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The Sun in the Wood, Newbury

After reading various positive reviews I took my parents here for the sunday roast. The meat was dry and everything on my plate was presented so that you couldn't see the burned side. Needless to say you certiainly tasted it, and so I left half a plate of grub.

Really failed to meet expectations, and I doubt I will be going back.

21 Mar 2011 16:04

Snooty Fox, Newbury

Went in it for St Patricks Day- first time in ages. Always used to be full but now at less than 50% capacity. In all honesty the turf actually improves the place. The loos and pub in general look really run down. It's like it is owned by a bunch of students who just don't give a shit.

Bar staff are weried here. There's a portly ginger girl who always has her norks our, and a couple of other ones who don't seem to have any sort of charm.

Used to be so much better. Hope they'd sort the floor out and give the place a tidy up- would really help it.

21 Mar 2011 16:03

Purple Lounge, Newbury

Anything positive I could say about this place went out the door when the Polish people who now own it decided to pain the facade purple- despite it being a grade 2 listed building.

Soo good you can't see through the windows as to what is happening inside- probably because it's empty.

21 Mar 2011 16:01

The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

Awful toilets, probably some of the worst in Newbury.

Too small to be a pub and one of the bar maids always has a proper shitty look on her face.

21 Mar 2011 15:59

Old Waggon & Horses, Newbury

What can I say- it's rough. Nice little way of getting served quicker when you're off to the Canal bar (as they join up) but the clientele in here is...not great. You feel you;re always watching your back.

21 Mar 2011 15:58

Nags Head, Newbury

Awful place. Maybe ok for locals only, certainly don't feel comfortable here with the missus.

21 Mar 2011 15:56

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Live music on a saturday night is good, though a bit loud.

Probably the most expensive pub in Newbury. The food is noice here though definately overpriced.

Bar staff are a bit stand-offish, and there is one nutcase there who shouts at you if you look at him wrong (told me to fuck off when I asked him to clear away my table, then lit up his fag and had a break- on the terrace).

Lovely position by the canal, but boy don't you pay for it!

21 Mar 2011 15:55

Hog's Head, Newbury

OK Pub. Food is very cheap but it is low value ping (microwave) grub. Drinks are reasonably priced but service here is poor.
I've never known the toilets be in good shape. They always overflow. On the weekend one bargirl 'hattie' signed to show she had checked the loos, then only looked in one cubicle.
All the barmaids are very pretty- all blonde and thin but there seems to be a lack of customer service training, or at least a chat on how to smile. You also witness far too much standing around and talking which is really fucking annoying.

21 Mar 2011 15:52

The Document House, Newbury

Overpriced. Seems to target the over 21s, but because it has tried to pitch itself as a higher class of joing it does tend to fill with divorcees, old slappers, and blue collar grot wanting to get a bit of meet before heading off to fever.
Food here really isn't good, the portions are ridiculously small, and it's too loud!

21 Mar 2011 15:50

Berkshire Tavern, Newbury

Not a very nice place. When it was the Berkshire Tavern it was full of scallies. Very cheap drink prices but you get what you pay for, naff surroundings and company.
Opening this summer as another poxy Wetherspoons place, hopefully all the grotty people will either go here or the diamond tap and leave us somewhere decent.

21 Mar 2011 15:48

The Berkshire Arms, Newbury

Not a fan of this place. The food can be hit or miss, you either get the crappers, or you have a nice plate of food but you've paid over the odds for it. Teaming with other peoples sproggs.
They've also put some awful green lights outside now...giess they're wanting us to stay away.

21 Mar 2011 15:45

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