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The Granville (Harvester), Ealing Common

Eel's post suggests mental issues. Totally bizarre.

21 Mar 2017 13:01

The Rifleman Inn, Epsom

Had two lunchtime drinks in Epsom today. Both were double Smirnoff (50ml), with a dash of coke.

In the Assembly Rooms, the price was £3.90. In the Rifleman - it was £6.90.

A rip off venue - which I won't be visiting again.

3 May 2015 18:51

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Agree with last post. Was in there at lunchtime today,

One barmaid said 'with you in a minute' - then vanished for a chat...

12 Apr 2015 23:45

The Running Horses, Mickleham

Closed for major refurb.

5 Oct 2014 13:44

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

The pub made the front page of the Surrey Mirror this week and is operating better than ever - under all headings. Particularly, beer quality.

26 Jul 2014 13:08

The Kings Head, Guildford

Running commentary - again?

25 Jun 2014 21:09

The Drummond Arms, Albury

Now called 'The Drummond at Albury' - and still a lovely pub in a small historic village. With friendly service, excellent food and good beer, its hard to fault the place - although a bill of £90 for lunch (one course x 4 - with coffees and drinks) seemed a bit steep. Nice pond at the rear, with a variety of wildlife. Will return.

24 Jun 2014 11:29

The Surrey Oaks, Newdigate

I am a regular here though not part of any community. We come for the beer quality which remains excellent, after Nick replaced Ken. A number of improvements and changes have been made, all for the beter. I look forward to some more visits over the summer.

20 Jun 2014 08:33

Red Lion, Redhill

Was in this recently refurbished pub recently. Fitting-out standards are very high and the tiled toilets are first class. My lager was fine and there is a large smoking/outside covered area.

Interesting pictures of old Redhill are on the wall and it is clear to see that a big effort and investment has been put in. Because the owners are still working on the kitchens, food is not yet available.

19 Jun 2014 10:18

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Kev, you and strop live in a 'beer and skittles' world which is why British pubs are closing at a rate of 2 a day. As pointed out, the Wetherspoon (not my preference) method has shown the way - the most profitable pub group ever!

I just can't see why - like me - you just don't go into childfree pubs, instead of telling operators how to run their buinesses. I like kebabs, but my local McDonalds have refused to sell them. And, there's kids running all over.

5 Oct 2012 12:36

The Village Inn, Caterham

Barbon; the closure was posted here in August m8! Keep up.....

5 Oct 2012 08:32

The George, Wraysbury

PubGhost's usual rant (every few weeks!)

He/she obviously has a major axe to grind. Staff in this pub all speak English - a lot better than he can spell, and to talk about drugs and slops is just idiotic.

Move on Ghost - to another pub or, better still, to another country which caters for biased and racist trolls.

3 Oct 2012 10:41

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Good refit - will do well

19 Sep 2012 22:18

The Bulls Head, Reigate

A lazy, mouthy, loud young man works here - not too bright; shouts to his mates a lot; ignores customers; think his name is Chas (?)

Pity, a good pub otherwise - with great pub food and pleasant regulars. No parking.

19 Sep 2012 21:56

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Spot on mandraker. With one of the best/busiest sites (junction of A25, A217 and the historic Tunnel Road - with its caves) in Reigate, this pub has the chance to become a landmark venue in Surrey - and Fullers have spent c3m on its acquisition and refurbishment.

Others have had this advantage before, and failed badly - due to inept management. I hope Fullers take their chance and that the pub's frequent stock shortages are over. Reigate deserves one good pub; two nearby pubs have closed in recent years - and this one failed!

13 Sep 2012 13:23

The George, Croydon

Well, obviously, slerpy was in the front bar then!

24 Aug 2012 11:25

The Priory, Reigate

Went in early evening....very quiet, but looks good. They have plans to do food, I was told - by the barman, on his PC.

24 Aug 2012 10:15

The Blue Ball, Walton On The Hill

Closed, sadly.

24 Aug 2012 10:03

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

New to Weybridge and the JH - I make my own mind up about pubs. And, I found this to be a most pleasant place and have to wonder if some previous posters bear grudges; there's no doubt that 1959 is biased and OTT. I found the beer, service quality and food to be first class and will continue to requent the JF regularly. It may (!) have a history, but who cares.....

