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Ship Ashore, Milton Keynes

good selection of ales, but shockingly ripped off buying a pimms, six quid. drank up and left. someone was taking the piss!!!! wont go back.

28 Feb 2013 18:01

The New Inn, Hurstpierpoint

still no.

28 Feb 2013 17:57

The Poacher, Hurstpierpoint

ladies, keep an eye out for the window cleaner, he's very handsome.

28 Feb 2013 17:50

The Poacher, Hurstpierpoint

well, things are on the up, the lunatic has sold out, and the landlady is now the owner/landlady.still a good selection of ale, and kept well. food now on the menu, fish and chips monday and friday nights, and a very awesome roast sundays. can get noisey and a bit sweary, but then its a bloody good locals pub. its getting better, only hoping cellar gets done before summers arrival.

28 Feb 2013 17:48

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

visited last week, food good, and the selection, sublime. a truely fantastic pub. marvellous.

23 May 2012 19:42

The Mitre, Knaresborough

visited last weekend, ale superb, food awful. drink there, dont eat there!!!

23 May 2012 19:39

The Grapes, Oxford

a bath ales house, truely a superb pub, food seemed to be doing well,as they were busy, selection of ale superb. go in.

9 May 2012 22:24

The Four Candles, Oxford

as w eatherspoons goes, this place is shockingly poor, food sent back, selection of ale is good, and its a nice place to drink in. but could do a lot better. give it a miss.

9 May 2012 22:19

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

best spoons ive visited, as with most spoons a good selection of ale, but a bloody nice place to drink, wouldnt want to spend the whole evening there, with the old bell tavern 100 yards out the back. give it a visit.

25 Apr 2012 19:16

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

visited recently,great selection of ales, nice pub to drink in, a crashingly fantastic pub. go in, you will not be dissapointed

25 Apr 2012 19:12

Cross Keys, Knaresborough

no, not closed its re-opened, nice inside, good selection of ale from this now osset house, barmaid was a bit rude and lacking a tooth. probably more of a locals pub , than a pub for a visiting southerner. worth a visit .

25 Apr 2012 19:08

Blind Jacks, Knaresborough

good pub this, good selection of ale, a good pub to sit in and quaff beer, well worth a visit.

25 Apr 2012 19:04

The Mitre, Knaresborough

visited recently, hand pumps aplenty, including regular beers and a guest beers. a very busy pub which is unsurprising. probably the best pub ive been in up north. pay it a visit, THIS PUB IS BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!

25 Apr 2012 19:01

Broughton Hotel, Broughton

can understand previous comment about the chavs, they are in there, but seemed ok during my visits,and have always found the sunday roasts good. spent new years eve there which has to be said was a complete blast. not the best selection of ale to be seen, as am not greene king fan, but never had a bad pint yet. service for food is good and arrived at our table hastily. i like it.

18 Jan 2012 15:37

Ship Ashore, Milton Keynes

visited before , selection of ale very good, as was food, but my last visit sent me crashing down to earth with a bump. short staffed, hence long wait for food, when it turned up was cold so sent it back, chef then gave it a quick blast in the microwave, returned it to table, but was unsatisfactory. wont eat in there again, although ale is bloody good, if you dont mind the wait.

18 Jan 2012 15:28

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

visited pre theatre, a truly superb pub with excellent ale. well worth a visit.

18 Dec 2011 19:03

Broughton Hotel, Broughton

very good sunday roast, and 3 ales on. welll worth the visit!!!

27 Nov 2011 20:52

The Evening Star, Brighton

visited last night, nowt new to report, pub was busy, ale sublime.

12 Nov 2011 06:39

Wetherspoons, Milton Keynes

unimpressed, pint was awful, a good selection of local beers tho. moon under water is better of the 2 w'spoons.

12 Nov 2011 06:37

The Moon Under Water, Milton Keynes

a very good bar indeed, selection of ale good, and even better when imbibed. a step up from the other weatherspoons i visisted which was pants.

12 Nov 2011 06:33

The Partridge, Partridge Green

if the beer is shit mr english, that means its shit. end of.

11 Sep 2011 17:57

The Evening Star, Brighton

refurb done. ale sublime. crammed for a tue night due to brighton playing at home.

