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The Waggon and Horses, Hartley Wintney

What has happened to this pub? Now that it is resplendent with flat screen TV it's turned into an offshoot of Ladbrokes. All they need is some perspex at the bar to complete the scene. Even the choice of beer was poor. Oh dear what has happened?

28 Dec 2008 19:11

The Waterwitch, Odiham

I have tried this in the past and been disappointed. I now only stop for a drink if I'm passing by along the canal. Even constrained to just drinking the last experience wasn't nice. I can't remember ever feeling as much like cattle as I did trying to order my drinks. I grabbed them and headed outside. Drank up and went. On the plus side there is a lot of space outside, so if you don't mind lots of little people then it's ok for spending time outside.

1 Aug 2008 18:53

The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney

I enjoyed the French restaurant with real French people, how did they get in ;) Great service too, really like the idea of the French cinema nights too, although they've stopped for the summer I think. I haven't managed to have a pub lunch there yet as the last time they were only serving from a BBQ which was ok but pretty standard fare. I've got high hopes for this place, shame I don't live near it!

1 Aug 2008 18:32

The Exchequer, Crookham Village

Only ever stayed for lunch, but it's been decent. Shame you can't sit in the back garden, unless you like the noise of air-con fans, but sitting at the front is fine. I'm tempted to say it's a touch overpriced, but I think given its location it's probably spot on.

1 Aug 2008 18:26

The Barley Mow, Winchfield

Visited here twice now. The first time indoors and the meal was ok if a bit substandard. The atmosphere is a quote the other poster 'flatpacked' and will date really quickly although I thought it was a good try and is far from horrible. I was willing to give it another go. However on my second visit I sat outside (lunch time) to overhear the (I presume) land lady's tales of clubbing and general hob-nobbing at some volume. Even that wouldn't of bothered me too much but the swearing was just wrong for the middle of the day. I kept glancing over to the family sitting in the grass area wondering what they were making of it all. No excuse for that, so it's getting a poor rating.

1 Aug 2008 18:19

The Coach and Horses, Rotherwick

Had a couple of nice light lunches here during the winter months and liked it, nice older-style atmosphere without being the yellow-walled style. The "back-yard" is grim. I hope they do something about that cause in the summer months I don't think I'll be visiting.

1 Aug 2008 18:09

The Cricketers Inn, Longparish

Returned here after getting some new tyres from a nearby village. The horrible tarpaulin has gone, hurray! No signs of the noisy owners either...perhaps they've gone too? Staff were still friendly although our choice of food wasn't great but overall the experience has improved.

1 Aug 2008 18:05

The Leather Bottle, Hook

No longer a pub but part of the Blubeckers chain, shame.

7 May 2008 20:12

The Hogget, Hook Common

amen to timdogs comments about Hook pubs, I'll now go and visit the Hoggets.

7 May 2008 19:05

The Cricketers Inn, Longparish

The food and beer are good. The bar staff are excellent, however it's not all good news. The once nice little beer garden now has a horrible ugly tarpaulin tent in it. Also we've not been impressed by the owners who left their car radio on (windows open) to serenade us with their favourite CD. Once we moved in-doors away from the racket is was a much nicer experience. So if you want a nice out-door pub I'd avoid it, shame because it could be nice.

7 May 2008 19:02

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