

22 Nov 2012 19:26

Dog and Partridge, Sheffield

Hi rpf1955,

just to get the record straight - are you sure you are referring to the right pub?

You seem to be describing The Grapes about 50 yards along the road which definitely does have a JFK room. The D & P doesn't and is "modernised", certainly not worn out.

I went in today and it was OK but only one ale on tap, so personally I prefer The Grapes.

14 Nov 2012 20:00

Quiet Woman, Earl Sterndale

At last I've been passing when this great little pub is open, so in we went. Most times it's shut but that's down to me. I can't fault it what with the well lived in atmosphere, real fire, good beer (Jennings Mild), famous pork pies - I could go on and on.The landlord was perfectly friendly as were the locals and we'll definitely go back asap.

11 Nov 2012 16:16

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

A wonderful traditional old pub with a excellent beers at sensible prices - the "Idle Guy" was superb. Very friendly atmosphere enhanced by a real fire. What more could you want except to have it on your own doorstep.

5 Nov 2012 10:38

The Ship Inn, Sheffield

Whitbymick - you are dead right in your assessment.

Great old boozer - nothing more to add.

30 Sep 2012 16:24

The Old Hall Inn, Hope

You are pretty much right about all of that GeofB.
Personally I quite like the Old Hall, but with regard to the uniformity which is rife with Peak District pubs the blame lies firmly with the pubco's.
There's no doubt that popping out for a quick couple is no longer an option for most people if 5-7 barely wets the sides.

17 Sep 2012 14:32

The Waggon and Horses, Langsett

Further to my previous post - the beer was served in a traditional glass tankard which is infinitely preferable to a glass.

Apparently they have always offered tankards and long may they do so!

9 Sep 2012 20:11

The Waggon and Horses, Langsett

Just adding to the remarks of Paulaner.

This is a very friendly old style pub with well kept beers and a warm atmosphere. The garden is very pretty and offers a wonderful view over the reservoir.

I will definitely go back.

9 Sep 2012 20:08

The Royal Hotel, Dungworth

A really nice little out-of-the-way pub selling the full range of Bradfields ales. Good atmosphere in three distinctly separate cosily decorated bar areas. Friendly staff and what looks like tasty value for money food but I didn't have time to try the menu. Maybe next time - I definitely will be going back.

30 Jul 2012 21:02

The Old Clubhouse, Buxton

We had a few in here and had a very pleasant time with a nice few pints of Wainwright. Not sure about the food as we didn't order as meal but the other diners looked happy enough.

22 Jul 2012 19:02

The Kings Head, Buxton

Some good beers on the bar. Nice atmosphere in a fairly well preserved Victorian pub. Long may it remain so.

22 Jul 2012 19:00

The Eagle Hotel, Buxton

Tim Taylor good. Dark forbidding atmosphere. All pervading stench of blocked drains.

22 Jul 2012 18:59

The Sun Inn, Buxton

Well, it looks like a really nice pub, full of character etc etc. but the one barmaid on duty seemed oblivious to our presence. We walked around the entire pub trying to attract her attention but we might as well have been invisible. Who ever manages this pub should take note if he wishes to actually sell any beer. We went to the Cheese a few yards up and had a real good session.

By the way we went in at 13:30 ish Sunday July 2nd. 2012

22 Jul 2012 18:57

Nags Head, Sheffield

I've only just discovered this pub as I don't pass this way often, but I'm very pleased to say that it's a real pub where the emphasis is on good beer which is also good value, convivial company and a comfortable atmosphere.

The absence of the "Pubco influence" is immediately tangible and that's a really good feeling. All the cask ales are from the nearby Bradfield Brewery but what's not to like about that?

It's very well frequented by a mixed crowd and this says a lot in my book. I keep trying to think of excuses to visit this great little pub.

11 Jul 2012 17:13

The George and Dragon, Much Wenlock

I popped in here for a quick one on a visit to the area and had a very nice pint of Doom Bar

It's a real, proper pub. Very old and a bit knocked about but all the better for it. Food is available but it's definitely not gastro thank God.

This is the way pubs were meant to be and long may it remain so.

15 Jun 2012 18:14

The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield

It was raining so I rushed in here. I'd been told it was now a "music pub" and that would have put me off, but when I the strains of "The Soft Parade" by The Doors came on the jukebox I knew it would be OK.

There's a good selection of ales to suit all tastes and I was impressed with the food, service and overall value especially when you consider that it's a city centre pub.

23 Apr 2012 20:02

The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope

Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for leaving the wrong review over the weekend. I've rectified this with BITE and I hope it's not done any permanent harm to what is one of the few remaining genuine Peak District pubs where I've always received a warm welcome along with a decent, good value pint with food and service to match.

I'll definitely be back when in the area as I have been doing for the last 30 years.

23 Apr 2012 16:57

The Plough Inn, Hathersage

Popped in the other day enticed by the sign which read "Free House" expecting to find myself in a pub (remember those?) only to find a restaurant with a small uncomfortable pew for drinkers.

With beer at 3.50 a pint and a bag of nuts at 1 I felt I'd been had. Fortunately my missus wasn't with me as a glass of wine would have broken the bank.

23 Apr 2012 09:04

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