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Comments by trapperjohn

Red Lion Hotel, Pembury

Good pub with a reasonable pint of real ale

16 Aug 2010 22:13

The Pembrey Inn, Pembrey

Stayed there for a couple of days whilst visiting Ffos Las Races.

Very welcoming, locals and beer great.

16 Aug 2010 22:12

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

Now reopened as a real ale pub, with 6 hand pumps. Landlord and landlady of Old Isaacs at the helm

29 Mar 2010 21:21

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

Rumour has it the building has been purchased by Allgates Brewery and will reopen as a real ale pub!

3 Feb 2010 22:08

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

Now shut - no signs of life

26 Oct 2009 21:49

The Eddington Arms, Hindley

Used to be fantastic years ago when they brewed their own Savages Head.

Still worth a visit if you like holts

18 Jul 2009 15:25

Hare and Hounds, Wigan

Allgates pub with a range of their beers available.

TV showing sports though not intrusive, if in the area worth a visit.

Best in Hindley as Eddington is an 'acquired taste' in Holts

18 Jul 2009 15:24

The Old Black Bull, Preston

Great choice of interesting real ales, a little short staffed to cope on my visit

17 Jul 2009 19:10

The Fox and Grapes, Preston

Good real ale choice, friendly big house dog!

A bit tatty, but aren't pubs supposed to be

17 Jul 2009 19:08

The Angel Hotel, Preston

3 micro real ales on in my visit.

Over refurbished, but still worth a visit

17 Jul 2009 18:54

The Sands, Grange over Sands

Of the 2 pubs in Grange the only one to sell real ale, with a selection of 3 on my visit.

All were micro's.

Shared premises with a Chinese, very Phoenix Nights!!

Worth a visit.

17 Jul 2009 17:14

Pig and Whistle, Cartmel

The first pub you come to from Grange on your way into Cartmel, with a selection of real ales all Robinson / Hartleys.

Real ale OK

Pushing food, but still good service at the bar.

17 Jul 2009 17:13

The Royal Oak Inn, Cartmel

Close to Cartmel racecourse, with a good selection of real ales - including local micro's.

Large Beer Garden to rear.

Has an outdoor BBQ and bar on racedays.

17 Jul 2009 17:05

The Cavendish Arms, Cartmel

The closest pub to Cartmel racecourse, with a good selection of real ales - be it a little predictable.

Pushing food, but still good service at the bar.

17 Jul 2009 17:04

George and Dragon, Tyldesley

no real ale

9 Jul 2009 22:33

The Station Sports Bar, Appley Bridge

Dont be put off by Sports bar - normally three real ales on!

5 Jul 2009 13:00

Star Inn, Roby Mill

A pub trying to be a restaurant.

Two real ale pumps though only one available that was Bombardier - which was surprisingly good!

5 Jul 2009 12:56

The Fox Inn, Roby Mill

Three real ales including 2 from local prospect brewery when I was there.

Reasonably priced food.

5 Jul 2009 12:55

Odd Bar, Manchester

One real ale served in this typically N/4 Bohemian Style Bar.

Of course with one pump this may mean times when not available.

Can get very busy weekends, bouncer may prevent entry from male groups.

17 Jun 2009 13:00

Micro Bar, Manchester

Recently reopened at least 3 real ales, from Micro Breweries.

Very strange having a little bar in a foodmarket, which of course limits it's hours to their trading hours.

17 Jun 2009 12:55

Albion, Warrington

Lovely atmosphere, lots of choice of primarily micro real ale.

A must visit

25 May 2009 12:57

Old Isaacs, Atherton

Live music at weekends and a selection of real ale - lock ins a plenty!!!!!

29 Mar 2009 23:54

Atherton Arms, Atherton

Beer on the downgrade

29 Mar 2009 23:53

The Borough Arms, Crewe

One word - excellent in every respect (isn't that four?)

29 Mar 2009 23:47

The Tollemache arms, Alpraham

Great situation if your going to the Point To Point - three real ales, a very welcoming venue

29 Mar 2009 23:46

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Inn, Castleton

A good choice of ales, well served.

23 Mar 2009 13:03

The George Hotel, Castleton

Again, a jolly good pint had, but a little expensive

23 Mar 2009 13:03

The Castle Hotel, Hope Valley

An excellent pint of Doom Bar on Saturday (better than in Cornwall!).

A bit expensive, but understandable given the seasonal considerations

23 Mar 2009 13:02

Bulls Head Hotel, Castleton

A little sanitised but was a good pint if a little cold.

23 Mar 2009 13:01

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

To say this is a late bar is an understatement - 3am during the week and 6am at weekends?

Always get a good real ale here, and reasonable food.

This is an 'original' pub that you either love or loathe, everyone must try this place at least once...

8 Feb 2009 11:22

Crooke Hall Inn, Standish Lower Ground

Good selection of Allgates Real Ales, about 15 minutes from Gathurst Station, via the canal.

Lively atmosphere with Setanta Sports.

8 Feb 2009 10:57

The Litten Tree, Leigh

No real ale, and frequently lacking in bar staff

19 Jan 2009 13:08

Our House, Leigh

No real ale, so went for Guinness which was pricey and poor

4 Jan 2009 15:48

Beechams Bar and Brewery, St Helens

Good value well kept beer.

The place is a little clinical. A bit like drinking in an A&E Dept?

23 Nov 2008 18:33

The Turks Head, St Helens

Awesome. Great selection of beer, very well kept - served in oversize glasses!

23 Nov 2008 18:31

Anvil, Wigan

A great pub with excellent choice.

