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Merlins Cave, Chalfont St Giles

The Merlin’s Cave is situated in the centre of the attractive old village of Chalfont St Giles, and being adjacent to the lovely valley along which the Misbourne runs, is in an ideal location. The pub also has a good beer garden and children’s play area.

Lunch here, however, was a mixed experience. On the positive side the food was good, and my pint of Bombardier went down very well; indeed, I was tempted to have the second pint that appeared which I hadn’t ordered! The young staff were extremely busy, mainly with many young mothers with their children presumably off school for the day because of the snow, but coped well, and were courteous and friendly throughout.

My reservations: the area where we sat was dreadfully cold- I wore my winter coat throughout, and the radiator by me wasn’t on despite the snow outside. The tiny heater in its stead was of slight benefit only. The chair on which I sat was tatty as were several others around me, and my companion noticed that some in the eclectic mix of them must have originated from a church, given they had hymn book holders on their backs. Indeed an odd selection.

I thought the food expensive for the quantity provided, and the service of the dessert was very slow. This was not helped by the fact that what I sought from the menu I was told only some time later wasn’t available. When I went to pay there was an item on it I hadn’t ordered (two glasses of wine), although that was corrected immediately I queried it- this was human error, nothing more.

OK for young families, but I would not rush back.

1 Feb 2019 21:30

The Plough Inn, Finstock

Much as previously reported by me. The charming village of Finstock makes an easy hour or so’s walk from Chalbury, which is what six of us (three adults, two teenagers and a dog) did for Sunday lunch as part of our round. The Plough essentially did us proud, with a warm welcome, a good table in their dog-friendly area, and fine roasts (pork or beef) which arrived quickly. The risottos were also reasonable value. There was something of a hiatus about the arrival of the desserts, but that meant we didn’t head have to head out into the rain!

I would suggest that you book ahead for Sunday lunch as the pub pretty busy (which we did), particularly of you are bringing your dog with its separate table area.

There’s a fine selection of draught beers, and my pint of Director’s (4.8%) was fine. There’s also cider.

For lovers of the gentle and highly amusing novels of Barbara Pym there is the added treat that her final home which she shared with her sister Hilary is just across the road from the Plough. In 2014 an American fan of hers wrote of the pub: “Barbara had sat here, in this surprisingly venerable, beautifully restored interior with its surprisingly fancy menu — surely that had changed since her time – of prawn salad and free range chicken”. What would Barbara have made of that? I think she would approve.

30 Jan 2019 09:01

The Kings Head, Little Marlow

I’m delighted to report that the King’s Head is back in business, and it’s like the good old days! It was closed for about eighteen months, with plans by a well-known chef to make it “gastro” or similar, but this was not to be. That’s good news as far as I’m concerned.

I had a warm welcome, and excellent polite, friendly service by the young and efficient staff. There was also a good telephone manner when I booked, although I don’t think booking is necessary midweek.

At lunchtime, the choice of draft beer appeared to be limited to Doom Bar or IPA, but there were lagers in addition. I had the Doom Bar, good if not outstanding. The lunch menu was perfectly adequate, and I can recommend the fish and chips.

The bar areas are small, but all right for midweek lunchtime use, and there is still the separate dining room.

The parking front and back is OK if not over abundant. There is a separate room available for functions like receptions.

This place is recommended for people who like the right touches of a traditional English country pub.

8 Jan 2019 16:40

The Blackwood Arms, Littleworth Common

The Blackwood Arms is a delightful pub in a totally rural setting on the edge of Burnham Beeches, probably not easy to find in the dark if you are unfamiliar with the single track and windy roads. It is none the worse for that! We sat inside, but on a day when you could well be in the fine garden at the back- note you step right into the road as you leave the front door. The pub’s website speaks for itself on food (I recommend the fish and chips), and the choice of beers was adequate.

The service of food was friendly if leisurely, particularly the desserts, but I emphasize that the crumble and custard was well worth waiting for.

There is a public car park across from the pub, but even on Tuesday midday this was full with walkers’ cars, and thus parking maybe a problem at weekends on this narrow road.

Finally, for connoisseurs of aberrant apostrophes, the menu is a collector’s item, a treasure trove; terrific value, as nearly every plural has one. However, I did see that the door saying “Gents Room” lacked one, when being possessive, it should.

Recommended, and will happily go again.