11 Aug 2012 10:18

The King William IV, Mickleham

Overall, mediocre. Food average, beer the same. The pub used to be the social club for the Beaverbrook estate, nearby. It has changed hands so often that us locals just go up to see what the new people have what is a hard place to even find. After finding it, there's often a 'yes' to greet you!

7 Aug 2012 21:35

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Lionel is a good man/publican - and I hope he thrives. But this idea of 'support your local pub, or you'll lose it' is rubbish. In ANY competitive market, the best will survive and I will continue to select whatever pub I choose; one would almost think we have a duty of care!

23 Jun 2012 22:50

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Me also! This pub is closing down in July for a refurb - and will reopen in September with a new name. Hopefully, Julia and her mates (who constantly occupy the space beneath the TV, making noise and behaving obtusely) will be barred and - with a better calibre of management - the pub can achieve normality, at last.

14 Jun 2012 10:03

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Now the best Reigate pub. After staffing improvements and the getting rid of some boring 'regulars' - some with dogs!

1 May 2012 22:56

The Market Hotel, Reigate

At last, the old 'management' are being pushed out. Lazy Ben, next.

Fulllers - get this place in gear for the summer.

1 May 2012 22:44

The Bell, Reigate

Landlady now has another pub locally - standards here have slipped. A pity.

1 May 2012 22:40

St Christopher's Inn, Borough

yes, we who work around borough will not go in here. rip -off, no hygiene, cheap/untrained staff etc.

1 May 2012 22:13

The Tower, Redhill

This pub has been mentioned frequently in the local media. - for fights, drugs, drunkedness, vile behaviour etc. Probably, it is the worst in Surrey. It opens and closes and is past saving - a large 'estate' is adjacent. The brewery - Marstons - should vacate, sell or put in decent /very strong management. In 30 years of pub going, I have never seen anything as bad; on the front page of the Surrey Mirror again this week (landlady arrested/fighting/2am) - police have been there about 40(!) times in recent months. Licence (already nearly revoked) is now unlikely to be renewed.

22 Apr 2012 00:32

The Tower, Redhill

No...its open again with completely new staff.

20 Apr 2012 12:56

Westow House, Crystal Palace

In another post, slerpy berates a fellow poster for his spelling!

celebratd, lamps, to...confirm his well earned status as BITE's village idiot.

26 Mar 2012 00:02

Brighton Rocks, Brighton

Compared to other local pubs, this place is very expensive. Double vodka (50 ml, in total) and a dash....6.50!

25 Mar 2012 21:15

The Plough, Effingham

Slerpy comments on fellow posters now more than giving his biased reviews. BITE's village idiot?

23 Mar 2012 11:00

The Bulls Head, Reigate

I saw that Alan/dog bloke in here. Loud, attention seeking individual - with a classic old/simple 'scam' -

'Converstion is generated when someone talks to his nice dog - in this small pub. The dog owner (Alan) says 'I've had her since she was a puppy'

His hope is to inspire coversation from fellow dog lovers - who after some more dog conversations, might just say...

Would you like a drink?

Mission achieved............again

21 Mar 2012 22:39

The Tower, Redhill

Not good. Saw people eating their KFC's in the pub the other day!

18 Jan 2012 12:38

The Fox on the Hill, Lower Kingswood

Seems to be undergoing a refurbishment.

9 Jul 2011 10:21

The Sportsman 'Time Well Spent', Mogador

1800 and kev race to the defence! Why not just let posters state their views on the mediocre beer and food quality in this average pub, in a fine setting.

9 Jul 2011 10:19

The Plough, Coldharbour

In one of the best locations in SE England, the Plough (with its own brewery) serves excellent beer and food - which is reasonably priced. Summer days here are a pleasure, particularly after a walk up nearby Leith Hill which - like the pub - is in a designated Area of Outstanding Beauty. During winter, the pub has a roaring open fire and, on my visit there yesterday, I found the barman to be pleasant and informative. The Plough would be high on my list of good Surrey pubs.

23 Jun 2011 09:33

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Sadly, it would seem that Market Taverns and their inept staff are to remain in situ; the 2+ rating (the lowest in the area) is far too high for this awful dump.

