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Drovers Inn, East Linton

Unfortunately, since my last posting, the pub has changed hands (in the late winter months). It has, alas, gone downhill now that the new owners have taken over. A real pity. No longer 'one of the best pubs in Scotland'.

14 Jul 2006 20:26

The Bowl Inn, Charing

Apologies for my last posting, the landlord and landlady's names are, infact, Alan and Sue. Not 'Bob and Sue'. Doh !

Apologies to you Alan, purveyor of fine ales.

2 May 2006 21:33

The Malt Shovel, Beeston

The pub is located down a side street, just off of Beeston High Street. It has evidently recently been refurbished, and has been done out in a minimalist style with a bohemian feel to it, with a lot of mirrors included in the decoration. The pub serves a wide range of ales from the Nottingham Brewery, with Rock Mild and Oat Stout being my personal favourity.

It is a very comfortable and easy-going atmosphere, with a very private and 'hidden-away' feel about it. Just the place to relax on an afternoon, or in an evening, to drink fine ales and eat well prepared and tasty pub grub. I highly recommend this excellent establishment.

2 May 2006 21:25

The White Rock, Underriver

A stunning setting for a pub. Superb beer garden, and lovely snug and cosy interior. The locals are very friendly. I remember getting a large bag of organic vegetables for free when I last visited, which were just being handed around by one of the patrons. Such a friendly crowd. Real Kentish country hospitality. The pub is lovely, but I only recall the excellent Fuller's London Pride and Harvey's Best that they serve. Lovely stuff.

I've eaten in the restaurant before, and was very, very impressed with the quality of food and service.

2 May 2006 21:05

The Fox and Hounds, Toys Hill

The previous reviewer (the son of the current landlord and landlady) is absolutely right. I've been back again since my last review in March (it being quite some time since I last visited), and the pub is as wonderful as ever. The poor ratings here do seem to be a vendetta, of sorts.

2 May 2006 20:51

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

What a lovely pub this is. Excellent ales and a lovely atmosphere. I spent one very long and very happy evening in this great pub. The Harveys (being Lewes, one must drink the local brew) was superb. However, such pleasant experiences must have a downside. The hangover the next day was not particularly good for walking the South Downs way with. Memories of the excellent evening before were some consolation for the suffering.

2 May 2006 20:07

Bricklayers Arms, Chipstead

The pub is a little like the tardis in Doctor Who, as it seems much larger on the inside than the terraced cottage frontage outside would suggest. It is quite spartan in terms of furnishings, but that is as it should be, as it means the focus is on the whole range of casks lined up behind the bar of different ales from Harvey's of Lewes, which are always on tap. It's a fine venue for a long evening's drinking with friends. The food is very good, and the pub has a lovely patio at the front, which overlooks the Chipstead boating lake (which is just over the road). Very civilised, and recommended.

14 Apr 2006 21:51

The Fox and Hounds, Westerham

This pub has two entries on this website. These comments should be listed under the entry for 'Fox and Hounds' at Biggin Hill, as that's what these comments refer to. You can see the picture of the pub too, just to be sure.

It is full of 'well 'ard geezers' 'though. Not my choice of venue for a good evening out, although they do have bar billiards, so that's something at least.

4 Apr 2006 22:33

The Daylight Inn, Petts Wood

Somewhat better than the Sovereign of the Seas, but still bloody awful. A characterless pub, selling characterless beer. I spent my formative years drinking in this hovel, and I'm still receiving the counselling to help me over the bad experience.

4 Apr 2006 22:26

The Castle Hotel, Tonbridge

An horrendous chav magnet. Great for those men (boys)who drive cars with fluorescent lights underneath, or women (girls) who don't wear knickers when they go out.......

4 Apr 2006 22:19

The Buff, Orpington

Pretty non-descript 1950s building. A pool table, juke box, and not much else of note. A Courage pub, with little or no atmosphere, oh, and the beer isn't up to much. End of story.

4 Apr 2006 22:14

The Britannia, Dover

I popped in a for a pint here about three years ago. After one pint I realised the wildlife that pass for the regulars were getting a little excitable, so I left quickly to avoid the flying fists and glass.....

4 Apr 2006 22:11

The Bird In Hand, Bromley

They definitely are confusing this excellent little gem with that awful hole in Bickley. This pub is a listed character building, with a listed interior. It's ales are first rate (I don't know what they've got on there now as I've not been in for about three years, having moved away). It's very small, with both a lounge and a public bar. This deserves a visit by anyone who really cherishes the traditional local - and everything that goes with it, i.e. good service, good beer, and friendly company.

4 Apr 2006 22:04

The Bat and Ball, Leigh

The pub is set in the delightful village of Leigh (near Tonbridge). It has a lovely garden. The Shepherd Neame Bishops Finger - on tap (if that's what it is and my memory serves me correctly - it may be something else, but still superb) is excellent. The pub food is lovely - especially the Stilton, tomato and Mango Chutney baguette. M'mmmmmm. The landlady is a living legend. The pub is marvellous for a good and civilised evening out with friends, or even just for a pie and a pint at lunch time, although you won't want to go back to work afterwards. This pub is heartily recommended.

4 Apr 2006 21:54

The Lord Nelson, Thirsk

A very friendly local, serving excellent real ales (Black Sheep brewery ales are the regular), with other guest ales on. A wide variety in terms of good, honest pub food. I popped in here a weary traveller, staying the night in the B&B accommodation. The ales were very, very good. It was excellent value for money, and the vegetarian breakfast that the wonderful landlady kindly cooked for my wife and I was first class.

I seem to recall that there was a music / events venue being completed at the back of the pub when I was there. It'll probably be completed by now, and if so, it would make for a great night out.