17 Oct 2018 07:19

The Queens Head, Little Marlow

Back to the Queen’s Head (I have inserted an apostrophe here) after a gap of nearly eight years. Its décor has changed to the extent that it is now unambiguously an establishment in which to eat, with a clearly defined separate restaurant area. However, there is still a small and cosy bar area, which has a cosy fire.

There were three draught beers on offer, and a varied light and main lunch menu; the food is not cheap, but my fish and chips was plenty and delicious.

As the King’s Head a couple of hundred yards away has been closed for some time I booked assuming it would be busy, but that turned out to have been unnecessary.

There is pleasant outside seating too.

Given its quiet, rural location, friendly and efficient staff, good range of food and drink it was a happy return; I recommend it.

15 Jan 2018 16:30

The Kings Head, Little Marlow

Closed, and has been for some months.

15 Jan 2018 08:27

Kings Arms, Cookham

Five years on, and badams4848's comments still hold true. Good size garden too. Recommended.

11 Aug 2016 18:58

The Red Lion, Bradenham

Its hours are still as described by Blue Scrumpy in February.

7 Jul 2016 17:29

The White Horse, Hedgerley

I'm sorry to hear of Mappiman's recent experience.
With two friends from Florida, both of whom know their beers well, I visited the White Horse again a few days ago. We had the Rebellion IPA and the Artisan MOSAIC. There was also a strong case for trying the black XPA. Fine beer, consumed in the cosy snug with interesting and friendly locals.
This included one of the best discussions that I have had on that forthcoming referendum, with an articulate and successful man whose views and mine differed substantially- but not on the qualities of the beer!
Definitely worth a return visit.

19 Jun 2016 11:22

The Crown Inn, Penn

Three of us had a light lunch here yesterday: the service was friendly, swift and attentive without being overbearing, the menu provided a wide choice at what I thought very reasonable prices for the area (my plate of fish and chips with peas and tartar sauce was £5.99), the ambiance was good- and my pint of Old Speckled Hen slipped down very easily. Recommended.

11 Mar 2016 10:08

Fox Country Inn & Hotel, Ibstone

Five of us had our lunch stop on our walk here, arriving- admittedly without booking- just after midday. Not a member of staff to be seen, the Marie Celeste came to mind. Eventually a young lady appeared who had limited English; clearly the bar was not her forte or a skill she had mastered, and so serving a pint of Cross Bones Rebellion was a challenge.
In due course a young man appeared to assist- although more familiar with the bar, he seemed equally at sea understanding what was needed, again through limited English. His claims to eight years' bar experience frankly surprised me.
Ten minutes later a third man came through the door, who I subsequently learnt is the barman.
At this point the service picked up; the Cross Bones Rebellion was good if not outstanding, and there were three other draft beers available. The food orders came reasonably quickly (although there was brown bread was initially confused for white), and the quality good.
Not a terrible experience, but equally not an impressive one.

26 Nov 2015 18:41

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

The Rebellion (from Marlow) is in superb condition at The Cricks at the moment.

7 Oct 2015 22:31

Terriers, High Wycombe

Terriers now a veterinary surgery? Given its name, presumably for dogs.

15 Aug 2015 14:26

The Greyhound Bar, Beaconsfield

Now called "Enotica" , Italian food and drink.

15 Jun 2015 15:53

Ye Olde Dog and Badger, Medmenham

The website now confirms that it is permanently closed.

11 Jun 2015 20:09

The Woolpack, Slad

This is an attractive pub in its wonderful location, deep in Laurie Lee country. The view from behind the bar is an absolute delight, making me want to linger there. We went on a hot Sunday just after midday, and as well as the fairly small bars there are plenty of benches outside, which although quite near the busy B road to Stroud provide the superb view too.

There were four handles, but only two completely operational on this visit (one was being changed). The pint of Uley’s “Pig’s Ear” (5%) was pleasant without being unduly heavy. Recommended.

As we were there as part of a walk I have no personal experience of parking (there’s no pub car park), but my host said there is no real problem with street parking.

It’s my second visit, and I hope to make another one soon!

9 Jun 2015 11:08

Ye Olde Dog and Badger, Medmenham

Closed for "extensive refurbishment" according to its website until Spring 2015- but I do now wonder if it will reopen. Does anyone have any specific news on this?