13 May 2011 10:53

The Home Cottage, Redhill

Long winded blokes like TWG live in the past and don't seem to understand that the pub business has altered dramatically in recent years in line with life-styles. Higher profit margins on food cannot be ignored with pubs closing on a daily basis - and Youngs have an enviable ability to modernise their outlets without affecting character. As already mentioned, The Dolphin at Betchworth (over 400 years old) is a classic recent/local example.

22 Apr 2011 15:09

The Tower, Redhill

The local council now has an application for some structural alterations to this pub (incorporating new door and canopy) - and it would seem that the work will include an internal refit. Long overdue!

21 Apr 2011 13:18

The Sun, Redhill

The Sun's staff (some good, some bored/bad) all seem to have an inability to see who is next to serve - and just leave it to random or ask 'who's next?'

Even an effort would help; it can't be that difficult. Also, the staff have a tendency to chat together at the coffee machine end of the bar, leaving service at the other end an even bigger lottery.

Incorrect change is common and there is considerable scope for improvement.

21 Apr 2011 12:43

The Royal Albion, Hastings

Verry poor pub on the front - unhygienic, badly managed and awful staff. In need of massive investment, which never comes. Just avoid this foul outlet.

13 Mar 2011 10:35

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Local paper confirms the Zizzi story, although lease not yet signed. A pub has been on the site 'for centuries' - but it took the poor management of Market Taverns/Jack Beech/Steve Welch to bring the best pub in the area (in terms of location, size and layout) to an end. Something which had been predicted (see -3 rating!) by many on here and elsewhere, for years. I hope Wetherspoons will have another look.

11 Mar 2011 11:55

The Dolphin, Betchworth

The refurbishment and enlargement was carried out to a high standard, without affecting the olde worlde character. With the large beer garden, proximity to the Mole and enhanced parking, this pub could be the best in East Surrey - if it wasn't for the foulmouthed lout-bores who continue unchecked. I, too, will divert to the Red Lion where customers are normal human beings.

1 Jan 2011 11:57

Half and Half, Croydon

yes, slerpy has lost the plot. this place is as basic as you can get

22 Dec 2010 18:01

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Yes, a lot of us are wondering if the foulmouthed/uncouth/loud ones will be served; if they are, we will simply go elsewhere. Sheer bad manners is unaccceptable.

13 Dec 2010 10:10

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

The cost of a double spirit and mixer was quoted at 6+ in this pub - by the last poster, but one; this is incorrect as the cost is well over 6 for a double spirit - with a dash. If a mixer was required, the price exceeds 7 - about 2 more than the Grand Hotel !!!

11 Dec 2010 10:12

The Albion, Epsom

This pub's reputation is accurate; its a dive and services a lot who are barred from every other Epsom pub. Hygiene standards are low - and thank god, there is no food. Toilet standards defy description and the arrival of the odd band cannot raise the place's low standards, including beer quality which is as low as you will get anywhere. A decade + of mismanagement cannot be easily rectified.

10 Dec 2010 12:14

Piries Bar, Horsham

Friendly local in the centre of Horsham, albeit out of the way. Though small, its food and beer are good - with news TV. A little oasis with a very wide variety of clientele.

10 Dec 2010 11:04

The Panther Inn, Reigate

Basic back street boozer, nothing special. A few locals almost live there and the landlord seems to be a quiet eccentric - staring, curiously, at new customers as if to say 'why have you come in here?'

Sad - because there is significant potential (beer garden etc.); if Roy stays however, it will never be achieved.

6 Dec 2010 11:13

The Dolphin, Betchworth

'cos of snow - it seems the 13 December deadline will be missed.

sadly, it'll be the same management.

and the same front bar louts, probably....

5 Dec 2010 23:34

Dukes Head, Brockham

good point vic.

is there now something wrong with a pub that does food? the duke always did!

7 Nov 2010 22:04

The Prince Of Wales, Dorking

Still a fine, friendly and well run local - slightly off the beaten track.

1 Nov 2010 12:51

The Plough, Earlswood

There is a notice saying 'no kids' - why not just comply with the rules and go to a pub that takes them?

