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Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

Nice looking pub, decor fine, beer good, staff friendly. Food lousy. 5 of us ate, 4 unhappy with food. Menu description: local caught mussels in garlic and wine with crusty roll and frites. Served after 45 mins: Bowl of small mussels (Same as 2.95 vacupacked sainsburys), no roll, no frites. When challenged, a roll was handed to me (literally) and they didnt know what frites were so I asked why they put it on the menu?. Jubilee curry was a special, but it was no different from a co-op microwave version. There are a few comments suggesting they serve microwave meals and I would agree with this opinion. Shouldnt be charging over 10 quid fir this quality!

26 Jul 2012 22:42

The Old Vicarage Hotel, Hinton

a harsh review by champagnestyle, and I think this pub is better for the fact that people like them don't frequent it.

28 Oct 2009 23:28

The Ship In Distress, Stanpit

The recession bit, pub was up for sale for a while but they soldiered on. I think it was a valuable lesson. Food prices have come down and quality bar snacks are available all week, not just Monday to Thursday lunchtime only. The friendliness is back (the bloke seems to have gone, maybe he was the reason for the sour moods) Its a nice real pub, if you want cheap booze and shopfitted 'character' go to a McWeatherspoons or a supermarket.

29 Aug 2009 00:09

The Old Vicarage Hotel, Hinton

A pub with a 'vicar of dibley' feel about it. Barbours and wellies not required dress code but it may help you blend in better. Bar staff (owners?) couldnt be more friendly and it is a lovely place to drink. Huge garden for such a small bar. Lots of character, dog friendly, stranger friendly...

13 Jun 2009 18:47

The Haven House, Christchurch

Being in the centre of a tourist spot it is always full of holiday makers at the weekends. Thankfully it has a no children restriction inside (welcomes dogs though). Out of season, its great. On a cold winters night its lovely to walk across the quay and be welcomed by the friendly bar staff (who always have a couple of dog biscuits and a bowl of water at the ready for well behaved pets). Two real open fires, very cosy, good bar food and beer. Very nice indeed.

22 Nov 2008 22:06

The Nelson, Mudeford

two years ago it was a large empty pub with friendly bar staff and lousy food(chip butties if you were lucky). Now its a very busy, very popular pub with a superb Thai restuarant and very friendly wonderful bar staff. Live music, excellent beer. A quaint beer garden and regular beer festivals with expertly selected and cared for beers. Perhaps I should keep quiet, we dont want too many people knowing how good our local is :-)

22 Nov 2008 21:55

The Ship In Distress, Stanpit

Had a great reputation for seafood and its desserts. A recent change of management has meant the food is still good, but for some strange reason they dont seem pleased to serve you. And its not a one-off, I'm a local and and go there frequently. Cheer up you miserable xxx!:-). I guess they have been suffering a loss of customers to the increasingly popular Nelson up the road.
They have recently redecorated, which is a bit of disaster in my opinion as its lost all the character (witches balls, fishing nets, lobster pots all gone and the comfy sofas replaced with a mish mash of upright chairs). Live music a regular feature now. Food still pricey in the restaurant, but the bar menu is excellent and good value.

22 Nov 2008 21:46

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