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Comments by redboy

Hobgoblin, Aylesbury

I imagine this place was buzzing in days gone by but it is now completely irrelevant. Cheap pints of real ale but the clientele are genuinely quite unnerving. Don't bother.

6 Jun 2010 13:34

The Kingsbury, Aylesbury

Seems to be the place for people who don't feel at home in any of the nicer pubs in town. Cheap pints and lots of TVs showing sport but absolutely no other reason to visit. If you're only interested in cheap alcohol then go to an off-licence. This place packs people in at weekends in the evening but I can't see why.

6 Jun 2010 13:33

The Harrow, Aylesbury

A bit hit-and-miss with the beer quality and the staff either don't seem to know or to care a great deal about the job. You can get much better elsewhere in town at much lower prices. A shame really as I want to like this place a lot more than I do. It just seems to be missing that little bit extra. Always a variety of real ales on though so if all else fails...

6 Jun 2010 13:29

Mendoza, Aylesbury

I like it here even though it isn't really one for the beer crowd. Apart from Greene King IPA (ugh!) you've got a choice between Strongbow, Guinness and the same lagers you get everywhere else. A really nice ambience in here though and even I don't mind drinking lager in here to chill out. A bit more variety in drinks would make it even more popular with a more varied crowd through the day but apart from that I like it here for a bit of a change from the chavvier places in town.

6 Jun 2010 13:24

Aristocrat, Aylesbury

A bit out of the town centre. Nice if you're passing by that way. I like the way the TVs are clearly visible but not intrusive so you can have a quiet drink if you want. Nice appearance inside as well as out with a 'local pub' feel to it.

6 Jun 2010 13:18

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

A really nice place. Not expensive at all, especially when gastro places like this tend to notch the beer prices up as a matter of course. Always seems to be popular so you know the quality is consistently high. Will visit again when next in the area.

6 Jun 2010 13:13

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

What a superb pub! I popped in on a Saturday night and considering the location just off Piccadilly Circus the place was astonishingly quiet and peaceful. I noticed a few foreign tourists had discovered the place and clearly enjoyed it. It is a beautiful place to relax and unwind in.

I had a really good time in here away from the chaos of Piccadilly Circus with some lovely beers and very friendly clientele & staff.

I love finding a pub I've never been to before and discovering that it is all of a sudden one of my favourites. Much better than some of the dross in this part of London. Places like this need to be cherished. Highly recommended.

4 May 2010 22:04

The Whip and Collar, Mill End

Popped by without knowing Rickmansworth at all. I was impressed by the service and the general ambience of the place. There was a large number of diners in for Sunday lunch (which smelt very nice). You just get a feeling when you've found a pub you'd like to return to if you're in the area again. This is one of them for me.

1 Jun 2008 20:26

The Queens Head, Chesham

Very good quality beer and great conversation with the friendly bar staff and locals. Easily the best pub in the town. The food is always popular although I've never tried it.

25 Feb 2008 19:58

The Butcher's Hook and Cleaver, Smithfield

A fine pub. There are loads like this although the staff seemed very amiable and friendly. Prices seemed OK for the area. Good selection of ales when I visited but I had to try hard to think of the name of the place in order to rate it on here - it is rather samey. Not a bad pub though and I'd re-visit if in the area again.

15 Jan 2008 22:30

The Hope and Sirloin, Farringdon

Overpriced but beer in good condition. Small in size and cosy when there aren't too many poeple in. Clean but rather uninspiring interior.

15 Jan 2008 22:20

The Fox and Anchor, Smithfield

What a wonderful place! I suppose it could get too crowded in here at certain times but the lighting and overall ambience are just perfect. When I went in they were showing silent films on the telly. Candles on the tables down one side of the long, narrow room. The bar runs down the other side. A good selection of ales on tap with a wide selection of bottled beers in the fridges. Frosted glass on the doors and on the partitions inside between the tables. When a pub serves your pint in a pewter tankard you know you're onto a good thing! I'll definitely return.

15 Jan 2008 22:17

The Sutton Arms, Barbican

A lovely, friendly place I found by accident when exploring the area one evening. I'll hopefully be back. The barman is very welcoming and pleasant. The food looks and sounds delicious and at good prices too. The atmosphere is perfect - the place mustn't be renovated at the expense of losing the charm and character of this pub. There aren't too many like this left in London. Worth a visit.

15 Jan 2008 22:13

The Chequers Inn, Battle

A charming little pub. I didn't eat here but many other people were doing so it can't be bad. Worth a couple of pints.

3 Jun 2007 22:01

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

One of the best pubs I've ever visited. Just by Oxford Circus so perfect for if you're shopping. The place is a lot less expensive than you might imagine given the location. The London Pride was in excellent condition when I visited again the other day.

The interior is magnificent - original screens, bar and frosted glass that are all centuries old.

Well worth a visit - you'll stay a lot longer than you planned to!