20 Oct 2010 20:05

The Running Horses, Mickleham

The comments/analysis of the last poster are well made; the Mccann reference is so out of place on a very basic site such as this that this bloke's sanity must be in question, bearing in mind his extreme views. He says - I hope you can tame your bar manager; does this mean - to GeeCee's way of thinking?

29 Sep 2010 10:30

The Admiral, Reigate

Its always a risk when new people take over. Those who are barred sneak back in.

The loud lout - that is the 'Mercedes Bore' - has returned...

6 Sep 2010 11:13

The Bounty, Bourne End

knowu2 and boy make screen threats! brave...and just as bright as paddy!

is there a large village idiot club around bourne end?

5 Sep 2010 09:56

The Bounty, Bourne End

no boy.....very familiar turf m8!

4 Sep 2010 22:11

The Market Hotel, Reigate

John Beech (owner) should be ashamed of this pub and its awful staff and standards. Yet, he does nothing - except come in now and then smiling and shaking hands; when he's washing the latter, he might fix the taps in the gents!

3 Sep 2010 12:38

The Bounty, Bourne End

Pintpaddy talks about 'great servive and hopitality' - but has posted rudely and negatively on BITE (24 times in the last month!) about the nearby/excellent Firefly. Does he work for the Bounty?

3 Sep 2010 11:27

The Royal Oak, Rusper

I got one of biker's offensive PM's - I sent it straight to BITE management; this bloke and his girlfriend, sam, may be on their way out of the site!

15 Aug 2010 12:03

The Royal Oak, Rusper

Average Surrey local; the same faces almost every day. Many of these chaps have had very successful personality bypasses and think that real ale is very important to their busy and uncomplicated lives.

Staff and beer quality are good, but one must revert back to the 'regulars' - a perusal of some of their recent comments on this site will clearly illustrate the type of humour/sarcasm that appeals to them.

When riled, this fine bunch will often send PM's (sarcastic and humorous ones!) to those who dare to suggest that BITE is here to discuss pubs and beers of all types and standards. It will be difficult to change them now; we can only continue to monitor their Royal Oak timetables to avoid synchronization.

13 Aug 2010 11:40

The Admiral, Reigate

Well, it wasn't open when I walked by....yesterday!

13 Aug 2010 09:37

The Blue Anchor, Reigate best.
East Surrey's finest beer garden - but nobody seems to be able capitalise on its potential.
But, this and the Red Cross are owned by banks/administrators/receivers...mabe all three.
Another temporary chap in charge; we Regatians are taking bets about how long he'll last. Very good odds that - it'll be before Christmas; best odds are for early November.

12 Aug 2010 18:26

The Dolphin, Betchworth

I agree with the last poster but the one before that - mentioning 'atmosphere and togetherness' - would suggest that tom might book a spell (a dizzy one) in the local Home for the Bewildered.

Numerous mediocre managers and transigent staff have made The Dolphin a much inferior entity to its days with George and Rose - and, clearly, regulars have voted with their feet.

Because of its fine location and proximity to the Mole, it still trades adequately - in the summer; sadly however, a lout culture prevails now - unchecked. Its high position in the pecking order of East Surrey pubs has deteriorated - just as the beer quality.

11 Aug 2010 14:07

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Only opens at 5pm during the week; pity after the recent upgrade.

5 Aug 2010 15:16

Plough at Blackbrook, Blackbrook

A sign outside this closed pub says 'freehold for sale'

4 Aug 2010 15:55

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

'inattentive staff - staff who engage the customer - the customer is treated witth utter contempt - being ignored and taken for granted'

These comments of BKB would seem to suggest that he wants to be greeted and chatted on arrival; well run/busy pubs rarely have the time for this, these days.

Charles Gotto (the late great and friendly publican who won the Evening Standard Pub of the Year more than once!) built up a fine business at The Parrott (with his family) with virtually all the ingredients supplied from his own farm, nearby.

Sucessful pubs will have some off days/meals; but these are rare at The Parrotts- evidenced by awards coming soon after the Gotto familly arrival.

2 Aug 2010 16:03

The Admiral, Reigate


29 Jul 2010 15:50

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Re-roofed and painted externally. Inside now needs work urgently.

27 Jul 2010 08:54

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Top class BBQ - with DJ - in the beer garden yesterday. It was even attended by rival/local publicans who could do with some ideas; summer is short chaps!

