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Comments by mrse1

The Castle Hotel, Tonbridge

No longer a pub. Now a modern european bistro with a cocktail bar called Graze

11 Jul 2016 13:49

The Cutter Inn, Ely

Can confirm the priceyness of the Wherry, however was a very good pint and a great view.

22 Jul 2011 16:31

The Banker, Cannon Street

Good Fullers pub next to the river. Well worth seeking out.

7 Dec 2010 12:27

The Castle Hotel, Tonbridge

Some posts may be old but they are still accurate.

Still shite.

9 Aug 2010 12:59

Jetlag Sports Bar, Fitzrovia

So so modern bar. Nothing to either make you like or dislike it, other than the aformentioned lack of beer.

1 Jun 2010 12:35

The White Hart, Waterloo

Concur with TiaMariaJim, this is the correct picture.

26 Jan 2010 12:35

Gravity Bar, Dublin

Great views, could do with a slightly better layout seating wise.

Guinness was good.

12 Nov 2009 12:50

Foley's, Dublin

Nice enough main bar, the pub part next door is much more authenic. Staff nice enough, Guiness not bad.

Just a bit flat atmosphere wise.

12 Nov 2009 12:48

The Chaser, Shipbourne

Top gastro type pub. Very friendly staff good food and a lovely old building to enjoy it all in, decent courtyard area outside in the summer.
Can get very busy, especially in the early evenings, so if you�re going to eat, it�s worth booking.

Not a huge beer selection if your just going for a drink. The Abbott was fine on my last visit.

27 Oct 2009 16:39

Ruse, Borough

Large single roomed pub with the bar wrapped around the corner at the far end. Lot�s of seating of various styles, sofas. Low and high tables, plus plenty of seats around the bar. All looked clean and in good nick which was nice.

Only beer on was IPA. (groans) Other drinks selection was relatively small, with the usual kegs on offer. Stella, Star, Guinness ect. Cheapish as well.

Bar staff very slow, taking up to ten minutes to process food orders at the one till. Also adopting the classic �Who�s next?� approach to service, so the wait for drink was irritatingly long. Despite this, they were pleasant, good humoured and spoke English, which is a boon these days.

Atmosphere was decent enough.

Not sure about this place to be honest, seems like a good haunt to watch the football, (Landlord�s a Liverpool fan, so they show their games predominantly) but doubt I�d rush back just to drink here

2 Oct 2009 13:08

The Station House, Tonbridge

New name, same problems. Expensive beer, moronic staff, strange clientele and in need of a good clean.

8 Sep 2009 13:14

The Babble, Mayfair

Decent enough trendy wine bar if that is what you're after. No real beer obviously, and the bottled stuff is expensive.
Sort of place you'd go to impress your young lady, not for a beer with your mates if you catch my drift.

8 Sep 2009 13:03

The Arkles, Anfield

Bar manager is in need of a reality check, terrible pub with terrible service and his attitude is cause for real concern.

28 Aug 2009 12:59

All Bar One, Charing Cross


29 Jul 2009 11:43

The Pitcher and Piano, Bishopsgate

Bog standard P&P, good for some city eye candy, but little else.

29 Jul 2009 11:25

The Fountain, Ely

Not been in for a while, but my recollection is that it is friendly back street local, with a good standard of Sheps beers.

24 Jul 2009 13:48

The Lamb Hotel, Ely

Unusually for a hotel bar, this is rather nice. Decent service and a passable pint.

24 Jul 2009 13:45

Walkers of Whitehall, Whitehall

Although I have sympathy with alot of the negative views below about this place, I have to say I really like it.

Has nothing to do with the attractiveness level of the barmaids obviously.

24 Jul 2009 13:37

Robin Hood, Tunbridge Wells

Run by a*seh*les

24 Jul 2009 13:16

Vauxhall Inn, Tonbridge

Just a chainy roadside eatery come pub.

Nice building on, but the lack of a decent air con, or open windows makes it uncomfortably hot even in the winter.
The outside area is ok, if a little overcrowded with tables.

Food is the general fayre you get in these places, cooked (heated up) rather well. Not cheap though.

Now for the drinks.

They have clearly always had good intentions here, with 2 or 3 beers on with a rotating guest. However, i've never known any of them to be kept well and are more akin to soup than beer.

The Guiness and largers are usually flat.

Bottled beers from the fridge are usually warm.

As is the white wine.

The reds are kept, on the back of the bar area, under floodlights which could illuminate wembley and are thus boiled to an inch of their lives.

I've always found the bar staff pleasant, if rather thin on the ground.

24 Jul 2009 13:10

The New Drum, Tonbridge

Locals back street boozer. Decent pint of Harvey's available.
Not sure you'd want to stay too long in you're not a regular.

Pub itself is reasonably large, although with it being just one long room, you do seem to get in the way of the screen on the far wall whenever you move.

Bar staff nice enough. But the general atmosphere is not altogether comfortable.

24 Jul 2009 13:01

The Foresters Arms, Tonbridge

A grim hole with grim people.

