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Comments by outtamehead

The Red Lion, Westminster

Prices haven't been frozen since the last review. I visited on a Sunday afternoon and although it was busy there were nowhere near the number of people you could expect on a weekday.

As well as Fullers ales there was Dark Star Hophead on off and I seized the opportunity to sample it. Nice, but not the best pint I've had (see the Harp just of Trafalgar Sq.) but it was very drinkable.

Baking hot day so I stayed inside as it was refreshingly cool. Very well decorated pub, ornate with a strong sense of history. Not surprising really being so close to the Houses of Parliament. There was a restaurant upstairs which appeared to be closed.
Several people were eating in the main bar and have to say the meals looked very appetising. I didn't look at the prices!

9 Jul 2018 14:05

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

Tucked away off the main road this isn't an easy pub to find. As a previous reviewer has mentioned you need to know it's there as you would not find it otherwise.
With my trusty GBG I managed to locate it.
With plenty of museums and embassies in the area I imagine the place must get very busy.
Luckily I visited early afternoon when the lunchtime visitors were just finishing.
The pub caters as much for food as it does for drink but despite this there are plenty of real ales available, albeit not an imaginative selection. Landlord, Speckled Hen, London Pride, Adnams Broadside and a couple of Sharps were on offer on my visit.
The pub has a comfortable feel to it and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

2 Aug 2017 08:39

Carpenters Arms, Bethnal Green

Perhaps I visited at the wrong time but for a pub in the CAMRA GBG this was a massive disappointment. Only 2 hand pumps neither of which were working.
As it was a baking hot day and I was gasping for a drink I stayed to have a bottled beer.
The place seemed friendly enough with a community atmosphere.
TVs were showing sport and I could imagine the place getting well packed out on big sporting occasions.

2 Aug 2017 08:23

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

Enjoy going here to sit out on the beach with a pint of Harveys Best.

Bands on Sundays can make the place very lively.

The clientele are a colourful lot!

30 Jul 2017 06:28

The Bree Louise, Euston

Feels like a genuine local although service can be a bit hit or miss depending on who serves you.
A massive range of beers many of which are of the less common variety. Experience has found the beers from the pump are fine whereas the ales from the barrels behind the bar are more hit and miss.
More down to earth than some of the other nearby pubs sadly its future is in doubt due to the creation of the HS2 route.

30 Jul 2017 06:21

The Harp, Covent Garden

Any real ale lover visiting London and especially the West End needs to drop in to The Harp.
A fine range of real ales all well kept. There are normally a few Dark Star beers available along with four or five others.
The clientele is a large and varied one. Despite the pub almost always being busy I never have to wait too long to be served.
As with several pubs around London the space created for the toilets seems to have been an afterthought!

30 Jul 2017 06:09

Conqueror, Ramsgate

Only three ales on but each one was immaculately kept.
Gadds Cloud Surfer was my favourite on the day.

Small even by micro pub standards the pub is always clean and tidy and the locals friendly.

Colin the landlord is equally chatty and what he doesn't know about beer and brewing isn't worth knowing!

30 Jul 2017 05:54

Sir Stanley Gray, Pegwell Bay

A large Thorley tavern in the Pegwell area of Ramsgate. Used to be The Moonlighters club when I lived in the area.
The type of pub you have to make a point of visiting as it's not one the casual visitor to Ramsgate is likely to find.
I enjoyed a couple of Gadds beers along with a nice meal whilst sitting out in the sun looking across Pegwell Bay. Just the thing after a walk along the cliff top!
The barstaff were friendly and knowledgeable

30 Jul 2017 05:48

The Camel, Bethnal Green

A corner pub which is larger inside than I expected.
Very busy on my visit with plenty of people enjoying a drink in the sun at the many tables and chairs outside the pub.
A good selection of beers. Sambrooks Wandle, Adnams Freewheel & Five Points Pale Ale were all sampled and found to be more than acceptable.

30 Jul 2017 05:38

Kings Stores, Bishopsgate

Popped in again a week or so ago. A Greene King pub but one with a large variety of real ales. Redemption Rock the Kazbek, Bedlam IPA, & Truman Swift were some of those available alongside Greene King IPA.
A large corner pub with bare floorboards, a dining area and a separate function room upstairs.
Despite being busy service was prompt.

30 Jul 2017 05:32

The Old Kings Head, Borough

Tucked away down what first appears to be a rather seedy looking lane this place is well worth checking out.
A good selection of real ales. Harvey's Sussex and a couple of Tributes were available on my recent visit.
The pub itself has no pretensions. Friendly with various TV screens showing sport around the walls.

30 Jul 2017 05:17

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Old fashioned corner pub with the bar divided into two parts. Eight different real ales available, four in each half of the pub. Have to say that apart from the Wadworth 6X I didn't recognise the beers.
Unfortunately due to time I could only stay for the one. Will definitely visit this place again!
One word of caution though. It gets very busy! On my visit I it was still early in the evening and there were people all over the pavement. (Not in an overly inebriated way!)

30 Jul 2017 05:11

The Mansion House, Kennington

Very much a gastro pub with several tables already reserved for diners. However unlike many gastros there is a good selection of real ales.
Four Oakham ales and a Batemans guest ale were on when I visited recently after the cricket.
Quite a few drinkers present, mainly males having a drink after a day at the Oval which is about 15mns walk away.
The décor was smart. I understand the place was renovated awhile ago.
Have to mention the friendly staff too!

29 Jul 2017 23:55

The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse, Broadstairs

Like many of the micro pubs which have spouted up around Thanet over the past few years, this is an excellent place to go for a pint or more of real ale.
The ales are well kept and the friendly staff are keen to offer advice and the chance to sample a drop of the beer.
As with the other micros the place attracts people wanting to enjoy a drink and good company so there are none of the lager lout types in evidence!
The 39 Steps is larger than some micros. The seating is maybe a little formally arranged but that is a small moan.
Not a lot of point listing the ales as they vary so much. Suffice to say I've never had a bad one!

30 Aug 2016 02:58

The Chapel, Broadstairs

Quirky place. Used to be a bookshop and most of the books are still present!
A good selection of real ales served from barrels behind the bar.
The staff are friendly.
The main drinking area is around the bar but there is more space either upstairs round the gallery or in one of the small alcoves.
There is often live music on which makes the drinking area more cosy!
Well worth checking out if you're in Broadstairs and enjoy real ale.

30 Aug 2016 02:46

Yard of Ale, Broadstairs

A lovely micro pub in St. Peters within walking distance of Broadstairs.
The building is a very old flint building which I believe used to be a stable attached to an undertakers. The main room looked very comfy, though as it was a warm evening we sat outdoors in the garden which has seating for about 40.
There is a serving window for those sitting outside so they don't have to enter the bar. There is also food available though we didn't partake.
The girl serving was very friendly.
The real ale was however a little disappointing in the choice- Plateau, Papa Jangles Stout and Red Kite. There was also several ciders available.
I'm sure there is a swift turnover of real ales so the choice will be completely different on a future visit.
I have to say the Plateau was tasted very nice!

29 Aug 2016 03:09

Four Candles, Broadstairs

Made my first visit just the other day. Will certainly return!
A great micro which brews it's own beers.
The clientele were friendly and the beer was very tasty.
The barmaid was very chatty and welcoming and gave us a tour of the brewery which basically meant a brief trip down the stairs to the cellar!
A welcome addition to the list of micros which have appeared in this area over the last few years.

29 Aug 2016 02:58

The Ale House, Chelmsford

Situated under the railway arches therefore handy for the trains.
Not the most atmospheric of pubs though it was early evening. Quite large and airy with large glass doors at one end leading to an outdoor drinking area.
The most attractive feature for me is the range of real ales. There were twelve on my recent visit plus six ciders as well! They are listed on blackboards which I have to confess I found a little hard to read. (Nothing to do with the drink I add!)
There is live music too though no'one playing on my visit.
The bar staff were a little like the shop assistants who feel they know what you're looking for even if you don't!
Overall though I would definitely visit again.

12 Jul 2016 14:29

The Ship, Deal

Well worth seeking out down one of the backstreets of Deal!
A traditional, old fashioned pub with plenty of historical maritime memorabilia on the walls.
Broadly split into 3 sections plus a small garden. The back room or snug was sunny and warm on my visit though I could imagine it being a lot darker in Winter months.
This is a cosy, comfortable place with friendly staff and clientele- most of my fellow drinkers were on the elderly side.
There was a very good selection of real ales Two Dark Star ales, two Gadd's and a Caledonian Edinburgh Castle.

12 Jul 2016 14:01

The Bohemian, Deal

Situated opposite the pier. Not the cheapest of places so attracts more of the arty types and fewer of the riff raff!
There were drinkers of all ages on my recent visit.
Aptly named pub with no single decorating theme.
There is a decking area outside for the warm summer days (if and when they ever arrive).
There's also an upstairs area with another bar and the toilets.
A good selection of real ales, the Ripple Steam brew was very nice.

12 Jul 2016 13:49

The Just Reproach, Deal

I believe this was the first of many micro pubs which are proving so popular especially in the East Kent area.
Like most micros it's a friendly place. It would be unwise for someone to open a micro pub if they did not wish to spend time chatting to the clientele!
A neat well kept corner pub with a good selection of real ales. Gypsy Hill Beatnik, Titanic They Think It's All Over, Great Western Old Hibby and a Blue Monkey were all available when I was there. There was also several ciders.
As with many micros the toilets are cramped and the opening hours should be checked before visiting.
well worth a visit!

12 Jul 2016 13:39

Tap East, Stratford

A pub and microbrewery inside the Westfield Shopping Centre just outside Waitrose. There are a few other food outlets alongside it.
It's an open plan pub with no walls on two sides. There are quite a few tables and chairs for those seeking a decent watering hole after a days shopping or like me waiting for a train connection.
There were 2 Tap East beers on when I visited along with several other real ales. The Kew Sandycombe Gold was very nice as was the local JWB.
The bar staff were friendly and there was a TV on with the sound down.
By no means a local or a pub to go out of the way for but definitely a place to visit if in the area.

12 Jul 2016 13:27

The Flying Scotsman, Caledonian Road

Went here for the first time after the Lords test last week on the way back to the station and having time to kill.
Wondered why I hadn't seen it before but after chatting to the barman I understood it had undergone a fundamental change which involved more than just a name change!
Was impressed with the range of beers available and with the decor as well.
Sadly we only had time for the one pint but I will add this pub to the list of those handy for the railway station!

18 Jun 2016 12:35

The Three Daws, Gravesend

I love this pub which overlooks the Thames. A large sprawling building with plenty of small snugs and alcoves. There is also an outdoor drinking area.
I popped in in mid afternoon last week, there were quite a few people present either watching the traffic on the Thames or enjoying a meal. which made me hungry so I had a lamb roast which was very tasty. The roast potatoes were a very decent size!
As for the beers there were a couple of Millis ales and a Rockin Robin. Between the three of us we had all of them with no complaints.
The decor had changed little since my previous visit. Lots of old photos and drawings with a maritime theme. Very interesting!

18 Jun 2016 12:11

The Rum Puncheon, Gravesend

Went here for the first time a week ago on my visit to Gravesend.. Not sure why I hadn't visited before especially as I'd been to the Three Daws just along the road.
As with the Daws the pub is large with maritime memorabilia on the walls and a view of the Thames from the area out the back of the pub.
There is a solid old fashioned feel to the pub.
The lady behind the bar was friendly and helpful.
There were half a dozen or more real ales available (an improvement on the Three Daws), including Draymans Droop, Westerham Grasshopper & NW Western pal Ale.
The Grasshopper was very tasty!
Will definitely visit here next time I'm in town.

18 Jun 2016 11:40

The Compass Alehouse, Gravesend

A very friendly micro pub tucked away down a street not a million miles from the station. Fans of real ale or cider should check this pub out.
Anyone familiar with micro pubs (and there are lots of them in my neck of the woods in E.Kent) will know what to expect.
No bar, the landlord and landlady are present in the main body of the pub offering table service, the ales and ciders are listed on a blackboard on the wall, there are no frills and use of a mobile results in a donation to charity. Quite right too!
The beers on when I was there recently were Titanic Lifeboat, Caveman Cavedweller and a couple of Long Man ales. The Long Man Golden Tipple was excellent!
There are only 4 tables placed in 2 L shapes so as with many similar pubs there is not a lot of room. 15-20 people tops I would guess.
As a bonus you can purchase a lunchtime snack from the small cafe over the road and eat it in the pub. Neither the pub or cafe are open during the afternoon.
I don't travel to Gravesend very often but this place will definitely be on the itinerary on my next visit.

18 Jun 2016 11:18

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

A good local pub just outside the main town centre.
It's definitely improved from the years when I lived in Ramsgate in the 1970s/80s!
The beer is very well kept. Box Steam Piston Broke, Cheddar Potholer and a Wantsum and a Goachers were available on my recent visit.
Not only are the ales in great condition at £3.10 they represent fine value!
There's not a lot of seating available. It was mid afternoon when I visited and it was pretty busy- mainly with elderly colourful characters!
Worth checking out!

18 Jun 2016 10:56

Rose of England, Ramsgate

Popped in here as the pub is in the current (2016) CAMRA Good Beer Guide.
Was disappointed to find only 2 of the 4 hand pumps were in use. On top of that one of the active ales was Bombardier, not a favourite of mine.
The pub has a local cosy feel to it with a snug bar which was showing the Euro 2016 football on a large screen.
The clientele when I was there, late afternoon, were on the elderly side.
The walls and decorations involved lots of old pictures, drawings and pots and mugs.
The locals (including the local dog) were very friendly. As Ramsgate is my home town there was quite a bit of reminiscing going on.
Maybe it's just one area but there seemed to be a musty smell in the corner of the snug.
Overall a pleasant enough pub though a little surprised to find it in the GBG.

18 Jun 2016 10:46

The Louis Armstrong, Dover

An iconic pub in Dover! A proper old fashioned drinking place.
Tatty exterior and to be honest the interior could do with some love and kindness too- though not too much! This is a no nonsense boozer.
Most of the decor features jazz posters and memorabilia. The chairs are pretty much the same from the 1980s (when I first started going) if not before then!
The Louis as it's usually called is known mainly for thelive entertainment.
It's the longest lasting pub in Dover to feature live music. Mainly jazz and blues but also featuring rock bands on Friday nights.
The stage seems to be in the wrong place as the acts end up looking at themselves as the opposite wall is covered with large mirrors. This all adds to the charm of the place!
Jackie the is the longest serving pub landlord in Dover and she and her staff are always most friendly.
There are normally 3 or 4 real ales on. Skrimshander is always available, a Gadds beer is often on as well.
Well worth seeking out!