26 Jul 2010 10:22

The Sun, Redhill

Relatively good and very busy JDW - with some pleasant/good staff, but also a few with no interest whatsoever. Near the toilets, the tables seem utilised by the 'regulars' - many of whom virtually live in The Sun.

After all, prices are the cheapest for miles, literally. But - to many - it is God's waiting room, sadly.

19 Jul 2010 10:34

The Bulls Head, Reigate

But then again, it is rare that 'Stu' ain't here - working one side of the bar or the other!

One must wonder why....

26 Jun 2010 18:16

The Halt Bar, Glasgow

Including you........

25 Jun 2010 13:42

The Post Office Bar, Broughty Ferry

Andy. Maybe you didn't know - but this is a pub/beer site.
The PO is a friendly and excellent boozer with well kept beer and good food. Staff are polite and friendly.
(In any event your concerns, Andy - after next Wednesday - will be historical).

19 Jun 2010 10:41

T J Duffys, Northfields

You really are a hoot fog! Where did you meet Loo - or is this just your chatup line?

12 Jun 2010 14:22

The Bell, Reigate

Best pub in Reigate not to watch the World Cup; they're not showing it.

12 Jun 2010 09:09

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Best pub in Reigate to watch the World Cup; three screens and food as - well as good beer.

12 Jun 2010 09:08

The Tower, Redhill

Closed - shut?

It was today.

Could it be the long awaited!

Just probably fixing the awful toilets, leaking roof etc.

Botched jobs 'cos Marstons (brewery) just want to get rid!!

2 Jun 2010 21:31

The Toby Carvery, Redhill

TWG misses the point yet again. This is a restaurant/carvery in a hotel. The 'pub' is just a less profitable aside, a typical uninspiring hotel bar. Init.

1 Jun 2010 23:38

The Tower, Redhill

Closed today.

1 Jun 2010 23:24

Crown Inn, Westcott

Please paint - its become the eyesore of our village...

1 Jun 2010 23:17

The Plough, Coldharbour

Mr Bonser - an experienced critic 'with no axe to grind' - has hit the nail on the head and I totally concur with his views. Put simply - the landlady does things her way, as she is entitled; I will be a frequent visitor here (and to Leith Hill etc.) over the summer months.

Undoubtedly - because of the lack of amenities/facilities in Coldharbour - some walkers/bikers have been known to use this fine pub for comfort breaks; it is a commercial entity where peak business periods must be managed to ensure maximum return. Accommodation is first class.

1 Jun 2010 11:48

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Saw Kerry Katona in this pub today. Init.

30 May 2010 17:38

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Dire and awful - under all headings. The 'permanently bored' barmaid - Monica - has had a very successful personality bypass and this pub (managed by Matt & Ben (?) - who are both lazy and inept) quite rightly has the lowest rating in the area. Because of its location, size etc. - it also has the most potential; what a waste?

30 May 2010 16:42

The Bulls Head, Reigate

The effort being put in here is commendable. Over the weekend, the new young landlady had BBQ's which were high quality and well attended; this lady also does most of the cooking. Beer and food standards are high but staff seem to be a problem; although they are friendly and reasonably efficient - there is no continuity and sometimes a shortage. Now is the time to attract (permanently) customers from the nearby/currently closed/troubled Blue Anchor and Red Cross. The level of effort is shown to an extent by the BBQ's; the Bulls Head's beer garden is not nearly the best in Reigate - but it was the only one in town with a BBQ during a predicted heatwave weekend.

25 May 2010 12:09

The Red Cross Inn, Reigate

Currently closed.

25 May 2010 09:45

The Blue Anchor, Reigate

Currently closed.

25 May 2010 09:44

The Sun, Redhill

The last poster says that this pub is boarded up. It is not.

It remains a fine Wetherspoon and is - by far - the busiest pub for miles around.

Geofff should try a spell in a Home for the Bewildered!

22 May 2010 12:40

The Nutley Hall, Reigate

Sadly, the brewery has recently applied to convert this pub into three flats. Hopefully, the planning permission will be declined; this is an old and historic Surrey venue which is well managed and an integral part of local life.

18 May 2010 10:42

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Open again...

