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BITE user comments - trebor6

Comments by trebor6

The Red Lion, Kings Heath

Friendly, welcoming, the beer is always superb and the staff are perfect. If only everywhere was like this!

13 Apr 2012 23:30

The Jewellers Arms, Hockley

Traditional - yes. Landlord a bit grump - yes. Beer nice - usually. Carpet sticky - oh yes!

13 Apr 2012 23:28

The Brown Lion, Birmingham

I think this is supposed to be someone'd hobby rather than their business. If it is then I suggest they find a new hobby, dreadul place.

13 Apr 2012 23:27

Red Lion, Hockley

I'd have to agree with the "unfriendly staff" comment earlier. The person who thinks the place is clean must have visited with their guide dog though!

13 Apr 2012 23:25

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

Service is terribly slow and beer is extremly cold when you finally get it. Noisy alot of the time. Can become uncomfortable when its busy.

13 Apr 2012 23:23

The Rectory, Birmingham

Smart venue and lively at weekends. Now has real aleas well as a variety of bottles so its worth a visit. Its not the cheapest of places but the beer and the staff are good so you do get what you pay for.

13 Apr 2012 23:21

The Queens Arms, Birmingham

My favourite pub in the area. Nice relaxed atmosphere even when its busy. Generally three or four ales on at a time and all kept really well. Display the cask mark sign too which shows they know what they're doing. Food is good too.

13 Apr 2012 23:17

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

always a nice range of beers at the OCs, all generally kept very well. The place is comfortable and well decorated. Can get busy with the suits. Not bad prices for the area

13 Apr 2012 23:15

The Old Royal, Birmingham

great character, a long time favourite of mine. Like other people have said before though, it may be best to avoid it when its got sport on the telly!

13 Apr 2012 23:13

Metro Bar and Grill, Birmingham

very nice bar, trendy and modern, not a great choice of beers though, had to have a bottle!

13 Apr 2012 23:04

The Vaults Bar and Restaurant, Birmingham

decidedly dodgy beer - possibly the worst pint i've refused to drink!

13 Apr 2012 23:03

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Lost alot of character on its last refurb - now just a big pub co feel

13 Apr 2012 23:01

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