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Comments by palmwinedrinkard

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Excellent pub with great beer. Very welcoming staff. And the cats...

4 Feb 2014 13:14

The Dog and Duck, Soho

In there last Saturday night. Busy and cramped but worth it for the Harviestoun Wild Hop IPA. Definitely be going back.

6 Dec 2012 13:53

The Shed, Norwich

Came in here about twenty years ago when it was the Wherry. Pleasantly surprised on my second visit recently. Although from the outside it looks like the kind of pub where murders are committed, inside is fine - they've done a good job. Beer in great shape...cider too. Pleasant staff. Won't be another twenty years before my next visit.

24 Mar 2009 17:11

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

Getting ridiculously pricey with uninspiring choice of beers. It seems that they're not stocking anything decent that might compete with the dull Castle Rock beers.

24 Mar 2009 17:07

Hotel Deux, Sherwood Rise

Now in the Good Beer Guide 2009.

6 Jan 2009 16:21

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

The Gents has a screen to stop splashback from the urinal. This gives me as much pleasure as the ornate glass dome.

10 Jun 2008 12:57

The Quorn, Nottingham

Now called The Hubb.

18 Mar 2008 11:29

The Horse and Groom, New Basford

Haven't been in for a while and was disappointed with the quality of the beers I tried. I hope this was a one off as the beer's usually of a very high standard.

3 Aug 2007 11:46

The Whitefriars Olde Ale House, Coventry

I liked this pub straight away and wish I could have stayed longer than I did. Disappointed with the beer festival over the bank holiday weekend. Why put good beer in plastic glasses?

29 May 2007 12:02

Sausage, Nottingham

Not a sausage any more.

21 May 2007 15:20

The Toll Bar, Nottingham

Renamed The Gatehouse.

15 May 2007 15:45

Moog, Nottingham

Open again.

15 May 2007 15:43

The Midland, Cheltenham

Decent pub, worth getting to the station a bit early. They had one real ale on handpump which I don't remember seeing last time I was in town. I think it was Hook Norton. I'll probably pop in on arrival next time as well.

10 May 2007 14:30

The Stick and Pitcher, Nottingham

Not much atmosphere, mostly post-sports sweaty bastards but you don't need to be a member or athletic to sit outside on the roof terrace in the summer. Beer's all right, not tried the food. Not many other places to drink round here.

13 Jun 2006 13:45

The Golden Fleece, Nottingham

No floaters on my last visit.

9 Jun 2006 15:34

The Broadway Cafe Bar, Nottingham

It's a pity they didn't lose their coffee license. That might deter the antisocial wifi crowd who take up a table each for the afternoon/evening while decent drinkers have to stand.

31 May 2006 10:55

Ferry Boat Inn, Stoke Bardolph

The toilet was blocked and a big turd floated round and round. Sums this place up. This could be a really nice pub on a quiet part of the river but it isn't. Very poor.

8 May 2006 14:16

The Golden Fleece, Nottingham

Under new management. Watch out for floaters in your beer.

8 Feb 2006 12:46

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Came in here on a recent visit to Liverpool. The beer was terrible. I tried several different ones but all were in poor condition. It's a shame that one of Cain's flagship pubs can't look after its beer. Won't be recommending it to anyone else.

2 Nov 2005 13:08

The Forest Tavern, Nottingham

Set to reopen on November 18th, according to rumour.

26 Sep 2005 13:28

Hotel Deux, Sherwood Rise

Fairly new bar and bistro just off the main road. Haven't done the bistro bit but the bar is relaxed, the staff are friendly, there are 3 real ales which are not expensive (don't be put off by the 'Hotel' bit). Great for sitting outside in the sun. The landlord's dog is a permanent feature and you can often spot the cat on an upstairs window ledge. Live music on Sundays and occasional other gigs.

8 Sep 2005 10:54

The Pavilion Theatre Bar, Cromer

The bar itself is nothing special but you can take drinks outside to drink on the pier itself. The staff were still friendly despite having to serve thousands of tourists each day.

It's the fantastic views out to sea and along the Norfolk coast which make this well worth a visit.

16 Aug 2005 13:52

The Adam and Eve, Norwich

Used to come in here about 15 years ago. The staff were often miserable and rude in those days. Perhaps they're specially trained in it. Not worth the walk.

13 Jul 2005 10:47

The Bath Tavern, Cheltenham

In one corner were drunken knobheads singing along to crap tunes from the 80s (they don't improve just by singing louder). In another corner were drunken knobheads screaming along to their drinking games. Think I'll give it a miss next time.

11 May 2005 13:40

The Wild Man, Norwich

Never worked out why it was called The Wildman. It's not wild. It's shit.

15 Apr 2005 18:04

The Freemasons Arms, Norwich

Good range of Woodfordes beers. I always pop in here when I'm in Norwich. You can generally get a seat which makes it a relief from that other pub over the road.

15 Apr 2005 17:55

The Garden House, Norwich

Never liked this place.

15 Apr 2005 17:43

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Have tried to like this pub but can't. It just always seems to be a let down. Wouldn't touch the food in there again.

12 Apr 2005 11:59

The Living Room, Nottingham

Found the staff to be very false in their friendliness, always there with a smile when you just want to shoo them away and be left alone. And the disturbing grin of the man in the gents dispensing soap, paper towels and watching you piss, expecting tips, what's that all about? "People who hang round shithouses get shat upon." There's a tip. Leave us alone! Let us drink in peace - somewhere else preferably. Won't be going back.

16 Mar 2005 10:58

The Forest Tavern, Nottingham

Closed down. Stop it being converted into flats.

Contact [email protected]

4 Feb 2005 12:14

The Forest Tavern, Nottingham

Bad news! The Forest Tavern and The Maze are due to close on Feb 1st. Worse news! They're probably going to be turned into flats.

18 Jan 2005 11:31

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Unfortunately going to have to give this 0/10 until the manager does something about the bnp who seem to be moving in. "There not causing any trouble" is not good enough. One day it might be too late. And what about the Outlaws? Are you going to let them take over your pub?

17 Dec 2004 11:13

The Birkey Hotel, Liverpool

Used to come in here quite a bit years ago when the beer went up to �1.01 a pint. "That'll be �10.10 please."

17 Dec 2004 10:59

The Bramley Apple, Southwell

Had a lucky tip off about this place. Lively pub (though calls itself a bar restaurant, I didn't see anyone eating) a short stroll from the Minster, serving a wide range of Springhead beers and guests (a bit too cold though). The staff were very friendly and I'll certainly be going back whenever I'm in Southwell. They had posters up for bands but I didn't check what nights they were on. B&B available.

6 Dec 2004 16:43

Langtry's, Nottingham

Not a place I like to dwell in, despite the range of beers. Can't put a finger on it.

2 Dec 2004 15:40

The Peacock, Nottingham

Beer's gone up by another 5p while the quality seems to have gone down 5%. It's a shame. I won't be going in as often. You can get much cheaper and better beer in other pubs nearby.

1 Dec 2004 10:45

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