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The Plough at Langford, Langford

We had a lovely welcome both times we visited recently, and good food. I'd recommend it.

29 Mar 2011 16:45

The Five Bells, Henlow

Nice, old fashioned, pub with a large food menu. The food I had was nice and reasonably-priced, but not outstanding. I would, however, take friends and family there for a meal. The pub caters well for older people and the menu seems designed to cater for all ages. A good, reasonably-priced pub which I wouldn't necessarily use for special occassions but would pop into whenever I fancy a good, honest meal.

25 Jul 2009 12:05

The Green Man, Great Offley

I was disappointed. This used to be a great pub for food but we found the food today very sub-standard and expensive for what we got. The waiter who greeted us in the restaurant was friendly, as was the girl who delivered our mains, but our waitress was surly to say the least. I don't think we could have received a less inviting welcome and she did not look at us at all while serving us - we rushed our food and couldn't wait to leave. If I'm honest I did not enjoy this experience which is a pity as eating in the Green Man used to be such a treat. We are unlikely to return.

28 Jun 2009 18:46

The Plough at Langford, Langford

If you've been avoiding the Plough it's now time to return. The new management have made a huge difference and the pub is now producing excellent food at really good prices. An average price for a fantastic (hearty) lunchtime meal is around �5 to �6 and portions are on the large size. They also do snacks such as cheese on toast and have a good children's menu. We will be back as this pub is once again somewhere where we would like to spend some time. (The puddings are great too btw!). Highly recommended and worth a visit if you find yourself in the vicinity.

26 Jul 2008 16:05

The Crown, Henlow

We visited today (Sunday). Two out of three meals were good; one wasn't but we complained and received an instant refund. The service was very good (one unfriendly waiter but the others were really pleasant) - quick and attentive. Unfortunately I have to agree with a previous reviewer - there isn't much vegetarian choice (today it was either mushroom soup or a cheese and spinach filo parcel). I would return and think it's worth a visit. We all enjoyed our puddings.

8 Jun 2008 15:41

The Boot, Langford

This place has changed hands and is now a restaurant. Pretty good food and a creative menu, and it was busy on the evening we went. It's a good alternative to the pubs in the village and worth a visit for a special occassion. The service was a little slow (probably due to the number of people) but we did receive a friendly welcome.

8 Jun 2008 09:22

The Plough at Langford, Langford

Pub nice but food very disappointing.

8 Apr 2008 22:18

Old Orleans, Reading

Food ok (cajun food), service can vary but generally ok. Prices not bad. They usually play good music though, which adds some atmosphere to the place.

19 Nov 2007 09:03

O'Neills, Reading

I have visited this pub a few times and really like it. The food is great, and very reasonable, and they do the best chips in Reading. Lots of choice, food wise, and they cater for vegetarians. Drinks prices are pretty much the same as anywhere else. They have large screens for live sports events. Definately recommended for the food. Staff are well-trained. Although it does not have a cosy pub-type atmosphere, I really like the place.

19 Nov 2007 08:58

The Hare and Hounds, Old Warden

Pretty country pub with a lovely fire that is lit during the winter. This pub does lovely Sunday lunches. Food during the week (lunchtime) can vary from being fantastic to very average for the price. On the whole, worth a visit and worth trying the food.

15 Jul 2007 22:59

The White Horse, Broom

A traditional country pub with character. Food ok.

15 Jul 2007 22:48

The Five Horseshoes, Little Berkhamsted

This used to be one of my favourite pubs in Hertfordshire but sadly my last two visits have been disappointed. The service and food used to be exemplorary and great value but now it is all rather average and over-priced for what you get. What a shame.

14 Jul 2007 13:23

The White Hart, Biggleswade

Lovely little pub in the centre of Biggleswade which does great, cheap food. I find it very friendly.
The pub underwent refurbishment last year and is clean and fresh looking, despite its age (one of the oldest pubs in the area).