15 May 2015 08:38

The Red Lion, Bradenham

We were here for Sunday lunch; a limited choice of draught beer (but included a Marlow brew), but really splendid roast lamb, and generous portions too. The other choices were chicken or pork. Good service from Pete the landlord and his wife, whose lively verbal exchanges added humour to the visit.

The dining room can be cold, and she did ask if we were warm enough. Given the temperature outside, we were fine.

It’s good to see it’s busy again.

11 May 2015 22:04

Harte and Magpies Pub, Coleshill

We were here Good Friday evening for a meal, and excellent it was too. Either the lamb shank or fish and chips are highly recommended, and with attentive, efficient service. Not a wide selection of draft beers, but there appeared to be more lagers.

There is a good amount of space inside, and there are plenty of tables outside too.

The pub dog is certainly quietly friendly, without being in anyway overbearing.

Definitely recommended.

3 Apr 2015 20:49

The Royal Oak, Yattendon

I was here on Saturday 29 November with a large lunch party. We had full use of the dining room and before the meal the main reception area too. Although I had a pint of beer (which was well worth drinking) I did not sample the pub section. Despite there being another busy lunch party in the bar, we had excellent and friendly service from the staff, and I would certainly go again if in the area.

30 Nov 2014 07:48

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

A most pleasant return to “The Cricks”, and this time its dining room too on Wednesday evening. There were three draft beers available beforehand (the fourth was off), and then into the dining room for excellent food, quickly prepared with attentive service. I went for the Cricketer’s Fish and Chips, Grilled Cod fillet with Beer battered Cod Tongue and crushed Peas, Gribiche Sauce and Hand cut Chips. This, with a good bottle of white wine between three of us, then the ‘Valrhona’ Chocolate Brownie with Cherries and Pistachio Ice Cream, made for a fine meal.

4 Sep 2014 13:15

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

I called in here at lunchtime today. There were at least four draught beers on tap; what I had was fine, albeit £3.70 a pint. The place is clean and airy, and family-friendly.
My concern was the apparently offhand attitude of the young lady serving to what I might have; furthermore, not once were the words “please” or “thank you” proffered. In my world these things do matter!

8 Mar 2014 14:41

The Drum, East Barnet

"it is now a vets"- given its address (1 Cat Hill) that does seem appropriate.

13 Feb 2014 08:46

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Back to the Tiger Inn this week. There were three draft beers on offer, which included the Harveys at 4.0% and the Legless at 5.2% strength; both worth drinking. The cider was very good too, which I sampled on a subsequent evening. The food menu is rather limited, but the Tiger Burger was good value, the quantity was impressive, and the generous portion of chips were hot and crisp.

On the delightful green we witnessed what we took to be a rehearsal of Morris dancing. I vividly recall what Sir Thomas Beecham said about this extraordinary activity, and wholeheartedly agree.

29 Aug 2013 22:20

The Plough Inn, Finstock

The same intrepid group of us (three adults, three lively boys and a dog) as last October were here for lunch on Sunday 21 April. Although roasts were available, we resisted temptation and just had a starter- no sandwiches were available as apparently there was no bread- plus drinks. I was pleased with the Trelawny bitter, so two pints went down with no trouble. The stronger Adnams Broadside is also on draught.

When you go there, look out for a couple of quirky notices, one of which urges you- in a dozen different languages- not to feed the pub dog!

22 Apr 2013 11:27

The Plough Inn, Finstock

Seven of us (three adults, three children and a dog) were here on a round walk from Charlbury today for lunch. There is much to recommend it: a warm welcome from the landlords, dog and walker friendly, fresh draft beer that just slips down, a pleasant beer garden, and more than sufficient space for us inside on what seemed a surprisingly quiet Saturday. And for devotees like me of the English novelist Barbara Pym, her home is just a hundred yards away, complete with a blue plaque!

The set lunches looked expensive, but the sandwiches and were wraps reasonable, fresh and filling- especially with a side order of chips! Definitely a good stopping-off place for lunch on a walk.

13 Oct 2012 18:30

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

Most of the recent comments here reflect what I found on the evening of Friday 31 August, although what I have to say is slightly kinder. The menu was adequate if not exciting; the guest beer was fine; the staff hard-working; and I have never seen such a splendid bowl of ice cream for 2 as appeared this time. So, my main reservation is difficult to pinpoint, but it is essentially that despite the place being not bursting at the seams and the staff working very hard, there are still unduly long gaps between courses- we waited nearly half an hour for our dessert order to be taken and it to be served.

