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The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Food and drinks overpriced but what the hell you pays for what you get. Its not a pub its a bar with west end prices but the food is good and the ale acceptable.

24 Apr 2012 01:43

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

Drab and indifferent, like drinking in a goldfish bowl.

24 Apr 2012 01:39

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

Not a bad pub. Quiz nights on Weds. Check out the nurses from the hospital on some nights (?) Winter Warmer when on early this year was a cracking pint. Can get very busy, gonna get even busier when the Olympic road race goes past.

24 Apr 2012 01:37

The Alexandra, Norbiton

Closed and no hint of reopening as a pub unless of course GK want to waste more money.

24 Apr 2012 01:31

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

As a free house, how come they can charge so much?

24 Apr 2012 01:30

The Richmond Park, Kingston Upon Thames

Now Thai food quantity fine be decided

24 Apr 2012 01:28

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Brilliant festival, great bands, not to mention the Morris Men on St. Georges Day. Great atmosphere and good ale and friendly and gorgeous bar staff.

24 Apr 2012 01:26

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

Must be the most expensive pub in Kingston now 4.20p for ESB! but quality still good.

24 Apr 2012 01:22

The Wheelwrights Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Ale was OK but dont think you can carry on a conversation 'cos everyone's looking at the bloody television screens.

24 Apr 2012 01:17

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

TT Landlord has not been on for some months now but varying range of real ales still going. Blessed relief they have barred children after 6pm shame they don't do the same for some of the dogs that bark all night!

21 Dec 2011 14:03

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

In all fairness 5 ales back on, the usual plus Black Sheep, Twickers Winter Cheer and 6X all in top form. 'Shady' the dog performing regular sit ins with customers who love her, the cat is a miserable b'stard and hasn't been seen since the cold weather. Free quizzes on Sunday night getting more popular with rotating quizmasters - love 'em or leave'em. Understand St. Valentines beer festival on its way - 20 or winter ales will be available, can't wait.

16 Jan 2010 03:03

The Quarterdeck, North Berwick

Modern bar, no atmosphere, no real ale, go elsewhere.

3 Oct 2009 18:52

The Ship Inn, North Berwick

OK during the week but at weekends full of locals getting pissed in the evenings. Only one real ale on but surprisingly did good range of ale in bottles. OK for a visit but would not want to stay all night.

3 Oct 2009 18:50

The Golfers Rest, North Berwick

Nothing to write home about. Golfers Rest a bit of a misnomer as nobody not even golfers can rest with the loud music on some nights. Go to the County Hotel if you want a bit more peace and far friendlier pub.

3 Oct 2009 18:47

The Auld Hoose, North Berwick

Sign says it is a 3 real ale house, only 1 on during our visit Abbott Ale which was in good form but put through a bloody sparkler to give it a creamy head Why? Its a southern beer and that spoils the flavour. Good food reasonably priced. Some decent malts. Friendly staff. Large TV in both areas though tends to be distracting in the lounge area. Pool table. One of the better pubs in North Berwick.

3 Oct 2009 18:44

Grey's Inn, Embleton

Have to agree with other comments. Real Ale reduced to two on our visit and lovely bar gal honestly commented that one was a 'bit cloudy' 10 out of 10 for honesty but still went for the other. Food and wine good value but you'd better book if you want to sit in the resturant area and not be squeezed in in the bar area.

3 Oct 2009 18:37

The Cottage Inn, Dunstan

Should do something about the car park at the rear where you need to park, dark evenings no lights and the rutted rough path down from the road needs sorting out or someones car suspension going to break! Quite friendly and good real ale, food looked good and not too pricey and menu quite large. A small local contingent on a Saturday night were making lot of drunken noise but thankfully moved on but there again that can happen in any place these days.

3 Oct 2009 18:33

Jolly Fisherman, Craster

Would not say dirty and dingey just lacking in a good refresh. Adequate though the staff could be a bit offish but got better the more times we went in whilst on holiday and by the third night were quite chatty. Two real ales Black Sheep and Mordue Worky Ticket both in top form so no quibbles there. Beer Garden overlooking the coast and harbour. Good place to have a drink whilst taking in the smoke coming from the smokery oppostive and then popping over to buy some fabulous Craster kippers. Yum.

3 Oct 2009 18:28

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Matthew your quiz can I say....average....but interesting. When you become a master quizzeter and can take the beer and do the questions without falling off the bar stool you can say you've cracked it (only joking) - still the beer range remains ace and the free quiz with free prizes makes it still the best pub around.

8 Sep 2009 02:51

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Maldenman - have to agree entirely - GK have ruined the place. Whilst not the greatest pub in Kingston it was a little haven of unusual beers but now its blxxxdy awful. Even the few characters that used to frequent have buggered off. No atmosphere, short pints (see below) and more expensive. Go to the Dukes Head nearby, not great but better value.