14 Jul 2007 13:19

The Black Horse, Ireland

I love the ambience and character of this pub but on my last two visits have been disappointed by the food. My husband and I visited this week and paid �16 for an aged rib eye steak and asked for it to be cooked "medium". When it arrived it was "well done" and very tough. My own meal was a vegetarian celeriac and potato rosti. It was a huge portion but rather uninspiring, served with a cooked tomato and green salad leaves. We both left feeling disappointed with the food, which neither of us wanted to finish. This pub has, however, always served rather excellent desserts and the rum and raisin ice cream can be highly recommended. One irritating thing about the pub is that the staff have obviously been told to look happy, smile and be enthusiastic. This is normally a good thing but we both found the service a little obtrusive at times - we got two check-backs within a minute of one another and the approaches by the waiting staff at times seemed overdone and a little insincere. On the whole it's a lovely pub to visit but I wouldn't eat from the evening menu again and would probably stick to bar snacks or Sunday lunch in the pub rather than eat in the restaurant again.

14 Jul 2007 13:10

The Plough at Langford, Langford

Went and ate there today.

New chef but food still disappointing unfortunately.

3 Jun 2007 18:57

The Wrestlers, Langford

I like the Wrestlers but admittedly I mostly go in the summer and sit in the garden so I haven't noticed the smoke. The food menu is more basic than other pubs in the village (The Plough and Truc Vert, formerly The Boot) but also cheaper.

31 May 2007 12:35

The Boot, Langford

This pub is now a Truc Vert restaurant/wine bar place.
My husband and I have eaten there and, although the food is a little on the pricey side for a pub, it's in keeping with restaurant prices. Generous portions and good food, however my tuna fillet was smothered in salt, which I didn't like so much.

The staff are excellent and very welcoming. I hope it does well.

31 May 2007 12:33

The Plough at Langford, Langford

I used to visit this pub regularly and the food was fantastic but I haven't been since my last meal, a couple of months ago, which was not up to standard. We did complain and asked whether there was a different chef but were not told about the new ownership and not offered any money off the bill. The pub is a lot quieter now than it used to be. I hope it is just teething problems but have to say that the friendliness and charm has been lost somewhat recently.

31 Dec 2006 16:15

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

I went to this pub at the weekend and must say that, having reviews here, I did not know what to expect. However, I was really pleasantly surprised.

I had not been to the Ostrich before the re-fit and cannot comment on the "before" look, but on entering the pub, it is clean and has a pleasant atmosphere. There is a lovely old fireplace near the bar (which is very modern-looking and perhaps out of keeping with the history of the building) but I liked the "feel" of the place.

The room we ate in was a little cold to begin with (it was not near the fireplace) but it soon warmed up once we started eating.

The food was fantastic. A little pricey but very good. Service was excellent. We were shown the large function room upstairs, which was very impressive and the character of the upstairs has been kept very much intact.

I can understand that locals may not be happy with the refurbishment. The pub is very old and it would have been nice to see more of the character kept downstairs. However, I was very impressed by the cleanliness (the glasses were crystal-clear, the cutlery, crockery and tables were all clean and not sticky like you get in some places and the floors and surfaces were all spotless. Toilets likewise).

I really have nothing to complain about. when I go out for a meal, I think about the following things when making a judgement:

1. Was the place clean and would I be happy to eat there again? (yes)
2. Am I getting value for money? (we had the set Christmas menu and I thought it was priced about right - we had three courses plus coffee and mince pies and chocolates. With drinks it came to under �30/head).
3. Would I recommend it to my friends? (absolutely)
4. Were the staff friendly and was the service good? (the service was excellent).

So, in all, I would definately recommend this pub for its food.

Negatives - a personal comment: I would prefer to see less of the artistic photos of the pub on the wallsand more of the history. The pub has an interesting story and I would have liked to have read more about it during my visit.

12 Dec 2006 14:45

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