30 Mar 2006 00:31

The Fox and Hounds, Toys Hill

I can't believe the bad reviews. The landlord and landlady are really lovely people. They're always willing to engage complete strangers in polite conversation. The food here is excellent, and the ales are well kept and served exquisitely. The bad reviewers must be local landlords in the vicinity who realise that the Fox and Hounds is light years better than their little hovels.

The fox and hounds originally gained a reputation for excellence in the inn-keeping trade by the previous land lady, who kept the pub for many, many years. Her obituary featured prominently in the Telegraph and The Times when she died several years back, such was her fame. The current owners are keeping up to those very high standards.

30 Mar 2006 00:04

The Star, Brasted Chart

This place closed about seven years ago. It's now a couple of cottages on the road up to Toys Hill. Still, the legend that is the Fox & Hounds is still open at Toys Hill, so not to worry.

29 Mar 2006 23:58

The Bowl Inn, Charing

A stunning establishment set on top of the North Downs. The best landlord and landlady (Bob and Sue) that I've ever had the pleasure of coming across, anywhere. Always four ales on tap, with one or two guest ales always available, and these are constantly being rotated. Food choices are plentiful and very good too !

An annual beer festival is held here in the enormous and lovely garden. In good weather, it's heaven on earth. Thank God for the Bowl Inn.

28 Mar 2006 21:03

The Tyneside Tavern, Haddington

An excellent pub with two bars (saloon and public). Real fires burn away in the hearth during the winter months, real ales are excellent with Deuchars IPA, Bombardier, and a regular guest ale on. Food is well priced and is very well done too. All in all an excellent and very friendly and lively local.

28 Mar 2006 18:52

The Prestoungrange Gothenburg, Prestonpans

An excellent micro-brewery pub, where the Porter and IPA are thoroughly recommended. The pub was completely refurbished approximately 18 months ago, and is an entirely different pub from that which it used to be (it was a place to be avoided). A place worth travelling to if you love excellent beers and food. Although one of the regular bar maids (the one that appeared in the East Lothian Courier recently) is a bit rude and miserable, so that does reduce my rating score.

28 Mar 2006 18:45

The Pheasant, Haddington

A very good range of real ales, very well served, with friendly staff, and an easy going atmosphere. Recommended !!!!

28 Mar 2006 18:38

The Eagle Inn, Dunbar

If you're ever in Dunbar High Street, you are desperate for a quick pint, you're passing the Eagle Inn, and you're not a 'local', just keep walking. A couple of minutes and you'll be at the Volunteer Arms.

28 Mar 2006 18:35

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Whilst the interior was remarkably interesting, the quality of the beer and service was far from what I'd been led to expect. All the ales tasted as though they were off, and the Dutch stand-in bar manager didn't seem to know what he was doing. Perhaps I just went on a particularly bad day.

28 Mar 2006 18:30

The Northern Bar, Edinburgh

Nice friendly pub. Decent pint of Everard's Best and Caledonian 80/-. The Deuchars IPA had run out when I was there. Good value too, or rather it's quite cheap. Lots of tellies showing sport, but isn't too intrusive.

19 Dec 2005 20:23

The Chequers, Sevenoaks

Food in here is very good with a wide range of real ale. Not too bad.

26 Nov 2005 10:20

Sennockian, Sevenoaks

They put on a reasonable range of real ales, but the problem is that the manager is typical of a chain pub and doesn't know how to store or deliver it. As a result, the beer tastes foul. The pub is very dark, dank, dirty and has absolutely no atmosphere whatsoever. The food is pretty garbagie (typical for Wetherspoons), but worse than normal. The manager needs to be sacked and the bar staff changed, as they're generally surly and rude. Stay away from this one. Probably the worst Wetherspoons I've ever been in.

26 Nov 2005 10:17

The Oak Tree, Sevenoaks

It's okay, but not somewhere I'd choose to go very often. Food is average, beer is okay. Too many large tellies in the back, with a very chavvy feel about it.

26 Nov 2005 10:12

The New Inn, Sevenoaks

Frightening, truly frighening. My advice is to stay away if you value your physical well-being.

26 Nov 2005 10:09

The Anchor, Sevenoaks

The Harveys and Ringwood ales are very well served. The food is very cheap, but jolly nice. The bar staff and land lady are friendly. All in all, a very good place at lunch times or in the evening. It does get very full of postmen 'though, and the 'economically inactive'. They're all nice enough.

26 Nov 2005 10:07

The Rose and Crown, Halstead

One of the best real ale pubs in Kent. A large range of properly served and stored ales, always with new guest beers being added. The permanent ales include Larkins Best, Westerham Brewery BB. One to visit before you die. I can't understand the previous reviewer's comments about the lack of food. There's a wide variety of food on offer, and very well done it is too. Excellent beer, food, prices, and the beer garden is lovely in the summer.

26 Nov 2005 09:56

The Sair Inn, Linthwaite

A pub which is truly worth a pilgrimmage to for all lovers of good beer. Too good for words...

25 Nov 2005 20:44

The Volunteer Arms, Dunbar

A real local boozer. Beer is pretty average, it's rather smokey, and not the cleanest pub I've ever been in. On the plus side, the regulars are friendly and the food is good.

25 Nov 2005 20:36

Drovers Inn, East Linton

Not an enormous range of real ale, but what is available is excellent. It's a perfect place for an evening chatting with friends, sitting by a warm fire and drinking fine brew. The staff are very friendly and the clientele like-wise. It's probably one of the best pubs in Scotland and that's not said lightly. Marvellous stuff !

25 Nov 2005 20:31

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