25 Apr 2010 19:19

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Closed again!

17 Apr 2010 10:14

The Albion, Epsom

Open again.

17 Apr 2010 10:13

The Tickled Ivory Piano Lounge, Reigate

Now JJWhispers - bar and nightclub.

21 Mar 2010 14:38

The Eighteenth Amendment, Reigate

This seems to be a 'spoof pub' - one that does not exist......

In the USA, the 18th Amendment to the Constitution established Prohibition!

21 Mar 2010 13:33

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Good pub when that sad Oirish bloke ain't in......

18 Mar 2010 22:01

The Dragon, Redhill

Now 'Le Papillion' restaurant.

16 Mar 2010 12:15

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Its open this morning! What is happening in/to this place?

16 Mar 2010 11:19

The Symonds Well, Epsom

Closed today - about 1pm.

15 Mar 2010 13:23

The Albion, Epsom

this pub is now closed 'until further notice'

15 Mar 2010 13:21

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Closed again today!

15 Mar 2010 13:17

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Was open again yesterday....

13 Mar 2010 09:42

The Bell Inn, Wylye

A Hidden Brewery gem, where the fresh air, food, location and beer are exceptional. Regulars include the muddy boots brigade - and the muddy paws!
Accommodation is good with a friendly service; very clean with a breakfast that sets one up for the day. Well recommended. 8/10

(One has to wonder what planet trainman lives on)

9 Mar 2010 15:25

The Sydney Arms, Chelsea

I use this pub a lot - its near work; I share the views on the unfriendly, pricey and slow service which is manifested by the very low rating. If the management does not change (or is not changed), the future for The Peer is bleak. Just see the list of 'nearby pubs' above - 5 are within 0.1 miles. The choice is ours.

22 Feb 2010 16:05

The Bulls Head, Reigate


14 Feb 2010 20:53

The Bulls Head, Reigate

Would love to walk into this reasonable pub - and NOT see Steve Mad-Painter.

5 Feb 2010 23:50

The Tower, Redhill

Remains one of the worst pubs in Surrey, still needing a major refurbishment. The toilets defy description.

A new manager arrived last week; he eats (takeaway McDonalds) at a front table and would not inspire confidence in this pub's future - if there is any.

2 Feb 2010 09:00

The Bulls Head, Reigate

The ex-landlady, Bernie! Why did she leave - a lot of rumours going around!? And the pub must be stuck if barmaids (and their boy friends) are running the place; lock-ins abound!!!!

14 Jan 2010 16:42

The Admiral, Reigate

Credit where its due - Kate the relatively new governor has greatly improved this pub; its much busier with plenty of organised events etc. Also, most of the louts seem to have (or been) moved on. Although not on the beaten track, many now walk to The Admiral from the town centre for food and drink - the quality of which is high.

11 Jan 2010 11:26

Crown Inn, Westcott

Welcome back raphaella. Still talking up a dead pub?

6 Jan 2010 01:47

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

No complaints whatsoever - says douvres. OK, but what about prices? Its the dearest in the area.

14 Dec 2009 12:19

The Dragon, Redhill

Looks set to open as a restaurant - maybe in time for Christmas!?

12 Dec 2009 09:36

The Tower, Redhill

Refurb hasn't happened - but heating has been fixed and its warm. But the brewery - Marstons - will have to put their hand in their pocket soon to bring this run down pub back to a reasonable standard. A 3+ rating is very generous.

30 Nov 2009 16:08

The Dolphin, Betchworth

Pikeys, chavs and louts - all at the Dolphin these days!

Odd that some posters don't see them....

24 Nov 2009 23:43

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

The last poster must be the governor's mate; his bias is so blatant when you compare his comment to others. The RS is one of Brighton's most expensive pubs - most of us local chaps frequent better, cheaper and cleaner hostelries around the Preston Street area.

barney's points are particularly accurate and another poster's comment that the Grand Hotel is cheaper is true, amazingly. Yes, the fire and Harveys are good - but there is little else in favour; at least until the place is cleaned up and prices fall in line with the strong competition, we shall continue to pass by.

As for the three posts in an hour, it sound like some chaps who made the mistake of entering - and will not be returning!

23 Nov 2009 15:59

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