Used to just sell very light real ales only, but a greater choice beginning to appear.

23 Oct 2008 22:14

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Difficult to think of a city centre pub better than this.

An essential pub to visit, with great choice and relaxed atmosphere.

Normally get a sit down if on a long all day crawl.

23 Oct 2008 22:08

Flag Inn, Bromley Cross

Loads of real ale choice and a very pleasant pub.

Live sports also if thats your thing.

23 Oct 2008 22:06

Atherton Arms, Atherton

Large Holts pub, former Labour Club.

A good place to watch sports, and ale is acceptable.

24 Aug 2008 19:01

The Lion Inn (Little Lion), Atherton

Went in for a pint the other week but did not have any cask ales - so walked out.

24 Aug 2008 18:59

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

Now reopened after refurbishment.

Has real ale pumps which are never used - so I don't go in!

24 Aug 2008 18:57

The Kings Arms Hotel, Ulverston

A good selection of Jennings Beers await you.

Could do with a tasteful refurbishment and a little more attention to the beer.

Still worth a visit.

24 Jul 2008 14:06

The Swan Inn, Ulverston

A gret pub, with a good selection of real ales. If any criticism it is that they are in the main similar pale beers.

24 Jul 2008 14:05

The Musketeer, Leigh

Guess who was in last time I went...Answer, Me!!!

Zero Atmosphere and Zero Customers, this is what happens when Punch make popular pub landlords pay more rent when they become successful.

7 Jun 2008 15:37

The Brown Cow, Bury

Based in Burrs Country Park and next to an Outward Bound / Campsite, this Real Ale Pub offers affordable food with views of Steam Trains as they whistle by on the East Lancs Line. Definitely worth a visit.

28 May 2008 13:14

The Albion, Atherton

Pub flattened

15 May 2008 13:17

The Wheatsheaf, Atherton

Now has the benefit of Joan from The Pendle - beer is excellent. Somewhere to go for the over 30's in Atherton.

15 May 2008 13:16

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Long standing Landlady Joan Houghton has now reached 65 and they will not let her carry on - she is now at The Wheatsheaf (Old Isaacs). The Pendle seems to be attracting a more boisterous crowd, and the ale quality is not what it was.

15 May 2008 13:15

The Star Inn, Glossop

An unmissable pub. Beer kept well and a great atmosphere.

12 May 2008 13:11

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

An excellent pub, with good varied beer choice. A must visit pub.

12 May 2008 13:10

The Kinder Lodge, Hayfield

Reasonable beer choice. I tried Landlord which was only average.

12 May 2008 13:08

The Royal Hotel, Hayfield

Visited on May Queen Day, so was very busy. Excellent selection of ales, well served by friendly staff.

12 May 2008 13:07

The Three Shires, Stockport

Not one for real ale pub purists as doesn't feel like a pub, due to 'modern' decoration.

A decent pint though, and one to visit

19 Nov 2007 13:06

The Thatched House, Stockport

Apart from Boddies ales are of high strength, therefore if you do not like either Boddies or High Strength ale, probably best avoided

19 Nov 2007 13:04

The Musketeer, Leigh

Landlord moving down the road to the Boars Head and taking his memorabilia (and regulars) with him. Expect a manager in the short term

15 Oct 2007 12:59

The Church Inn, Uppermill

Always rather warm due to the reliance on food. A good selection of beers, but never seems to get considered by CAMRA for the Beer Guide.
Very reasonably priced and a good pint on my last visit.

15 Oct 2007 12:55

test 16, Manchester

A very good real ale pub, with reasonable choice, made much better by the smoking ban.

24 Aug 2007 13:37

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

I have been in many times and it does have a large selection of micro brewery ales. I have never had a bad pint here but never have I had an outstanding one. An unpleasant place to be.
Northern Quarter crawl no longer exists but suggest keep to the Marble, Fringe & Crown & Kettle.

24 Aug 2007 13:35

The Waterside Inn, Leigh

Seems to have recently changed hands as Hardy 7 Hansons Real Ales not available, just standards such as Greene King. Very busy Friday Nights late on.

24 Aug 2007 13:29

The Musketeer, Leigh

A very good pub with reasonable real ale and choice. Prices way too steep for a pub of this type in this area.

24 Aug 2007 13:27

Goose At Spinning Jenny, Leigh

Prepare to wait a hell of a long time to be served at weekends

24 Aug 2007 13:26

George & Dragon, Leigh

A very good example of how to turn a very popular traditional pub into a very noisy unpleasant one.

24 Aug 2007 13:25

The Chambers, Leigh

Now shut down again

24 Aug 2007 13:24

The Jolly Nailor, Atherton

Boarded Up - Shut

24 Aug 2007 13:23

The Albion, Atherton

Pub boarded up and was set on fire last week, roof gone!

24 Aug 2007 13:23

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Now reopened after major refurbishment. A very pleasant place to drink, with superb real ale.

12 Jul 2007 13:10

The Wheatsheaf, Atherton

Up to 4 real ales on offer, normally from Millstone Brewery. One to include on a real ale crawl of Atherton.

16 May 2007 13:08

The Mountain Dew, Atherton

A busy pub, including weeknights. Stopped serving real ale many years ago. A good pub to visit for those not conditional on real ale.

16 May 2007 13:06

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

The best pub in Atherton by far. Although a Moorhouses Pub, regular guest ales available, especially during their Annual Beer Festival. Undergoing refurbishment and extension in time for the Smoking Ban.

14 May 2007 12:51

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