Can fully imagine the incident below happening.

24 Jul 2009 12:54

The Hope, Tottenham Court Road

Grubby small corner boozer. Had Pride and Sharps Doombar on my visit, neither particularly good, in fact the Pride was quite rough.

Atmosphere wasn�t the greatest, and I had the feeling I was intruding into someone�s personally space despite sitting on my own in the corner.

Much better pubs in the area.

14 Jul 2009 14:56

The Northumberland Arms, Fitzrovia

So so pub really. All stripped floors and wooden tables inside, with a rather large bar on the back wall. Small seating area outside which runs along the side of the pub, but is restricted to about a persons breadth by some railings. It�s now been painted all black on the exterior, as opposed to the green in the photo.

Couple of beers on. Had the Pride which was ok. Food selection looked rather pricey, saw someone order a cheese sarnie, which according to menu cost �4.95. When it came up he�d have been better off going to Tesco, it was tiny and without any kind of garnish.

Looks to me if they are trying to be gastropubby, without putting any effort in.

Service is quick, if a little miserable.

3 Jul 2009 14:42

The Ivy House, Tonbridge

Ventured in last night for the first time post refurb. The two main areas of the pub have been turned into dining rooms, although the bars themselves remain in the same place. It all looked quite nice, no obvious changes have been made to the interior which is a plus.

A few more tables outside than there were before.

Couple of beers on, which seemed to be served quite well. Although I can�t actually comment on the condition as we stuck to the vino last night from the relatively decent wine list. Staff were friendly enough.

Menu looked ok, although given it was seasonal and locally produced, most of the dishes looked quite heavy for a summer evening so we didn�t try anything. Not cheap either and you have to wonder if the concept is going to work in this area, especially in current economic situation.

Basically it�s restaurant now that allows you to have a drink, rather than a pub now in my view. I�m sure I�ll be back for the odd drink, although that has more to do with the outside seating I suspect. Not sure I�d want to lurk around the bar with just a drink in the winter.

30 Jun 2009 13:23

Fleece Inn, Alnwick

Decent enough boozer. Landlord pleasant enough. Not alot of beer.

10 Jun 2009 13:27

Goodman's Field, Whitechapel

The normal Spoons environment, large soulless room, huge bar, few staff.

Not a lot of beer on, 4 I think. As Always I shy away from beer in Spoons due to one too many off pints. Guinness, (Not extra cold) was freezing and tasteless.

Prices notably higher than other Spoons I�ve been in, guess that�s the city influence.

1 Jun 2009 09:56

The Toucan, Soho

Tiny single room bar just off of Soho square, not much space to sit or anything of note inside.
Really only a place to go if you want to loiter outside. Guinness on obviously, not the best I�ve tasted but not bad either. Also a couple of lagers, no beer.

Full of the usual Soho crowd. If that�s your thing and you like the black stuff its worth going to, if not then I wouldn�t bother.

1 Jun 2009 09:50

The Carpenters Arms, Tottenham Court Road

Relatively untouched 1930�s pub. Interior split between a (what would have been) a public and saloon bar. There is also a bar upstairs and a roof terrace apparently.
Beer range wasn�t bad, the usual Pride and IPA plus a couple of guests.
My pint of Pride wasn�t great however, and I suspect that the advertised 17 draft continental lagers are more popular with the cliental. Seemed to have a reasonable wine selection as well.

Had a curious nook in the larger bar, decked out as your grannies front room, with flowery wall paper, comfy chairs and Queen Mother Plates on the wall.

Seemed relaxed enough, with a younger crowed from the various offices around the place on my visit. Bar staff where quick and friendly.
Certainly would go back, hopefully the beer might improve. If it does it could turn into a regular haunt.

1 Jun 2009 09:43

The George And Dragon, Fitzrovia

Quite good for a Green King pub. Old fashioned corner boozer, newly polished wood panelling and oldish style seating inside which remarkably don�t take too much away from the feel of the place. Bar itself is a good size and doesn�t dominate the room, also a couple of tables outside.
IPA, Ruddles and a guest on. Sadly I�m not allowed to drink at lunchtimes now so can�t comment on the quality yet, but being GK my expectations aren�t high. But I�ll certainly be back to give em a go.
Food offering is quite large and varied, and from the couple of plates I saw looks nice enough.
Friendly enough bar staff, and seems to be just far away from the thrall of Euston Rd to avoid the more undesirable elements of the area.

6 May 2009 13:00

The Owl and the Pussycat, Shoreditch

Rather surprisingly a proper pub in Shoreditch without all the fuss and money being poured into it to try and create it. Still packed to the gills with trendy types. Landlord and Lady seemed nice enough to me.
Decent pint of Pride, but not special by any means.

Sad to see from the comments below that they are being forced out to create, I imagine, a faux dingy east end boozer, instead of the real one that is here.

20 Apr 2009 11:58

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

Good atmosphere on Friday night, gets an extra point for having some chuffingly good looking barmaids. Otherwise, pricey, poor beer, and yes I can confirm �the smell�.

