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Roddy's Bar, South Ealing

I stand by my comments about the brilliant characters in here. Shame though that on Friday one of them wanted a row with me because he assumed I was "old bill" because I'd popped in on the way back from a funeral in a dark suit and an overcoat. So don't overdress whatever you do.

29 Mar 2010 19:41

The Crescent, Mornington Crescent

I'm guessing there's been changes because my experience is the complete opposite to that of other posters. Lovely decor, couple of hand pumps of which The Pride was fine. Bargain prices and my veggie burger and chips was very tasty, only �3.50 too.

12 Nov 2009 17:05

Escape Bar and Restaurant, Camden

Now the Sovereign's charging WAY too much this is a great alternative. Personally I found the clientele really charming, great craic. And I don't live on the estate no.

No real ale 'tis true but the Guinness is more than satisfactory and less than three quid a pint. Yeez it's a sad day when you say that like it's a bargain but hey ho. I'll certainly go back when next i'm round these parts.

12 Nov 2009 16:58

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

The upstairs bar provides a nice quiet haven from the madness of Friday night in the square mile. If you're feeling invigorated by 11pm when they close that down then downstairs is open 'til one. Nothing special but I like that you have the refuge, and the staff up there are nice too.

12 Oct 2009 19:14

The Oxford Arms, Camden

Nice atmosphere, decent pit and not overpriced. When there are decent down to earth pubs like this all over Camden I simply cannot fathom why anyone would want to use that pigsty The Worlds End. Come here, The Enterprise or The Elephant's instead. You'll see i'm right.

12 Oct 2009 19:10

The Elephants Head, Camden

Had a couple ahead of a gig at the Electric Ballroom. Quick and friendly service,and very close by. Ideal for this purpose, will use again.

12 Oct 2009 19:05

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

Note to Prommers - You're not all God Almighty you know? This is a cracking back street pub which considering the inherent limitations of being such copes brilliantly well with the pre and post concert rushes it has to cope with because of it's location. I'm with jones_smj all the way. Id've refused to serve you. Bet your girlfriend was embarrassed, oh of course you're a "loyal" Prommer, you won't have one will you?

7 Oct 2009 16:47

The Hour Glass, South Kensington

A proper pub in an area swamped with posh bars and restaurants. Excellent!

7 Oct 2009 16:38

The Bunch Of Grapes, Knightsbridge

Very nice unspoilt Victorian interior and better than expected selection of ales. Not at all touristy which was a pleasant surprise given the proximity to H.A. Rodds. One to keep in mind if in the area again.

7 Oct 2009 16:34

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Nothing nicer than staring across the river from the terrace over a pint of TT Landlord. Does get busy but nowhere near as barmy as nearby Richmond.

21 Aug 2009 15:29

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Just fantastic. Friendly staff, perfectly kept and served ales and a lovely comfy interior. Can't recommend highly enough.

21 Aug 2009 15:26

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Maybe it's the pissheads and dossers, of which yes there are many, that put the staff in such a bad mood, I've never seen such a surly bunch. Cheap as chips though of course so a good one pre Empire. Those thieving scoundrels charge �3.90 now so you'll want to cancel that out.

16 Jun 2009 13:33

The Tyburn, Marble Arch

No Pimms on a blazing hot June afternoon when you big yourself up on how much of it you sell - unforgivable. The barman could not have cared less and the tables were left uncleared. Whatever you think of JDWs they're generally clean and tidy and do what they say on the tin. Not this one though, Definately one to avoid.

16 Jun 2009 13:26

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

Oh and that was probably me not Brad Pitt ledges.

6 Jun 2009 19:51

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

The IPA was a bit sour but liked the vibe. Staff were quick and coped very well with the summer Friday night rush.

Mind those stairs to the lavs though. I'm only 5'7" and even I had to duck. Don't fancy your chances if your 6ft+

6 Jun 2009 19:50

The Worlds End, Camden

Hell on earth. The worst pub in the country, never mind Camden. Nasty toilets, way too big, utterly impersonal, indifferent staff, rip off prices and full of chinless lairy poshos just crying out to be slapped.

All of this might be allowable if they weren't so utterly convinced that they were so absolutely wonderful. Seriously don't. Not under any circumstances, there are literally hundreds of alternatives. Same goes for that disgrace they call a venue underneath it too. An ugly boil on the face of our beautiful city. One that urgently needs lancing.