9 May 2016 11:25

The Lanes, Dover

My favourite amongst the Dover micro pubs.
Very friendly.
I support the micro pubs though one criticism which could be levelled at them is they have a slight makeshift, Spartan feel about them.
This does not apply to The Lanes.
The chairs are very comfortable and the carpet gives the place a homely feel to it. the toilets are above average for micros as well.
On my last visit there were 4 real ales on and several ciders too
I had a couple of great pints of Copper Top.
I can definitely recommend this pub!
Handy for the railway station too!

9 May 2016 09:55

Rack of Ale, Dover

One of many micro pubs popping up in the area. In my opinion a welcome addition to the pub scene.
The Rack is a friendly pub which always seems to be busy. The beers when I was there were bath Pale Ale, Titanic Porter and Sharps Cornish Coaster. The pale Ale was very nice!
The landlord gives the drinkers the opportunity to sample ales in thirds of a pint with three glasses served in a wooden tray.
The walls are adorned with pictures of ferries, the docks and the white cliffs.
On the downside the chairs could be more comfortable.

9 May 2016 09:44

Bill Nicholson, Tottenham

Popped in here before a recent Spurs match as the Gilpins Bell which I used to use has now closed.
Don't know what it's like on non match days but when I went it was packed, very laddish, there were no seats, and no real ale.
Pole dancers writhed around on the bar.
There's lots of Tottenham Hotspur memorabilia on the walls but it was difficult to see it as the place was so full.
There were plenty of bar staff on so getting served wasn't too bad though more and more people arrived whilst I was there so that might have changed.
I didn't use the toilets so can't comment on their condition- but I could hazard a guess!
Fine if you're a lager drinker who doesn't mind standing up swilling pre match pints with your mates in a packed room.
I think I'll go elsewhere before the next match!

27 Apr 2016 18:07

The Lady Luck, Canterbury

A lively vibrant pub in the middle of Canterbury. The beers are good, Long Blonde, Rockin Reliant plus Doom Bar on my latest visit.
The bar staff are very friendly and chatty.
Predominately used by students and younger people. There is live music on regularly.
The place is roughly divided in two with a bar to the left as you enter then more seats, a pool table and toilets out towards the back.

25 Apr 2016 10:55

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Have to say I was a little disappointed on my visit recently. I had been recommended this place as a good real ale pub but on my visit there were only 2 ales available.
Having said that the Mama Knows Best was fine and the pint my colleague had was good as well.
The staff were friendly and the pianist was belting out a tune with some enthusiasm considering it was an afternoon session!
The pub has a small local feel to it though the toilets are somewhat cramped.
Would visit again as it's handy for Kings Cross or St. Pancras and maybe next time the range of ales will be greater.

25 Apr 2016 10:45

The Bree Louise, Euston

Very good real ale pub just west of Euston station. Although it's normally busy this place isn't a touristy pub, probably because it's tucked away down a side street and not on the main road.
The staff are mainly young and friendly.
There's a scruffy lived in feel which gives the place more of a local feel than many others around. The toilets could do with an overhaul though!
There are always plenty of real ales on Animal Newt, a couple of Milestone beers, DBC Alter Ego and Bree Louise Pale Ale were amongst those available on my recent visit. If you're a CAMRA member you get a discount.
One word of caution. I've found the beers from the casks behind the bar can be of variable quality. The handpump ales have been fine in my experience.

25 Apr 2016 10:32

Kings Stores, Bishopsgate

Popped in here the other Saturday afternoon. Another pub of the bare floorboard and brickwork variety. There is more space upstairs for sitting and drinking and the toilets were also to be found on that floor.
A good selection of real ales, I had the Chelsea Blonde which was very drinkable.
It was quite busy with a mainly young (20-35) crowd.
The service was good. Not the best pub about but one I would return to.

19 Feb 2016 02:42

Williams Wine and Ale House, Hoxton

Very pleasant discovery! I only found this pub a few days ago but will definitely make another visit soon!
A larger pub inside than expected. The décor is of the bare brick variety very popular these days. Board games are also available although on the day I visited most people were watching rugby on the TVs dotted around the pub.
Although the pub is large with room for plenty of people the toilets leave a lot to be desired. Very cramped!
Toilets aside the rest of the pub left a very good impression. 7 real ales and 7 ciders available, many of which were not the common fare. Hackney, Truman and Crouch Vale all amongst the ales present.
The staff were friendly and gave advice about the ales and were keen to offer samples.
All in all a very pleasant visit!

19 Feb 2016 02:33

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

There's a feel of the trendy Islington bar about this pub but I enjoy it.

The staff are young and friendly and the real ales are good. A couple of Larkins ales and Long Blonde were available when I visited recently.

I've not eaten here though it would appear the pub caters for food as much as it does for drink.

31 Dec 2015 03:30

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

Had a better experience than my previous visit. Friendly staff and a full range of Fullers beers. Neatly laid out and the toilets upstairs are very smart!!
Still prefer the place as it was but hey ho.

31 Dec 2015 03:22

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

Pleased to see the standard of the place has not dropped as a few years ago this place was one to be avoided in my view. A sports bar full of lager louts!

Nowadays the place has friendly knowledgeable bar staff, TVs with the sound down and a wider mix of clientele.
It's hard to think of a better "closest to the railway station" pub around.

There are plenty of real ales available: Bedfordshire Zingiber, Gadds #5, Bedford Steam Best, Turners Gold Spice, Pilgrim Gold Spice, Old Dairy Snow Top and some Greene King beers on my visit.

Definitely worth going to if you're in the area!

31 Dec 2015 03:16

The Parrot, Canterbury

A beautiful (very) old building with real fires, wooden beams, low ceiling and a large beer garden/courtyard.
That said I preferred it when it was Simple Simons and had live music and a variety of real ales.

However the Spitfire Gold I had the other day was ok and the staff were friendly enough.

31 Dec 2015 03:03

Conqueror, Ramsgate

Love this place! The definition of a micro pub- very small, no frills just a decent selection of well kept real ales and a friendly knowledgeable landlord to serve them.

Whenever I visit the customers have always been friendly and keen to engage in conversation.

Well worth a visit if you enjoy drinking real ale in a friendly environment.

31 Dec 2015 02:55

The Royal George, Euston

A large pub with a centre bar inside the door and two rooms either side with plenty of TVs on the walls- handy for watching sport!
A downside to that is it can get a bit rowdy!

There were quite a few real ales available mainly from London breweries. I had a Sambrook which was ok though not as good as I would have expected from a pub in the CAMRA good beer guide.
Whilst I was at the bar another customer took his beer back complaining about the taste.

Overall I wasn't too impressed with the place and would suggest if someone wanted to watch sport in a pub to use the Euston Flyer not too far away. The beer may not be as varied but the quality is better and the pub is not as scruffy as the George.

31 Dec 2015 02:45

Euston Tap, Euston

I must have walked past this place countless times and not realised it was a pub!

I visited on a Saturday afternoon when it was busy but not crowded. Not that it would take too many to fill the place out!
Thankfully there is plenty of space outside on the pavement though not too many seats available either inside or out.

The beer selection was excellent! Redemption Rock the Kazbek, Sublime Chaos and Quiet Riot from Anarchy, Mallinsons Brewers Gold and Siren Half Mast all on.
The two I had were very nice and the staff obviously knew and loved their job.

If you are looking for a comfortable place to sit down and drink then avoid, but if you just want a good no frills pub with plenty of decent real ales available then I recommend it.

31 Dec 2015 02:28

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate

Another visit and enjoyed a great pint of Hanlons New Moon. Old Dairy Gold Top and Gadds Black Pearl were also on.

Like most micros it was lively and friendly with quite a turn over of drinkers. This could be as the pub is fairly central in the town.

31 Dec 2015 02:16

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

Ripple Steam Piston Broke, Gadds#5, Wantsum One Hop & Welton Old Cocky amongst the beers available on my last visit.
I had the Wantsum and the Ripple Steam both of which were fine which was a relief as I had heard reports the ales were not as well kept as they had been.

Love sitting here looking at the view over the harbour and Pegwell Bay. I guess the place gets a lot busier in the evenings with live music available.
I remember when the place was called Van Goghs and was very lively!

Didn't try the food. Maybe next time!

31 Dec 2015 02:09

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Pop into this pub whenever I return to my home town. Back in the 70s it was a bit rough and one to be avoided. Now much has changed!

Very friendly service from the landlord and a welcome from the, mainly elderly it has to be said, clientele gathered around the bar.
Everyone seemed to know their stuff when it came to real ales as well!

There's not a lot of space in the pub even with an upper floor.

Very enjoyable visit . The beers available were Wantsum Hengist, Acorn Barnsley Bitter, Incubus & Gadds #5.
I had the first two both of which were in excellent condition.

31 Dec 2015 02:00

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Islington

One of the many micros sprouting up in the area I visited this one as it was in the CAMRA good beer guide and wasn't disappointed.

It's large and airy with plenty of seats. Needless to say the beers were tip top though being Islington they were on the expensive side.

The staff were very friendly and helpful. For £99 you could get a tutorial on brewing, a meal and get to take home some beer.

Will definitely be back again!

31 Dec 2015 01:40

Craft Beer Co., Islington

Went early evening when it was less busy.

Trendy? Yes! But with plenty of decent beers albeit at a high price available. Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby, Anspach Best & Roosters Assassin were three of the ales on offer when I visited the place.

Have to say that my friend and I in our mid 50s were above the average age for the clientele who were using the place.

Impressed by the staff who knew their stuff.

31 Dec 2015 01:32

The Island Queen, Islington

Very smart looking pub with a central bar, high ceiling and lots of glass and mirrors.
The clientele were on the young side.
Had a couple of decent beers, Apus Navigation and Ilkley Mary Jane.
Not the best pub about but not the worst either.

31 Dec 2015 01:17

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

Light and airy corner pub which feels more like a proper local than some of the other trendy bars in the area.

The staff were friendly and getting served was not tricky, although having said that the place was not too busy on my last visit.

There was an excellent choice of ales on offer (discount for CAMRA members) including Dark Star Hophead, Windsor Knot, Chelsea Blonde and Kent Pale Ale.
I had the first two which were very drinkable.

Probably my favourite pub in the Islington area.

31 Dec 2015 00:13

The New Inn, Canterbury

Off the beaten track a little but well worth seeking out. Very much a local pub with the same old faces lined up along the bar whenever I visit!
That said it's not a cliquey pub and both the customers and the staff are friendly.

At first glance looking up Havelock St there doesn't appear to be a pub there at all as most of the street is made up of residential housing.

It's larger inside than expected, long and narrow with the bar just inside the door and a beer garden out the back.

Excellent selection of beers, Summer Lightning, Betty Stoggs and Tribute were all available on my last visit.

31 Dec 2015 00:00

The Lanes, Dover

Last entry should have read a wide selection of CIDERS available!

24 Nov 2015 05:59

The Lanes, Dover

One of the new micro pubs which are becoming popular in this neck of the woods.

Very friendly and welcoming (as many micros are) it's run by a pleasent couple. Very smart and tidy with decent toilets. Something that can't be said about some other micros I've visited!

The day I visited the real ales were Gadds Just the Ticket, Canterbury Ales Friars, Grindstone Triple B and Rockin Robin Really Rockin. Both the Gadds and the Canterbury Ales were excellent snd well kept.
There was a wide selection of ales available too though I didn't touch any of them.

The pub's not too far from the station and I will definitely visit agin. A welcome addition to what is a pretty average collection of pubs in Dover.

24 Nov 2015 05:58

The Hobgoblin, Canterbury

Now the Black Griffin again. Wider selection of ales than there used to be. Everard Tiger, Moorhouse Pride of Pendle, Incuubus and Bombardier Gold the other day when I visited.

The clientele were young, pretty much the same as before with a few tourists thrown in.

The pub is in two parts. The front has a few chairs aound the edge whereas the back half has more tables and chairs laid out. There is also a small outside area beyond that. The whole pub is bare floorboards.

An ok pub but in a town which has a lot of good real ale outlets I don't visit here often.

24 Nov 2015 05:48

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

An old fashioned feel to the pub with bare floorboards, uneven in places and lots of nautical artifacts spread around. The artwork is more modern and added to the charm. The pub is practically on the beach and there are planty of picnic tables on the shingle which are very popular in the Summer.
Not a wide selection of real ales but with Harveys on that doesn't matter!
The clientele is mixed and the staff are friendly.
Bands play on Sunday aftenoons. The day I was there We Ghosts were on and I can recommend anyone to catch them if they are in the area.
All told a very enjoyable time wa had!

24 Nov 2015 04:46

The Harbour Arms, Margate

I went to this pub a couple of times back in the Summer and found the place very friendly. On both occasions the sun was out and I enjoyed sitting in the sun sipping Gadd's Seashells, reading a book and looking at the seaside view.
Very laidback easy going sort of place on the harbour arm and very handy for the Turner Gallery.
Food is available although I can't comment on the quality.
As the weather was so warm I only popped inside the pub to get drinks but from what I could see there was a nautical theme going on with nets hanging up.
All in all a great little pub in an intersting spot and all part of the rebirth of Margate as a place to visit.
My only question is how popular the pub will be in the colder months.

24 Nov 2015 04:34

The Lifeboat, Margate

Always enjoy visiting this pub when in Margate. Unfortunately on this occasion there were a couple of drunks up at the bar who were either friends of the barmaid or were hoping to be further acquainted. Either way they monopolised the bar and made getting served difficult.
That apart the beer from Wantsum was excellent and the vibe was laidback. The toilets are still minimal by any standards!
However I would still recommend this pub to any real ale lover who is after a decent pint in Margate.

24 Nov 2015 04:12

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

Not an area of London I go to too often. I visisted this pub twice recently. A large pub similar to a Wetherspoons. The decor and layout is like many other Fullers pubs I've visited, wood pannelling, chandeliers and different floor levels.
The beers were the usual Fullers selections, ESB, Pride, Chiswick and Redwood. The clientele was a mix of office types and tourists. Perhaps it was the time of day I was there ( around 4pm) but I had no trouble getting a seat.
Have to mention the toilets, quality over quantity! The carpeted stairs to the toilets and the pictures on the wall are quite impressive. However there could be more urinals.
Can't speak for the decor in the Women's!

24 Nov 2015 03:12

The Plough, Chelmsford

A busy lively pub with a good range of real ales- quite a novelty for a pub near the railway station in my opinion.
Large and sprawling with several sections including an outdoor area. Bare floorboards and sport on the TV, at least there was when I was there!
I had a couple of pints of Andwell 5 Little fishes which was very drinkable.
Staff were friendly. Will visit again when I'm next in Chelmsford.

