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The Midland Hotel, Marple Bridge

Definitely the most upmarket pub for miles around, has been stripped down and gentrified a bit but has still got lotd of character. Usually a good range of bitters on and various european lagers (becks vier, grolsch for example). Food is best pub food in the area. Would recommend if you want somewhere to go for a drink /dinner rather than just getting hammered.

13 Aug 2013 13:56

Norfolk Arms, Glossop

Dirt cheap! Couldn't believe how cheap the Holts was and had cricket on in the day. Menu is a bit Wetherspoonish but to be honest it sells cheap beer, has sport on and is clean so what more do you want?

25 Nov 2012 22:35

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Used to be good. Now not so. Dirty, worn and tired with pretty average beers on. A shame as it is in one of the best locations in the town.

25 Nov 2012 22:32

Pews, Guildford

Pews is the only decent place to get a drink in Guildford at the moment, it's largely been the same for the last 18 years but it seems to work. The beer selection is good on lager but bad if you like bitter and the pricing is ok. I quite like the staff, they seem pretty affable. The main draw is the outside courtyard which is great all year round.

25 Nov 2012 22:31

Castle, Farringdon

Great central London boozer. Good selection of bitters, lagers and ciders with some fairly niche brands, especially the bitter. usually packed after work but quite relaxed on a weekend with surprisingly good food on a Sunday. Staff are pretty surly but then it's a central London pub. Well worth a visit if in the area.

9 Apr 2012 11:59

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Awesome boozer with a massive selection of cask ales including proper tetley, good atmosphere and ideal for getting tanked before or after a train journey, a real gem in Leeds.

17 Sep 2011 18:50

The Rosendale, West Dulwich

The Rosendale has just been bought out and redone by the blokes who own the Tommyfield in Kennington and the place is been completely remodelled and overhauled from its awful, moribund, previous incarnation. It's early days but the pub has been realigned to being just that rather than some poncey restaurant with a small bar attached.

There's a good range of lagers and bitters on tap and bar food / lunch menu available as well as a pricier evening menu. They have maintained a restauranty type area but seem fine with boozers going up there. So far - only two weeks in - it seems like it's a successful transition. So ignore any reviews before this one as it's totally changed! If you're in the area it's well worth a visit.

26 Jul 2011 11:20

The White Hart, Blythburgh

Great pub that in Summer especially is a really good place for a pint as the sun goes down over the Estuary. The beer is always good and is generally a selection of Adnams well known and less-well known bitters plus usual lagers and the food is solid pub food, I always have fish and chips and have not been disappointed yet. Staff are great and there's a good mix of locals and drop-ins. Due to it's position between Walberswick and Southwold it also makes a good fall-back if you can't get in to a pub there for lunch. Well worth a visit.

30 Jun 2011 02:23

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Being in this pub makes me want to wear thick cable knit sweaters and lure sailing ships onto the rocks to steal their cargoes of rum and gold. But i can usually resist. Without doubt the most atmospheric pub in Southwold and best enjoyed midweek out of season when it is not populated by Boden / linen trouser wearing Guardian readers from Kensington. It gets uncomfortably busy at weekend lunchtimes and evenings but still worth a visit. Unusually for Southwold I think that this works best as a winter pub. I wish all pubs were like this.

30 Jun 2011 02:03

The Harbour Inn, Southwold

Love this pub, brilliant in all seasons though best in Summer either out front or in the back garden looking over the marshes to the sea. Great beers on tap and the fish and chips - although pricey - is absolutely awesome, my favourite place for lunch in Southwold - also not always as packed as the pubs in the main town centre as it's a bit out of the way. Great walk back up the Blyth past the fish-shacks as well.

30 Jun 2011 01:57

The Westleton Crown, Southwold

Absolutely beautiful pub in a picture-postcard setting in a great little Suffolk village. The pub, which is more of a restaurant with a pub-bar attached, still manages to retain the atmosphere of a village pub and serves a good range of beers and ciders and if it's summertime the tiered garden is a great place to drink. Not eaten there but it looks really good. Well worth a visit.

30 Jun 2011 01:54

The Red Lion, Southwold

Good food and usually good beer (though not as well kept as some of the other Southwold pubs) and in Summer you can't beat sitting out on the green looking out over the sea and it's cosy in the winter but the barstaff can be right miserable gits at times which detracts from the whole experience a bit.

30 Jun 2011 01:52

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

Excellent Adnams pub, as atmospheric as a British pub can be and equally good in Winter (cosy) or Summer (huge and awesome beer garden). Always have a great selection of Adnams on tap and food - particularly the fish and chips - is well cooked and good value. Only downside can be how busy it gets on weekends, particularly in tourist season so if you want to eat or get a table get there early!

30 Jun 2011 01:47

The Ship, Soho

A great Soho pub, good indie / metal music and a mixed clientele, always a safe bet for a pint after work or on a Saturday afternoon, can get quite busy, especially in Summer, outside but one of the best pubs in the area, definitely worth a visit.