Not bad for a couple on a night out, but would frequent on a regular basis.

20 Apr 2009 11:52

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

Large central room with plenty of space on a couple of long tables. Couple of cellar rooms. Dart board and TV in a convenient location. Bar itself I thought was a bit too large. Plenty of beer (8 I think) on offer. Stuck to the reasonable Young�s ordinary whilst I was there. Not cheap, but the Sheaf never was to be fair.
Atmosphere on Friday night was excellent, and it was good to see Danny and the gang again, and you get the feeling it will only get better as it beds in.

20 Apr 2009 11:16

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Re-opening tonight at the old Hop Cellars round the corner on Southwark St.

15 Apr 2009 11:06

The Bricklayers Arms, Shoreditch

The 3.3 rating for this place is a little unfair I think. By all means it�s very much a Thorpe Park version of an East End boozer, but the beer is ok. The grot has a certain charm, and although it seems to be populated by middle aged fashionistas trying to strike a pose, the atmosphere and the juke box are quite good.

Funniest thing I thought was the graffiti in the Gents, which seems to me to have been scrawled on by whoever did the makeover, in an attempt to heighten the grunge, rather than being the rantings of anyone real.

14 Apr 2009 09:06

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

First time I�ve been in since it changed hands. Couldn�t quite work out exactly what has been painted other than the ceiling. At least it now seems to have had the fake Irish tat removed from its walls.

Certainly had a better atmosphere than previously, with more of a crowd in. Juke box was rather too loud for my liking, although the tunes themselves weren�t too bad.

Beer (Pride) was still a bit suspect and not fantastically cheap, for what is in the end, a local boozer.

I�m surprised that with the work? done, the unnecessarily tall and badly positioned bar wasn�t moved or altered.

2 Apr 2009 12:46

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

Not nearly as bad as its rating suggests, and I have to admit I�ve given it a bit of a hammering in the past.

I�ve been in a couple of times lately of an early afternoon where I could sit outside in the sun. Beer choice is rather small if you�re not interested in their microbrew stuff or global bottled beers, but the beer is always well kept if a little cold.

31 Mar 2009 12:56

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Rather bog standard London pub, decent(ish) pint for an inflated(ish) price.

Long narrow single room, with not a fantastic amount of space.

Not bad for a quick pint, but not a place to go out of your way for.

28 Mar 2009 19:54

The Primrose Inn, Tonbridge

Under new management, with a young couple in charge. No noticeable changes to the place and the Harveys was still spot on.

28 Mar 2009 19:28

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

Typical Nicholson�s boozer. Olde worldy type interior in the downstairs bar. Dining room upstairs.

Not a bad place to pop in for the odd pint, Pride is only �2.50 and I�ve always found it in decent nick. There are 3 other rotating guest beers as per Nich�s policy, which I suspect is too many for a pub of this type and why reviewers below have found their pints sub standard.
Personal experience of the bar staff has always been fine.

I have also eaten a couple of times upstairs and the fish and chips has been absolutely top notch in terms of quality, with the changing fish of the day clearly cooked in fresh batter rather than the frozen knock off fish n� chips you get in most central London pubs.

Overall I wouldn�t go out of my way to drink here, but in terms of a local work boozer it�s not bad.

25 Mar 2009 13:49

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Stood outside with the masses pre kickoff, turned to my mate and said 'don't know why we always meet up here, it's not even that nice a pub' A statement that raised a chorus of agreement, and I suspect the one sober thought I produced that day.

Never the less, I imagine we shall meet up here again for pre match drinks in the foreseeable future.

9 Feb 2009 13:10

The Trinity, Borough

Popped in a couple of Saturdays ago as the missus needed the loo and couldn�t make it to the superior environs of The Clyde seemingly.

Rather strange interior I thought, with a mish mash of furniture. I get the feeling it like to think of itself as gastro pubby by day and clubby by night.

Drinks ok, if a little on the pricey side.

Won�t be going back anytime soon, but that is more to do with it being spitting distance from a couple of my favourite pubs as opposed to them doing anything wrong.

26 Jan 2009 13:15

The Union Jack, Southwark

Usually walk past this place on the way to or from other establishments in the area. Popped in for a pint as was staying at the hotel over the road and was pleasantly surprised. Good service, decent pint of pride and although not tremendously busy had a reasonable atmosphere.

Will give it another go.

26 Jan 2009 13:06

The Ring, Southwark

Popped in for a quick pint, stayed for some fantastic and cheap Thai food.

Was on the black stuff so can't comment on the beer, although as memory serves there was only Pride on.

Decor very nice, not overly modern. Boxing tat on the walls to give you a reminder of where you are.

26 Jan 2009 13:02

The Slug and Lettuce, Waterloo

Service better than the All Bar One next door. The pint of black stuff was ok, if not cheap.

Venue itself seemed abit tired.

Wine deals seemed quite good if that's your thing but didn't stay past my pint.

