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Comments by rufus_dufus

Notleys, Lowestoft

been thrown out of here, clearly i wasnt 'chavvy' enough

8 Jan 2005 01:22

Whifflers, Lowestoft

how did they think of this name???

8 Jan 2005 01:21

The Postal Order, Blackburn

Great place, if you can get there before the crowds. Be afraid of the weirdo at the left end of the bar. Be afraid, very afraid.

8 Jan 2005 01:17

Swan and Royal Hotel, Clitheroe

full of forty year olds... nuff said

8 Jan 2005 01:14

The Moon Under Water, Cheltenham


8 Jan 2005 01:13

Moo Bar, Leamington Spa

Wicked name, wicked place, it is fabulous. it is trendy, cool and very vibrant! drinks can be pricey but well worth it! it is a favourite pre-sugar, the DJ's are top-notch!

8 Jan 2005 01:10

Yates's, Leamington Spa

COOOOL!!!! I'm loving the pizza nights on the weds, and the karaoke- brilliant! i a 'pre-rio's croud' loves it, mwah!!

8 Jan 2005 01:08

Been Bar and Restaurant, Leamington Spa

Really cute toilet seats- i love the attention to detail this pub has!! i am sure that this will be more popular the longer it stays around :)

8 Jan 2005 01:06

The Benjamin Satchwell, Leamington Spa

It isnt too bad, the lack of music is alright, it allows for conversations with your mates, although beware of some dodgy customers....

8 Jan 2005 01:00

Thomas Lloyd, Warwick

This is an excellent pub, i have many a brilliant night in this pub and it is even better now the opening hours have been extended!

8 Jan 2005 00:57

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