8 Sep 2009 02:31

The Giant Pot, Weymouth

Oh dear wots happened, someone's turned a nice pub into a shite hole, empty of people, ale indifferent, crap muzak. Nope, sorry another one bites the dust.

6 May 2009 00:18

The Dorothy Inn, Weymouth

Totally buggered, absolutely empty over bank holiday weekend, no real ale, no music, no reason to go back there and from the state of the place no reason to stay there again.

6 May 2009 00:12

Rendezvous, Weymouth

Dont go there if you're under 21

6 May 2009 00:01

Yates, Weymouth


5 May 2009 23:59

The Sailors Return, Weymouth

One of the better harbour side pubs - see other comments

5 May 2009 23:58

The Boot, Weymouth

What can one say...just efffin fantastic even with the new guvnor and his missus. Take a timewarp and sit at a table which has a 33 degree slope and a challenging floor! Nice to get kicked out at 10.30 on a Sunday night just as the old guv'nor did. Shades of yesteryear. A++++++

5 May 2009 23:56

The Harbour Inn, Solva

Still the same, pleasant enough but the other two pubs in Solva have more atmosphere. Food OK but staff very indifferent. No smoking area except outside the front door which is a bit iffy in rain and wind. Brains still in control...and the mild is still keg but hey who cares.

5 May 2009 23:49

The Cambrian Inn, Solva

Revisited after 3 years, not a pub in the usual sense still food orientated but what is the point of a bar which you have to step up to? Still has real ale but no Tomos available this time. Food was OK - obligatory chips with a sandwhich - unusual but great except that they were undercooked.

5 May 2009 23:44

The Ship, Solva

Just been back after 3 years and whooopeee doooooo better than ever. New guvnor Paul done wonders to the place. Still four real ales on and a curry house tacked onto the rear of the pub which serves excellent food - try the naga chilli curry at your risk. Friendly crowd still and good atmosphere.

5 May 2009 23:41

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

Carebear u need to get out more

13 Aug 2008 00:37

The Ship Inn, Wadebridge

Best pub in town centre area. On its own across the bridge so away from all the riff raff on the other side. New management I gather offering reasonably priced food. Good atmosphere.

11 Jul 2008 20:13

The Molesworth Arms Hotel, Wadebridge

Not a bad place, all ales perfectly acceptable, food good, has BBQ and a shorts, cocktail bar open in summer weekends. Popular with golfers staying during the week.
Friendly guv'nor and staff. Busy at weekends.

11 Jul 2008 20:11

Swan Hotel, Wadebridge

Nothings changed since last year. Still pretty dire with local yobs filling the place in the evenings particularly at weekends. The few visitors eating in the evenings had to get out by 9.30 because young girls(?) where throwing the footwear around the bar area. Yuk, stay clear.

11 Jul 2008 20:09

The Bridge on Wool, Wadebridge

Family pub! you gotta be joking may have been 4 years ago now a loud, unbearable music dump crowded at weekends with local riff raff when they're not in the Swan. Avoid if your over 30!

11 Jul 2008 20:06

The Red Lion Hotel, Cromer

Have to agree with ixion, one of the better Cromer pubs.

11 Jul 2008 19:34

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames


17 Mar 2008 03:22

The Punch Bowl, Mayfair

Is this press release true?
'Pop queen Madonna has become a pub landlady - after buying her local, The Punchbowl, near her West End home. Beer-loving Madge and hubby Guy Ritchie splashed out more than 2.5m to own the 18th century boozer. A friend of Madge, 49, said last night: "She absolutely adores the pub. They pop in regularly to get away from it all." Madonna and Guy, 39, bought the pub in London's Mayfair district from their pal Greg Foreman - son of former Kray twins gangster Freddie Foreman.'

3 Mar 2008 16:37

The Kelly Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Oh dear, closed after the New Year, looks like it's going to be another lost cause.....time will tell...shame really but good idea in the wrong place.

7 Jan 2008 03:37

The Grapes Inn, Falmouth

Oh dear, went in on a Sunday to watch Rugby game, only about 6 people in. Why - took ages to get served by sourly faced barmaid who was more intent on doing 'other things' facing away from the public. When match finished we were not entitled to listen to the 'round up' off goes the telly and loud music comes on Why? there was nobody in there the slightly bit interested in music. Beer was of acceptable quality though.

11 Oct 2007 19:14

The Chainlocker and Shipwrights, Falmouth

Proper 'ansome

11 Oct 2007 19:09

The Cottage Loaf, Llandudno

Must agree with Daz, excellent pint of Directors. Great atmosphere, log fire, wooden beams, pub for both 30 somethings and old 'uns. Rest of places in Llandudno full of tarts and oiks. Bar staff could be a bit more cheerful though.

