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The Sun, Windlesham

nothing changed from my previous comment, don't like pubs where you can't see in, bit of a lottery walking in through the door not knowing what you are going to meet. Either a friendly landlord or several pairs of local eyes glaring at you suspiciously.

29 May 2013 13:19

The Half Moon, Windlesham

2 pints and a coke cost about a tenner, yes expensive but nothing stopping people buying a 4 pack and a bottle of coke at the supermarket and sitting in their garden for half the price. Still I don't suppose that's the point is it.

29 May 2013 13:17

The Surrey Cricketers, Windlesham

nice place been revamped with new signage and paint. Skittle alley good fun, bit pricey but it is windlesham, pleasant all round

29 May 2013 13:14

The Red Lion, Lightwater

started coming in here again on weekedays, it is my local after all having lived in lightwater for 10 years and never really used it. Friendly staff and the usual selection of locals propping up the bar area day by day. Nice garden, good spacious smoking area, prices ok about £3.65 a pint, good bar snacks as well!! bacon fries anyone!

29 May 2013 13:12

RSVP, Camberley

very good prices, they put on local ales which they change each month, given a sample and then had a pint, £1.99!! bargain! usual j smith on tap which cost about £2.50 and carling for the gas bubble beer lovers at about £2 and something, very good prices really for Surrey..

28 May 2013 13:23

RSVP, Camberley

very good prices, they put on local ales which they change each month, given a sample and then had a pint, £1.99!! bargain! usual j smith on tap which cost about £2.50 and carling for the gas bubble beer lovers at about £2 and something, very good prices really for Surrey..

28 May 2013 13:23

The Wheatsheaf, Virginia Water

frequenting again after a couple of year break. The friendly Asian woman still there, but the middlesborough lad now gone who I used to talk football with. Wonder what he's doing now. Prices ok, different ale on tap and you get a sample aswell first. Black Sheep, Doombar et al available, pleasant enough

28 May 2013 13:19

Boundary, Staines

Was refused service for wearing jogging bottoms (i had been up on site in London).
The thing was, was that the place was absolutely empty, and they had not been open long, so you would have thought they would have been glad of the business, so I went to the Town Hall to spend my hard earned cash instead.
Been since, bar staff can be rubbish, busy talking.
Prices ok, much of a muchness really, nothing great about it.

18 Oct 2007 18:15

The Hand and Spear, Weybridge

went a few months back, ok yeah, quite pricey, pleasant enough

18 Oct 2007 18:07

The Holly Tree, Addlestone

ok, good place to have an ale and watch the footy results come in on a saturday afternoon

11 Oct 2007 17:59

The George, Addlestone

i like this place, proper traditional, all dark wood and furry bar mats, prices ok, same locals in all the time and seem nice enough. nice building, nice history, good local, a rough diamond!!!

11 Oct 2007 17:56

The Kings Arms (Hungry Horse), Bagshot

reading the reviews i was once going to pop in when i was in Bagshot but never did, now reading the comments below i never will, thanks for the warnings!!

11 Oct 2007 17:51

The Three Mariners, Bagshot

ok, met a few locals pleasent enough, traditional layout

11 Oct 2007 17:46

The Rose and Thistle, Frimley Green

ok, good selection of weird and wonderful beers from the four corners of the globe

10 Oct 2007 18:36

Ye Olde White Hart, Frimley

found it good, good local, has footy, bar staff nice. yeah good all rounder

10 Oct 2007 18:32

The Royal Standard, Camberley

if your not local, watch it!

10 Oct 2007 18:30

Que Pasa, Camberley

went on friday night a few months ago, great time, enjoyed it more than i thought i would

10 Oct 2007 18:29

The Goose, Camberley

like the claud du vall with the mixture of people, yeah watch your back, or you will find a dart in it.
do some good deals with the beer though, had one on bottles of kroneneburg when i went, but that was some time ago

10 Oct 2007 18:28

The Square Bar, Camberley

went in as the forresters, and my mate was started on.
went in as the square bar and found it a bit lifeless and expensive, although did meet a nice young girl dressed as a cheerleader so that was a bonus!

10 Oct 2007 18:26

The Claude Du Vall, Camberley

standard weatherspoons, absolutely busting at the seams on friday nights, cue is 10 deep, toke 25 mins to get served. should not have bothered.
usual mixture of locals as you see in all town centre weatherspoons, chavs,council,business,students and nutters

10 Oct 2007 18:24

RSVP, Camberley

serve heineken the strong kind on tap, and amstell.
ok place, ok selection, bar staff ok, pleasent enough

10 Oct 2007 18:21

The Phoenix, Staines

went in before revamp. full of chippies and navvys. felt out of place, ordered, drunk up and left! bit intimidated

10 Oct 2007 18:20

The Hobgoblin, Staines

went in on a thursday because of live music. real mix of cultures. you had bikers, goths, students, OAPS, businessmen and ordinary joes like myself. v. busy but no trouble. although i can imagine it has seen its fair share

10 Oct 2007 18:18

The Kings Head, Chertsey

v. local drink up drink up!

9 Oct 2007 19:09

The Prince Regent, Chertsey

ok, v. local but i avoided trouble

9 Oct 2007 19:09

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

i like it, spacious although it can be a bit locally sometimes in some corners of the pub, but not too bad.

