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Comments by rangerman

The Crown and Sceptre, Shepherds Bush

used to love this pub when it was a good honest old fashioned pub with stained glass, curtains and a pool table, many of us mourn the loss of the loft bar. Why oh why did it change to a boring clinical fish tank of a crap gastro pub. gut it and go back to what worked so well.

21 Feb 2009 23:22

The White Horse, Shepherds Bush

The Shepherds Bush tardis. Don't be fooled by the entrance, a great old fashioned boozer

21 Feb 2009 23:17

The Queen Adelaide, Shepherds Bush

used to be a bit of a shithole but had decent beer and food at decent prices. How it could get even more crappier is beyond me. over priced drink and food and more staff than customers, i have never felt more guilty leaving a pub with no custom in all my life. still the beer was vile and flat so I simply went to one of the better pubs within 2 minutes walk.

21 Feb 2009 23:14

The Orchard, Shepherds Bush

Top pub, the best in the bush, cozy inside and very welcoming. loads of sport and good music too. The staff are great too

21 Feb 2009 23:07

The Coningham Arms, Shepherds Bush

great local, but don't expect clinical appearance of usual bush pubs. this one's down to earth and it's a hoops pub. chelsea stay away, we hate you. some great characters frequent this and the other two local pubs known as the Shepherds Bush triangle (only problem is the Adelaide is now a gastro shit hole with more staff than customers)

21 Feb 2009 23:04

The Old Bull & Bush, Shepherds Bush

This pub used to be called the travellers rest and was great under that name. now all the pub is good for is travellers, they're welcome to the shit hole

21 Feb 2009 22:58

The Eagle, Shepherds Bush

The Eagle used to be the best pub in W12 in the 80's when Eamon and Sarah used to run it. The pub went down hill from there, not too sure how much worse it can get. Bring back the traditional london pub with curtains, stained glass and a welcoming atmosphere.

21 Feb 2009 22:56

The British Queen, Shepherds Bush

Adolf Hitler survived the bunker and serves behind the bar here. His mrs Ava Braun runs the coningham oposite. both great boozers

21 Feb 2009 15:51

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