Seven out of ten.

2 Sep 2012 17:27

The Goose, Britwell Salome

Fish and chips now 13.50! However, although I was slightly overwhelmed by the set-up on entering the Red Lion, the staff were friendly and attentive. I had the roast beef toasted sandwich, which although 5.95 was worth it in terms of quality and quantity.

The pint of IPA was fine if not exceptional. There is adequate room in the garden outside if you just want a drink, or indeed to be served outside. All in all, its worth frequenting after a mornings walk as we did, or (and I saw a happy family gathering there) to have as a venue for a meal.

26 Aug 2012 18:17

The White Horse, Hedgerley

There is a mini-beer festival this weekend, and from my introductory sample on Thursday evening in the beer tent, its well worth a visit. I tried the Duck (4.6%, I think); light and clear, it is excellent. So, for now forget the IPA and head for the garden, where the beer tent awaits you!

24 Aug 2012 07:57

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

I was in here yesterday evening for an informal committee meeting, and things were good. There were five different draught beers available, with Amanda the landlady, her husband and son serving quickly and efficiently. i had a pleasant welcome back too from Amanda. So, recommended.

27 Jun 2012 13:01

The Lamb at Edington, Edington

It's now The Three Daggers, I am reliably informed!

25 Jun 2012 16:47

The Stag and Huntsman, Hambleden

It has reopened, but I am yet to sample it in its new guise. I'll write a brief report once I do.

7 Jun 2012 10:31

The George and Dragon, Erlestoke

Closed, and for sale.

11 May 2012 08:11

Beau Nash, Tunbridge Wells

I was here for lunch today. Tucked away well off the main road, this is an unpretentious, informal and friendly pub, albeit with some rather weary-looking furniture. The beer (Harveys Sussex) was well kept and good if not exceptionable. Fish and chips OK, but my friends gammon was very good!

We did experience some communication difficulties with the young lady behind the bar, whose first language clearly is not English- the manageress had to sort the orders out on two occasions.

The bill for two pints, two main courses and two desserts was 23, which seemed reasonable.

18 Apr 2012 18:54

The Sir Richard Steele, Belsize Park

A party of twelve or so of us lunched here today in the upper room, and it is difficult to believe that we were in the same establishment that has been recently described. We were made to feel immediately welcome by the manager Paul and his staff, and had a leisurely drink downstairs first. The choice of beers was adequate and my pint was good; I suspect that 3.50 is the going rate in London NW3.

The roast beef (there was also pork or chicken) was a delight, and served according to order- i.e, rare, medium, etc. The bottles of red wine which we had went well with the beef. Various puddings were on the menu too.

A jazz band played competently, although for those with slight hearing loss this can make conversation tricky at times.

I note the previous comments about the gents lavatory, and all I can say is that there was no evidence of such dealings anywhere throughout the time we were there. A sign stating no dumping on the loo door is potentially reducing its purpose, and I understand that there is a bongo drums technique required to activate the hand dryer but no matter, the place was clean.

This pub is currently cash only (no cards).

I hope to return.

8 Apr 2012 21:37

The Red Lion, Bradenham

Currently closed- new tenant sought by the National Trust, who own Bradenham village.

23 Mar 2012 16:24

The Plough Inn, Winchmore Hill

I noticed this morning that it has re-opened, and it's back to being The Plough!

11 Mar 2012 11:28

The Kings Head, Little Marlow

As no one else has commented on this pub in the last year, Ill happily do so again concerning todays visit. This is a first-class place; although the draught beer appeared to be limited to IPA and Rebellion, both were in good form. What was particularly praiseworthy was the speed and efficiency of the friendly service, despite there being a large party in for drinks before using a private room that belongs to the pub.


8 Feb 2012 17:45

The Stag and Huntsman, Hambleden

"Closed for refurbishments until May 2012" according to its website.

16 Oct 2011 17:36

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

I was back here today after an unusually long absence. The bar boasted a wide range of guest beers which were widely sampled by my table with approval. Friendly and efficient service with both the landlord and landlady keeping on top of the surges in demand. I haven't eaten there for ages, so cannot comment directly on the food.

Seer Green is well served by "The Cricks", and now also by the re-opened and radically renovated Three Horseshoes, . Perhaps someone will open a review on the latter, which I have found to be good value so far?