3 Oct 2007 00:43

The Halfway House, Annalong

Yuk, don't know what its like at weekends but during week dull dull empty and bland. No atmosphere apart from a couple of old drunks at the bar. Apparently they close early off season, just as well!

3 Oct 2007 00:23

The Barholm Arms Hotel, Creetown

Was a bit shocked when I got there on a Saturday evening, early, and a guy was fast asleep at the bar, but then that could happend anywhere these days. Bit noisy at weekends, decor needs updating and the 'lounge' definitely needs better furniture. As only true pub in the village did have a reasonable atmosphere cannot judge the food as did not partake but kitchen looked reasonably clean. Music can be a bit loud though.

3 Oct 2007 00:15

The Dukes Head, Putney

Putney prices! Food expensive and not that good, looks like it tries to make it 'posh' but quite frankly rather pay more at a decent place. Refurbished dining room? Shame they didn't manage to find time to wash the net curtains which were quite frankly black. Another Youngs oooppps sorry Wells disaster area.

8 Aug 2007 21:14

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Oh dear looking forward to a first and trying all the TT ales. Only Landlord on with some Wolf ales, which were OK, especially the Wild Mild. Good that Mild is a regular but wot abat the other TT's? Then the Landlord went so nofink. If pub has small cellar shouldn't it be concentraing on its promoted TT ales and not guests. Still I liked the cosy atmosphere of the place and will return but first checking to find out wots on!

8 Aug 2007 21:10

The Queens Head, Kingston Upon Thames

Now reverted back to its original name 'The Queens Head' by a thoughtful new landlord. Good beer, good atmos. Nice change.

28 Jul 2007 16:46

The Beehive, Brentford

a dump - go to Magpie or Brewery Tap or if desperate the Watermans.

20 May 2007 02:14

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

Saturday night- old geezer playing the joanna - no frills and NO ESB IN A FULLERS PUB !!! A time warp. Definightly a place to go if you want to get away from the trials and tribulations of life. Music and quizzes seem to be the in thing but only if your over the age of 55 cos' if you're young you ain't gonna like it - food available apparently during the day. All in all a little gem in the back waters of Brentford. Also, a guest ale in a Fullers pub - rather unusual.

20 May 2007 02:08

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

A bit of an oasis in Brentford if you like real ale and continental beers - surprise was proper Budvar dark beer (can't remember the proper name) which disappeared at a rate of knots. 4 real ales on - good but needs to clean his tables - it was cup final day to I suppose he's got an excuse. Thai food available - didn't bother. All in all a good place but needs a shake and vac !!!!

20 May 2007 02:02

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

25 years ago Youngs buggered up their pubs by getting rid of public bars now Youngs/Wells are buggering up pubs by turning them into stables - and who thought of painting the lovely brickwork black? Plenty better boozers in the area - avoid !

20 Apr 2007 19:17

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Something ain't quite right here. Who is this Biker and Wandsworth. I have been visiting the Will's Beer Fest all week and the only bad language I heard was the Morris Dancers singing 'frigging in the riggin' and sXXt that particular beer has finished. If you are regular identify yourself, cos you must have been pixxed and did not know where you were. As the guv'nor has said he employs non-caucasian bar staff and serves Beiging Black beer. I took my wife there at the weekend and not a dicky bird of bad language was heard. Indeed I have heard the guv, on the odd occasion when it happens, tell miscrients to "tone it down" when ladies are present - sequest non verbum est!

6 Nov 2006 02:18

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

Seems that yet another new manager has arrived. Needs to get some more bar staff - only one on and he didn't understand what a light and bitter was and completely ignored a piece of half chewed lemon lying on the bar for half an hour. Not bad selection of real ales though but a bit pricey. Sign says no smoking at the bar but plenty of people were and nobody said anything. Will give it another go.

18 Oct 2006 19:21

The Lion, Teddington

Returned to the pub this year for the beer festival and really impressed I couldn't fault any of the beers except for the fact that some had sold out! Vast improvement in food since the first review (mine)over 2 years ago. Go find it!

15 Oct 2006 18:54

The Slug and Lettuce, Kingston Upon Thames

Slug and Lettuce apparently reopening in Charter Square development.

15 Oct 2006 18:40

The Jolly Sailors Inn, Whitby

If they didn't let dogs in, how come the place smelt of wet dogs on our visit. Cheap ale isn't always a sign of quality - if you want decent pint go to the other side of the harbour, quieter and more pleasant pubs over there.

15 Oct 2006 18:35

The Fleece, Whitby

Average pub - friendly atmosphere - good place for dominoes and pool but nothing to write home about.