6 Jun 2009 19:23

The Victoria, Camden

Lovely garden. Scarily expensive though, go to the Sovereign unless you're out to impress or it's a special occasion.

6 Jun 2009 19:16

Sovereign, Camden

Greasy spoon cafe next door ran by pub does a great fry up and you can get a betting slip at the bar to write your bets out for the bookies next door then watch the race on any of the three TVs. The guys behind the bar treat you as a guest in their home more than as a siurce of income and there's always some banter to be had. This is what every pub in London should be like. No airs, no pretensions just beer and great craic. A dying breed and an absolute treasure. If it were on my patch i'd be in there every single day.

6 Jun 2009 19:13

The Champion, Fitzrovia

Total agreement with other posters. Must be the best value in the West End.

6 Jun 2009 18:51

The Hope and Anchor, Islington

My first visit since the early eighties last night and unusually it's changed for the better. Us old punks will of course wax nostalgic about how wonderful the Hope was but let's face it now. It was a bit of a pit wasn't it? You were lucky if a band got through it's set without a power cut. And as for the Toilets - yeeuch.

The dingy basement dive feel remains and the PAs excellent. They're also proud of their history and have lots of memorabilia about so all good. If there's one thing London deserves it's good independently run small gig venues so more power to your elbow Hope and Anchor. Doubt i'd bother except for a gig though. The upstairs bar's average and a tad overpriced but hey, that's Upper Street for you isn't it?

6 Jun 2009 18:40

The Grand Union, Westbourne Park

Had a couple early evening on Friday. Way better than expectation. Table service is a very nice touch. Bit generic in terms of decor and the head barman has a truly terrible haircut , yes i'm afraid I really am that shallow, but a nice eclectic crowd and decent music at Friday night volume without making your ears bleed. Would liked to have tried the garden so will definately return in more clement weather.

6 Jun 2009 18:15

Big Red, Holloway

When one is told after at 1am after a very boozy evevning on Upper Street " Hey I know somewhere on the Holloway Road that'll be open" you can understand my having some serious reservations. They could not have been more unfounded, Greeted by welcoming smiley doormen, varied and aggression free clientele, good service, qualiyt vintage rock music and delightful staff. And open 'til three, just the best thing ever. Looks like the fright bus home to West London again for me very soon, Fantastic Boozer! Please do not change ANYTHING,

6 Jun 2009 17:18

The North Star, Leytonstone

Well this is an amusing exchange. I'll be in on Sunday to see Holly Golightly and judge for myself. I'm bound to say that i'm looking forward to it immensley. Anywhere run by a guvnor who rfers to himself as a c*** can't be all bad I reckon. More Monday.

3 Jun 2009 15:21

Flynn's, West Ealing

The smoking areas are so vast and well cared for it's almost like the old days when you could smoke in a pub. Enormous screens for sport and though i've not sampled one myself the Sunday roasts look and smell delicious.

26 May 2009 17:26

The Shanakee, Ealing

Went in here for the first time on Saturday afternoon with my Dad having got off the tube at Ealing for a swift one before grabbing a taxi home from the rank opposite. I fell instantly in love with the place and did not want to leave. Returned Sunday evening to find it a lot busier and was just as taken with the friendly atmosphere. Loved the live music too. My new favourite in these parts. Will be back soon and offen.

26 May 2009 17:21

The Grove, Ealing


10 May 2009 19:10

Ye Olde Black Bull, Stratford

Do us a favour Island Laddie please? Opine as much as you like on the pubs, that's what BITE's all about after all. But give it a rest with the Stratford bashing eh? If you hate it so much why drink there?

The Black Bull's alright. Not as good as The Eddie but cheaper for sure. And yes indeed the new frontage is a lot more inviting than the one in the picture.

10 May 2009 18:54

The Albert Arms, Elephant and Castle

What a find !! I don't offen reach these parts and generally avoid the hostelrys when I do. Went here on recommendation though and am delighted I did. Haven't been made to feel so welcome in ages. Shall return for sure.