24 Nov 2015 02:57

The Railway Tavern, Chelmsford

Generally in my view the pubs nearest the railway station are amongst the worst in the town but Chelmsford is an exception. This pub and the Plough close by are very good.
Very friendly and much larger inside than expected. The design is similar to a raileway carriage which makes it long and narrow. To continue the theme there are many paintings of trains on the wall. There is also an outdoor area.
The real ale range was varied on my visit, Hunters Gold, Wherry, Sharps Special, Dark Star Sunburst (which was very nice) and Mighty Oak IPA.
Will definitely visit here again next time I'm in Chelmsford.

24 Nov 2015 02:50

Ivory Peg, Chelmsford

Decent selection of real ales the day I was there. EvanEvans Golden Ale, Bishops Finger, Cambridge IPA, Adnams Broadside plus a couple of others.
Light and airey which is more than can be said for many Wetherspoon pubs. TV with the volume down which doesn't matter too much when sport is on!
The barstaff could be a little quicker off the mark when serving. Otherwise an ok pub.

24 Nov 2015 02:40

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

Like most Nicholson's this is a tidy pub with smart chairs, lighting and decorations. It's not especially larger but has a neat feel with an upstairs area used mainly for eating.
Judging from my visits the clientele is a mix of tourists and staff from nearby offices.
The staff were friendly and attentive. The selection of beers was a little disappointing, Doombar, London Pride, Nicholson's Pale Ale, Truman's Runner and Harvest Ale which I had and enjoyed a lot.
On the whole a pleasant enough pub handily near to Liverpool St. station but without the range of beers as another Nich's pub, The Magpie, not too far away.

17 Apr 2015 19:07

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

An old fashioned lived-in feel to this pub which makes a pleasant change. Nothing trendy about this place.
The barman was friendly and knew his stuff and the beers tasted good. I had Sambrook Wandle and Deverell's Redemption. Sambrook Junction. Brains SA & a couple of Young's beers were also available.
The price at £4.30 was less friendly however!

7 Apr 2015 08:54

The Swan, Bloomsbury

A friendly back street pub with a local feel to it. A good range of beers. Two ales from Hackney (Red and Best), Truman Budburst, Hop Stuff Pale Ale, Hamerton N1, Westerham 1730, St. Austell's Tribute and the ubiquitous London Pride.
A comfortable place with a TV in the corner which was silent with subtitles.
I didn't eat in the pub but plenty of people were tucking in so they must be doing something right.
One downer was the price- £4.16!
I can't speak for the Ladies but beware of the step just inside the door of the Gents!

7 Apr 2015 08:41

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

A curved shaped pub with a low ceiling and subdued lighting which gives you the feeling you're in a library. Several rows of books only add to the impression.
There are various sections including a beer garden.
The choice of beers was a little disappointing with Greene King, London Pride, Abbot and Doombar all on offer. However there was also Mauldoons Bronze Adder, Titanic Desert Hero and Arkells Kingsdown.
I had the Adder and the Desert Hero both of which were very drinkable.
It was mid afternoon when I visited the pub and there was a pleasing lack of the usual Spoons all day drinkers. In fact it was pretty peaceful!
The toilets are downstairs . Both the stairway and the toilets themselves have wood panelled walls and the layout of the urinals is original.

7 Apr 2015 08:23

The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

The best railway pub about in my opinion. It feels like a "real" pub. One you want to stay in for sometime and not just pop in for a pint or two until your train's ready to leave.
Even if you're using St. Pancras it's worth making the short trip across to this place.
Despite being busy I rarely have to wait long to be served. Being a Fullers pub the majority of the ales are from that brewery but there is a decent selection of guest ales as well.
The place itself is very large with big rooms, corridors and nooks & crannies all available to drinkers. There's a TV in the corner of the bar often showing sport with the sound down.
A couple of downsides are the prices which are on the high side even for London and the groups of office types who can get gabby after a few drinks.

5 Apr 2015 15:54

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

A tremendous pub! A real ale oasis in the area. The Wenlock is full of character. No frills and certainly nothing fancy or overly trendy. This place is what you might expect in the old East End! A mix of clientèle (gender and age) make for a variety of conversation and opinions.
A great selection of real ales including several Dark Star beers, Windsor & Eton Guardsman & Zinzans Drop, Oscar Wilde & Southwark Gold. In addition there was a good choice of ciders!
I had a couple of Dark Star beers and a Guardsman all of which were of top standard.
A must visit if you're in the area and well worth making the effort if you're not!

5 Apr 2015 15:34

The Old Fountain, Old Street

A busy lively pub with a great range of real ales. Not only is there quantity the quality is of the highest standard as well. This pub is run by people who know how to look after beer!
From memory there were 10 ales available including Siren Dinner For 2, Camden Town Gentlemen's Wit and Camden Hells and Mallinson's Chinnor. The Dinner for 2 and the Camden Hells were both very good!
The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. There's an aquarium in the pub which is a novelty. A lack of music means conversation is encouraged. I ended up chatting about Dover to a fellow drinker who regularly visits the town for a spell of fishing.
This pub is not to be missed if you are in the Old Street/Angel area.

5 Apr 2015 15:19

The Roundhouse, Covent Garden

A Fullers pub, I hadn't been in here for a few years and after a quick look round it didn't appear to have changed much.
Lots of windows making "people watching" easy and (being Covent Garden) entertaining too.
Very busy and on my visit noisy as well!
The beers available were Gales Sprinter, London Pride, and HSB. I had the Gales which was a little on the flat side.
With several other better pubs in the area I shan't be returning too quickly.

5 Apr 2015 15:05

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

A nice little pub with an entrance tucked away up a passage. Cosy and busy. The beers on offer were Landlord (which was excellent), London Pride and Truman Runner.
Well worth seeking out just don't expect a seat as there aren't many available!

5 Apr 2015 14:57

St James Tavern, Piccadilly

Popped in here about 1.30 pm the other day and it was standing room only. Not surprising as it's in a prominent position and very popular with tourists.
The beers on offer were Doombar & Rev James. The R J was okay.
I didn't eat at all though plenty of others were tucking in so they must be doing something right.
An okay pub for a quick drink but not one I would stay in for too long and there are better available not far away.

5 Apr 2015 14:49

The Chambers, Folkestone

Popular pub with a great feel to it. A good selection of beers- Gold Top, Snow Top, Resolution and Adnams Lighthouse on my recent visit. I can't understand why the pub is not back in the Good Beer Guide.
There's live music on offer and Happy Hour finishes at 7pm.

5 Apr 2015 14:41

The Parrot, Canterbury

A beautiful old building with two real fires and a spacious garden. In my opinion it's still not as good as it used to be when it was a freehouse called Simple Simons and offered live music. Now the beers are almost all Shepherd Neame (not my favourite brewery) and there is no live music. Although the restaurant is upstairs the whole pub seems more geared up for food.
The building is still wonderful and I wouldn't want to put anyone off going there either to warm up in front of one of the fires or to sit outside in the summer sun.

5 Apr 2015 14:35

The Foundry, Canterbury

No problem with excess noise on my visit! It was a Tues evening so that probably accounted for the lack of custom.
I nearly always visit this pub when I go to Canterbury. The beers are good and brewed on the premises, although they do offer guest ales as well. I enjoyed a Bigglestons Birdman and a Reverance.
The staff are friendly and keen to chat about their beers. They offer boxed sets of bottled beers so you can enjoy their ales in your own home. I purchased one as a present.

5 Apr 2015 14:25

The Bell and Crown, Canterbury

Still a good pub for Kentish ales, Gadds #5, Canterbury Ales Knights Tale, Incuubus & a Wantsum beer were the selection on offer when I visited. recently.
The music on the jukebox is varied and the service is quick and friendly. There was a nice mix of customers on my visit.
A no frills pub you see what you get.

5 Apr 2015 14:11

The Phoenix Tavern, Faversham

A smallish pub with bare floorboards. Generally seems busy which is a good sign. On my last visit the food was very good although they did make a mistake with the bill which was quickly rectified.
Good selection of beers, Landlord, Adnams Lighthouse, Dairy Green Top and an Ottter ale. A nice change in a mainly Shepherd Neame dominated town.
The decor includes plenty of whisky bottles and cartoons from Private Eye.
Well worth a visit especially if you want somewhere to eat.

1 Feb 2015 04:59

The Old Wine Vaults, Faversham

The carpets give a cosy feel to the pub. Lots of beams and a split level floor. Friendly with a decent selection of real ales. We were eating elsewhere but the menu looked enticing.

1 Feb 2015 04:51

Red Cow, Sandwich

Visited yesterday. Very friendly barstaff. A choice of ales- Wychwood Piledriver, Marston's Pedigree, Doombar and one from Otter.
I had a couple of pints of the Piledriver which was excellent.
It was warm enough to venture outside which was lucky as many of the seats inside were occupied.
Very pleasant!

21 Oct 2014 17:52

The Bradstow Mill, Broadstairs

A handy pub for the station but not one I would want to stay in too long unless there was a decent band on or a good match on the TV.
The beer was Sharps Atlantic which seemed to be the bog standard ale for many Broadstairs pubs.
It's obviously popular with the locals as there are always plenty of people inside.
If a band are playing it's best to get in that half of the pub or else you won't hear too much!
This pub is infinitely preferable to the nearby Cramptons!!

2 Oct 2014 03:20

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate

More lively than some micro pubs though the beer quality wasn't as good as a few I've been to.
The Oakley gold ale was the best on offer.
The staff were friendly and very outgoing making every effort to make customers feel at home.
There was quite a turnover of drinkers in the 90 mins or so I was there. Most seemed to be regulars and there was much chatter and gossip between them and the staff.
Will definitely visit again on my next visit to Ramsgate.

2 Oct 2014 03:10

Berry, Walmer

Regular winner of Camra's local pub of the year award and deservedly so too! The day I was there they had Gadd's 7, Loddens Ferrymans Gold, Hanlons Port, Ripple Steam Black, Darkstar Pale Ale, Pig & Porter Crab & Winkle, Harvey's Copperwheat and a couple of others I can't recall. On top of that there were 4 or 5 ciders on offer.
The Loddens a & the Darkstar were excellent!
As well as having a wide range of well kept beers the barstaff are friendly and knowledgable. You can always have a taster of an ale to check on the taste.
The furniture is comfortable and I can thoroughly recommend this pub for a real ale session. Because of it's popularity it can get quite busy!
For anyone who hasn't visited before it's set in a residential street and from the end of the road it's not apparent there is a pub there at all!

2 Oct 2014 02:57

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

Another wet cricket week another visit to the Trousers.

A mixture of poor weather and a public holiday meant the place was very busy and seats were not easy to come by.

The staff were young & friendly and there was a decent selection of real ales.
I enjoyed a pint of Long Blonde and would have stayed longer but decided to go somewhere I could sit and stretch out a bit.

4 Jun 2014 13:39

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

Still a good little place to seek out up the hill as the beers are always well kept and very drinkable.
Harveys Sussex and Landlord were my choices and I wasn't disappointed.

There's not a lot of room what with the pool table on the right and spare seats are at a premium.

Lots of character however and the sort of place you don't want to change. Pleased to note the Jack Russell is still on the scrounge at the bar!

4 Jun 2014 13:33

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

Was disappointed to find the layout had altered since my visit a year ago. Fuller's seem to be putting their stamp on the place more and the atmosphere felt different, more corporate.
The staff were all dressed the same and I didn't like the new furniture much. It didn't help the place was busy and with the staff occupied on food as much drink getting served took longer than usual.

4 Jun 2014 13:25

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

Unfortunately I don't go to Tunbridge Wells very often (generally only for the cricket), so I don't get to visit this pub as much as I'd like.

It's improved a lot over the last couple of years. There is a wide range of real ales and the staff are far more friendly now.
The landlord was keen to advise me about the beers and which ales he was planning to sell over the following weeks.

It's very handy for the railway station and definitely worth popping in for a couple of pints before catching your train!

4 Jun 2014 13:19

Conqueror, Ramsgate

Splendid little place which was a florist when I used to live in Ramsgate!

Small even for a micro pub it's very friendly and a real labour of love on the part of Colin the landlord.

There are a couple of round tables and an array of stools round the sides of the room. I would guess there is room for no more than 20 customers in total.
There are pictures of old Ramsgate on the wall and plenty of real ale related literature to read if you don't want to join in the conversation!
On my last visit I exchanged memories of old Ramsgate!

The beers available on my last visit were Gadds #3 and New Zealand Pale Ale and Pardoners both from the Canterbury Tales brewery. Both the Gadds and the NZ were excellent and well kept.

The beers are dispensed from a separate room (like some other micros there is no bar) and access to the toilet is through the same room.

An excellent place to visit if you appreciate real ale and friendly company.

4 Jun 2014 13:08

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

I remember this place when it was the Van Gogh!

I always visit here when I return to Ramsgate. Along with the Artillery Arms just round the corner it makes a fine real ale pub double.
Possibly not as friendly as the Artillery the view across the harbour makes up for it.

The beers available on my recent visit included Dark Star Hophead (which was excellent), Canterbury Ales Knights Tale and New Zealand Pale Ale from the same brewery and Whitstable Pearl of Kent.

Quite a mix of customers, I was tempted by the food many of them were getting stuck into but managed to resist as I was intending to eat later. Next time maybe!

4 Jun 2014 12:47

Belgian Cafe, Ramsgate

A very easy going place which goes a lot further back inside than expected. The outside and front of the cafe are more typically of a continental bar design. There's even an ice cream dispenser just inside the door!
The further you venture into the place the darker it gets and the decor becomes very eclectic. The paintings on the walls are from local artists and can be purchased.
The furniture is varied with a mix of styles. The whole place has a friendly laid back feel to it.
There is a stage over to the left. A jazz saxophonist (who else!) was creating a nice ambience to the place the last time I was here.
The beers are mainly Belgian (duh) and there is a folder listing all the various types, Trappist, Abbey etc. Not all of them are available at any one time but there is always massive choice. Check out the bottles behind the bar!
The drinks are not cheap but seeing as many of the beers are in the 7%+ bracket most people won't be necking them back anyway!
It's not the sort of place to suit everyone's taste but if someone asked for a definition of "bohemian" I would point them in the direction of the Belgian Cafe

4 Jun 2014 12:33

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Visited here yesterday on a visit to my home town. I was pleased to find the pub was as friendly as ever from both the landlord and the customers at the bar.

