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Comments by sergio22

The Wargrave Arms, Marylebone

Really, really disappointing food. I guess I should've smelt a rat when I saw the chef had a McDonald's bag, but never mind.

Service lady told us to sort ourselves out when she brought the plates over, because she didn't know who'd ordered what. My chips were possibly the greasiest chips I've ever had. Big let down.

23 Dec 2011 13:11

The Beehive, Marylebone

This used to be a wonderful pub, but now appears to be renovated and under new owners.

Service was appallingly slow and unfriendly. Expensive beer, although an interesting selection of lagers was a good sign. Would never rush back.

16 May 2011 10:43

The Duke of York, Marylebone

Food's gone quite badly downhill recently. Chip portions have shrunk dramatically and been swapped for a cheaper type of chip. All of the burgers seem to come with some sort of prawn cocktail on.

Introduction of absurdly loud music, even during weekday lunchtimes, makes me think it's being run rather more for the staff's benefit than the customers'.

6 Jul 2009 13:49

The Roundhouse, Battersea

Went here last night, food was exceptionally good for pub grub. Wouldn't have been out of place in a decent restaurant. Friendly service and a good range of beers. Possibly on the expensive side, but this is Clapham...

2 Jul 2009 14:31

The Red Lion, Newquay

Really disappointing. Waiting an hour for some exceedingly average food on Monday. Seemed to be ovencooked scampi and manky looking chicken with a bit of cheese melted on it. How it took an hour I'll never know. Staff were completely out of their depth and didn't keep any of the many tables up to date with the kitchen debacle. Very rude when I complained and asked for money off. One to avoid when there are other good pubs nearby.

16 Apr 2009 10:19

Windsor Castle, Marylebone

Crazy little pub. An absolute treasure. An old man pub doing Thai food? Surely terrible? Think again, 7-8 of us had a meal there a few lunchtimes ago, service was excellent and the food even better. Definitely worth a visit.

18 Mar 2009 12:48

Blithe Spirit, Balham

Surprised by the low overall ratings. Never busy, friendly service, pleasant interior, so what's the problem? Probably a 7/10 pub.

18 Mar 2009 12:46

The Old Explorer, Oxford Circus

Horrible place. Feels dirty and old. Really dingey. Fine, it's near Oxford Circus, but that's the only thing going for it. There's something about it that just feels horrible. Chavvy and nasty. Service isn't great and the food's minging.

20 Aug 2008 17:35

The Leather Bottle, Wimbledon Chase

Great pub. Beer, tequila shots, sambuca shots, friendly barmaids. What more do you need?

8 Aug 2007 15:15

The Somerstown Coffee House, Euston

I'm really surprised at the low rating for this pub. Clean, friendly, good food, decent service, plenty of seating. I can't see why it has such a low rating!

I went on a Tuesday night, so maybe it's worse at the weekend? Who knows. Maybe I should slag it off as well and keep it as our little secret....

4 Jul 2007 12:39

The Larrik, Marylebone

Alright pub. Lots of thieves around though.

24 Feb 2006 11:45

The Marylebone Bar and Kitchen, Marylebone

Good selection of beers, quite busy on a Friday night. Top pub!

1 Feb 2006 11:25

The Prince of Wales, Clapham

Slightly bonkers looking pub. Always very busy, but worth going into.

1 Feb 2006 11:20

The Jackdaw and Rook, Balham

Good place to wander down to and watch the football/cricket. Bar staff usually friendly and the manager's pretty sound. Decent selection of beers and the food's a bit special.

I'd guess it's somewhere to avoid on a Friday/Saturday night

1 Feb 2006 11:17

The Windmill on the Common, Clapham Common

Nice pub, staff are friendly if you're friendly to them. Never tried the food, but might avoid it in the future!

1 Feb 2006 11:15

The Beehive, Marylebone

One of the best pubs in London. Just a nice, quiet, friendly pub, quiz machines and tellys, plus a good range of beer. Can't complain at all!

31 Jan 2006 17:21

The Abbeville, Clapham South

Decent pub, nice staff, handy location. A bit small and quite hard to get a seat, but generally pretty good for a Clapham pub!

31 Jan 2006 17:20

Firefly, Clapham Common

Great pub, friendly staff, very few idiots too!

31 Jan 2006 17:17

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