1 Jun 2007 17:34

The Tottenham, Soho

A stunning interior. A fair seleciton of ales on tap and a well stocked fridge. There isn't much seating and it is on the small side so it can get busy very quickly but its a lovely place for a couple of pints. Well recommended.

1 Jun 2007 17:30

White Horse, Chorleywood

Seemed very friendly even if you're not a local (and I'm not).

When I visited the live music was just setting up. They must've fused the place half a dozen times in about 5 minutes! It was hilarious! I didn't stay to see how good they were as I had to get home. Maybe next time.

If I'm in the area again this place is worth investigating further. Quite a few in for a Bank Holiday so they must be popular in the area. A nice place.

9 Apr 2007 22:52

The Black Horse, Chorleywood

A nice and clean pub with the usual selection of ales. The staff seemed friendly. I visited in the middle of Easter Monday afternoon and the place was quite busy so they must be doing something right.

9 Apr 2007 22:40

Stag, Heronsgate

I was in Chorleywood for the first time today and I found my way to The Stag. I thought it was a very friendly pub with staff who were very approachable. I was lost and needed to get to the tube station and they seemed very pleased to help me. I had a good chat with them about various things and if I'm ever in the town again I'll definitely seek this pub out. The McMullen's Best is a nice drop.

9 Apr 2007 22:35

The Saracens Head, Amersham

What a wonderful place. I didn't get to talk to any of the regulars but I truly didn't care. I was just admiring the place. This is a very special country pub.

1 Oct 2006 20:18

The Queens Head, Chesham

A bit of a 'local' pub. After waiting for quarter of an hour on a quiet Thursday evening to be served I walked out. The place wasn't busy, it's just that the girl behind the bar didn't seem to know how to take a food order from a couple of increasingly frustrated people and a young boy was serving all of his friends before me, even thought they came in much later. I was eventually about to be served but then a pretty girl came in and was promptly served first by the lad.

To be fair I have made a couple of other visits but although the service wasn't quite as bad it definitely isn't a particularly welcoming place. There are better places in town and I won't miss this pub.

17 Sep 2006 16:14

The Pheasant, Chesham

Quite a walk from the town centre and station but worth it. A good atmosphere - especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Open 'til midnight at weekends. The bar staff are very nice and friendly. Worth a visit.

21 Aug 2006 19:51

The Rose and Crown, Chesham

The place has recently changed hands and it isn't quite the same. Not bad, just not great anymore.

21 Aug 2006 19:46

Swan, Chesham

A really great 500-year-old pub - much better than the Crown next door. Lovely old wooden beams throughout, a good selection of beers kept in tip-top condition and a friendly barman who really knows his stuff. Well worth a visit to sit by the fire or prop up the bar.

There aren't too many pubs like this so it has to be treasured.

21 Aug 2006 19:36

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

The picture of the Queen Mum pulling a pint is brilliant!

I love this pub. It's a nice, quiet place with a good selection of beers and a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The place is nicely done up with authentic decor and it feels like a good, honest London pub without the attitude you can get elsewhere. Definitely worth a visit.

16 Jun 2006 21:13

The Sugar Loaf Inn, Little Chalfont

Now called The Sugar Loaf Inn it's convenient for the tube station if a bit expensive. The food is supposed to be very nice. A renovation has done away with the pool table, telly etc. and it's now a rather upmarket-feeling 'gastropub'.

24 Mar 2006 00:04

The Rose and Crown, Chesham

Easily the best pub in Chesham. A lovely welcome and you find you're chatting to complete strangers as though they're your best friends. Lovely real ales on tap and bar staff who really know their thing. A very professional pub. I'll be at the end of the bar with a pint of Pride in my hand if you fancy a chat.

23 Mar 2006 23:55

The Wild Rover, Chesham

A lovely, friendly little pub near The Meadow for Chesham United. I haven't tried the food but I've heard it's really nice. Don't let the huge dog out you off though!

The place used to be an Irish-themed place but it isn't anymore - it's a footy-type place. Worth a visit.

23 Feb 2006 21:12

The Old Ale House, Truro

A classic! No trip to Truro would be complete without a trip here. Yes it is a tad expensive but the atmosphere simply can't be beaten anywhere! You can strike up a conversation with any of the regulars or the bar staff and no-one is a stranger here. They even used to have nuts in barrels for you to help yourself but they got rid of them years ago - Health and Safety probably. A fantastic selection of beers both on tap and from the casks behind the bar. Try a pint of Kiddlywink - the local brew. It's absolutely gorgeous! This place is definitely worth paying a bit extra for - you don't get pubs like this too often and they need to be cherished. Worth going to Truro just to visit. A timeless classic!

27 Dec 2005 15:49

The Rising Sun Inn, Truro

A food-based place and a nice place for a few drinks but the walk up the hill is a killer!

27 Dec 2005 15:43

The Crab and Ale House, Truro

An 'old man's pub' this is an old place with a fair selection of drinks. A nice place for a couple of quiet pints with your own thoughts to watch the world go by.