25 Aug 2011 06:54

The New Inn, Hurstpierpoint

saw hophead, and gave it another go. it was disgusting. when will i learn??

14 Aug 2011 07:37

The Partridge, Partridge Green

1st visit to this dark star house, hophead good, but one guest ale was vinegar, staff were poor, more intrested in serving locals and making newcomers wait. no menus out, asked for menu, barmaid said they were trying to hide them. selection of food poor. THIS NOT HOW A DARK STAR HOUSE SHOULD BE RUN!!!! i wont be going back.

6 Aug 2011 17:48

White Horse, Ditchling

have not been in i played rugby for the village, completely changed for the better, pub was busy food wise, popped in for a quick jar. 6 ale pumps, 5 in use, inc dark star and harveys, and otter. ale superb will visit again.

30 Jul 2011 09:26

The White Horse Inn, Hurstpierpoint

a locals pub. 2 hand pumps. harveys always on, plus one guest (1648 signature). ale can be a bit hit and miss. but has been good recently. the only place to find a half decent ale in the village.

17 Jul 2011 11:02

The New Inn, Hurstpierpoint

visited last week, had an unbelieveable experience, gentleman walks in with his lady, orders a pint of harveys, glass of merlot, and a bag of cheese and onion. 10.10p. unbelieveably expensive. AVOID!!!

14 Jul 2011 21:37

Quench, Burgess Hill

bar not a pub. dont let that put you off. 3 pumps, harveys and 2 dark star. bistro next door(cant say anything about the food, never eaten there!) never had a bad pint in there. worth a visit.

6 Jul 2011 16:16

The Bell, Hove

best kept secret in hove. 4 pumps,harveys,bass regulars. guests on were otter and summer lightening. great ale, lovely bars and excellent garden. good friendly banter. well worth a visit.

6 Jul 2011 16:11

The Poacher, Hurstpierpoint

violently expensive, happy hour down to 1 cider, 1 lager, and 1 ale, NO hophead during happy hour for a couple of nights, and due to recent politics it aint gonna get better, the pub is going downhill fast and owner doesnt give a toss.a massively shit attitude. still a good selection of ale, but it aint gonna last......bugger

30 Mar 2011 22:38

Smiths of Bourne, Bourne

crashingly superb selection of ales.
well worth a visit.

21 Feb 2010 15:02

The Old Punch Bowl, Crawley

only went once, did nt go in. huge punch up by front door.
avoid this pub.

21 Feb 2010 14:56

The Market Inn, Brighton

a good brighton pub this, nice decor, good food, a better selection of ale would be good, but nothing wrong with ale i drank.( abbot, bombadier, harveys) good pub to take a bird.

4 Feb 2010 12:28

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

always been a bit off with fullers since buying gales, and shutting them down, but after a visit to this pub and supping the ale, all has changed.
a crashingly superb brighton backstreet pub, all food home made which tastes superb as does ales from all 8 handpumps.
pay it a visit, it won't let you down.

4 Feb 2010 12:23

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

called in for the first time, post daisy. once again cannot fault the ale, but definatly a change in atmosphere in pub. perhaps i just picked the wrong night to go in. will visit soon tho, beer fest at end of feb.

22 Jan 2010 12:59

The Evening Star, Brighton

a bloody good pub.

22 Jan 2010 12:47

The Vinyard Lodge, Hurstpierpoint

beer in the evening?

theres no ale here!!!!!

30 Dec 2009 15:40

The New Inn, Hurstpierpoint

totally, and utterly pants.
good choice of ale, but tastes dreadfull.
dont think they sell enough ale to justify 3 pumps

30 Dec 2009 15:36

The Poacher, Hurstpierpoint

it just gets better!! a 4th ale pump installed,harveys always on, usually a dark star on as well, plus 2 guest ales, damn good locals pub.
also a draught perry on.
loads of banter.
without a shadow of doubt, the best boozer in the village.

30 Dec 2009 15:32

Hales Bar, Harrogate

yes yes yes...go in , ace pub. ale is top notch, barmaids pleasing on the eye.

5 Dec 2009 07:45

The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

a crashingly superb pub,selection of ale's excellent, bottled and on pump. avoid if pub is crammed, which is always at weekends. it's like drinking in a sauna! good boozer tho!!!

5 Dec 2009 07:43

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