26 Jan 2009 12:52

All Bar One, Waterloo

Walked in (because I was meeting someone who didn't know the area past the ABO)

Stood waiting for service for 5 minutes

Ignored twice

Walked out

Served instantly in the Slug and Lettuce next door.

26 Jan 2009 12:46

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

A wonderful last night that encapsulated everything that was right about the place.

The Wheatsheaf will live long in the memory.


9 Jan 2009 12:14

The Globe, Covent Garden

Never going to win pub of the year, but has had an interesting referb.
Beer is pricey but it�s a half decent range and well kept.
Although the much maligned landlord can appear quite prickly, especially to his staff, I�ve always found him pleasant enough and his antics can be of some entertainment.
Worth at least a drink as you pass by.

13 Dec 2008 00:45

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

Best pub in the area. Although small, it�s lost none of its charm or atmosphere over the years.
Always good service and one of the best pints of Guinness in the capital.

13 Dec 2008 00:35

The Mulberry Bush, Lambeth

Typical Youngs referb jobbie. Plenty of shiny wood and staff in uniform.
Fairly large pub, with a fair amount of seating, not bad for a lunchtime pint I suppose but the place lacks atmosphere.
Can�t report on the quality of the beer, as I stuck to the black stuff on my visit. Needless to say the regular Youngs selection was on offer.

13 Dec 2008 00:31

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

Have started going in for my lunchtime pint, Pride is not bad but not cheap however at �3.05

Cracking view of The Thames and Big Ben though and now the colder weather has arrived the top deck is nice and quiet.

11 Nov 2008 10:50

The Mad Bishop and Bear, Paddington

A rare thing here, a half decent railway station pub in central London.

Plenty of room, clean, quick bar staff and a good selection of Fullers beers. Had decent pint of both Pride and Discovery on my visit.

The others should take note.

1 Oct 2008 12:19

The Tabernacle Bar & Grill, Old Street

Chilled out bar, with a retro 70�s feel to the decor. As has previously been said, there isn�t a great deal of places to sit, but on the calmer nights of the week it has a relaxed feel to the place.

Only had bottled beer, although didn�t seem that expensive.

Has a downstairs club as well, but I feel it is more of an afternoon/weekend place myself.

1 Oct 2008 12:15

The Prophet, Moorgate

Large double roomed bar/restaurant type place. Stripped floors, exposed brick walls. Has a open kitchen at one side so you can see the chefs in action.
The main bar itself is actually a bit small, but the staff were quick enough to make sure you don�t have to queue long.

Quite a relaxed atmosphere I thought, and doesn�t seem to attract the more braying type of city boys that a lot of the bars around here do.

Only real beer on was Pride, but it was very well kept I have to say, and food smelt great.

1 Oct 2008 11:51

The Master Gunner, Moorgate

Young�s pub with what I would call �city� character. Has had the usual Young�s refurb at some point, so has the polished 1900�s wood look inside.
The usual Young�s suspects available to drink, The Ordinary wasn�t bad. The menu looked quite good, although I didn�t eat in here on this occasion, I have in the past and it has been very good.

1 Oct 2008 11:40

King's Arms, Greenwich

Quite average tourist centric pub just down from Greenwich Park. Can�t remember what beer was available. As I, such as I always do in these places avoided it.
Stuck to the Stella which was nearly flat.

3 Sep 2008 15:03

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Smallish pub with u shaped centre bar. The interior is cosy and comfortable. With a couple of tables out front which are functional, but like the rest of this pub, reminds you how pubs used to be. Always has a great atmosphere in this old school local. Beer (Adnams)was as ever, in good nick.

3 Sep 2008 14:55

W Lounge, Greenwich

As previously posted has closed and appears to be looking for the Samoa Joe�s look from Lock Stock.

3 Sep 2008 14:47

The George, London Bridge

Noisy, uncomfortable, not particularly good beer and high prices. Not sure what clientele they think they are getting with the addition of the burley bouncers on the gate.
Worth ten minutes of your time having a look around the building, but little else to entice.

2 Sep 2008 16:07

The Devereux, Temple

With my comrades complaining about standing outside the Edgar up the street, we ventured into the Devereux with slight trepidation on my part, having seen some of the reviews on here. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The Batemans was in good nick, with GKIPA, Adnams, Pride and Spitfire also on offer. (Not a blindingly original selection I grant you)
Bar staff were friendly and quick, atmosphere inside was good, and although clearly a chain pub of some description, was quite comfortable and pleasant.

2 Sep 2008 11:19

The Castle, Holborn

Single room pub a little way from Chancery Lane, run by the RedCar Pub Co. 8 beers on the go when I was there. Ventured a pint of Redcar best, which wasn�t bad. Food there seems to be reasonably priced and sourced from Borough Market.
Not a lot of seating available, but that�s to be expected given its size. Gets rather packed of an evening.
Bar staff were quick and pleasant. Worth a visit for the range of beers, but not the most comfortable.

