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Comments by randolf

Dean Park Inn, Bournemouth

think they have a new chef as 3 of us had a lovely meal in here yesterday, last year we came here and had what i would describe as bog standard pub grup. So many pubs produce plastic food but we were all really happy, you could tell it was all cooked by a person rather than from the freezer to the microwave!! They have wadsworth ales which are ok but shame they cant stock ringwood etc as there are better real beers out there in dorset.

25 Mar 2012 21:59

The Sovereigns, Portsmouth

Had a really lovely sunday roast here. much better than the beef eater down the road. Some good quality real beers too. they have some good deals on especially at lunch times.

23 Jun 2009 19:13

The Churchillian, Portsmouth

good quality basic food. Much better than almost every pub in portsmouth though not restaurant standard. lots of barstaff so service was above par but not amazing. nice pub to take visiting family etc as there were no yobs like most portsmouth pubs have.

9 Dec 2008 10:10

George Inn, Cosham

lots of real ales, nice people, would def come again

9 Dec 2008 10:06

The Spyglass and Kettle, Southbourne

I come to bmouth at the weekends for work. We often end up here as its nearby. omg theres a lot of personal comments on this place, lets keep our coments on the pubs we visit rather than the personal stuff i think..... I have to say it is a basic bub with basic food but the staff are really friendly and down to earth, not a bunch of robots walking around like in most food pubs... if you prefere real people serving real ales and basic good food come here.

9 Dec 2008 10:04

The Woodpecker, Cowplain

THey had a refurb a while back in here. New managers. The food is really good now with a carvery at the wekends. amazing real ales always on tap. very friendly staff. come here quite often now

9 Dec 2008 09:59

Red Lion Hotel, Cosham

came here 4 years ago when it was Mr Q's, lots of people in here you wouldn't want to drink with very rough. This is the first time I've come back. Came in with my neihbours and thier kids. I couldn't believe they were taking thier kids in this place... I was so surprised by how its changed. No pool tables anymore. its more like a food pub than anything else. The bar staff seemed relaxed and friendly even though they were busy which is good. the food was basic but amazing value 241. I never thought I'd say this but I'm happy to recomend it to anyone. Next week there is a band playing - I might come again!

9 Dec 2008 09:51

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