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The Abrook Arms, Uxbridge

Interesting local pub, and the first where I have seen people have a pizza delivered to their table when food is readily available at the bar! I'm not sure if this is indicative of the standard of cuisine on offer as I have not yet tried but it didn't look that bad. Pride and Doom Bar on offer and OK. Numerous TV screens (and a jumbo canvas towards the garden end) mean that you're not going to miss any sporting action and the huge garden is great on a sunny day. Service good - worth the walk!

10 Sep 2010 11:05

Princess Royal, Brentford

Large pub with a rather spartan interior and few places to sit. However, pre-match you're not really expecting to get comfortable and I've not tried post-match yet. What is good to see is a realistic compliment of staff ensuring that you're served fairly quickly - essential if you want to neck one down close to kick off. I couldn't see myself spending an extended evening here but as a functional venue it's fine - of course, you're spoilt for choice around the ground and others have a better vibe.

10 Sep 2010 10:55

Coach and Horses, Abbotts Bromley

Drank and ate in a party of seven at lunchtime this week. The drinks were well presented by the attentive barman, with individually branded glasses for beer and a cut glass highball for spirits and water. A good range of lager and ale on offer. We then ate a selection of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes which were all tasty, well cooked and served promptly without fuss. This didn't appear to me to be unusual behaviour from the staff, and I would hazard a guess that we would receive a similar warm wlecome and the same good service on any future visit.

3 Sep 2010 00:52

The Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge

If mrslandingham had read my review properly she would have realised that it was mainly in a positive vein, and an attempt at an honest appraisal. The table service is due to commence again next month, and to my knowledge was still provided at the weekend on which I based my review. If she thinks that all the tables have been treated with a new coat of varnish then I she has been told a bit of a porky - the varnish is far from fresh. Regardless, the situation should not be allowed to continue and the tables attended to if this really is the case. They won't unstick themselves.

1 Sep 2010 00:18

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Two minutes walk but a world away from the madness of Leicester Square - a compact but decent 'wooden' pub with a good selection of beers served efficiently, if not smilingly! Bagged a table but you only need a couple of offices to turn out and it's a bit squeezy. Toilets ripe and hand dryer busted. Staggering distance to the West End Kitchen across the road - cheap, good quality food / escape.

13 Aug 2010 15:49

Brasshouse, Bournemouth

Dark and cavernous pub near the bus station. A couple of pumps off but service was adequate. Having got our drinks, we then commenced a treasure hunt to find a table that had not got plates or empties left on them. Now, this is a big pub and we were searching for some time! Being a Sunday evening, there were a handful of people in so it wasn't busy by any stretch of the imagination. We finally located one but it hadn't seen a cloth all day so was as sticky as the rest. Unfortunately, this all just points to the staff not being arsed. So, I won't be arsed to go again.

4 Aug 2010 13:18

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

A pleasant suprise for a Wetherspoons pub. Spacious upstairs with open seating and snugs by the bookcases with a cellar bar that didn't seem at all claustrophobic. Good selection of ales and the food on this occasion was excellent (meatballs, haddock fishcakes, nachos). This afternoon visit was only marred by the barmaid having a stand up row with a customer, whilst two barmen (one possibily the manager judging by his attire) looked on and did nothing to calm or resolve the situation. Entertaining but not welcoming. Worth a second visit though.

20 Jul 2010 23:44

The Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge

The service in the Swan and Bottle from the (mainly young) team can be a bit hit or miss, depending who is on. At times, I've found the bar unmanned whilst staff buzz around the upper restaurant area and conversely, have had to order food at the bar on occasions when the table service has not materialised. Food can be great, or not so good depending on when you visit, and the 'new' menu basically means the same food as before, with a few pence added to each dish. However, it does have a mellow atmosphere with music on the right side of enjoyable, it's rarely banged out and has a pleasant waterside location. Get the staff and chef on a good day and it's the best pub in Uxbridge! Please buy a new bell, though!!!

10 Jul 2010 00:24

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

Huge pub, two minutes from West Ealing station. Rooms all over the place, with a main bar, 'games' bar with pool table and screens for sport, separate 'quiet room', disco/live music/theatre downstairs and a massive garden with both covered and open seating. Beer is always good, service attentive and food is top notch. Another bonus is late weekday hours, as it's always nice not to be hurried along in such an impressive venue. Try it!

10 Jul 2010 00:08

The Load Of Hay, Uxbridge

Not the establishment it used to be! Devoid of customers and atmosphere, with empties piling up and tables not cleaned after food, the standard of which has unfortunately gone downhill too. Although the return of Ken has ensured that the beer is up to standard, it is not enjoyable if consumed in second rate premises. Once I would have recommended this pub to anyone - now I'm not so sure if personally I'll go again. A great shame.