29 Aug 2008 11:25

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

On the corner of an atmospheric street in the Temple area, the Edgar Wallace is a bit of a gem. 6 beers on offer when I was in. The Edgars PA was in excellent form.
The interior is relatively spacious given the smallish nature of the pub, with plenty of comfortable low level seating around the room.
Pleasant bar staff only add to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the good beer.

29 Aug 2008 11:17

The Barley Mow, Shoreditch

Small single room pub, which still looks like an old style boozer. The selection of foreign lagers and trendy customers sporting natty head attire tell you otherwise.
Claims to be a Free House on the outside, but had plenty of Fullers garb around and the three beers on offer were all Fullers. The Pride and ESB were well kept, although having to sup them from plastic pots was a bit of a shame. (One of our party wanted to step outside and smoke)
Not a bad place all in all.

11 Aug 2008 10:50

The Bickley, Chislehurst

More of a gastro pub feel to the place since the referb. Nice relaxed atmosphere on Saturday afternoon. Bar staff were pleasant and cheery. Didn�t sample the beer personally as was driving, but was told it was good. Will definitely give it another go.

11 Aug 2008 10:40

Black Boy, Sevenoaks

Decent Sheps pub. Has the usual selection of Sheps beers and larger on offer. Nicely referbed a couple of years ago, it has a comfortable trendy atmosphere to the place and the bar staff are usually good.
Outside area is one of its plus points as the pub is tucked away in a nice area of central Sevenoaks

5 Aug 2008 15:42

Prince Of Wales, Covent Garden

Pretty grim and expensive, beer is always stale the pub itself is hot and stuffy. Bar staff slow and operate the �who�s next� policy whilst looking at their feet and not the customers.

1 Aug 2008 17:22

The Brass Monkey, Victoria

Modern bar type pub. Stripped floors, sofa�s ect. Had a couple of beers on, Adnams, which was ok. Plus something else which I don�t remember. Bar staff quick and nice enough.
Mainly an office worker crowd when I was in there, and as such the drinks weren�t cheap. Pleasant enough though and certainly better than most of the local establishments on Vauxhall Bridge Road.

1 Aug 2008 17:09

The Oddfellows Arms, Alnwick

Name of the pub sums it up really

28 Jul 2008 18:26

The Ship Inn, Littleport

Has a real Dick Turpin type Inn feel to the place, especially on the outside. Some nice riverside views and moorings if your boating that way.
Inside is a rather odd combination of the old and new. The bar area has a really cosy feel to it with an nice fireplace and various pieces of old farming equipment on the walls. The dining area (as they would want you to call it) is more modern but pleasant enough.

Clientele vary as per time of the year, with purely locals during the winter, mixed with people on boating holidays in the summer.

Beers are always good. One of the only places I could get Adnams many moons ago, before they took over the world. Usually has a couple of relatively local guest beers on as well.
Food can be a bit hit and miss depending on how good the chef is on the day.

I always make a trip here if I�m in the vicinity.

28 Jul 2008 17:53

The Old Justice, Bermondsey

A rather grim establishment. No beer, booming music in the small bar area, which seems to be furnished with folding tables and tired green velour covered benches from an old Indian restaurant.
The (Korean?) barmaid spoke virtually no English, which lead to a mix up in the order so horrific, that I ended up drinking a pint of bitter shandy made with John Smiths.....(I am still searching my vocabulary to find the words to describe that particular horror.)

I like others, failed to spot the back bar....oh and the ladies toilets were �the worst I�ve ever seen� to quote missus. Which if you consider I�ve dragged her to some iffy boozers in my time, must be worthy of some kind of award.

All of the above is a real shame, because the pub (with some tlc) could be nice little boozer and with proximity to the river, historic connections and decent local trade a real winner....but it aint.

1 Jul 2008 14:55

The Angel, Rotherhithe

Has been nicely and tastefully referbed and boast some nice small rooms around the main bar. The outside terrace is superb.
Still quite a locals pub given it�s slight fame, although that makes it more atmospheric in my opinion. (And I was in on meat raffle night, which is always a good barometer of a pub�s character.)
Sam Smith�s beer, which is great if you like it.

1 Jul 2008 14:37

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Was expecting a far more corporate air and was pleasantly surprised by its lack thereof.
There still seems a good amount of character to the place and the river views are good, but not the best you can find.
Reasonable beer, but nothing special. Would have eaten but put off by the incredibly high prices.
Not worth making a special trip for in my opinion.

1 Jul 2008 14:32

Verve, Leicester Square

Not bad, had a decent bottle of wine and some tasty Nachos after work with the missus the other night. Which cost less than �20 as it was during happy hour.

Could do with a bit of a spruse up in my opinion.

27 Jun 2008 13:44

The Crown, Covent Garden

Cramped and smelly with dodgy beer. Even when I switched to Guinness it still tasted rather odd.

Another poor Covent Garden pub.