10 May 2009 18:41

The Three Tuns, Marylebone

I like the Three Tuns. Great location and refreshingly untouristy. Decor pleasant, beer fine, staff and clientele are very friendly. Much to recommend, i'd go there again for a pint or three for sure.

However (you knew there'd be a however didn't you) We ordered some Nachos and they were RANK. Seriously. Worse pub meal i've ever had. Best part of a tenner for a small handful of what looked and tasted like Tesco Basics type tortilla chips (no cheese) and similar dips, one of which looked and tasted like sick. Truly awful and such a pity because they get so much else right.

10 May 2009 18:36

The Inn on the Green, Hanwell

Went in for the first time since the management change last weekend. Massive improvement in the beer and the new landlady's a delight. If you've not been in for a while please give it another go. I doubt you'll regret it.

10 May 2009 18:29

The Inn on the Green, Hanwell

Walter was quite funny though. Not been in since he left but sounds like I should. Always been a fan.

28 Apr 2009 20:09

Red Lion, Ealing

So utterly lovely a place you can even tolerate the students. And that;'s high praise indeed for a curmugeon like me.

A true great.

28 Apr 2009 20:07

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

Well yes it's a Wetherspoons so lacks character. But it's a slight cut above most of them and this being Ealing Broadway it's nice to have anywhere that you don't feel an old fart in over 30. Good pictures of the Ealing comedies too.

28 Apr 2009 20:03

The Rose and Crown, Ealing

Given it's location, off the main road tucked away a bit i'm surprised this doesn't have a more "community boozer" feel to it. Perfectly alright but must try harder. With the New Inn and Red Lion so close the Rose and Crown just isn't one to draw a fellow in really. Shame.

28 Apr 2009 20:00

Roddy's Bar, South Ealing

Brilliant. Populated by some hilarious local characters who'll have you laughing along in no time. I've even had strangers buy me a pint just 'cos I happen to be there. Love it!

28 Apr 2009 19:55

The Plough Inn, South Ealing

Very nice decor and welcoming without overdoing it staff. Beers as well kept as you'd expect from Fullers and the midnight opening a real bonus for a fellow who works late.

28 Apr 2009 19:52

The Ealing Park Tavern, South Ealing

Totally agree with other reviewers. It's like a morgue in here, even when it's full. I can't fathom it, maybe they need a feng-shui expert to take a look or something.

28 Apr 2009 19:47

The Common Room, Ealing Common

Had some lovely seabass and there's a 2 4 1 on the cocktails early doors so you don't really have to break the bank. Yes it's a little bit "up itself" but that's Ealing for you these days.

28 Apr 2009 19:46

The Bayswater Arms, Bayswater

Alright but very lacking in atmosphere. Pretty much all tourist clientele and no cask ales. Fine as a meeting place though, a minute from the tube and perfectly safe. Just a bit dull.

28 Apr 2009 19:39

McCann's, Hanwell

Best jukebox in West London in the public bar. Karaoke on Fridays in the big room if you want to have a go yourself. Big screens for sport and a nice pint of Guinness. All good.

8 Apr 2007 17:44

Ryans, Hanwell

Great little place, really friendly and the staff are absolutely charming.

8 Apr 2007 17:41

The Duke of York, Hanwell

Definately vastly improved by the refurb. Though living very close by i've been giving this one a wide berth for a year or so. If you've been doing the same pop in and have a look. Hopefully you'll be as presently surprised as I was.

8 Apr 2007 17:38

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Just discovered this one last week. What a find, a Camden pub where you don't feel like a geriatric over 30 or have to yell into the ear of people right next to you to be heard. Might have been extra quiet being midweek but perfect. My new favourite in Camden.

31 Oct 2005 18:19

The North Pole, North Kensington

Dreadful and completely at odds with the demographic of the area. The decor's alright but stop the poncy gastropub food, sort the cask ales out, cut the prices and do something to cheer the staff up please.

Trust me it'll work.

15 Jun 2005 16:06

The Station, North Kensington

I was born and brought up right behind this pub.

There used to be half a dozen others nearby and now they're all gone. All that's left is the terrifing Pig and Whistle and the Station which now lies right at the other extreme.

Full of tossy meejah types. Too loud, too phoney and too expensive. It'd ne nice if they tried a little harder to encourage some locals in. Some of them are quite nice people you know and could provide you with some of the weekend and later evening custom you don't currently get once the turds from the Chrysalis building have gone home.