10 Jul 2010 00:02

The Tabard, Turnham Green

Decent pub, two minutes walk from Turnham Green tube. Various seating areas, including a nice quiet snug round the back which doesn't tend to get too busy. There's a theatre upstairs that hosts plays for those who are drawn to it. A pub with a different feel to each bar and an outside terrace that does get busy when it is warm. Staff friendly and attentive-well worth a visit!

9 Jul 2010 23:54

The White Hart, Hanwell

Only for the brave. Despite the barman being friendly (maybe a little too friendly) there pervades an atmosphere of it all just about to kick off - this despite there only being a handful of people in of a weekday evening.
A local pub, and only worth a venture if you are local.

9 Jul 2010 23:46

The Red Lion Hotel, Hillingdon

With a pint of Guinness and a Vodka and Coke weighing in at close to a tenner, I shall be saving up before my next visit to this pub. Or maybe I'll head somewhere else. Nothing spectacularly good or bad about the pub or service but it's not the west end, or even the town centre for that matter!

24 May 2010 13:43

The Vine, Hillingdon

Service was OK and there were enough seating areas to be able to have a quiet pint. Large unoccupied restaurant area through which you have to walk to get to the toilets. TV's on but volume switched off. Not a place I'd spend an evening in but perhaps average enough for a couple of lunchtimers.

22 Apr 2010 01:23

The Enmore Inn, Bridgwater

As previously stated, not really a drinkers pub. The main area is given over to restaurant style dining, with only a small seated area opposite the bar available to those who are not eating. Perhaps for patrons who are waiting for tables at busier times? Inflation seems to have hit, with the two course option now weighing in at �14.50! Not bad food and friendly staff but not worth a detour if in the area.

22 Apr 2010 01:09

The Plough Inn, Rottingdean

Been here a few times now and have noticed that the pub has a distinct division of locals and visitors bar, the former being a bit shouty. No matter, it's always a nice place for a pint and some food - the exciting 'new' menu is far from exciting but was very attentively served by the staff, the younger barman who on this visit was very polite and industrious.

12 Apr 2010 10:32

Lewes Arms, Lewes

The perfect pub for a quiet afternoon pint - a number of rooms branching left and right off the central hallway, with a sun terrace and further room (with small stage) up the creaky stairs. We chose to sit in the large room with dartboard opposite the bar, and were able to have a conversation unmarred by music whilst others read books. I'm sure this scenario changes as the evening progresses but for what we wanted at the time it was just right!

12 Apr 2010 10:22

The Forester, West Ealing

I have actually had this pub close on me at half nine, whilst attempting to order a second round for myself and three mates - apparently there wasn't enough people in to warrant staying open. That said, it's not a bad place to have a quiet pint - seldom busy, which probably explains the above! It's a huge place, two bars that are open and a Thai restaurant at the back. I have drunk in the rarely open pool bar...once. Nice old place, has film crews visit regularly, no doubt for the 'traditional' pub feel.

7 Nov 2008 02:14

The Malt Shovel, Bridgwater

Fairly large pub in a prominent location but looked dark and closed from the outside. Inside it became obvious that this pub caters for the sporting clientele but is big enough that you can find a corner to escape the big screens. You can't escape the loud music though, which seems to be turned up whenever there's no action on the big screen. Not bad for a couple of pints and staff were quite attentive.

7 Nov 2008 01:47

Bristol and Exeter Inn, Bridgwater

Didn't get to have a drink in here as the barman seemed more interested in continuing his board game with the other three people in the bar rather than attend to new customers. Looks shut from the outside and once inside, you wish it had been. Lots more pubs nearby - whether they serve 'natch' or not I don't know, but drinking here would be a high price to pay for the privilege.

7 Nov 2008 01:41

The George Inn, Middlezoy

Pop in here whenever I'm down in the region - nice old pub where you can have a quiet pint in your own company, or strike up a conversation with the regulars if you fancy - it's your choice! This is a pub where they thankfully realise that loud music does not equate to atmosphere. Busy when there's a skittles match on and does not serve food on Mondays. Also not an 'open all day' pub but I have never known it to be closed when I have arrived in the evening, when the roaring open fire is most welcome!

7 Nov 2008 01:33

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

South Ken's worst kept secret - great setting but rammed out, although we did vist just after office hours. Leffe, Erdinger, Guinness all off. Broad bean, leek and pea risotto arrived without broad beans - not advised when ordering but was bolstered afterwards with more leeks.

Would visit again but maybe a little later, as the crowd did thin out somewhat, without diluting the good vibe.

14 Oct 2008 22:24

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