27 Jun 2008 13:39

The Anchor, Southwark

Has been given a rather extensive revamp both inside and out, which makes the place feel a whole lot better. Considering the filthy pit it was previously. Outside now has some large umbrellas, heaters and new furniture, which drastically improves the feel of the place.
The staff seem to have smartened up their act as well, and are now quick(er) and more polite than on previous visits.
Beer selection, is as rubbish as ever though, only Pride and Greene King IPA available. However the Pride was off when I ordered so went with a Guinness instead. (I wonder how many other beer drinkers avoid IPA like this now?)
Given the obvious effort that has been made here, it�s worth another go in my opinion. It�s still a tourist trap of course, but not one that makes you thoroughly ashamed to be a Londoner anymore.

17 Jun 2008 12:22

Founders Arms, Bankside

Decided to give it a go, after years of walking straight by. The modern interior is well kept, light and airy, and is quite nice considering the grim exterior of this 70�s? building. The usual Young�s suspects were on offer. Had a pint of Special and Ordinary, neither of which tasted quite right to me. (I do have a cold at the moment, which may explain this.)
Bar staff were rather slow and clueless I have to say, however the girl who served me was rather cute, which made the slowness forgivable.
Outside was nice, good view of the river and plenty of tables available, even though it was a sunny afternoon.

17 Jun 2008 12:07

The Crown and Anchor, Covent Garden

Fairly large pub in Neals Yard area of Covent Garden. Had three beers on offer. Harvey�s Young�s Ordinary and Spitfire. Young�s was in reasonable nick.

Given the size of the pub the amount of seating downstairs was quite limited, so had to go outside as the upstairs area (which looked quite nice) was locked.

Would certainly go back if I were in the area.

5 Jun 2008 14:22

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

Decided to go in a couple of weeks ago, to take advantage of the garden with the quick pint I was having. Previous experience kept me off the ales, so wandered across the cavernous room to the garden, pint in hand, feet sticking to the disgustingly rank floor. Got outside to discover that I had entered Tonbridge�s cr� least four tables were taken up with children, none of whom could be above 16, drinking bottles of Magners and looking decidedly ill in the mid day sun.

2 Jun 2008 16:05

The Wentworth Arms, Mile End

Very much an old style boozer round the corner from Mile End station. Has got a real East End local feel to it, nice old girl behind the bar and chatty locals propping it up. Which after spending most of the last two weeks working in the wilds of the North, was very welcome to this London lad.

As previously stated there is only Bombardier on keg, (I can only imagine how awful that is.) But, being a Wells pub I managed to get Red Stripe on tap which always goes down well.

Interior is small, but cosy and has been given a good clean and a lick of paint recently, which makes for pleasant surroundings. Small but functional beer garden/smokers area to the side.

Would get a higher mark had there been some real beer on offer, but a decent pub all in all.

30 May 2008 09:59

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

Nice medium sized pub. Has clearly been refurbed recently and rather well I have to say. The outside area is large and functional.

Three beers on, I stuck to the Breakspear which was in good nick, and not a bad price at �2.90

Was rather impressed all round to be honest and will be back.

24 May 2008 10:33

The Leather Exchange, Borough

Nice enough Fullers pub. The Pride was well kept. Pale Ale also available. Not too sure about the trendy plastic chairs and decor, but it's not so bad that it drives you out.

24 May 2008 10:27

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

Urrrgh Nicholsons strikes again....lovely interior, thats about where it rubbish, staff rubbish, just an expensive tourist trap really.

22 May 2008 16:37

The Harp, Covent Garden

Good, well kept beer selection. Adnams Explorer was very nice.

Because of it's location and rather small interiour it does get rather rammed quite quickly.

20 May 2008 13:54

The Barrowboy and Banker, London Bridge

Decent pint of Chiswick and cheap at �2.85.
Rather grand former bank interior, but as with most places like this which have been converted into pubs, lacks some atmosphere and even in the early afternoon with a splattering of customers, had an unpleasantly loud echo.

7 May 2008 10:51

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

Nice view of the Palace Of Westminster from the window, and a decent pint of Badger to go with it.
The interior has been tastefully refurbished and is worth one visit on that point alone.
Sadly, it�s not the biggest, and being slap bang on the tourist trail, it�s hard to get a seat, or space whatsoever, right throughout the day.
I have to say, that the Badger beer is better at The Ship and Shovel.

1 May 2008 13:56

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

The same gripes come to mind as with most other chain pubs in the Covent Garden area. expensive, not very clean, poor service, poor beer.

This one just seems worse because of the fantasic location it has, and the potential that is there.

24 Apr 2008 12:32

The White Swan, Covent Garden

It�s an O�Neill�s isn�t? Pleasant enough interior, with a thankfully small amount of plastic Irish guff nailed to the walls.
I only went in to sample a pint of Guinness Red (See annoying ad at the top of the page) which I have to say was ok, but I wouldn�t go out of my way to drink again.
The pleasant barman was actually Irish, which is novel!

18 Apr 2008 14:14

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

Good Sheps pub with a small, but lovely interior. Despite the lack of space it�s very comfortable.
The Masterbrew was in good nick the other day, and my cheese and bacon toasted sarnie was very tasty...if a little pricey.
Well worth a visit.