The beer too was a good as ever. Gadds She Sells Seashells, Whitstable Winklepicker and Greendaemon amongst those available.

The pub is very historic and dates back to the Napoleonic area (at least). Could be rude and suggest much the same for some of the customers!

Seriously it's a great little boozer- especially if you love real ale.

4 Jun 2014 12:07

The Bree Louise, Euston

Sorry to say this pub isn't as good as it used to be although it's still better than many.
There are always lots of real ales and ciders from a wide range of breweries to pick from . Many of the beers I hadn't seen anywhere outside a beer festival. There is a discount for CAMRA members too!
However I find the beers from the barrels behind the bar can be of variable quality. The ales from the pumps are fine.
The staff are young and friendly and the place has a lived-in feel to it. The clientèle tends to cover a wider age range!
There are a wide range of beer mats decorating the walls and ceiling. As with many London pubs the toilets are cramped and leave something to desired.

4 Jun 2014 11:40

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

Not the easiest of pubs to find (especially when there's road works going on close by!) as it's tucked away down a narrow passage. However it's well worth seeking out!
Considering the area it's not overly posh- smart rather than snooty. The staff are very friendly and the beers, Tribute and an Adnams ale were fine.
The clientèle is more varied than might be expected and the place has the feel of a friendly village local.
The furniture is comfortable and the decor is wood panelling with plenty of horse brasses.
It's not an area of London I visit too often but whenever I do I'm made to feel welcome.

4 Jun 2014 11:29

The Coronet, Holloway

Being a 'Spoons pub it attracts it's fair share of "characters" who appear to have spent the entire day in the place.
Many Wetherspoons pubs used to be something else and this one is a converted cinema.
I was very impressed with the range and quality of the beers available. The staff seemed friendly enough too.

4 Jun 2014 11:18

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

An oasis in the area but a most welcome one for those seeking good real ale in an unpretentious setting.
There is always a wide range of ales available and the staff are friendly.
Basic furnishings and bare floorboards this is not a pub pandering to the trendy or the tourist trade, (they've got plenty of pubs to pick from anyway).
Hopefully the Wenlock will return to the CAMRA GBG where it belongs!
Well worth a visit!

4 Jun 2014 11:11

The Old Shades, Whitehall

A couple of Adnams beers, Westerham Bulldog and God's Wallop. The Bulldog was very good!
As always the pub was clean and tidy and the staff were efficient. As it was busy they couldn't chat too much but were friendly enough whenever things were quieter.
I don't use the pub as much as I used to as I rarely travel via Charing X but I enjoy popping in whenever I'm in the area.

4 Jun 2014 11:04

The Chambers, Folkestone

Cannot understand why this pub is no longer in the CAMRA GBG. The beers are as good as ever, (local Kent breweries). I had a fine pint of Westerham on my last visit.
The staff are always friendly and chatty and there is a good atmosphere.
The pub gets quite busy in the evenings and appears to be popular as an eating place. I can't comment on the quality as I've never eaten here!

3 Jun 2014 09:37

The Partridge, Bromley

I didn't experience any of the problems albert99 encountered when I visited a few months ago.
The place has a gentlemens club feel about it with lots of wood panelling, plush decoration and massive leather chairs.
The bar layout is typical Fullers.
The beers were fine and I enjoyed a comfortable 90 mins or so here.

3 Jun 2014 09:28

The Compass, Bromley

Was quite busy when I visited. Clientèle seemed to be on the elderly side but it was early afternoon so I guess that was the reason.
Staff were friendly. The place seemed on the untidy side though not dirty. The ales were Doombar, Brains Gold and Westerham Grasshopper Gold. I went for the Westerham which was not that great.
This wouldn't be high on my list of pubs to visit in Bromley.

3 Jun 2014 09:21

The Phoenix, Canterbury

There's always a decent range of real ales here but there's also a cliquey feel to the place. The regulars line up along the bar chatting to the landlord and bar staff so the effect is that anyone else is seen as an outsider.
There are a few picnic tables outside but basically you're sitting in the car park!
It's very handy for the cricket and I generally have a couple after play before moving on. Not sure how many people visit after about 9pm.
The choice of ales is good. The last time I was there they had Wantsum More's Head, Dark Star Partridge, (both of which were fine), along with 3 or 4 other beers.
Good marks for ales, poor marks for atmosphere.

6 Nov 2013 14:46

The Minster Inn, York

Popped in here early evening for a couple whilst I was staying in York. Being outside the city walls and a little of the beaten track it was far less touristy than the other pubs I visited. Much of more a local.
The 2 women behind the bar were friendly and obviously knew the other patrons very well. The pub is quite big with various areas to sit and drink in. A good selection of real ales:- Sneklifter, Navigation, Hydes Finest and a Marston ale were all on. I had the Hydes which was very good.

6 Nov 2013 14:33

The Maltings, York

In my view the best pub in York for real ale. It can get very busy in the evenings so obviously other people also hold it in high regard.
It's a no frills bare floorboards pub with old adverts on metal plates on the wall. The staff are friendly and the choice of ales is large with a couple of ciders also available. Guzzler and Black Sheep were on as well as Burton Stout, an Oakleaf beer and Roosters Last Stand which was very drinkable.
A great visit!

6 Nov 2013 14:13

The Three Legged Mare, York

A nice pub with a friendly staff. Although as there were not too many customers perhaps they were just grateful for someone to chat to!
Bare floorboards and a conservatory out the back. The pub is light and airy, especially when compared to the Guy Fawkes pub near the Minster.
Had a nice pint of Guzzler. Minster Ghost and Terrier were also available.

6 Nov 2013 14:01

The Old White Swan, York

A Nicholson's pub. Sprawling with several different seating areas and bars and plenty of wood paneling. The staff were friendly and attentive. Lots of real ales on offer. Yorks Terrier, Titanic Cappuccino, Doombar and Nicholson Pale Ale were just a few.

6 Nov 2013 13:56

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

Historical and very close to the Minster therefore a bit touristy. Quite dark inside even on the lightest of days. There's a yard out the back along with Guy Fawkes cottage. Had a nice meal by candlelight.
Friendly with several beers on offer. I had a very nice Golden Pippin. Rudgate Ruby Mild, Ossett Blonde and Dark Force Treason were also on offer.

6 Nov 2013 13:49

The Lifeboat, Margate

One of my favourite pubs in Thanet although as far as Margates concerned that doesn't say a lot.
Very much a real ale pub with beers served from stillages. As there was a cider festival on only three beers were available when I visited the other day, Gadds 7, Goachers Best and Old Dairy American IPA, a decent spread of strengths. I tried all three and the Gadds and IPA were especially good.
The place has a boho feel, very spit and (literally) sawdust.
I had a friendly chat with a local and another visitor to the area.
This area of Old Margate seems to becoming more popular and the Lifeboat is well worth a visit after a trip to the Turner gallery.
Have to say I didn't try the food at all.

9 Sep 2013 18:13

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

Not been here before until the other day. Very dark inside I can't imagine they ever have the lights off or else nobody could see what they were doing! It was still light outside when I left and I found myself blinking to adjust to the glare. The lighting is of the ruby red variety which matches the carpets. The decor is made up of music memorabilia and a lot of pots and pans hanging from the walls and ceiling. The place is small and fairly narrow. A couple of Brodies beers were on and Guardsman from Windsor & Eton which is what I had. Very drinkable! I visit Covent Gdn quite often and will definitely return.

2 Jun 2013 19:01

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

My first visit yesterday. I was a little hesitant as I thought it looked a bit like a trendy wine bar and to be honest there are lots of wines on offer. However its inclusion in the GBG is well merited. Three good real ales on I especially enjoyed the Larkins Traditional. The others were Long Blonde from Long Man and a Dark Star brew. The overall feel is of a continental brasserie with plenty of metal chairs and tables available outside. Inside the atmosphere is laidback. The paintings on the wall give the pub a bohemian feel. The friendly barstaff were all young, none over 25 as a guess. The clientele were much more varied. I didn't try the food though the meals have a good reputation. The toilets could be improved but otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

2 Jun 2013 18:42

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

Good beer and obviously popular amongst real ale enthusiasts and locals. It can be quite a battle to get into the pub as it's a small place with few seats and a pool table. No pretensions and full of character- not least the Jack Russell who never seems to stray far from the bar!

2 Jun 2013 18:28

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

A Fullers pub with a mix of Fullers and Gales beers. No Harvey's Sussex anymore which is a shame. Still quite busy with a mix of ages and gender amongst the clientele though I wonder whether the place has suffered from people deserting to the nearby Ragged Trousers.

2 Jun 2013 18:23

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

Popped in for a quick pint. The staff are friendly though as a previous reviewer mentioned their mates seem to congregate around the bar a little too much. A lively pub, the Harvey's Sussex wasn't one of the best I've ever had which was disappointing as it's one of my favourite ales. Tonbridge Copperknob and Woodforde Wherry were the others available. A lively place but also cosy one.

2 Jun 2013 18:15

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

Much improved pub! I only visit Tunbridge Wells when the cricket is on and a maybe a couple of other times during the year. I popped in here yesterday and was impressed. The lager lout feel has gone and there were 10 hand pumps dispensing real ale. The beers went from regular brews like Abbot and Golden Hen to Franklin Pale Ale and Ripple Steam IPA which is what I had. The clientele was mixed and the bar staff were friendly. Very keen to offer samples of the ales.
The pub nearest the station is often one of the worst in the town. That most definitely does not apply here!

2 Jun 2013 18:06

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Had a couple of hours here on Saturday evening. It's a good place to visit to watch football and meet up with supporters from other teams. I've never encountered had any serious bother!
Beers were ok but on the expensive side even for London. The Gem was fine.
Barstaff were friendly though English isn't always their first language!

8 May 2013 11:09

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Visited the pub again yesterday and had a very good time. Four real ales on, I had a couple of them both from the BlackBar brewery. Tasty! The place was packed when we arrived but gradually thinned out and we found seats. Great atmosphere and the staff were friendly and chatty. We even got free pieces of pizza! My 5 has been replaced by a 7 and I think the pub ought to be back in the CAMRA GBG. Only downside remains the toilets which are cramped.

23 Mar 2013 14:12

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

Re the last review. I have to agree on two counts. Firstly the range of ales was not great. Only two of the three pumps on and one of those available was dispensing Greene King. I had Olde Trip which was ok but I'm not too surprised the pub is not in the 2013 CAMRA GBG.
The second area of agreement concerns the barstaff. I was waiting to be served at the bar when a friend of the barmaid turned up. She pormptly served him and totally ignored me. This wouldn't have been too bad but he wanted a round of three or four drinks and to make things worse she decided to have a chat with him. But for the fact he had to get back to his friends I might still be waiting now! My 7 has dropped to a 5.

29 Sep 2012 09:37

Shaftesbury Arms, Richmond

A pleasant stay here after a tiring walk round Kew gardens. At the back is a patio area where I had a welcome pint of Youngs London ale.
Inside the d�cor is smart wood panelling. I would agree with previous reviews about it being as much of a restaurant as a pub. Although I can imagine things get quite loud when the rugger boys from London Welsh are around.
There was a bit of a delay with the food, (menu printing problem), but it was well worth the wait. Haddock with chips the size of Snickers bars.
The staff were most friendly and made sure I was kept abreast of the menu situation.

24 Jun 2012 17:48

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

A heaving mass of suits and summer dresses outside put me off a little but once I'd made my way inside I found there were plenty of people dressed more informally.
It's obviously a very popular pub as space was at a premium and a seat was out of the question.
I had an Adnams Southwark which was ok. Broadside, Doombar and Greene King were amongst the other ales available.
There's an eating area at the back which was less crowded and an interesting painting of a naked woman on the wall.
I wouldn't mind returning when the place is less busy. Probably mid afternoon!

24 Jun 2012 17:33

King's Arms, Chelsea

After leaving the heaving mass inside the Anglesea Arms round the corner I was amazed to find so many empty seats in the Kings Arms.
It was nice to sit back and watch some TV and chat to the friendly bar staff.
I was disappointed to learn the interesting painting behind the bar depicted various managers and owners of the place and was not a collection of colourful regulars.
The beer was good. As well as Youngs and Doombar there was Pure Ubu from Purity which was very tasty.
A large pub with decent toilets I'm still surprised there were not more people in the place.

24 Jun 2012 17:20

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

I only found this pub the other day despite using St. Pancras pretty regularly over the past 2 years. It's tucked away in a side street behind King's X which means it has fewer tourists than some of the pubs on the main road and has a supply of local characters which make the place feel more like a traditional boozer.
It's quite dark inside with an interesting d�cor. Lots of African masks, deer heads and an ornate mirror on the wall. That said there is a cosy, friendly feel to the place.
Three real ales on the day I was there. The Yellowhammer went down a treat!

23 Jun 2012 13:24

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Not many good reasons for travelling to Kentish Town but this pub is definitely one of them. There's a nice old fashioned friendly feel to the place. Down to earth with bare floorboards, basic tables and chairs and a neat little area outside at the back. A nice touch was the background music was vinyl not digital.
It's a haven for real ale and cider. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for too long so only sampled 2 of the 8 ales available. There were also 6 ciders on.
From memory all the beers were from smaller independent breweries- no Fullers or Youngs in sight!
The Endless from Redwillow was excellent and the Notting Hill from Moncada, (I think that name's correct), was good as well.
Magic Rock, Thornbridge, Redemption and Triple fff were some of the other breweries featured.
The landlord told me the turnover of ales was swift so they've probably got a completely different batch of beers on now!
A pub well worth checking out!

23 Jun 2012 12:47

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

I only found this pub recently, it's tucked away down a side street. A useful place to visit whilst waiting for your train as it's only a few minutes walk from the station, (and it's far better than the pub next to the station!).
A friendly lively place with a good range of ales. The Harveys Sussex was very good.
Lots of comfortable chairs, wood panelling and bare floorboards. Looking forward to my next visit.

10 Jun 2012 13:02

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

A lively place with a mix of client�le. I enjoy using this pub in the summer when I can sit outside in the warm evenings- not that that has happened much this year!
Harveys Sussex and several Fullers beers were on. The HSB tasted very good! A friendly place with plenty of cards and leaflets advertising local entertainments.

10 Jun 2012 12:46

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

I popped in here after the cricket finished early due to bad weather. My last visit was a few years ago and I have to say the place has vastly improved. Perhaps it is a little too trendy for my tastes but previously I felt it was on the rough side.
As a CAMRA member I was pleased to see so many real ales available especially as several were Kentish brews. I had a pint from the Wantsum brewery which was fine. I don't travel to Tunbridge Wells very often but I'll visit this pub again when I'm next in town.
In my opinion the pub closest to the railway station is often one of the worst in the town. That cannot be said of The Bedford!