15 Jun 2005 16:00

The Old Swan, Notting Hill

Excellent range of ales and very lively without being too full on.

15 Jun 2005 15:51

The Hillgate, Notting Hill Gate

I love it in here. Every pub should have some dogs and a sweary old man in it by law if you ask me. Haven't met the guvnor but his staff all seem nice enough.

15 Jun 2005 15:49

The Earl of Lonsdale, Notting Hill

Not bad now. But if you remember what it was 20 years ago and come in now you'll want to weep.

15 Jun 2005 15:46

The Cambridge, Soho

Overpriced, rude staff, dreadful food. Ken Livingstone should step in, seriously and get this place to shape up. A tourist coming in here and forming an opinion of London's famous friendly pubs based on the experience would probably never use one again. The Cambridge you bring shame on our great city. Get a grip.

15 Jun 2005 15:41

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

The dying beast that is a West End pub with true character. Really interesting layout with lots of little cubby holes to hide in.

15 Jun 2005 15:36

The Green Man, Great Portland Street

Very poorly kept ale but I found the barstaff OK. Too full of suits early evening for my taste but OK after about 9pm midweek if you need to be close to the tube. If you don't there's plenty better to be found nearby.

15 Jun 2005 15:33

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Terrific as a venue, lousy as a pub. Plastic glasses, NO GUINNESS and only crappy Worthington E bitter.

Plastic glasses for the watery lager and �3 a pint. The Barfly people need to get it into their heads that it is not OK to treat an audience like a heard of sheep and that seeing a band and enjoying a decent pint and good service don't have to be mutually exclusive.

15 Jun 2005 15:25

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Charmingly worn outleather sofas, friendly sevice and on my visit host to a disproportionate number of very beautiful women on both sides of the bar.

15 Jun 2005 15:15

The Crown and Sceptre, Shepherds Bush

Stan Bowles used to be a semi permanent fixture on here. Is he still?

10 Jun 2005 19:24

The Puzzle, Hammersmith

Used to be The Greyhound, best pub rock venue ever. Crap now though.

10 Jun 2005 19:21

The Trout, Hammersmith

Oh it's not THAT bad. The IPA's OK and because it's it doesn't get that mad busy on Saturday nights. So if you want a quiet pint or two away from the madness of Hammersmith Broadway and the School Disco mob you could do worse. Certainly not one for any sort of special occasion though.

10 Jun 2005 19:07

The Slug and Lettuce, Shepherds Bush

Absolutely appalling.

10 Jun 2005 18:58

The Prince, Shepherds Bush

Terrific irish run traditional local. One can only pray it never gets wrecked in the way The Bushranger's been.

10 Jun 2005 18:56

The Stinging Nettle, Shepherds Bush

I can only agree 100% with other posters. A once great pub completely ruined. This was my local for years 'til I moved out of the Bush. Visited it for the first time in a good while last week and nearly wept?

When will this senseless destruction of the traditional boozer stop?

10 Jun 2005 18:53

12 Bar Club, Soho

The best place in London to see acoustic live music. I truly love the 12 Bar.

10 Jun 2005 18:28

The Windmill, Acton

Huge TV screen. Ideal for watching sport.

10 Jun 2005 15:08

The Sheepwalk Tavern, Acton

A hidden gem. Traditional back street pub with a friendly crowd and some terrific old irish songs on the juke box. Personally though i'd get rid of the pool table altogether. It takes up too much room in such a small pub.

10 Jun 2005 15:07

The Castle, Acton

Good, reasonably priced food (quite a long wait for it on my visit though and it wasn't that busy). Child friendly and Jazz bands on Sunday lunchtimes. Terrific atmosphere though perhaps not for you if you like things really loud and lively.

10 Jun 2005 15:04

The Tabard, Turnham Green

Been using The Tabard for on and off for over 20 years and i'm happy to say it hasn't change all that much. Friendly, clean and tidy and an easy going clientele. One of that dying breed of establishment that you can strike up conversation with strangers in and not be thought weird.

10 Jun 2005 15:00

The Pilot, Chiswick

Horrendously expensive and full of besuited reptiles.