20 Aug 2011 18:31

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Four of us ranging in age from six to sixty-four went here for drinks and food the other evening. The location of the Tiger Inn is ideal, and nothing about it inside or out disappoints. There is plenty of bench seating outside, and certainly at 7.00pm there was room enough to eat inside.

Harveys beer- brewed in Lewes- was on the pumps, and two pints of that went down well with me. They also have Beechy Head Beer which I am told is quite good, although my experienced informant preferred the Harveys. As to food, I can recommend the hamburger, and also the home-made soup, with its reasonable basket of crispy bread.

The friendly and efficient young staff behind the bar and table serving made the whole evening an altogether pleasant experience. Recommended.

27 Jul 2011 17:56

The Lamb at Edington, Edington

It has now re-opened as The Paulet Arms.

6 Jun 2011 14:49

The Kings Head, Little Marlow

No great change since I was here in January 2010; two choices of Rebellion beer and one other on the pumps, plus a very good/wide-ranging choice of hot food. The large bar was pleasantly full of diners and drinkers at 12.15pm, but never became over crowded. Friendly efficient service as before. I must return to try the beer garden in more clement weather. Recommended.

27 Jan 2011 20:13

The Red Lion, Bradenham

Four of us were back here today after a walk for lunch. The choice of draft beer was limited to Adnams or Brakspear 3.4%; therefore not a wide choice, but two pints of the Adnams went down very easily. Two of us had the roast beef, and two the home-made pies- all proved well worth eating. The service was efficient, friendly and unobtrusive, and the dining room nearly full. Although it is not cheap, I continue to recommend this place.

23 Jan 2011 16:57

Bruce Arms, Pewsey

This is helpful; I drive past it three or four times a year, and for the past couple of years it has looked closed. However, I'm glad to see that it isn't.

13 Nov 2010 22:19

The Lions of Bledlow, Bledlow

The Lions deserves a higher rating than it is presently given. Three of us called there today at 1.30pm; although they were only doing main Sunday meals (so no sandwiches), there was a good choice of ploughmans lunches- they were ample, a pleasure to eat, and the service speedy and friendly. The staff provided more bread without demur. There were five beers available, and what I had was well up to standard. I havent been there for about twenty years, but will make another visit sooner than that!

7 Nov 2010 16:51

The Lamb Inn, Burford

To the Lamb on Saturday at about 5.30 pm. We had already had a bottle each of the excellent Old Hooky in my hosts garden nearby, so needed no second bidding to continue with it on draft once in the Lamb. It was pleasant and up to standard, although on balance I preferred the slightly more robust quality of the bottled brew.

The dcor was as already described here, and none the worse for that. What I did appreciate was that there was no requirement to pay for the drinks until one was going. The cost of the beer was not cheap at- I think- 3.15 a pint, but if you are used to Chilterns Home Counties prices, this is not excessive.

I did not eat there, but the menu looked good if not wide-ranging. Im told the Sunday roasts are first class and not unduly expensive. But beware: the good news is that the breakfasts are excellent too and you can have as much as you want from the wide-ranging buffet, but a price- 20 a head. Me thinks Ill sit that one out.

26 Sep 2010 08:52

The Red Lion, Bradenham

Although I haven't called in here since my last note, everyone I know who has done so says the food is excellent, as is the beer. They also speak highly of the landlord, too. Clearly well worth a return visit.

1 Apr 2010 18:43

The Plough Inn, Winchmore Hill

Further to my note of last November, this pub is closed for the forseeable future. The Potters Arms across the green no longer does food, but is open in the evenings, and from midday at weekends.

15 Mar 2010 12:58

The Queens Head, Little Marlow

I was here on 11 March for lunch. I find this review slightly difficult: the pub is quite spacious with three different seating areas; its location and exterior are attractive; the service was perfectly adequate, and there were three conventional draft beers available. However- somehow it lacked atmosphere. Maybe this is because it was a mid week lunchtime (but quite busy), but I came away feeling that this was essentially set up for diners rather than a beer drinker. This was amplified by the fact that I had explained I was waiting for a friend to arrive an so sat down with my pint, but I could see that the waitresses were hovering and hoping I was going to order food sooner rather than later- and this was only shortly after midday.

Although I have the above reservations, this place is worth a visit.