10 Jun 2012 12:35

The Bree Louise, Euston

Sadly I have to agree with earlier comments about the standard of the real ale from the cask. I had a Gadd's #5 the other day which was as flat as a pancake. The Sambrook Junction from the tap however was excellent. Back to the cask again and the Rebellion Mutiny was just about ok.
The staff were friendly and the place was as busy as ever.
I was pleased to see CAMRA members still get a discount.
Less good news, the place could be demolished if Euston station gets enlarged!

7 May 2012 04:43

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Popped in here after an excellent curry at the Eastern Eye in Brick Lane. The pub was buzzing and there were no seats available, obviously a very popular place! It looks like a typical cosy local from the outside and inside feels much the same. Quite a mix of clientele which is how I like it.
I had Fuller's ESB which was very good.
Definately one to return to!

22 Apr 2012 00:13

The White Swan, Aldgate

Seemed a very straight forward ordinary pub. Not very busy but it was mid afternoon. Considering there were not too many customers the girl behind the bar seemed impatient.
Three Shepherd Neame beers on masterbrew, Spitfire and Early Bird. I had the EB and have to say it wasn't the best I've ever drunk.
The TV showed BBC news with the sub titles on.
Clean and tidy but not very welcoming.

22 Apr 2012 00:04

The Old Dispensary, Whitechapel

Quite an imposing building but not as large inside as I expected. A bit of a Tardis in reverse! The staff were very pleasant and friendly. The landlady let us have the best part of a pint for free after the barrel went whilst pouring.
Unfortunately out of the 5 pumps only 2 were working. The Florence Nightingale was very drinkable.
Judging from the noticeboard the pub offers very good meals and the sight of a group of office types tucking into sizeable portions confirmed this opinion.
Strange decor, the place has a slightly shabby lived in feel yet it was once quite a smart building.
Would like to return when more ales are available.
Certainly one of the friendliest pubs in London!

20 Apr 2012 05:09

The Lifeboat, Margate

I didn't eat here so can't comment about the food. It's the kind of pub I like, lots of real ale available, some at the bar on pumps others poured directly from barrels on stillages. All the ale appears to be from local breweries.
The staff were chatty as were some of the locals. It's a small place with an arty Bohemian feel to it and fits in well with the Turner Gallery close by.
There are plenty of leaflets and magazines to hand advertising other attractions in the area.
In my opinion the best pub in Margate, although that's not saying a lot. However I feel this place would prove to be popular in most towns.

18 Mar 2012 12:00

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

A smallish pub tucked away off the main street.
Popped in recently around 1.30 pm and expected to find it busy with lunchtime drinkers. Was pleased to discover that although there were quite a few customers present there were plenty of seats available.
The bar staff were friendly and happy to offer tasters of the various ales.
Six beers available. 1549, Bombardier, Deuchars, Tribute (very nice), Thwaites Wainwright and a special brew for the ruby called Over the Bar which was good.
The place has a cosy feel with wood surroundings and booths. Well worth another visit.

18 Mar 2012 11:18

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

Quite a smart pub with leather seats, mirrors, wood panelling and a long curved bar.
As a contrast to this traditional d�cor there are TV screens dotted about the pub most of which were showing sport.
As with many pubs around London the toilets left quite a bit to be desired.
The service was good and there was a selection of Shepherd Neame ales available.
The Early Bird was good the Bishop's Finger okay.
The place was busy without being too packed and I enjoyed a pleasant hour and a half in comfortable surroundings.

18 Mar 2012 10:56

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

A good number of beers available, though perhaps too many regular names, ( Hen, Bombardier, Adnams ). This might be due to the number of tourists in the area.
The Westerham British Bulldog was very good.
The place was packed and it was not easy finding a seat.
The building smacks of history with wood panelling and stain glass windows. Very apt with the British Museum just across the road.
Would like to pay another visit when the place is a little quieter.
Whenever that is!

18 Mar 2012 10:43

The Parrot, Canterbury

I was surprisingly pleased on my recent visit to the Parrot. I still hark back to the days of Simple Simons however there appears to have been another change of landlord and there was a decent selection of ales available. I'm not a fan of Shepherd Neame regular brews but the seasonal beers are better.
The Amber Ale and Early Bird were both decent pints and I noticed Incubus and Exmoor Ale were also available.
The staff were chatty and knowledgeable and were happy to provide tasters.
The building itself remains a classic.
I was glad to hear that live music may return to the pub!

18 Mar 2012 10:28

The Dolphin, Canterbury

A good selection of ales. Landlord, Harvest, Incubus and the seemingly ubiquitous Doombar. The Landlord was very good as was the large portion of fish and chips.
Despite the excellent beers this place is as much an eatery as a pub. If you visit in the evening there is a good chance many of the tables will have a "reserved" card on them. A reflection on the popularity of the place.
The staff are friendly and for the most part young.
The client�le is varied in age, gender and nationality.
A respectable place with quirky decorations. I was pleased to see there is still a selection of board games to choose from!

18 Mar 2012 10:17

The Foundry, Canterbury

So pleased to see this pub doing well. The first time I visited there were not many people present but on more recent trips the popularity has increased. And rightly so! The bar staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There are a variety of beers available, six or seven on my last visit. I can recommend the Gold and the Torpedo.
In addition there are plenty of bottled beers behind the bar.
I can't comment on the food but upstairs the restaurant part of the pub always seems to have a lot of people in it.
Canterbury drinkers, (and eaters) have another fine hostelry to choose from. Lucky people!

18 Mar 2012 10:05

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Visited here recently. The place was very busy but there were plenty of places to sit outside close to the statue. It can get a little drafty out there but wasn't too bad on my visit. There was only 1 ale available- the Betjeman- which tasted ok. The Wasabi peas were hot though a little expensive.
Overall it's a decent place for a drink and compares favourably with other station pubs.

18 Mar 2012 09:47

The Chambers, Folkestone

Popped in again recently and pleased to find the beers are still of good quality. Three local brews, Whitstable, Gadd's Dogbolter and Skrimshander plus Adnams Iceberg.
Not too busy and the staff were friendly.
Good selection of magazines and flyers concerning various upcoming events.

26 Jan 2012 06:18

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

Unlike the previous visit the pub was almost empty this time. The beer was still of the highest standard however and the barman was pleasant. There was a real fire on as well which was most welcome!
The three ales available were Landlord, Harvey's Sussex and Skinners. All three were sampled!

26 Jan 2012 06:12

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

Similar to many of the pubs in the area. Greene King owned and lacking in character. Greene King and London Pride ales avaiable. Have never tried the food. Ok for starting the evening in but not one for staying in for long

27 Oct 2011 12:57

The Hope, Tottenham Court Road

Depending on your point of view this pub is either tatty or lived-in. Not a big place so it got full pretty quickly and there didn't appear to be many chairs either.
For a pub in the GBG I was a little disappointed in the real ale range when I was there. Only 2 of the 4 pumps working, (1 of them had only just run out apparently).
The service was ok and there was a mix of clientele, (ages and gender).
Not a pub I'd go out of my way to visit but worth a couple of pints if I'm in the area.

26 Oct 2011 12:59

The Old Coffee House, Soho

Enjoyed my visit here the other day. Didn't eat at all but was impressed with the service and the number of real ales available. Several Brodies beers on and as LennyBanter mentioned the staff were happy to offer samples of each one.
The decor is interesting. Lots of posters and paintings with no set theme at all. Boxing in one area old WW1 posters in another.
Being in the Soho area it got really busy come the evening.
A good time and I'll definately pay another visit.

26 Oct 2011 11:50

The Doric Arch, Euston

The only pub I've been in where you need a combination number to get into the toilets! It's to stop outsiders popping in for a quick leak as the toilets are situated just inside the door.
The whole layout is a bit odd. The bar is situated upstairs and there is a feel of a private club as you ascend the stairs. The decor is railway orientated with lots of old signs and notices adorning the walls.
The beers are mainly Fullers naturally, but I was pleased to note Pale Rider was still available. I found the bar staff to be quick on the ball and there were no short measures. Didn't try the food at all.
Sky tv was on but not intrusive and there was a good atmosphere. Not as great a choice for real ale as the Bree Louise but not too bad either.
Not sure if the mouse spotted running around the room was a pet or just sheltering from the cold!
All in all pretty good.

26 Oct 2011 10:53

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Another touristy pub, like so many others in the area. A big pub with an emphasis on food as much as drink, certainly during the day at least. I had a cod and chips recently which were pretty good. The service could have been better but it was very busy. Much of the custom is transitory as would be expected. Only 2 of the 4 pumps were working.
Toilets were above average for the west end.

26 Oct 2011 10:34

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

Typical west end pub. Doesn't have to try to hard for custom. Not a place to stay for any length of time just useful for a drink at the start or end of an evening out. A Greene King pub so the choice of ales is limited. Greene King and Speckled Hen were the two available on my recent visit. Haven't tried the food so can't comment. Not overly impressed by the place.

26 Oct 2011 10:25

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Thankfully I didn't encounter the same barmaid as Stoner! The girl serving on my visit was dark haired and very pleasent. The pub wasn't crowded although a group of budding actors at a couple of tables ensured there was a constant babble. It was a nice change to find a pub in the area with a choice of seats. The place is neatly laid out and with no music and a TV with the sound off it has an old fashioned feel to it. There were 3 beers on, I had the St Austell Tribute which was very good. Not the sort of place I'd want to stay for the evening but a good pub to meet up in for a couple before moving on.

12 Oct 2011 00:11

The White Hart, Canterbury

Agree that the atmosphere has improved with the new landlord. The new one appears to be going for the food market and the sky tv has gone along with most of the pictures. The whole place is lighter it used to have a dingy feel to it. The garden is still good. The prices remain on the high side even for Canterbury.

23 Sep 2011 03:00

Heroes, Waterlooville

Popped in very briefly for a pint of London Pride. A few other Fullers ales on too. A good sized pub with lots of parking space. Not very busy but it was early afternoon. Looked to be the sort of pub which could get lively in the evenings with a stage for live entertainment. Sky tv available so I watched the cricket whilst there. Staff seemed friendly enough.I notice there is going to be a Wetherspoons opening just down the road. Could be interesting!

23 Sep 2011 02:22

The Red Lion, Southwick

A nice feel to the place. I went in recently for a lunchtime meal- fish and chips which was very hot and tasty. The place is obviously very popular as all the tables were in use. The staff were friendly and helpful. The beers were London Pride, HSB, ESB, and Seafarers. The HSB was fine.

23 Sep 2011 02:10

Spotted Cow, Cowplain

Went here a couple of weeks ago when I was in the area. Had two good pints of HSB. Chiswick and London Pride were also available. The barstaff were very friendly although this may have been because it was a quiet night and there weren't too many customers present. Looking around the place it seems as if it is very busy at weekends and there is quite a community feel to the place. Several interesting photos of Cowplain on the walls. Would definately return.

23 Sep 2011 02:02

The Bird In Hand, Lovedean

Another visit here the other day. Three good local real ales including Havant's Finished. Friendly staff and fellow customers. A nice place all round.

23 Sep 2011 01:56

City Arms, Canterbury

I agree with NathanJones about the friendliness of the barstaff and the customers. Not the biggest selection of real ales but those available are local and very well kept. The beer NJ refers to is from the Foundary just down the road and is well worth supping. This pub hasn't always been one I would choose to go to but I've visited a few times recently and been impressed.

21 Aug 2011 01:45

The New Inn, Canterbury

Not the easiest of pubs to find but well worth the search. A mellow perhaps bohemian feel to the place. The service is prompt and friendly as are most of the regulars who tend to congregate around the end of the bar just inside the door. The pub goes further back than expected and there is a small garden too.
There's usually a fair selection of real ales on, often from breweries not often seen in the area.

21 Aug 2011 01:15

The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

Not a great pub despite the situation overlooking the bay. On my recent visit the beer was not good, the service was slow and there were a couple of complaints from other customers dissatisfied with their meals. One actually demanded to see the manager as his meat was raw and not rare. He got his refund and left.
Not a place I'll be returning to anytime soon.

20 Aug 2011 04:07

Neptunes Hall, Broadstairs

A friendly pub with very nice barstaff. A little disappointed that for a Shep Neame pub in the Good Beer Guide there was only Masterbrew and Spitfire available. This despite several handpumps.
Otherwise a good place to drink.

8 Aug 2011 13:50

The Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs

Went here the other day. Impressed with the service. 3 real ales on. Especially good pub to go to at this time of year as you can take drinks outside and walk out on the harbour. Decent pub in an excellent location.

8 Aug 2011 13:08

The Dolphin Inn, Broadstairs

A bit surprised at the negative reports. I went in here to watch a band during the folk week and the atmosphere seemed fine. The staff were certainly friendly enough.
Ok it wasn't late into the evening and the clientele was mostly over 40. Perhaps things degenerate nearer to closing time.
A pity there was no real ale but otherwise all was ok.

7 Aug 2011 18:48

Cramptons, Broadstairs

Horrible plastic place! Went in here to wait 15mins or so for my train. The three near identical girls behind the bar were all gathered together at the other end chatting to a group of lads. The whole place just seemed so false and about as far as you can get from a typical English pub.
Fine if you like lager and watching sport I suppose.

7 Aug 2011 18:42

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

I had a decent pint of Waggledance here a week or so ago. For a station bar the place is pretty good. Certainly a lot better than the Boadicea @ Charing Cross!
Having said that I do agree with mcroyal's comments regarding the "sourced market" at the other end of the terminal. However they seem to close about 9pm. Too early for my liking.
The service can be a little indifferent at the Betjeman. I guess it depends on who is behind the bar.
Overall it's worth a look if you've got half an hour or so to kill.

17 Jul 2011 01:23

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

I thought the place was closed at first as it appeared to be dark but then saw signs of movement inside. It isn't the lightest of pubs and also like the Tardis it is bigger inside than expected. The pub goes back a long way to a conservatory and garden. I like these kind of pubs which don't conform to a regular layout.
The staff were friendly.
There was a good range of Harvey's ales available. Their excellent Sussex Best is familiar around the south east so it was good to try one of their other beers.
The Armada was very drinkable!
A good real ale pub and handy for the station.