18 Apr 2008 14:08

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Having been in here a couple of times now I can�t quite decide whether I like the place or not.
On the plus side there are 6 real ales on the go, the Sharp�s IPA I had yesterday was in good condition, but not great. And I suspect the problem they may face is keeping the 6 beers fresh, as they seem to attract rather a young, trendy, non real beer drinking crowd.
Another plus is that they are all priced at �2.90 which is not bad at all for this part of London.
The negative for me is the layout of the pub itself, there are a few large tables dotted around the walls of the two rooms and once these have been filled you feel rather conspicuous and in the way, standing in the centre of the pub. Also I have to say, there was a rather overwhelming smell of chip fat coming from the kitchen the other night, which coupled with the above lack of space, led to an earlier than would have been departure.

8 Apr 2008 11:11

The Queens Head Hotel, Alnwick

One of the more welcoming places in Alnwick I feel. Like most hotel bars it�s quite a sanitized place, but the front bar is ok.
Stuck to the larger last night so can�t comment on the beer. Food was acceptable.

3 Apr 2008 14:04

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Good Youngs pub just round the corner from Borough Market. Has been done up in the last couple of years, and although not a fan of pub referbs, this one is not too bad.
Has Youngs Special and Ordinary on, which are both kept well, to compliment the usual selection of others and softies. The Fentimans (sic) Ginger Beer goes down rather well with Mrse1 when she�s off the oil.
Major attraction here I feel is the rather comfortable upstairs seating, which is still in good nick from the aforementioned referb and always a good bet for a seat, as I�ve never seen it busy.

1 Apr 2008 16:27

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

The upper deck is nice on a summers day, even if you can�t get a seat. Below feels a bit more sanitised, with a large bar and seating area without great views of the river from the window.

No real beer, but a large range of bog standard largers. It�s not cheap however, Amstel was �3.30 and Peroni �4.10 per pint. Food looked good, although didn�t sample.

Overall not bad, more of a lunchtime pint place, than a place to go of the evening I feel, and my rating has been lowered by the high prices.

1 Apr 2008 15:55

The White Hart, Waterloo

Gave me the impression of a decent pub trying to get out from beneath the trendiness, that has been slapped about the place. Could have done with a wider beer selection, only Pride being on offer. That said, it was a good pint and 20p cheaper than down the road at the Kings Arms.
Certainly qualifies IMHO as the third best pub in the area, after the Rose and Crown and the aforementioned Kings Arms, but I would make myself a regular.

24 Mar 2008 18:23

Founders Arms, Bankside


24 Mar 2008 00:37

W Lounge, Greenwich

Used to be a rather nice old pub by the name of The Cricketers, has now been turned into an ultra modern bar type place, full of plasma screens showing MTV or some such, with clueless teenagers behind the bar and no beer. How sad.
I have a couple of opinions about what the �W� stands for! Sums up those who run and populate this place now.

20 Mar 2008 19:50

The Coach, Greenwich

Another Greenwich INC takeover, they don�t seem to have wreaked The Coach and Horses as much as other pubs in the area. (The Cricketers for example) but the leather sofas, flowers on every table and modern fire place don�t sit that well to me.
Beer was quite good, but as I don�t remember what was on now, can�t have been anything special.
Large, heated outside area, under the market roof, which is good for our smoking friends.

20 Mar 2008 19:45

The Yacht, Greenwich

Arguably better views than the Trafalgar Tavern next door, but the inside is a bit chainy. Large menu with standard pub grub which looked nice enough. Had three beers on, the Pride was as about ad good as it ever is.
I always think you can smell the toilets in here, although my companions didn�t.
Overall nice enough, and slightly more of a pub than the Trafalgar, but not as good as the Cutty Sark 5mins further on.

20 Mar 2008 19:39

Lowlander, Covent Garden

Great range of Belgian and Dutch bottled beers. (I wouldn�t bother about the stuff on draft, it can be had in most All Bar One type places and is just plain expensive.)
The decor is nice enough, although the rows of tables get so busy, that you can barely get past to the loo or the exit when it is full, as it was the other night. Also, the high ceiling makes it incredibly noisy.
It�s worth a go, especially if you like Trappist beers, but not somewhere for a quite quick, or inexpensive drink.

14 Mar 2008 15:51

The Lord Clyde, Borough

Try the warm salt beef!

5 Mar 2008 17:20

Williams Wine and Ale House, Hoxton

Green King pub with plenty of character, tucked away down a side street from Liverpool St station. Paid �2.90 for an excellent pint of Ruddles and enjoyed a couple of rounds of pool, on the, shock horror, well placed pool table away from people trying to get to either the bar, toilets, smoking area ect.

5 Mar 2008 17:13

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

Only stopped in for one, Harveys was pleasant enough, clientele were a little rough around the edges, but nice enough. Pub itself has had one of those half hearted (cheap) attempts to smarten itself up, with a couple of leather sofas and such dotted around. Which to be honest haven�t really added anything to it I suspect.
Never going to be a favourite pub of mine, but worth a go.