12 Mar 2010 21:36

The Kings Head, Little Marlow

I agree with Pubgrabber's assessment from March 2008. We arrived at about 2.00pm on New Year's Day- it was very busy, but we were immediately found a table for three. Good hot food, and I had a fine pint of Rebellion; however, the drinks alone (two glasses of Rioja and the beer) came to 11.50, so that isn't cheap. Although the beer garden looked pleasant enough, with the temperature outside today (0 C?), that was not a practical proposition!

1 Jan 2010 22:08

The Red Lion, Bradenham

The few earlier comments seem to be broadly right from my visit at lunchtime today. Friendly and efficient staff, a reasonable choice of food if on the pricey side, and I do recommend the Angus Aberdeen pie. The choice of beers did appear to be limited to two- but please correct this if I am wrong. It was very cold outside when we were there, so that might account for the low temperature in the dining room- which is certainly large and probably therefore difficult to heat. Not dog-friendly, but that has both advantages and disadvantages!

I shall return sometime soon to try to come off the fence.

18 Dec 2009 20:29

The Plough Inn, Winchmore Hill

I am reliably informed that it is closed- again. Converserly the Potter's Arms, which has re-opened, seems OK for now.

17 Nov 2009 22:00

The Hare and Hounds, Lower Wardington

We visited this delightful and unpretentious pub at lunchtime today. It was only 11.45am when we went in, but it was already open for business, we had a good welcome and lunch was available. I had a pint of the Old Hook (it is a Hook Norton pub), which went down very nicely. Good choice of main dishes at 6.95 plus "specials of the day", and I do recommend the beef casserole- generous portions of everything, plus potatoes and greens are included in the price. The pub appears to have a reasonable beer garden, but for better or worse it's also part of the children's play area- or vice versa. There is a lovely view of the rolling Oxfordshire countryside from the decidedly small parking area at the back of the pub.


15 Oct 2009 14:43

The Lamb at Edington, Edington

I was in Edington for the final day of the wonderful annual Music Festival, and heard afterwards that although The Lamb was open during Festival week, it was otherwise closed. The person who told me this said that there was a plan by the local community to re-open it/keep it open; if so, I wish them every success. This unassuming but charming village used to have two pubs (The George being the other), a post office, and a fine infants school- all now closed or converted. Raise your glasses to the reincarnation of The Lamb!

30 Aug 2009 18:41

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

We visited here for three evenings in a row earlier this week for a meal and beer. Although the food service was lamentably slow (45 minutes on Sunday and Monday evenings) we had at least been informed of this. However, it is a long time for a four year old to wait!

Nevertheless, it is a very popular family location for meals (they ran out of glasses on Sunday lunchtime I am told), and all the front of house staff were friendly, hard-working and efficient. I found no undue delay in getting served at the bar, and the Sussex beer was worth drinking. All in all, although it can never qualify as an intimate pub its present low marking is harsh.

19 Aug 2009 21:35

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

Congratulations to Amanda and her team on "The Cricks" winning the 2009 Chiltern District Council Pub of the Year (and Community Pub) competition! The current user rating on this site for this pub clearly does it an injustice.

21 Jul 2009 14:24

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

I was here mid-week for an evening meal with a four year old. The Castle Inn is in a most attractive setting, and things were equally good inside. The Dorste beer was well kept, and there was amore than adequate choice of food on the menu, including a reasonable choice of children's and vegetarian dishes.

The pub is dog-friendly, possibly almost too much so? However, there were no problems.

The staff were efficient, friendly and on top of things.

I recommend this place without reservation.

18 Jul 2009 10:14

The Weld Arms, East Lulworth

I visited this pub for an evening meal twice earlier in the week with a four year old. The "Dorset" beer was fine, and two pints went down well both times. The main menu was adequate if not-wide ranging, but I enjoyed the lasagne one evening, and the fish and chips the other. However, the choice was pretty limited for a vegetarian child (basically just panne and chips or salad), and also there were inaccuarcies in the wording of the menu as to what was really available by way of choices.

On both occasions the staff were really friendly, efficient and courteous, being both adult and child-friendly.

18 Jul 2009 10:02

White Hart, Chalfont St Giles

All recent reports confirm what whitto says, alas.

9 May 2009 13:13

The Fox and Hounds, Chalfont St Giles

I agree with riverstar that the landlord's attitude is somewhat disappointing; on a recent visit, there was no attempt by him to find out why the food order for three was taking over an hour. That said, when it did arrive the quality of the food cooked by his wife remains first class (as does the beer), with friendly bar service from the daughter of the house.

A pub favoured by locals.