9 Oct 2007 19:08

The Boat House, Chertsey

nice location but i find it sterile and like sitting in a waiting room. no..well...vibe to the place. everyone is v. pleasant though

9 Oct 2007 19:06

The Shepherd and Flock, Shepherds Bush

went there ten years ago, had tetleys, yeah proper irish pub, it was quiet when i went in (i was up there doing a course at the college on goldhawk road).
irish guy behind the bar, smart shirt and tie, a dark wood, smelt a bit stale, v.quiet and tranquille, thoroughly enjoyed myself, although i could imagine it had some unsavoury characters in the evening times!

9 Oct 2007 19:04

The Monkey's Forehead, Egham

walked in thinking i had stepped into strodes college, pleasant enough though, if uneventful

9 Oct 2007 18:59

The Red Lion, Egham

students yes, went once at lunchtime for a quick snifter between work, generally forgettable

9 Oct 2007 18:58

The Rose and Crown, Thorpe Green

ok yeah go on fridays after work.
pleasent bar staff, served reasonably quick, never eaten there but looks ok, plenty of space outside, nice historical features and past background.
men toilets the size of a shoebox but hey ho.
decent rannge of ales!

9 Oct 2007 18:56

The Red Lion, Thorpe

what did they do to it, karen the old geordie landlady was great! a proper old local, you know rough around the edges and all that. but because i used to go in every night after work you became one of the family! and now... chainsville.... plastic menus, pool table and dart board gone, the atmosphere has dwindelled, been in a few times recently, i feel the life has been sucked out of the place somewhat.. a shame

9 Oct 2007 18:52

The White Lion, Egham

mm yes, real local, went once, probably not again, watch your back for the flying pint glass!

9 Oct 2007 18:49

The Surrey Cricketers, Windlesham

ok yeah, been a few times, not often, seemed pleasent enough, do they have the skittle alley??

9 Oct 2007 18:47

The Sun, Windlesham

i agree with the locals staring as you enter, although i was with a mate who knew a few so i was ok!

9 Oct 2007 18:46

The Hogshead, Leicester Square

when i went it was still the hogshead and did a deal of 4 pints of stella for a tenner!
haven't been since though, and that deal probably finished pretty quick!

9 Oct 2007 18:40

The Green Man, Great Portland Street

been two or three times when up in london around that area. i found it ok actually, although yes the staff can be a bit slow on the uptake.
generally ok though, didn't eat there luckily from reading some of the comments!

9 Oct 2007 18:38

The Oatland Chaser, Walton on Thames

started going recently. quite nice, never been before until a mate took us there. been a few times since.
best thing is that they do Timothy Taylor and Amstell on tap, V. good!!

9 Oct 2007 18:33

The Slug and Lettuce, Weybridge

ok, pricey but it is weybridge, as with all chains i found a certain lack of vibe, but bar staff friendly enough. ok i s'ppose

9 Oct 2007 18:29

The Flintgate, Weybridge

love this place, go whenever i can on the weekends, friendly bar staff and a good atmos. traditional but not, if you know what i mean. has the traditional local feel, but has all the sky sports and what not modern stuff to boot. all in all a good old pub to go for a few jars in!

9 Oct 2007 18:28

The Tradesmans Arms, Cove

never been and never will, a guy i worked with used to go there regular. he deliberately wore a spurs shirt when there were chelsea fans in, just for the crack of it. still he was a bit twisted.
apparently had a couple of alcoholic scotsmen who used to hurl abuse at him also, he loved it (strange boy)

9 Oct 2007 18:26

The Thatched Cottage, Farnborough

always had affection for this place, haven't been since new landlady toke over.
bit rough and ready when i went but it had a charm if you became familiar to the surroundings and locals. used to do the quiz on sundays, good fun.
food was good, with the matronly large old woman cooking everything herself behind the lit up counter in the corner!
have a great deal of good memories in the place, haven't been for a while, must go again! PROPER PUB!!

9 Oct 2007 18:23

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

love love love this place, real tradition, claustraphobic but not in a scary way! went on a friday night and the place was buzzing with atmosphere, brilliant!

9 Oct 2007 18:16

The Wheatsheaf, Virginia Water

like this place, quite and peaceful, nice staff, all foreign and cheery. Price good i thought for j.smiths 2.56. Not enough bar snacks though!!

9 Oct 2007 18:15

The Wheatsheaf and Pigeon, Staines

nice tradition style place, bit rough and ready, i liked it!

9 Oct 2007 18:13

Que Pasa, Staines

sterile, emotionally draining, i always feel tired after being there, like they pump carbon dioxide in through the vents!
bar staff ok but a bit thick and slow!
generally forgettable

9 Oct 2007 18:03

The Old Red Lion, Staines

ok yes went once, friendly enough, bit locally but what do you expect with its location

9 Oct 2007 18:02

The George, Staines

no atmos. v. chavvy and navvy, could easily get set upon by a 60 year old arm wrestler with leather skin and tattoos!

9 Oct 2007 17:58

Baroosh, Staines

found it VERY EXPENSIVE and strangely lifeless and sterile, maybe it was just me!

9 Oct 2007 17:55

The Anglers Retreat, Staines

quite nice atmos. VERY busy on weekends, menu selection ok, lots of room outside for seating. i used to go to this place when it was the lucan arms, and it has changed quite a bit!

9 Oct 2007 17:54

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