14 Jun 2011 10:53

The Evening Star, Brighton

Popped in here for a drink or two before getting my train and found it to be a great real ale watering hole! Friendly with a good atmosphere. There must have been getting on for 10 beers available including several from Dark Star.
It was around 6pm and the place was lively. I think a few imbibers had been on the toot all afternoon but there was no nastiness as befits a true real ale pub.
It's not the largest of pubs and would have been even more packed but for the fact it was sunny and several drinkers were sitting outside.
I had two pints but then had to catch my train.
I'll definately return here next time I'm in Brighton.

14 Jun 2011 10:23

The Bull Inn, West Malling

For a pub in the Good Beer Guide I was a little disappointed with the selection of real ales available. Young's Bitter and Speckled Hen are nothing special nor I suspect in this area is Goachers. Dark Star from the Tonbridge brewery was a new one for me and I enjoyed a couple of pints.
The place was pretty quiet but it was early afternoon so I suppose that was to be expected.
A large historic pub which from all accounts gets lively in the evenings and at weekends.
Another visit might be in order!

13 Jun 2011 18:31

The Rising Sun, East Malling

Popped in here the other day. The staff and locals were all friendly and I was impressed with the beers. Goachers, Theakstons and British Summer from Brains which was the one I had a couple of. It tasted fine!
Good village local!

13 Jun 2011 18:15

The King and Queen, East Malling

Went here a couple of times recently. The staff are very friendly and the pub is clean and tidy. The second visit was in the evening and almost all the tables were in use. The pub is obviously popular as a place to eat out.
Having said that it is clearly not a pub which caters solely for food with just a token beer or two and I was impressed with the selection of real ales.
There were four available, Ringwood Best, Harvey's Sussex Bitter, Westerham Prince of Wales and Bombardier. The Harvey's and the Westerham ales were very good.
I was surprised to find the pub had lost it's place in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide!
If I lived in the area I would definately visit here both for a meal and for a drink of good real ale.

13 Jun 2011 18:10

The Crown, Soho

Better beer slection than before. St. Austell's Tribute, Adnam's Lighthouse, Coach House Gunpowder Mild plus more regular brews Doombar and London Pride.
Like many pubs in the area there's a large turnover of customers and finding a place to sit just requires a little patience.
The clientele was quite a mix of ages, appearance and gender.
Still a bit gloomy, especially in the back of the pub.

13 Jun 2011 17:49

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

Made a few trips here after the 4 day cricket match recently. Three real ales on- Harvey's Sussex Bitter, Landlord and Hopback Summer Lightning. Difficult to think of better choices!
The pub was full and lively. Definately a traditional English local pub.

13 Jun 2011 17:29

The Skinners Arms, Kings Cross

A clean and tidy pub with decent seating and carpets. Friendly staff too.
For a pub in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide I was disappointed with the selection. 6 pumps. 2 serving Abbot, 2 with Green King and 2 not in service.
Other than the beer a good pub.

24 May 2011 06:26

The Britannia, Dover

Pilgrim. I can recommend The White Horse behind the Leisure Centre, The Park Inn in Ladywell and the Red Lion at Charlton Green.
The Britannia went downhill fast during it's final few years but when I came to Dover in 1980 it was one of the places to visit on a night out. Very lively! It was also busy at lunchtimes too.

8 May 2011 01:34

The Harp, Covent Garden

My first visit since the pub gained it's Pub of the Year award.
A fine selection of ales on, I had a great pint of Hophead from Dark Star. A godsend on a hot afternoon! I followed it up with a Junction from Sambrooks resisting the temptation to sample the Harvey's Sussex.
Possbly because it was a public holiday the place was not as busy as on previous visits and I was able to find a seat upstairs.
Still a few characters in attendance though!
The service was a good as ever and the staff were friendly.
The steps to the upper room are a little dicey especially if you're carrying drinks. There's no passing on the stairs as they're too narrow so you have to wait until the way is clear.
The toilets are cramped which is a fault common to many London pubs, especially those in the W.End.
Overall though a great pub for real ale!

3 May 2011 09:18

The Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

A decent place for a drink. Large open area with nooks around the sides with plenty of seating.
Always busy and lively. The staff are efficent and friendly.
As a CAMRA member I was disappointed that despite having 5 pumps only 2 different real ales were available. I had a Sambrooks Wandle which was ok.
A great pub for people watching as you get a fine view of Dean St. and Bateman St.

3 May 2011 09:01

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Had an excellent pint of ESB the other day. Friendly service from the barstaff. Handy for watching sport on the tv too.
Note to Rob1981. Another decent pub in the area is the Bree Louise close to Euston station. A bit further to walk from King's Cross but well worth the visit.

15 Apr 2011 14:18

The Bree Louise, Euston

Popped in here again recently before getting my train @ St. Pancras. Over a dozen real ales all from different breweries and prompt service from the bar staff, despite it being very busy. 50p off ales for CAMRA members too!
I have to agree with the last reviewer about the gents toilets though. Very poor!

15 Apr 2011 14:11

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Went in during a busy period around 6pm. Neverthless got served pretty quickly. 4 barstaff working and about 6 real ales available, (although they were chiefly the "usual suspects",Abbot, Greene King, Speckled Hen etc).
Brisk turnover of clientele and sport on the TV.
A decent place to visit for a couple of drinks but not one to stay in for too long.

8 Jan 2011 01:52

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

Usually the first, (and sometimes the last) pub I visit whenever I travel to Whitstable. A homely cosy place which had four real ales on when I visited recently. I had a couple of pints of Harvey's which were fine. Though the first one initially had the type of head on it which is just asking for a chocolate flake to be thrust in!
Just about every table was in use and there was a brisk turnover of customers.
The haddock pie was good and very filling.
The TV was showing Sky Sports but as the sound was off it was not too intrusive.
A nice little alehouse!

19 Nov 2010 12:18

The Prince Albert, Whitstable

A small L-shaped pub. Popped in a couple of weeks ago. Not very busy just a couple of locals in attendance, the girl behind the bar was friendly.
I was surprised to read of the bad experience with fish and chips in a previous review as I've eaten here several times in the past and always had a good meal.
A Doombar and a Bombardier were consumed, nothing special but nothing terrible either.

19 Nov 2010 11:57

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

I don't know what this place is like in the evenings but I went in around 5pm and it was pretty quiet.
A large place with comfy chairs it reminded me of some of the London pubs I've visited over the years. This image was enhanced by the prices of the beer which were comparable to certain areas of the capital!
Never been a great Sheps fan at any price. There are better places to go in Whitstable.

19 Nov 2010 11:43

The Railway Hotel, Faversham

Popped in recently for a drink before getting the train. A little disappointed with the range of ales on especially considering the pub is in the Good Beer Guide.
However the staff were very chatty and friendly and I would definately use the place again in the future. Which is more than can be said of many pubs sited close to railway stations!

19 Nov 2010 11:22

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

I'm very surprised this pub scores so poorly. I've been here several times recently and have had no problems. And no mice sightings either!
Very impressed with the selection of real ales. 10 handpumps with 9 working on my last visit. As well as Doombar, Landlord and Pride there were many less common ales eg Cotleigh Tawny and Williams Bros Joker I enjoyed a few pints of Acorn Porter, a Yorks brew not often found in the south.
A lively place with a good view of the Thames and plenty of seats available.
I've used this place several times before walking along the Southbank to watch a film at the NFT and then returning to discuss afterwards.
Considering the arty enviroment closeby this pub is pretty down to earth.
I've not eaten here so cannot comment on the food.

31 Oct 2010 06:31

The Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus

I go here whenever I'm in the area and want a meal. A constant turnover of customers ensures a table soon becomes available.
The ales are good and not expensive considering where the pub is situated. McMullens AK, Country Bitter and Country Gold were all on last time I visited. The Country Bitter was especially good.
The service is friendly and always they're quick to ask if you're being served. Unlike some pubs there's never a shortage of barstaff.
Worth popping downstairs to check out the live music. Open mic nights can be entertaining.
Finally the toilets are clean and tidy and more spacious than others in the area.

31 Oct 2010 05:59

The Ship, Soho

I enjoy this pub. Three Fullers ales on the last time I was here, (ESB, Discovery and Pride). The ESB was very good.
Considering the area the place is not too trendy and there is a nice mix of clientele.
A bit rock and roll, definately a place with character.
Good service too.

31 Oct 2010 05:42

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Just along the road from the Crown and with a greater range of ales. (Landlord, Pride, Hobgoblin, Sharps Cornish and Yorks Terrier).
I had the Terrier and it was good.
I visited just after lunch and it was not too busy. A good job too as it's a small place with not many seats. There might be more upstairs, I didn't look.
I liked the decor and it's definately a place with character.
No problem with the service at all.

31 Oct 2010 04:54

The Crown, Soho

Visited here for the first time last week. Considering it's in the Camra Beer Guide I was a little disappointed with the ales. Only 2 available, Doombar and Sambrooks Wandle which I didn't particularly enjoy.
The pub was ok but dark- even at 4 in the afternoon. Unless you were close to the window or near a light it was not easy to read.
There's an open space in the middle of the pub and plenty of chairs and tables round the outside, in nooks and crannies.
Despite being in the heart of Soho it wasn't too busy and finding a seat wasn't much of a problem.
I went back about 3 hours later and it was a far busier with a mix of customers of varying ages and backgrounds. Some having a few after work others starting off for a night out.
The service was good even when the place was full.

31 Oct 2010 04:47

The Woodpecker, Cowplain

Popped in here a couple of times recently when visiting friends in the area.
The pub is better inside than I expected from the road. As much of a restaurant as a pub. Two real ales on, Doombar and Butcombe. Friendly staff who poured samples for us before we made our purchases.
The food was good and judging by the number of other people eating it's a popular place to go for a meal.
Sky tv with subtitles and no sound up on the wall.

15 Oct 2010 00:45

The Bird In Hand, Lovedean

Agree with RobbyG re the beer and the staff.
I was visiting friends in the area and we paid a visit last week. It was my first chance to sample the local Havant brew "Finished", although I understand it is brewed at Cowplain. I was impressed with it wherever it comes from!
Bowman's Wallops was also very drinkable.
Ringwood was the third beer available.
The staff were very friendly, chatty and easy to get along with.
The garden looked inviting but it wasn't outdoor drinking weather.
Can't comment on the food as we didn't eat.
Liked the pub and will definately return if I'm in the area again.

15 Oct 2010 00:29

The Izaak Walton, East Meon

Unfortunately 2 of the 3 real ale pumps were out of action on my recent visit.
The Ringwood was fine though.
Very civilsed type of place it seems to cater for the older customer who likes to go out for a meal at lunchtime. Maybe things get wilder in the evenings though I suspect not!
I was there about 2pm and all the tables in the eating half of the pub were taken. The drinking end was much quieter.
A nice pub all round. A pity the weather was not good enough to encourage us to sit outside as the garden looked nice as well.

14 Oct 2010 23:51

The Robin Hood Inn, Knaphill

Went in here the other afternoon. No real ale on. Very much a "you get what you see" type of place. Bare floorboards,pool table at one end, sport on TV the other and a dartboard somewhere in between.
The staff were friendly and the fresh roll was tasty.
Definately felt a locals pub. Also although there were around 20 people in the place only 2 were female and one of those was behind the bar.

17 Sep 2010 11:30

The Herbert Wells, Woking

I visited Woking the other weekend and went for a couple of pints here as it's close to the railway station.
Large and open, pretty much a typical W'spoon place. There was a group of elderly drunks having an argument in a corner which I was pleased to see the staff clamped down on.
I have to agree with much of what Gazza has written in the previous report. I too was surprised to see how many Courage/ Abbot pumps were on. I ended up having a couple of T.E.A.s. Have to say they weren't too bad.
Not knowing Woking at all I am surprised this pub is in the Good Beer Guide. It's ok but doesn't say much for the other pubs in Woking.
As Gazza has mentioned CAMRA, (and I write as a member), does seem to favour Wetherspoon pubs. In my neck of the woods the W'spoon pubs in Dover, Canterbury and Margate have all been included in the 2010 guide at the expense of more deserving establishments. Especially in the case of Canterbury! I've not bought the 2011 edition yet.
If the best pub in (any)town is a W'spoon pub it can't be a very good town for real ale drinking!

17 Sep 2010 11:18

Old Brewery Tavern, Canterbury

I was in here the other evening. It's a bit hit and miss as regards the real ale. Luckily I picked a good night. Wantsum, Brakspear and another I can't recall being available. The Wantsum was fine!
It's as much of a restaurant as a pub. Nevertheless a good place to go to watch sport on the TV. The TV areas are the opposite end to the eating area.
Modern, smart and clean but despite the friendliness of the staff I find there is a lack of character about the place.
Although there are generally 3 ales on I have to agree with Hodge 1 that there are more deserving pubs in Canterbury for inclusion in the GBG. The New Inn and the Dolphin for instance.

17 Sep 2010 10:45

The Holly Bush, Hampstead

A very nice pub. Lots wood beams. Like many in the area it's very historic and a listed building. Apparently this one used to be a stables.
We got a friendly welcome from the staff.
I have to say the ale was on the cold side but not undrinkable. Being Hampstead it was not cheap either!
All in all a place I would definately return to.

17 Sep 2010 10:24

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

Reading some of the previous comments I've come to the conclusion that either I was lucky or they were unlucky.
I visited in the middle of the afternoon and stayed for two pints. No children and no queue, although it was quite busy. The staff were efficent rather than friendly. I didn't have a meal.
The ales were good. Tribute and Harvey's Sussex. The place is very historic, unfortunately it wasn't the right weather for sitting in the garden.
The position of the pub can make access a bit hairy as it's on a main road with no path.

17 Sep 2010 10:13

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

Handy for Liverpool St station. Tucked away down a sidestreet, not easy to find but well worth the effort. If you go in late afternoon/early evening it will be full of office workers. Nevertheless I usually manage to find a seat as often there are more people outside than inside.
Customers without suits are easily outnumbered by those wearing them!
The staff are friendly and there is a great choice of ales. Usual suspects such as Landlord and Pride alongside less familiar brews. You get a chance to sample any you're uncertain about by being offered a tot.
I wouldn't cross the city to visit the place but if in the area it's the one to go to, especially if you like your real ales.

17 Sep 2010 09:50

Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden

Not a big pub and apart from the chairs in the window there are only stools to sit on.
However the beer was good and not expensive, (under �3 a pint), considering the area. The staff were friendly and it had the feel of a typical local pub.
When I was there it wasn't too busy but before and after plays and shows it can bet very busy. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane is just opposite.

21 Aug 2010 02:21

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Very clean and tidy to the point of characterless. Young's beer. The one I wanted wasn't on.
Didn't have the problems with rude staff which other reviewers encountered.
An ok pub but there are much better in the area.

