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Comments by oneofthekingsmen

The Evil Eye Lounge, York

Go once, so you can say you've been, take your wife so she can have a cocktail. But don't go again. Service is way too slow, even at the "Bottled Beer Only" section. And too many students for my liking!

1 Dec 2006 19:17

Buzz Japanese Restaurant and Bar, York

Is rapidly becoming my fave eating establishment in town. Went a few times when it first opened a few years ago and they we drifted apart. Now we are back together and hopefully we will have a long relationship.
Food is fabulous, staff friendly, Asahi Black is so smooth.
Do not be affraid if sushi is not your thing, cooked Japanese food available and everyone will enjoy it.

1 Dec 2006 19:14

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

A great selection of both home grown beers and Euro wheat beers. Nice atmosphere on the crappest of drinking streets in town.
My only concern, every business that has had the premises for the last 10 years has failed shortly after opening. Hopefully this place will last.

1 Dec 2006 19:10

The Maltings, York

Very much like The Sun Inn @ Acomb. Great selection of beers, has a festival when a greater selection is available. Can get a bit busy with toursits etc, but worth the squeeze for a good pint.
Excellent bike parking directly outside for night transport home!

1 Dec 2006 19:06

The Ackhorne, York

I was with The King on his last night. Great selection beer and a pleasant terrace at the back. Has a feel of a proper pub

1 Dec 2006 19:00

The Melville, Stretford

I had my first Joey Holts here too many years ago - Took my stomach 3 days to recover. But I acquired a taste over the years. Used to enjoy a midweek session in here with pals when I lived in M/cr. I Wouldn't have thought it has changed at all, probably still the cheapest beer in the country.
The thing that used to make me laugh about Joselp Holts pubs was the marketing that went into the names of the drinks, esp the Lager ( Regal )

1 Dec 2006 18:58

The Britannia Inn, Acomb

No wrong film - Jack Nicholson has brought all his mates from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest!
Called in for a swift one last year, saw 2 brothers ( 35-45 ) nearly coming to blows over a game of pool. Stayed for a 2nd pint to watch the outcome.
Used to have a library system for books in the snug, never seen that before.

1 Dec 2006 18:53

The Ainsty, York

John Smiths cask isn't too bad.
Ventalation is poor, gets very smoky. If you don't mind simple pub grub, it's good value. Pool area feels like it should have bouncers telling that your names not on the list.
Can be an interesting place to watch football, especially if you leave your brain at home and go and watch an En-Gur-Land game. All the stereotypes are there, especially if there happens to be a person in there supporting the opposition. Had a ' really nice St G cross ' for the world cup.
Don't let me put you off visiting, it's an ok pub.

1 Dec 2006 18:50

The Carlton Tavern, York

That's just not true - you can get away with big gold dangly earings if you are a lass!
Has rapidly gone down hill in the last few years, used to be a different place to go for a quick local drink, not anymore. Never did like the Camerons beer that they sell, another crap thing to have come out of Sunderland.
Although you can hire the conservatory out for your wedding reception. Why??

1 Dec 2006 18:42

Pelican Inn, Altrincham

Used to be ok, but I last went in in the summer whilst at some friends and if i'd don't go in again I shan't miss it. Bar area is too small, too many people and the pumps could have done with a clean.
I remember there was this old chap, probably around 55-65 who had 3/4 length white tracksuit shorts on, with a zipped top, open to his navel. He was covered in gold jewellery and should know better at his age.

1 Dec 2006 18:37

The Roebuck, Altrincham

Ah, memories. This was a great haunt of ours. We used to enjoy the jukebox and the old school games machine, where we used to lose all our 10p's, breakout was always a great game.
Nice pint of bitter, and a fine selection of snacks, if the chippy round the corner is closed towards closing.
I remember it used to have brass displays - i hate brass displays!

1 Dec 2006 18:31

The Sun Inn, Acomb

a great local. chavs not welcome, regular guest beers to sample, does a good sunday lunch, there's football on the telly if you want it and a quiz on a sunday, nice non-smoking area. in the summer have your beer under the stars and the vines at the rear and sit and watch the numerous people who have difficulty parking, so give up and just hit the car!
only one downside - the landlord is welsh! oh well

1 Dec 2006 18:26

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