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The Foundry, Canterbury

Nearly walked past the sign pointing to the Foundry. Glad we found it. Excellent selection in perfect condition. Very friendly barman, full of knowledge and a great sight to watch the beer quietly bubbling away in the huge vat of loveliness that is in the brewery yards from the bar. A regular from now on. Great stuff.

19 Feb 2012 12:58

The Pointer Inn, Newchurch

Just happened to almost drive by this pub.. so glad we didn't. Couldn't get a table at the garlic farm nearby. Looks nothing special but the sign outside stating 'local produce' drew us in. The Sunday lunch was fabulous. And I'm fussy. Desserts huge and homemade and delicious. Fantastic well kept beer. Locals all standing at the bar with great banter mixing with holiday makers such as us. Lots of tables with reserved signs on them so obviously a good sign. Just wish I wasn't driving as the ale was fresh and looked after. We will be back!

6 Jun 2011 20:04

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Happy to report that the air freshener is no longer required. Super little pub with a lovely selection of fine ale. On my last visit was suitably greeted by the lovely locals and Gadds Little Cracker on offer. By the time I had got through the various ales, Little Cracker had run out. Best go back then...

18 Dec 2010 08:27

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Something a bit sad is happening here. There seems to be a distinct lack of atmosphere. Beer is good, although not as consistent as it used to be. The lovely locals are gradually going elsewhere it seems. There are many who agree. Landlord please take note. You cannot rely on previous reputation alone. And please tell a certain few to stop farting at the bar. Very unpleasant.

8 Oct 2010 13:27

The Jolly Farmer, Manston

Gradually going downhill .. woops here we go again!

15 Apr 2010 11:52

The Red Lion, Stodmarsh

Superb pub.. Fantastic food and wonderful ales all ready straight from the barrel.. if Robert hasn't got there first..! Lovely interior with loads to see in a wonderful chaotic fashion.. what more do you need? First rate.

8 Mar 2010 12:11

The Old Crown, Edenbridge

Don't know much about the previous history of this pub but didn't think much of it when walked in. Everybody just stopped what they were doing and just stared..! Not much in the way of ale and very dirty and dusty inside. Passed a skip full of old smelly mattresses on the way in. And the front door was boarded up.. don't know why I came in here actually.. left and quickly found the very lovely leicester arms in penshurst..

8 Mar 2010 12:06

The Bull Inn, Eastry

More like a restaurant with tables laid out and not much room to move freely at bar. No decent ale on offer. Just John Smiths.. wow what a choice. Toilets cleanest I've been in for a long while though. Lacks atmosphere.

3 Nov 2009 19:52

The Jolly Farmer, Manston

Just like the old Farmer.. only much better.. Always busy with locals and nice food. Ale choice is still a bit limited, but there is always something waiting in the cellar chalked up on a board. Just wish they'd spell Abbott correctly.. not plural. A different ale would be nice instead of the usual IPA and Adnams. Why not a barrel of Gadds Seasider as it's local?

26 Jul 2009 18:09

The Black Venus, Challacombe

Not so sure I would agree with previous reviews. This place is more of a restaurant relying heavily on meal sales than wet.
Urged to sit down and eat the moment we walked through the door. Not really encouraged to stand at bar and sample the ale.
Cotleigh Seahawk was on as was Hound Dog and Cousin Jack. The Seahawk is obviously a good pint but served far too cold and quite cloudy. No one seemed to realise this but us, but there you go. It was the same story for 5 days.
One point to mention was the price of the ale.. we noticed overnight that the price had shot up to 2.70 from the previous night as did the bar olives. They were 1.75 on easter friday, but
next day, as they were flying out the door, went up to 2.50!
I can understand a rural pub maximising profit but not really acceptable.
Although this is a website about beer, a note about the food as this 'pub' pushes it so much... Huge amounts of veg, nothing out of the ordinary, big carrots, cauli, potatoes to fill up the plate, and then the meat or pie. Curries were popular, so pick that option instead.. we did and it was nice... but you would want it to be at �9.25 a head.
Lovely location, great interior with beams but don't expect top ale as they seem to do a roaring trade with wine.
When there are more tourists eating than locals drinking.. be warned. We had no choice as miles from anywhere else.

15 Apr 2009 14:14

The Jolly Farmer, Manston

Yes, have to agree.. Welcome back Jolly Farmer.. You have been missed.

26 Mar 2009 14:39

The Rose and Crown, Elham

After a long walk, we were too late to visit the Kings Arms recommended by the 5th earl as Sunday Lunch had finished. So found ourselves Here..
Had nice couple of Shep Early Bird which was a surprise. Food was also a surprise as very good and served with correct accompaniments. Shame it was spoilt by two annoying kids of someone at the bar, who were placed in front of the fireplace with pencils and paper and then proceeded to ignore that and jump all over the large sofas in front of the fire. I was about to suggest that my two well behaved children join him at the bar, where he was enjoying the ale in peace.
Still, will return as not a bad pub and one of the better Shepherd Neames..

2 Mar 2009 12:36

The Jolly Farmer, Manston

News on the horizon.. pub been re let after previous landlords upped sticks and left.
Lets hope that the new ones give this place the help it deserves.
Re-opening on the 23rd Feb ish, so will report back.

17 Feb 2009 10:46

The Ship Inn Hotel, Porlock

'Proper Job' .. This has to be the nicest pub have been in for a long while. Armed with 2 kids and small dog, received a great welcome whilst visiting Porlock. Nice little play area, not too modern and in keeping with atmosphere. Food was very nice and reasonably priced. Oh but the ale... all perfectly served at the right temperature and in the right glasses no less. Exmoor Gold as guest and Sharps Doom Bar, St Austell Proper Job, Otter and Exmoor Ale on whilst there. Went there every night for a week and met some real friendly locals. Great Landlord. TOP MARKS.

28 Jul 2008 20:21

The Malt Shovel, Northampton

What a find!! No less than 13 real ales.. All served in tip top condition. Only here for one night at nearby wedding, but wish we had more time. Crammed in a few Oakham ales which were great. If you like bottled belgians, there were loads literally dotted all around the shelves behind the bar. Very friendly locals and a very nice patio for the smoking fraternity. One local, Chris, even gave us his glass to bring home as a souvenir!!
Roast tatties on a sunday too apparently!! TOP MARKS

9 Jun 2008 12:26

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Always a pleasure to sample how a good ale should taste.. Frequent with confidence.

6 May 2008 22:23

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

Tuesday night.. steak night.. Very good value, just wonder if any profit made on two steaks for a fiver! Maybe from Botswana! Nice selection of real ales and a good bet for a midweek night..

6 May 2008 21:42

Harveys, Ramsgate

Terrible atmosphere. Unfriendly bar staff. Two stools at the bar only available for bar staff!!! Agressively approached by man/woman not sure what and told to get off and sit at the various empty chairs dotted around. No wonder ceased trading....

6 May 2008 19:03

The Jolly Farmer, Manston

Just visited recently, nearest pub to caravan site. Had pint of Titanic real ale. Latest guest ale in pub. Unhappy to report, it left me with that sinking feeling. Was on 7 days ago and on weekend return to caravan, same guest ale on again YUK. Could somebody please tell these people that real beer should be changed a bit more regularly.
Shame really, cos quite a nice pub with friendly locals..

6 May 2008 18:01

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