27 Dec 2005 15:41

The River Bank, Truro

Refurbished a few years back and is much better for it. Nice and bright interior this is good for watching football on a Saturday afternoon or for a Saturday evening out. A shortage of bottled beers when I visited - maybe there is a change of hands on the cards. The food is very nice. I hope this place continues to do well. A bit pricey though.

27 Dec 2005 15:37

The City Inn (Tavern An Dre), Truro

A very 'local' place up a long and steep hill out of the city centre. Does it justify the trek to get here? Not quite. The place isn't too bad but you feel like an outsider. Nice old bar area that is quite cosy.

27 Dec 2005 15:34

The Globe, Truro

Oh how the mighty have fallen - this was a wonderful place with lots of character but that seems to have evaporated. A change of management hasn't improved it. Something seems to be missing from the place. This isn't a terrible pub by any means - it just isn't really worth a visit when there is a better selection nearby.

27 Dec 2005 15:30

The Wig and Pen, Truro

A very nice place with friendly clientele. The food is highly spoken of but I haven't tried it myself. The place is somewhere between a pub and a restaurant but you can just pop in for the bar.

27 Dec 2005 15:26

The William IV, Truro

A bit noisy without much actual atmosphere. Sport on the television screens, a fair selection of beers but not worth too much of your time - there are better pubs in the city.

27 Dec 2005 15:21

The Bunters Bar, Truro

One of the very best places in the area. Popular with all ages but especially the younger set as a pre-club warm-up. There's sport on the huge screens, a great selection of beers. The bar staff are friendly and professional.Bunter's is well worth a few drinks. Highly recommended.

27 Dec 2005 15:19

The Swan Inn, Truro

A top place. Good venue for live music and a friendly place for a quiet drink as well. Very nice interior and worth a visit if you're in the area.

27 Dec 2005 15:15

Admiral Boscawen, Truro

A rather tatty little place that seems like a 'locals only' place. Near the railway station though so a convenient place for a cheeky half before your train. It is quite grubby though and there are much better places in the city centre.

27 Dec 2005 15:12

The Yacht Inn, Penzance

A nice place on the front with a good selection of drinks.

26 Dec 2005 22:25

The Dolphin, Penzance

A nice place with sea views. Good choice of drinks. Quieter because it's a few minutes' walk from the town centre but no less enjoyable because of it. I recommend HSD if you want to sample the ale. Nicely furnished and worth a visit.

26 Dec 2005 22:24

The One and All Inn, Penzance

An Irish bar with bucketloads of kitsch but nevertheless a nice place. Good bar staff and a very friendly place near the railway station.

26 Dec 2005 22:19

The Longboat Hotel, Penzance

Yeah, they've got telly but the beer is very expensive and the food is poor. Close to the railway/bus stations but not much else to recommend it. Not much of an atmosphere either.

26 Dec 2005 22:17

The Crown Inn, Penzance

Now this is a real gem of a pub. Hidden away in a residential part of the town the staff are the friendliest around. Convenient for the railway and bus stations. This is possibly the best pub I've found in Penzance. Nice atmosphere and well worth a visit. Fantastic!

26 Dec 2005 22:15

Tremenheere, Penzance

I agree with the previous points - the staff poured a coffee for an elderly woman when I was in there. The lady promptly brought it back and complained. Now, why did the girl serve it if she knew it was cold? The staff really are awful - they can't pull a pint for love nor money, the place has no atmosphere, cheap-looking decor and truly disgusting food. Go somewhere else - in fact, go ANYWHERE else!

26 Dec 2005 22:12

The Star Inn, Penzance

Loud music in the evenings but if you don't mind that this is a great pub. A really nice place for an afternoon or evening (or both). Tellies showing footie and stuff. Also, I agree with the previous point that the staff are very professional - much more so than in other places in the town.

26 Dec 2005 22:07

The Turks Head, Penzance

A dead nice place for a few drinks. The food is supposed to be nice but I've never tried it. The place is quite expensive though and there are cheaper places around. Mind you, Pz is an expensive town for what you get.

26 Dec 2005 22:04

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

It's a complete tourist attraction first and pub second but actually it's a really nice place. Very friendly and convivial. Worth a visit.

26 Dec 2005 22:02

The Red Lion, Chesham

Aaah, The Red Lion. The watering hole and mating place of the lesser-spotted chav. It feels like every other pub in a chain with no real individuality. You feel as though a fight could kick off at any moment. Cheap drinks though. I prefer it in the daytime if I fancy a couple of drinks.

26 Dec 2005 21:55

The Misty Moon, Chesham

A good, clean pub with a fair selection of drinks. It's a good place to spend an evening. There's a big telly in the corner showing footie. All in all a welcoming pub.

26 Dec 2005 21:50

Global Cafe Bar, Chesham

Regular promos where drinks are 1.50 a go. Bands often playing and the place is nicely done up. A good place for a few drinks in the evening but can get quite busy and noisy.

26 Dec 2005 21:45

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