9 May 2009 12:02

The Crown, Little Missenden

As usual, my comments are based on a lunchtime visit. After a walk in the area which took in the delightfully-named Mop End, we arrived to a warm welcome from the landlord. Distinctly good beers were available and indeed consumed, which included the Adnams. Another party of walkers was already tucking into the food which looked good and fresh, and proved to be- try the bangers and mash! One of us had the ploughmans, which consisted of a generous portion of fresh Cheddar cheese. The clientele was an interesting mixture of visitors (like us) and locals, making for a pleasant ambiance.

The beer garden quiet as it is behind the pub, and in any event the road is not particularly busy.


9 May 2009 11:36

The Dew Drop Inn, Hurley

The last two comments about this very fine pub seem to me to say it all. I was there today at lunchtime with friends having walked for three hours, and we were immediately welcomed by the really friendly hostess. The menu was wide and varied, and we can report favourably on the lasagne, the sausage and mash, and the liver and bacon- all excellent. Our landlady was able to be clear and precise about the beers on tap, and offered me without my asking a sample of the Oxford to taste before I bought a pint.

The setting is fine, and being a brilliantly warm and sunny day we sat outside. There were none of the problems that can arise at some pubs where, fearing you will take of without paying, they demand payment first. Oh, and the two pub dogs are friendly!

Its years since I was last here, but Ill certainly return again before too long.

18 Mar 2009 18:26

White Horse, Bourne End

I am beginning to wonder if I qualify to write for Beer in the Evening, as all my reviews so far relate to midday visits! Anyway, my assessment is along the lines of the other recent contributors; pleasant atmosphere, the AK well worth drinking and at the correct temperature, and a wide selection of food on the menu appropriately priced, efficiently and speedily served, and pleasant to eat. We went in sharp on midday, which I assume would help with the latter. The place was full by 1.15pm on Sunday with families, and the car park overflowing.

Id definitely go back if in the area. Happily I didn't see the McDonald's to which Greshon referred (10 Feb 2008)- perhaps it has got indigestion and gone?

8 Mar 2009 14:31

The Plough Inn, Winchmore Hill

Now renamed The Furrow. At least it remains open, if struggling. The Potter's Arms, the other pub in this village, closed about three months ago. Very sad.

15 Feb 2009 20:58

Black Horse, Fulmer

PS: I'm sure that Fulmer and this pub are in Bucks (and proud of it) as opposed to Berks, which is relevant when doing a pub search on this website. The misprint in my last sentence in the entry for today was a wee error.

11 Feb 2009 22:24

Black Horse, Fulmer

Two of us were here for lunch on 10 February, arriving at about 1.00pm. It was an entirely pleasurable experience: the draft beer was perfect and at the correct temperature, the menu adequate (I can readily recommend the bangers and mash, and the apple crumble), with efficient and courteous service. The general ambiance was good, and although I am not a fan of caged birds, the one by the door is controlled in its utterances. Adequate parking too at this time of the wee., but does get busy some evenings and weekends.

11 Feb 2009 08:07

Spade Oak, Bourne End

My return visit at late lunchtime today was unplanned, but caused by the closure of the M40. So, let me start with the good news; cosy fires were burning, the Rebellion beer was excellent and exactly the correct temperature this time (compare my comments of 6 September). The service was friendly, efficient and speedy- this despite the place being pretty busy with customers of all ages. I had the chipolata sandwich, with a side order of chips; I thought it rather dreary, and would not particularly recommend it. My colleague had the small serving of fishcakes, and was happy with the quality.

So, its popular with families and groups, and in a pleasant setting- although Im not itching to return next week, Ill certainly be back. By the way, both the Festive Menu from 1 December and the Christmas Day menu look reasonable- but dont forget that wine is not included!

29 Oct 2008 21:52

The Stag and Huntsman, Hambleden

I was here on Sunday 19 October with friends after a brisk two hour walk in the glorious Chiltern countryside west of there. It was inevitably busy at 1.15pm, and there was no room to eat indoors- but this is simply beacuse it is deservedly a very popular pub. It has lots of atmosphere, the bar service was attentive, courteous and quick, the 6X went down well, and although we did not eat there, the generous plates of roasts looked delicious.

The setting of the garden, which looks up to an impressive wood of beech trees, is particularly glorious in the autumn.

The description of the gents as "rustic" is a kindly understatement for bleak and basic- but after all it's the beer that goes in that matters.