30 Jun 2011 01:42

The Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

A Soho landmark that's been done up and turned into a pretty good pub, huge selection of beers on tap and usually a pretty raucous atmosphere, my only reservation is how busy it gets Thurs - Sat evenings and although I've always found the bar-staff to be efficient, it can still take an age to get served and there's not masses of space - but the popularity probably means they're doing something right.

30 Jun 2011 01:36

The Sun and 13 Cantons, Soho

Slightly surprised by the poor reviews below as I've always found this to be a pretty good bet in Soho, fairly good selection of lagers and a good interior and all-round generally upbeat atmosphere.

30 Jun 2011 01:34

The White Horse and Bower, Westminster

Absolutely bog-standard boozer. Bit old fashioned with the carpets and all but an OK place for a pint I suppose. There are probably better options within 200 metres though.

30 Jun 2011 01:27

The Riverside, Vauxhall

Only go to this pub if its sunny - otherwise it's overpriced for what it is but on a sunny evening on the patio it's a great place for a drink and also really good for large groups as they're fine about reserving tables for free. It's one of themost expensive pubs I've been to, really hitting the top of what you'd expect to pay even in central London but the service is quick, staff are friendly.

22 Jun 2011 18:14

The Captain Kidd, Wapping

One of the best pubs in London and somewhere I always take foreign visitors, it's a real slice of history. Been going for years and have always found the staff to be friendly, the pub to be laid back and spacious and the views - especially in summer - amazing. Not a massive fan of Sam Smiths beers but am drawn back to it because it's such a great place.

22 Jun 2011 18:10

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

A stunning pub that was done up maybe a couple of years ago from the smoker's lung it used to be. The exterior and interior are amazing and there is loads of space and seating with a patio outside facing the road. Service is good, people friendly and the beer / wine selection is good. Ideal for a pint after work but quite a nice place to spend a weekend day as well.

22 Jun 2011 18:08

The Alleyns Head, West Dulwich

Been a few times, usually on the way somewhere else - bland and boring BUT so unbelievably cheap that you can get shitfaced to the point where you won't notice on a relatively meagre outlay. The food is surprisingly good (and it's got better since their May 2011 refit) and also good value. The beer garden is quite big and good in the summer. Frankly it looks like the sort of place I'd take my grandad if he wasn't dead and if it were a colour it would be beige, without a doubt. However worth going to if you are in the area and are cash-strapped.

Also - FACT - it was a postwar replacement for the original Alleyn's Head which used to be opposite (where Majestic wine is now sited) but was destroyed in 1944 by a flying bomb.

19 Jun 2011 13:35

The Dogstar, Brixton

Great for pre-gig drinks when it's still quiet but like the black hole of calcutta (if that had ironically dressed indie-twats cluttering it up) later on. Beer garden is hilarious.

19 Jun 2011 13:31

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

One of the best pubs in London Bridge / Borough as it is low-key and off the main tourist drag, an ideal spot for a post-work liquid massage, pre-football food on Saturdays also pretty good. It's a great pub with a Victorian interior and although I agree that the barmaids can be a little dense at times it's a minor point.

19 Jun 2011 13:25

The Florence, Herne Hill

It's certainly punchy on the wallet but I've always found the Florence to be a great place for a session, lively enough without bringing blood out of your ears and also big enough that you don't feel too cramped. The beers are all good, if fairly strong - this place has got me hammered too many times - and the food is really worth a try. Not sure about the creche out of the back though - talk about broken britain. The only downside is that sometimes they can seem understaffed so waiting at the bar can be an ordeal. One of the best pubs in the area though.

19 Jun 2011 13:20

The Colby Arms, Crystal Palace

Love this place! It's like the Winchester from Sean of the Dead but almost more dispiriting. Although it has mournful decor and a general sense of quiet despair, it's somehow still brilliant. Dirt cheap fosters + sky sports + pool tables + hilarious locals = good times.

19 Jun 2011 13:16

The Westminster, Westminster

Improving bar-pub with good selection of lagers (Asahi and Hurliman included) as well as some bitters. Not particularly inspiring in itself but a good venue for a few quiet beers, pizzas are also worth a try.

19 Jun 2011 13:12

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Historic pub with good selection of bitters on most evenings and in summer a good suntrap round the side. However completely let down by chronic understaffing at the bar, wait times for a pint becoming a complete joke. On the plus side you often get to see MPs who are popping in for an expenses-paid-for pint getting slated by the other customers. Not worth travelling for but OK if you are in the area.

19 Jun 2011 13:10

The Gipsy Hill Tavern, Upper Norwood

This is one of the last "normal" boozers in an area awash with stripped wood floors and mood music. I love it. Heavy irish contingent usually in with Gaelic sports and football being shown, charmingly grotty little beer garden as well. It's also one of the cheapest pubs I have been to in ages plus some of the entertainment stuff they put on - last week it was a country and western band and a jerk chicken bbq in the garden. amusing.

19 Jun 2011 13:04

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