10 Jun 2005 14:52

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

Great Fullers. Delightful staff, good food, nice atmosphere and a short stagger from the tube. Damn near perfect.

10 Jun 2005 14:49

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

Not eaten here so can't comment on the food but I've definately not seen any evidence of druggies or chavs. Only an average boozer but I wouldn't call it one to avoid.

10 Jun 2005 14:45

The Hole In The Wall, Chiswick

Oh my God !! What have you done?

How can these people sleep nights? They've replaced a cracking community local with a poncey gastropub. Flamin' gentrification, who needs it?

10 Jun 2005 14:40

The Duke of Sussex, Chiswick

Two years or so ago this was one of Chiswick's best. Two years is clearly a very long time in the pub game
as i'm afraid it's now one of the very worst.

I'm afraid I can confirm that the cask ales are quite foul.

10 Jun 2005 14:34

The Lamb Brewery, Chiswick

Vast and fairly ordinary drinking hole. Two pool tables and table football can be fun and a spacious patio for the summer. No cask ales which is a bugbear for me. Could be a great pub in the hands of an inspiring manager but seems content to be just ordinary. Not really good enough with so much local competition.

10 Jun 2005 14:30

Connolly's, Chiswick

The mixed grill in here is the best pub meal I have ever had. �5.50 for the biggest portion ever and all good quality. Can't recommend highly enough. God my mouth's watering just typing this.

10 Jun 2005 14:25

George IV, Chiswick

A very good pint as you'd expect from a Fullers house and a nice enough pub. Just too damn BIG for my personal tastes though. Some of the staff can be a little unwelcoming too. Nice big screen for watching footie though.

10 Jun 2005 14:20

The Crown and Anchor, Chiswick

Shame that it's no longer a Youngs house but the new decor's lovely. The guy behind the bar last night was an absolute star too. Let us sample the Czech beer he had on draught we hadn't come across before before we took the plunge. Very nice it was too. So much so that I drunk so much of it I can't now remember what it's called.

10 Jun 2005 14:15

Hogshead, Ealing

Best pub on Ealing Broadway, though that's not saying all that much. Waitress service a brilliant thing and the ales are really well kept. Wide variety of wines on sale too if that's your bag. Totally agree about the loos being hard work though.

9 Jun 2005 15:00

The Granville (Harvester), Ealing Common

Nothing exactly wrong with the Granville as such but it has no soul. Just a tag on to the Harvester really. Go to Jono's across the road if you want more than that.

9 Jun 2005 14:57

The Townhouse, Ealing

Decent pint of London Pride if you've time to kill before a train out of Ealing Broadway of an afternoon but hell on earth after dark.

9 Jun 2005 14:54

Jono's, Ealing Common

Brilliant for watching sport.

9 Jun 2005 14:50

All Bar One, Ealing

All Bar One are evil and must be stopped.

9 Jun 2005 14:47

Greystoke, Ealing

Lovely boozer. Clean, friendly and best of all nice a great pint.

9 Jun 2005 14:45

The Front Room, Ealing

They put GRAVY on the salad I ordered. GRAVY !!

9 Jun 2005 14:38

The North Star, Ealing

Gutted - Used to love it in here. A refuge from all the noisy teenager hang outs in the rest of the area. Sadly the North Star's now become just that itself. Pity. Seems it's pretty much illegal to be over 35 and want a beer on The Ealing Broadway now.

9 Jun 2005 14:37

The Live and Let Live, West Kensington

I've never been quite clear on what people mean exactly by "chavs". If you mean ordinary working class people having a laugh together then I suppose you might be right. I found it terrifically friendly in here even if the music was a bit loud for me.

Needs a cask ale or two put in though.

9 Jun 2005 14:30

The Fox, Hanwell

Lovely garden, great staff, well kept reasonably priced beers and lots of guest ales. Damn near perfect. Try to go midweek or evening if you can. Gets very busy Sunday lunchtimes

9 Jun 2005 14:16

Lavins, Hanwell

Very small and smoky. Cliquey atmosphere among regulars a little scary for newcomers but the Guinness is as good as you'll get anywhere and reasonably priced.

9 Jun 2005 14:13

The Rifleman, Hounslow

Friendly unpretentious and a great place to see a band.

9 Jun 2005 14:02

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