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Comments by strick

The Orchard, Shepherds Bush

A great pub, well-run, good prices, open late. The only reason I don't go all the time is the complete absence of real ales. Often the way with Irish pubs.

12 Apr 2009 15:35

The Green, Shepherds Bush

Real ale is surprisingly good and cheap. Not tried the food, seems standard Wetherspoons-type stuff. The atmosphere can get a bit larey when there's an important game on and I could do without the screens. The staff appear friendly and efficient.

12 Apr 2009 15:21

The Greyhound, Shepherds Bush

The landlord has tried so hard to make this a great place and has been unlucky that nearby pubs which have also gone upmarket, like the Princess Victoria and the Adelaide, have taken off, but this place, sadly, has not.

Real Ale good when it's on, great service, good choice of malts. Don't be put off by the road.

12 Apr 2009 15:14

The Hurtwood Inn, Peaslake

The Hurtwood Inn is a beautiful 1920's building in one of the prettiest and most mysterious (surrounded by all those woods) villages in the south of England. The staff are all very friendly and the place appears to be very well run. The rooms are great, comfortable, very clean and well appointed.

But what have they done to the bar? With bright lights, tacky tables and cheap prints of cars on the wall, it appears to be have been redecorated by a teenage boy from the 1980's. Opening up the reception to the bar has not achieved a lot, except to make the floorboards run in two different directions and give one the sensation of being watched. The enormous sofas (3 sets!) dwarf the bar and only allow 3 tiny, fake wood tables for eating. The real ale was not as good as my last visit, but the helpful barman explained they are aware of the problem. Luckily, they serve excellent Leffe and Staropramen, so I was able to switch to decent lager, which I only do when the real ale is a bit pants.

The dining room used to be formal and classic in appearance, but has now been painted an unflattering sunny yellow and partitioned off down the middle. More awful car prints on the walls. I didn't eat in there, except at breakfast, which was good. The bar food was OK. My pie of the day was only average, but the burger is good, as it always has been.

Still a great place to stay, in the perfect location. I just hope they don't let the same person who was responsible for the make over in the bar/dining room loose in the bedrooms, as these are in a different class.

12 Apr 2009 14:33

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