21 Aug 2010 02:09

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Went here after the cricket last night. Packed outside but quite a bit of space inside. Even found a couple of chairs! The service was quick and friendly. Harveys was v.good. Seemed to be popular with office types (lots of suits in evidence) and with tourists as well.
One letdown was the gents toilets. You could smell them a way off!
Thankfully we were sitting upstairs.
Overall though a good pub.

21 Aug 2010 00:54

The Old Gate Inn, Canterbury

The type of pub to go to if you want to eat. Similar decor to many country/outskirts of town places.
Friendly, clean and with a large outdoor area at the back out of view of the main road.
Three real ales. Spitfire, Doombar and Brains SA.

25 Jul 2010 18:43

The Bree Louise, Euston

Went here a couple of times this week. 16 reals ales and 6 ciders! Not being a regular I don't know what the turnover of beer is like but the majority I saw were not "usual suspects". Plenty of Downton and Redemption beers. I had Redemption Urban Dusk, Sambrooks Junction and St. Peters Golden Ale. All were very good, the St. Peters probably shading it.
The people at a nearby table were eating and seemed to be enjoying themselves so I guess the food was fine!
A very lively pub with spare seats a rarity, (even with a lot of drinkers standing outside). I was impressed with the service, plenty of staff ensuring people didn't have to wait too long. Most of the delays were caused by choosing which ale to go for!
CAMRA members get 50p off on production of membership cards. This meant pints were around the �2.70/�2.80 mark.
I would definately come here again. It's very handy for Euston and Kings X and St. Pancras are not far away.
Two minuses. The tables were a bit sticky(!) and the toilets were cramped and could do with some DIY.

16 Jul 2010 18:30

The Swan, Maidstone

I'm not a big Shepherd Neame fan but this compact Sheps pub is very good. A selection of ales on, I had a couple of Late Red which were very drinkable.
The barstaff and customers were friendly and there was plenty of evidence of a lively social life with sports teams and events referred to on notices pinned to the walls.
There's a small outdoor area with picnic benches but no sooner had we occupied them than it began to rain!
All in all a good local and also handy for a quick pint whilst waiting for a train.

16 Jul 2010 18:11

The Sun, Maidstone

For a pub in such a prominent position in the town it's a massive let down. Nothing against Maidstone as we have a similar example in Dover!
We wandered in and the place just felt forbidding. There were no real ales available and we did an about turn and left.
To be honest if there had have been a decent ale on we would have done the same thing.
A dive.

16 Jul 2010 18:00

The Old House at Home, Maidstone

I pretty much agree with the recent reviews. It was afternoon when I went in and the few customers present had the look of being there since the place had opened that morning.
The woman behind the bar was friendly enough but it didn't feel like the sort of place I would want to visit after about 6pm.
It's the sort of pub which appeals to a certain type of drinker. ie loud, mainly male, lager loving sports fans.
Adnams Bitter and London Pride were the two ales on and to be fair the Pride was not bad.

16 Jul 2010 17:53

Drakes, Maidstone

I'd not visited here since 2005 when Kent last played cricket at the Mote. Approaching the pub I thought it was closed down as the sign was missing and the exterior had a tatty look to it but thankfully the place is still going.
It wasn't busy but seeing as it was afternoon and the pub is a bit off the beaten track that wasn't surprising.
The girl behind the bar was friendly. The ales were Yellowhammer, Summer Lightning and another whose name escapes me.
The place still has character, decent music and a bare floorboards homely feel. If I lived in Maidstone I would use it regularly.

16 Jul 2010 17:41

The Druids Arms, Maidstone

Visited this week. The pub seemed to be busy with a turnover of customers of varied ages and gender. The choice of ales was not bad Thwaites Wainwrights, Brains' Rev James (which was good), Abbot, Greene King IPA and Speckled Hen.
I didn't notice any smell but we were a distance from the toilets. The place was clean. The food was ok but there was a mix up over the order which the barmaid apologised for.
Would definately return.

16 Jul 2010 17:29

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Thanks. I'll remember that next time!

29 Jun 2010 15:37

The Park Inn, Dover

A good pub with a mix of clientele. I believe it has live music most weekends which can pack the place out.
Quite a smart layout. The beers on were Mordue Radgie Gadgie which tasted good, Shep's Spitfire and Woodforde's Wherry neither of which I sampled.

27 Jun 2010 11:07

The White Horse, Dover

This was the pub I used regularly when I first came to Dover. Charlie and Sue had it and it it had bags of character and a great mix of clientele from business types to punks and crusties. It had a pool table and bar billiards and no TV. We used to try to get on the soft chairs in the corner.
I visited again recently. The place is nicely laid out (the soft chairs, pool and bar biliiards have gone though) but the clientele didn't appear as mixed. Most appeared to be of the "distressed teacher" appearance. There was no sign of the ladettes at all. There was a TV in the corner.
Hard to say from one visit but the atmosphere didn't seem the same as before. But then does it ever?
I guess the pub still gets plenty of tourists on their way to or more likely from the castle.
The beer garden, always a sun trap, was as pleasant as I remembered it and the toilets are a huge improvement.
I had a pint of Landlord (good) and a pint of Woodforde's Wherry (ok). Loddon's Ferrymasters Lot and Nelson's Friggin in the Riggin were also available.
The White Horse is still one of the best pubs in Dover and I'll pay another visit soon.

27 Jun 2010 10:58

The Sportsmans Arms, Menheniot

I stayed here for a few nights. It's about 3 miles out of Liskeard just off the A38. Very friendly place I couldn't fault the room, breakfast or overall service. The place is in a nice setting with an Italian restaurant just down the road.
For a pub a little out of the way it gets lively in the evenings with an emphasis on sport (naturally!).

27 Jun 2010 10:30

The White Horse, Liskeard

Went here a couple of weeks a go whilst in Cornwall. Ok for a quick pint but not a pub I'd want to spend the evening in. Having said that Liskeard didn't seem blessed with too many of those type of places.
Appeared to be very much a regulars pub with a line of customers sitting at the bar.
Beer was fine, Skinners Betty Stoggs and St. Austell Tribute.

27 Jun 2010 10:23

The Blue Peter, Polperro

Visited here a few weeks ago whilst on holiday in Corwall. A great pub in a picturesque setting.
The staff were very friendly, (very nice girl behind the bar!).
The beers on were St. Austell Tribute, Sharps Doombar, Otter Ale and Bays Gold. As it was a hot day and I'd done a fair bit of walking I had the Orchard cider. Lovely!
There is an ATM in the pub which charges �1.65. I don't normally use that kind but there doesn't appear to be any cash points in the town, let alone banks!
Nevertheless I'd definately return here!

27 Jun 2010 10:12

The Royal Oak, Capel le Ferne

Popped in yesterday. A pub in a very nice setting. The decor was very much what you'd expect of a country pub. Agree to some extent with MankyBadger about the clientele! A mix of characters all around the 60 mark. Much to be expected being the middle of the afternoon I guess. Don't think "Jack" was present. If he was he was keeping a low profile!
Although everybody seem to know each other we were not ignored and the atmosphere was a very friendly one. Apparently the place gets very packed at times, especially on a Sunday where you have to book if you want to eat.
The ales available were Spitfire, Greene King and Masterbrew. Not the most imaginative selection but well kept and a snip at �2.10.
Definately worth a return visit.

3 Jun 2010 11:16

The Valiant Sailor, Capel Le Ferne

I stopped off here yesterday. The bus stop is very close, just watch yourself as you cross the busy road!
A sunny afternoon and a pleasant time spent out in the beer garden. The climbing frame and slide etc are still here. Didn't try them!
The place was quiet but gets busier in the evenings and at weekends so I was told.
The ales were Speck Hen, Pride and Masterbrew. The Pride was cloudy but the other two were ok.
Definately worth a visit on a sunny day.

3 Jun 2010 10:58

The Ship Inn, Rye

Didn't eat here so can't comment on the food. Liked the layout of the pub, very open with a variety of chairs and tables. Reminded me of a continental type bar. The clientele was a mix of locals and visitors of all ages. The dress sense was varied too!
The girl behind the bar was friendly. The beer was fine although only two ales on, Golden Braid and Harveys Sussex.
Would definately return here.
If you don't wish to eat here I can recommend the Italian restaurant nearby.

14 May 2010 21:00

The Pipemarkers Arms, Rye

Agree it seemed very much a locals pub but the barmaid was friendly enough.
Only two real ales, Greene King and Speckled Hen. On the upside they tasted ok and weren't expensive.
The saloon bar was quite cosy the rest was very open with a pool table and TV for Sky sports. Imagine that part gets pretty lively when there's a game on.
It was afternoon when I was there and one table was full up with young mums and their offspring making the place seem like a creche.
Ok if you like that sort of pub.

14 May 2010 20:48

Mermaid Inn, Rye

Three beers on- Harveys Sussex, London Pride and Speckled Hen.
More of a hotel/restaurant than a pub. Very nice building with a sense of history about it. Dates from Elizabeth 1's time therefore genuine Tudor with lots of low beams.
Upmarket clientele with prices to match. �9.30 for two and a half pints.
Worth a visit but make sure you've got plenty of money!

14 May 2010 20:36

Cinque Port Arms, Rye

After a trip round Rye I went into this pub before catching the train home. Two beers on- Masterbrew and Bishop's Finger. I had the BF which was ok.
Not the sort of pub I'd stay in very long. Neatly laid out but not a lot of character. Thankfully none of the racist speech referred to in previous reviews.

14 May 2010 20:27

The White Hart, Canterbury

Although I've never encountered the same surly behaviour as thepaul I have to say this is not the most friendly of pubs. There often seems to be a cliquishness about the place.
The beer is Shep Neame and not at all cheap.
I tend to use this place if I have time to kill until my train arrives, as the east station is only a couple of mins walk away.

16 Apr 2010 17:33

The Two Sawyers, Canterbury

I only used this pub for the first time last year. A place tucked away a little off the beaten track. It was busy with a cross section, agewise, of drinkers.
I didn't eat but those who were appeared to be enjoying themselves.
The pub had a very pleasant atmosphere with friendly staff.
Greene King and Doombar were on. I didn't have the GK. The DB was fine.

16 Apr 2010 17:23

The George Inn, Meopham

Visited this pub last week.

Very much agree with Pat Bateman re the layout and the very friendly barstaff.

Had Shep Neames Early Bird. Very drinkable. Spitfire and Masterbrew were others available. Also had a very nice meal from a varied menu
As it was a warm day had a further drink outside round the rear of the pub.
Would definately return to this pub!
One word of warning for the taller drinkers. I'm only 5'8" and my head brushed the beams in a couple of places!

12 Apr 2010 21:46

The Railway Tavern, Meopham

Popped into this pub a couple of times last week. The first time it was about 12 noon so not very busy. Later there were more people present, mostly locals several tucking into what looked to be good food.
A neatly laid out place with a collection of gauges on the wall and other railway memorabilia on show.
Friendly landlord. Not a great choice of real ales, Materbrew and Bombardier. Didn't try the MB but the Bombardier was fine.

12 Apr 2010 21:02

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

I'll put my hand up and admit I'm not a fan of W'spoon pubs. Yes they serve a selection of real ales but they're not always well kept and the pubs themselves often seem to lack character, many of them being converted banks, post offices or other large municipal buildings.
The Hamilton Hall is a case in point. A large cavernous place with rows of tables and chairs. All very ornate, baroque even, but lacking in atmosphere. There wasn't even a great variety of beers available. I plumped for Jennings' Sneck Lifter which was fine. Abbot, Greene King and London Pride were three of the others.
I would use the pub if I was at Liverpool St station and had little time to spare. Otherwise I'd venture further afield.

8 Mar 2010 00:37

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Visited a few days ago. Just off the Euston Road and compared to the nearby "Euston Flyer" seems a lot quieter. A full range of Shep Neame beers- 5 in total.
The barstaff were friendly and easy to talk to. The TV was on but wasn't overpowering.
Had an interesting chat with some of my fellow customers.
All in all a decent place to have a drink.

8 Mar 2010 00:11

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

With The Phoenix probably the best real ale pub in Canterbury. And I believe The Phoenix may have recently closed!
Although it's not a small pub there is a cosy feel to the place. The clientele always appear to be older than many of the other Canterbury pubs and therefore it has a less boisterous feel to it. Nevertheless it is a friendly place.
Handy for the Canterbury West station it's a good place to go for a quiet drink.
I agree with the earlier comments regarding the mens toilets!

19 Feb 2010 09:59

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

Went here on a Thurs night last June and had a very enjoyable time. Like the Three Legged Mare it's owned by the York Brewery. Of the two I prefer this one. Most of the York ales appeard to be available. I had Guzzler and Constantine. It was a warm evening and sitting where I was could see the blue sky through the conservatory ceiling.
Everyone was very pleasent a special mention must go to the Aussie barman.
Took part in the pub quiz and felt we did ok considering there were only two of us! It's obviously quite a tradition as the place filled up considerably.
Hope to return again this year.

19 Feb 2010 09:46

The Three Legged Mare, York

Visited last summer. Can't fault the beers at all, not surprising as it's owned by the local brewery! Constantine, Guzzler and Wonky Donkey were all sampled. There was also a new brew to coincide with the Ashes test series available as well as several non York brewery ales.
Other than a group of tourists and a few mates of the barstaff there weren't many people present.
A light and airey place it was ok but there are better places in York I'd go to first.
The name of the pub refers to a device that could hang three criminals at the same time!

19 Feb 2010 09:36

The Swan, York

Went here last summer and had a good couple of hours or so. A very historic building. A Tetleys pub but sold other brews as well including Landlord and Golden Pippin. A friendly place. I would definately return.

19 Feb 2010 09:21

The Maltings, York

Very popular pub. The first time I tried to get in I gave up as it looked so crowded. I tried again the following day and was successful. The seats don't stay vacant for very long!
A spit and sawdust type place.
The clientele was very mixed in dress, age and gender. Some people were just having a swift one or two after work others appeared to be in for the duration.
Good atmosphere and plenty of real ale.

19 Feb 2010 09:10

The Chimney Boy, Faversham

This pubs in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide but I can think of many pubs more worthy of inclusion.
Not a favourite of mine at all. The beers are Shep Neame (no surprise there being Faversham), but there only appeared to be Masterbrew and Bishop's Finger on. Not sure if I was ripped off but was charged �3.40 for the latter. Probably not as a later customer appeared to be charged the same.
I don't mind pubs showing football but the volume could have been lower.
Not a very welcoming place either side of the bar.