15 Oct 2006 18:29

The Endeavour, Whitby

Great one bar pub alongside the Upper Harbour. Pool available. 4 or 5 real ales available. Good atmosphere. Occasional jamming by local folk group. Very clean. No loud music thank god but gets very busy at weekends but then all pubs in the area do.

15 Oct 2006 18:26

The Black Horse Vaults, Whitby

On the way to Whitby Abbey. Non-smoking lounge and middle bar but the tiny and very cosy public bar still allows a smoke. One of the oldest pubs in Whitby and reputedly haunted. 4/5 regularly changing real ales. Good atmosphere especially if a jamming session is in full swing.

15 Oct 2006 18:21

The Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole

Can't say anything more than whats been already said - just brilliant.

15 Oct 2006 18:13

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

The smell is probably from the stagnant bar staff! This is one of those pubs were there's a lot of activity behind the bar but nothing bloody happens especially at lunchtimes. You can wait for ages to get served drinks as the method of taking food orders seems to take ages.

1 Aug 2006 21:08

The Honest Cabbage, Kingston Upon Thames

Couldn't quite make it out from a bus but now renamed the 'Lucky Cabbage' or someat like that. Oh Pleeasseee get a life you pub naming tosser's !

29 May 2006 18:41

The Mill Race, Walford

Formerly The Spread Eagle. Now completely redecorated and transformed into 'gastro-pub'. Wye Valley real ale available. Totally non-smoking but has a patio available for a quick fag. Food good but a bit pricey.

28 Mar 2006 14:01

The Cambrian Inn, Solva

Under new ownership. Very pleasant place with emphasis on food. Real ale (Tomos Watkin) available. Not so much a pub more of a comfortable lounge with leather chairs etc.

28 Mar 2006 13:53

The Harbour Inn, Solva

Very pleasant large pub at waters edge by car park. Large food area. Real log fire in winter. Curry nights on Friday. Real ale (Brains) available. Rumoured to get v.busy in summer.

28 Mar 2006 13:51

The Ship, Solva

Friendly pub in village centre. Quiz on Weds. Food available. Could do with a bit of a clean up. Real fires in winter. Real ale (Brains/Worthington) available.

28 Mar 2006 13:48

The Wych Elm, Kingston Upon Thames

Point of order pburton - Margaret is not one of the hosts, she's a barmaid, Janet is Manny's other half but you never see her serving behind the bar so your indescretion is excuseable and accepted. Margaret could be a host if she cheered up a bit!

14 Feb 2006 19:24

The Park Tavern, Kingston Upon Thames

Returned to this pub after about a year and nothings changed apart from the staff which were pleasant enough even to the point of replacing my pint when it reached end of barrel without any argument. Nuff sed!

14 Feb 2006 19:14

The Giant Pot, Weymouth

First time for me, normally avoid pubs near railway stations but this ones a little gem or Giant gem. Friendly local good real ales.

21 Dec 2005 22:27

The Boot, Weymouth

Oldest and best pub in Weymouth. Fanbloodytastic Ringwood beers plus ciders. Crazy new barman called Robbie been installed since I was last there. Don't expect late night drinkies though, still kicking out at 11pm.

21 Dec 2005 22:22

Bar Banus, Weymouth

Toooooo efffing LOUD - stay away unless your under 25.

21 Dec 2005 22:18

The Dorothy Inn, Weymouth

Just stayed here for a couple of days on strength of old adverts in Camra mags. Hmmmm could have done better. Not much of a beer selection but spose thats because its winter. Nothing wrong with quality though and staff pleasant. Breakfasts were fine but you gotta do something about the beds man like sleeping on large stones ! Music was OK as well.

21 Dec 2005 22:15

The Royal Barge, Kingston Upon Thames

Refurbished - now CLOSED and looking for new owners - speaks volumes !

25 Nov 2005 21:00

The Cecil Arms, Saltash

My gawd. The Cecil at the top of the best pub list. What can I say, haven't been in there since 1964 - used to nip in for a quickie when on cross-country run from the ol' Grammar School via the farm lane down the side. Cider (rough) 10d at pint ! Cyril with his china mug in the public. Teachers in the saloon. Us having a fag and a pint out back. Happy days, well done for keeping up good work for 40-odd years.

25 Nov 2005 20:52

The Royal Borough Arms, Norbiton

'ere we go again - under new management - what will it be this time? At least they're scraping the old paint off the outside tiles, wonder if they'll scrape the 'orrible and sinister and ugly crowd of old regulars off the floor and get rid of them for good.

26 Oct 2005 19:54

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Getting better by the week. 5 real ales all in top notch form - HSB, Old Hookey, Harveys great stuff. Food getting impressive with new chef - bit expensive but v.busy on Saturday nights/Sunday lunch. Outside 'smokin' area now with heat lamps for winter. Worth another look.

26 Oct 2005 19:50

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