I highly recommend this pub, the village and its whole setting as a base for starting and ending a walk .

20 Oct 2008 10:32

Uncle Toms Cabin, Cookham Dean

By coincidence I visited this pub for lunch with a friend exactly a year after the last comments dated 16 October 2007. On the face of it, things were not at all promising; the only beer available on tap was John Smith's, and the only food on the menu were sanwiches. There was also an air of indifference from the barmaid. It was therefore perhaps unsurprising that the place was virtually deserted.

However- the reason that they were out of beer was that they had been drunk dry on Monday and Tuesday evening with a popular band there one night and football on the TV the next; and the choice of sandwiches at 4.50 was extensive, and proved to be delicious. Definitely good value for money, especially as a portion of good, hot and dry chips with the sandwich was only another 50p.

There was also a pleasant fire burning with a fine cat in front of it in the main bar, although there was no such warmth in the dining area as "the chimney's blocked".

So, although I have difficulty recommending it with any vigour and enthusiasm, things at Uncle Tom's are better than they look at first and the garden at the back is attractive. However, for lunch anyway, not a place to go for a particular pub atmosphere.

16 Oct 2008 15:48

Spade Oak, Bourne End

I have used this pub two or three times a year over several years, and would recommend it. The approach down the lane to it is fun- but do drive slowly round those corners!- and its setting is pleasant, with easy access to the river Thames and an easy footpath.

The appearance of the place has lots of character, and inside feels roomy, even when busy,as it was when I last visited on Wednesday 27 August. My usual comments apply: the menu is varied, the prices reasonable, the service friendly and efficient. Parking is easy and adequate. The only reservations that I have are that the beer is mostly kept too chilled for my taste (I need to ensure that I get the one that is merely cellar temperature),and that it has a reputation for slow service. I didn't find that on 27 August, although I understand that a party of ladies that had booked did. In any event, as well as the two other people I went with I also bumped into old friends there, so all in all a worthwhile outing.

Verdict: Well worth a try, and you'll probably want to go again.

6 Sep 2008 08:58

The Fox and Hounds, Chalfont St Giles

I called in here today for lunch at 1.00pm with a friend. There were only two others eating inside, and the garden didn't appear to be busy; indeed, the landlord did comment that it was unusually quiet- despite the superb weather and Milton Festival this week.

There was a small but adequate selection of draft beers, and what I had was pleasant to drink. The food (braised pork for my friend and chicken for me, both with fresh vegetables) was beautifully cooked by the landlord's wife, and reasonably priced.

I did notice the "no mobile phones" sign, and happily the situation didn't arise among the aged clientele that we were today!

I shall definitely go again, and enjoyed my visit more than on an occasion a year ago, when I was told rather frostily by the landlord that they did not do fish and chips.....

13 May 2008 23:18

The Red Lion, Whiteleaf

I called in here today to have a reunion drink with someone I hadn't seen in ages, whose local this is. The beer- Black Sheep- was well up to standard, and so two pints went down easily and well. We decided to have lunch there in the bar, although there is a separate dining room. The choice of food was adequate if not outstanding. I can report favourably on the sausage and onion baguette, and I heard no complaints about the jacket potato with prawns.

The atmosphere was convivial with a mixed crowd, including three dogs- so beware if you don't like the latter! There was an authentic log fire; sufficiently authentic that its smoke initially wafted itself into the room and to our table- but that was a temporary quirk of the wind, and didn't last.

There was no background music, praises be. Friendly staff. What else? The gents' loo was clean and fresh, and the dining room looked pretty spacious.

I would happily go again.

19 Apr 2008 15:56

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

Here's a note on my visit to the Cricketers on its reopening today (Sunday)lunchtime. In short, it's well worth a visit; I sampled the London Pride- possibly expensive at 2.90 a pint, but very drinkable. There's also IPA and another regular beer. I overheard good comments about the draft lager too. The floors have been cleaned and are back to visible natural wood, which must have taken a great deal of work The tap room is now called the public bar. The room is open only as a bar for now, but in a couple of weeks a chef will be in place and doing the cooking. The landlords and most staff are local- I understand that the chef will be the only "import".

The new landlord and his wife are clearly keen to make it a success. Its layout has always meant it has a much better potential to be a real "village" pub than the Three Horseshoes.

I'll be there again soon.

23 Mar 2008 16:22

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