18 Feb 2010 10:41

The Somerset Arms, Gravesend

Visited this pub yesterday around 1pm. Perhaps a little too early to witness the fighting referred to by the previous reviewer!
I found the bar staff very friendly and there were six real ales available. Unfortunately the Summer Lightning finished before I could sample it but the Pale Rider, Landlord and Speckled Hen were all fine. Abbot and Youngs Bitter were the other beers on.
The seats are old pews and the ones we sat on were not the most comfortable. This may account for why fewer people attend church these days!
Considering it was lunchtime and the pub is centrally placed I was surprised there were not more customers. The food (ploughmans) was ok.
The walls are decorated with film posters and "silver" and "gold" discs of artists such as Guns "N" Roses, Michael Jackson and Kylie.
Judging by the adverts it would appear this pub is a haven for tribute bands and I would guess gets pretty lively in the evenings!

18 Feb 2010 10:27

The Three Daws, Gravesend

I don't often go to Gravesnd but whenever I do this pub is one of those I visit. I've always loved pubs with lots of nooks and crannies and the Three Daws has a load of them. Everywhere you look there are tables and chairs tucked away in corners and alcoves.
It's a very old large sprawling pub with a view overlooking the Thames,(not the most attractive part of the river admittedly), from the furthest area from the bar.
Apparently the pub was a great favourite of smugglers in bygone times and with so many hidden parts to it it's easy to see why!
There is also an outdoor area with tables and chairs but whenever I've visited it's never been warm enough to venture out.
The three real ales on yesterday were Friggin' in the Riggin' and Powder Monkey from Nelson Brewery and Dartford Wobbler from Millis. Friggin' and the Wobbler were fine. Didn't enjoy the Powder Monkey.

18 Feb 2010 10:04

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Looks well dodgy from the outside. This area of town seems a bit rundown. I only found the pub thanks to the Good Beer Guide.
However once inside things looked up, A great selection of beers and a chatty friendly barman. He told me the previous night had been very lively and I got the impression the pub is at it's best in the evening, especially when there's live music. Very comfortable with a nice variety of chairs. It's a proper pub with lots of character!

12 Feb 2010 04:57

The Globe, Baker Street

Don't use this pub as much as I used to as I don't visit the area as much. I've never had any problems here. A good pub to visit if you want to watch sport. The bar staff are pleasent enough even though the girls can endure a lot of ribaldry on big sports nights.
The food's good- I had a great sausage and mash on my last visit.
With lots of hotels nearby the place often resembles an informal gathering of UN delegates!
Due to the turnover it's never too long before a seat becomes available. In the summer I've often sat outside, relaxed and watched the world go by.
Several brews available though nothing too out of the ordinary.

11 Feb 2010 23:08

The Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs

A lively bar. Friendly with attractive bar staff, (at least there was on my last visit!). Decent beer. Best visited on a warm summers afternoon when you can take your drink outside and sit by the harbour and look across the bay.

11 Feb 2010 22:44

Neptunes Hall, Broadstairs

A very good pub! Centrally placed in the town I try to visit a few times each summer. Always seems to be lively and friendly.
Not the biggest Shepherd Neame fan but I make an exception here!

11 Feb 2010 22:38

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

A stones throw from the Compasses. This pub is as compact as the Compasses is sprawling. A friendly pub. Each time I've visited it seems to have it's fair share of typically English extroverts hovering around the bar!
The last time I was there the beers were Landlord and Harvey's Sussex. Difficult to find two better beers especially as they were both well kept. The third pump was out of action on the day.
My one moan is that there is not a lot of seating available.

11 Feb 2010 22:16

The Compasses, Tunbridge Wells

Frustrated last summer when visiting the town for the cricket to find the pub was closed for a refurb.
Went a couple of months ago and found the place hadn't changed very much. A sprawling pub with lots of areas to drink in plus a real fire. A large though not very varied selection of beers, Abbot, Speckled Hen, Greene King, Morland Original, Pursuit of Hoppiness, Keltik Magic and another I can't recall the name of.
Not very busy but it was mid/late afternoon.
Haven't experienced any of the surliness referred to by previous contributors.
Hopefully it will still be open for this years cricket week!

11 Feb 2010 22:01

Captain Digby, Broadstairs

Large pub in a great location. Wasn't a great selection of beers on when I was there.
The food was ok though I agree with previous comments regarding the service.
Decent enough but there are better pubs in the area to visit.

9 Feb 2010 06:17

The Northern Belle, Margate

A small two bar pub tucked away off the main road. Friendly staff and seems to have a dedicated local following.
Not too far from the Winter Gardens so handy if you can't get into the Easter Beer Festival. Which is what happened to several people last year!
Good beer well kept. The best pub in Margate as far I can tell. Though the competition is not all that strong!

9 Feb 2010 06:02

The Chambers, Folkestone

Like the Tardis the pub is far bigger inside than it appears from the outside. This cellar bar covers a large area. The choice of beers is always good with a selection of local brews always available. Gadd's, Hopdaemon and Whitstable were all featured when I visited. The staff are friendly. I've not tried the food at all.
Lots of info available regarding events, especially concerning local bands, concerts and festivals.
Popular with students. The place has a leftfield feel about it. My favourite pub in Folkestone!

9 Feb 2010 05:53

The York Brewery, York

Visited last summer. Took a little while finding the place but glad I did. Was impressed with the friendliness of the staff. The guy who showed us round was doing his first tour so was understandably nervous yet got all the points across in an entertaining manner.
The bar has a homely feel to it. Maybe not the sort of place to go unless you're doing the tour.When I visited it in the early afternoon it was pretty quiet although apparently it has hosted parties in the evenings.
The beer needless to say was excellent quality!

9 Feb 2010 00:12

Casey's, Canterbury

I agree about the real ales. There could be more. Only a couple of Shepherd Neame ales on when I visited recently.
More cosy than many Irish bars I've visited, (I'm not a fan of them outside of Ireland). Casey's is centrally placed in the city and just round the corner from the cathedral. Because of it's position it seems to be busy throughout the day. Live bands in the evenings can really fill the place out.

4 Feb 2010 18:38

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

In my opinion not as good beer wise as the Ship & Shovell close by but still worth a visit. A big draw for the tourist trade, finding a seat can be difficult but there is a brisk turnover.
Holmes memorabilia everywhere including posters, pictures, various props and a hounds head in a glass case. The TV depicts Holmes TV series or films with the sound down. Being a Holmes fan I like to try to work out which story is being shown!
The beer is ok- nothing more.Greene King available. The service is not great but I guess they don't have to try too hard to attract custom.
Upstairs is a restaurant with part of the room set out as Holmes' study with a life size model of the great man sitting in an armchair.

25 Jan 2010 02:07

The Tottenham, Soho

Often use this pub on visits to London. Landlord, and Pride always seem to be on as well as a couple of other beers.
Invariably busy with lots of tourists however such is the turnaround it's never too long before a chair becomes available.
Interesting decor.

24 Jan 2010 06:37

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

Good pub in an historic setting. Friendly with fine beer. Harveys Sussex always seems to be on.
Like using this one in the summer after a day at the cricket. One of the highlights is to sit in the evening sun discussing the days play. A couple of tables outside but plenty of space available on the nearby low wall if the tables are full.

24 Jan 2010 06:30

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Worth a visit to admire the decor. Go through to the bar at the far end, turn round and look up. It's as if your standing on the stage. The ornate boxes and the circle seating are all still in place and the ceiling, walls and lights are impressive as well.
However the rest leaves much to be desired. The beer and the service is average at best and for a building which must have hosted many great performances throughout it's history the place is sadly lacking in atmosphere now.

24 Jan 2010 06:19

Gilpins Bell, Edmonton

A pub I only ever use when visiting White Hart Lane. Match day tickets have to be shown before admission is allowed.
Inside the place is invariably full. However despite being two, three or sometimes four deep at the bar service is good due to there always being plenty of bar staff on. No chance for any chit chat of course!
A wide selection of beers on, Abbot always seems to be available.
The pub is a vast sprawling one with lots of chairs and tables, a book lined study area in the centre of the pub and an outdoor drinking part too.
A couple of TVs show football.
I'd be interested to see what the place is like on non football days but frankly the area is not the most appealing one and I'm no great fan of W'Spoon pubs.
Fine for a chat about Spurs over a few pints before the game though!

24 Jan 2010 06:00

Royal Harbour Brewhouse and Bakers, Ramsgate

To carry on from below. The bar has a continental feel to it which is what I believe Eddie Gadd was aiming for. Tables and chairs outside and inside a very laid back Bohemian feel to the place which is larger inside than I expected.

Next door is a tremendous fish and chip restaurant which does not serve alcoholic drinks. However I have it on good authority that they will let a customer go into the Harbour Brewhouse to purchase a drink and then bring it into the restaurant.

24 Jan 2010 05:38

Royal Harbour Brewhouse and Bakers, Ramsgate

Like previous reviwers I wish Eddie Gadd still brewed on the premises but I guess he outgrew the place as the beers increased in popularity.
I was surprised and disappointed to find no Gadd's beers being served the last time I visited.
However there were plenty of bottled Belgian beers available some at dangerous percentages!

24 Jan 2010 03:45

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

I visit this pub whenever I'm in Ramsgate. A good seection of real ales all well kept.
Friendly staff and customers. All in all a really fine local!

24 Jan 2010 03:26

The Churchill Tavern, Ramsgate

Enjoy visiting this pub. I recall when it used to be called Van Goghs.
Spacious with a good view of the harbour.
Usually seem to have several beers on including some less common ones.

24 Jan 2010 03:20

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Timothy Taylor Landlord, Sharps Doombar and Gadd's 3 available. A well laid out beer garden. Plenty of friendly staff. And a selection of board games to pass the time of day!
The pub always appears to be busy with an emphasis on food as much as drink with the result that tables can get reserved and not available after a certain time.
I have eaten in the Dolphin 3 or 4 times and it's always been good quality. Not your regular pub grub. Not cheap either!
Overall a very nice pub. Apparently it used to be a bit of a dive but has definately moved uphill.

23 Jan 2010 05:34

The Cherry Tree, Canterbury

A cosy little pub. The majority of the customers seem to be students. I use this pub most times I visit Canterbury. Until quite recently it was the only place I knew which still served pints of Flowers.
A small bar with a bohemian atmosphere.

23 Jan 2010 05:19

The New Inn, Canterbury

Not the easiest of pubs to find but well worth the trek. A good selection of real ales. The pub can get busy with people tending to congregate around the end of the bar close to the door.
However the pub goes further back than you might think and there's a small garden or yard available too.
Agree with earlier reviewers about the nice mix of clientele.

23 Jan 2010 05:14

The Bell and Crown, Canterbury

I thought this pub had gone downhill a year or so ago but it seems to have returned to form again. Bare floorboards, a great jukebox and a selection of three local ales. A small no frills pub but one that has character.
Good view of the cathedral too!

23 Jan 2010 05:06

Cullins Yard, Dover

I enjoy going to this pub which is part of the harbour. It tends to be a seasonal thing as the best part about Cullins is sitting out on one of the many picnic benches enjoying a pint or two as the sun glistens on the sea. Being outside you can forget you're in Dover. That sounds odd considering you're facing the White Cliffs, have the Western Heights looking down on you and leaning over the railing can see the Castle, but it's true.
The beers are good. Adnams' Best & Broadside, Bitburger and Erdinger.
The inside of the pub is decked out in a nautical style. The food is good with a selection of seafoods available. Each time I've been to the pub it's been busy with plenty of diners as well as those just enjoying a drink.
Cullins is a little off the regular route and is not cheap but as a taxi driver told me, "it keeps the riff raff out"!

23 Jan 2010 05:00

The Harp, Covent Garden

I wish I'd found this pub years ago. I always used to go to the Chandos along the road toward Trafalgar Sq.
Along with the Ship & Shovell it's the pub I use before taking the train from Charing X.
The one problem is the Harp is so often busy and being a small pub it's not always easy to get in let alone served!
However the beer is great (Harveys and a couple of others ) and the staff are always friendly. The last time I was served by a girl who used to live in Dover, where I currently live! The atmosphere is lively and cosy.
If there are a few of you and you visit early enough you could try to get a table upstairs. There's more room and it's quieter.

23 Jan 2010 02:21

The Euston Flyer, Euston

The Flyer is very popular especially when there's football on. One large screen and a couple of smaller ones so it's fairly easy to watch the action.
Have eaten in the pub several times and the food has been good each time.
Beers are mainly Fullers, good but not cheap.
Service is good. Most times I've visited there has been a small army of female staff waiting to serve me! Very friendly.

23 Jan 2010 02:06

The Louis Armstrong, Dover

Quiet at lunchtimes the pub comes to life when there is live music. Mostly jazz but rock bands play on Friday nights.
Hopdaemon's Scrimshander was available the last time I was there along with a couple of other beers.
Cross section of ages present.

23 Jan 2010 01:57

The Phoenix, Canterbury

The Phoenix is probably the best pub in the city for real ale. It's a little way out from the centre though very handy if you're going to the cricket.
There are always 6 or 7 real ales available. Bombardier is generally on the others can be very varied indeed.
Anyone who is a fan of real ale should visit this pub.
The food is pretty good too.
It has to be said there is not too much other than the beer to keep the visitors. Not the most lively of pubs it seems to rely on a few elderly locals much of the time who probably enjoy a quiet drink of decent beer.
And why not!

23 Jan 2010 01:42

The Parrot, Canterbury

For me it will never be the same since the old Simple Simon days. Still attracts a good crowd many of whom are students.
The beers ok but not as varied as the SS days.
Very pleased to see live music is being reintroduced!

23 Jan 2010 01:16

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Despite always being busy I never seem to have too much trouble being served. Bar staff are very attentive. Had a couple of pints of Tanglefoot a couple of weeks ago. I generally use this pub when I'm travelling via Charing X. Now the high speed trains have started I'll be using St. Pancras more but shall still seek the S&S out.
How anyone can use the Boadicea up in Charing X station when this pub is only a couple of minutes walk away is beyond me!

21 Jan 2010 10:01

Blakes, Dover

One of the better pubs in Dover. Not that there's much competition! Always good to see Harveys Sussex available. Sampled a pint and one of Polar Beer too. Hopdaemon Dominator was also on.
Seems very much a pub for the beer connoisseur- nothing wrong with that. An oasis of calm and decent beer in a grotty run down town.

21 Jan 2010 09:54

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Went to the Old Shades last Saturday evening. Had a few pints of Timothy Taylor Golden Best which were very drinkable.
Talked to a few of the regulars and to the bar staff- 3 attractive and chatty young girls.
Will use the pub again on future trip to London.

21 Jan 2010 09:46

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