27 Feb 2008 10:23

The Griffin, Camden

Hello !

27 Feb 2008 10:18

The Coach and Horses, Clerkenwell

Surprised really by the low rating for this place.
Yes, it�s a bit gastropuby now and yes, it gets full at times with Guardianistas from up the road. But it�s a nice old pub that hasn�t had a hideous refurb, there is plenty of space outside in the summer and the beer is always good. As it was last night with a decent couple of pints of Adnams had.

27 Feb 2008 10:07

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Interesting interior, but was packed inside so didn�t stay long. That and the Sam Smiths beer. Worth a visit, but during the day would be my suggestion.

27 Feb 2008 10:02

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Lovely old interior in a pub tucked away off of Hatton Garden. Adnams was in good form as well as the pork pies.

27 Feb 2008 09:59

Corney and Barrow, City of London

Upmarket wine bar chain, which as you would expect only serves bottled beers. My companion and I stuck to the wine, which I have to say, was good and a reasonable price given the place we were in. Had a platter of mixed continental meats, which although nice was a little small for the price.
The inside is pleasant enough, with large U shaped bar with tables dotted around, (although, given this is place is giving the impression of being quite upmarket I thought two large tv�s out of place.)
The outside area is nice enough, with enough tables, umbrella�s and heaters to keep everyone happy, and to be honest the biggest reason I would go back, that is the rather stunning view of St Paul�s Dome lit up at night.

25 Feb 2008 15:21

Vic Naylor Restaurant and Bar, Farringdon

A small bar next to the main restaurant, which to be honest looks like a bar itself.
The interior is dominated by the main bar along the right wall, there are a few booths on the left side and tables at the back. Although there is space to sit at the bar itself.
There is no beer on tap, but the bottled stuff is kept surprisingly well, in an ice trough behind the bar which keeps them nice and cool. Unlike most establishments like this, which serve them luke warm from a cooler.
Atmosphere is good, and the place has a very hip feel to it

25 Feb 2008 15:13

The Centre Page, St Pauls

Dropped in for a pint when I saw I was passing Knightrider Street. (Just have to find A-Team Avenue now) Cosy enough interior with some tables in booths, also looks slightly regency in style, but I suspect it�s not. Reminded me a bit of Mrs Miggin�s pie shop from Blackadder, although as I�d already had a couple by then the reality might be slightly different.
Beer was acceptable, if not cheap.

25 Feb 2008 09:33

The Ashburnham Arms, Greenwich

Need a compass to find this one. Old style backstreet boozer, serves good Sheps beer. Friendly atmosphere but can get busy after work

22 Feb 2008 13:25

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Winter Warmer was in fine form last night

21 Feb 2008 11:08

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Nice interior, the 30�s marble cladding around the fireplace is particularly nice. And the outside area is spacious enough that you don�t feel that you�re about to be walked into by the passers by.

Had a couple of pints of Pride at lunchtime, which were reasonably kept and at �2.50 a pint even better.

My partners, food wasn�t great, overcooked burger and chips, but overall not a bad place for a beer or two.

18 Feb 2008 14:39

The Roundhouse, Covent Garden

Went in for quick couple of pints for a friend of a friends birthday.

Beer was ok, wouldn't rush back for it though, like most Covent Garden pubs really.
A bit like the rest of the pub which suffers from having a bar far to big for the rest of the pub, so even with a few people in there it becomes cramped.

18 Feb 2008 10:49

The Hatch Inn, Hatch

Had lunch on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. Have to say the worst meal I�ve had in a while, my steak was overcooked and tasted like an old boot, with my companions faring little better with their choices.
Given that they are charging a fair whack for the food, you expect something better.

The beer was on good reasonable form with a couple of pints of Sharp�s Doombar, but it didn�t make up for the poor food.

Oh, and the heating could have done with being on, t�was bloody freezing in there.

18 Feb 2008 10:43

The Swallow Street Bar, Piccadilly

Was reading the Monopoly pub crawl guide when I saw mention of this place which is sadly now closed, and has been for a couple of years. However, I have fond memories of this place, having first met the future mrse1 in here, while spending to much money on Chocolate Martini's one night.

14 Feb 2008 15:10

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Ok for a couple of pints. A round (for 3) set me back less than 6 quid which isn't bad.
I'm not a massive fan of Sam Smiths beer though so didn't make it a long session.
The pub itself is pleasant and the upstairs bar is certainly worth a look.

14 Feb 2008 14:50

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Wondeful example of just how crap Nicholsons pubs can be.
Went in around 2ish on a Saturday, all beer was off, so had a pint of the black stuff instead. Shame it wasn't really a pint with at least half a head on it. As the barmaid had rushed off to serve some other sap as soon as the change hit my hand I had to wait at least 10 mins to get it topped up.
The tables where left un-cleared for the entire time we were there, so sat peering through other peoples left lunch for half an hour. An no, it wasn't so busy that it couldn't have been done.

10 Feb 2008 13:31

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Went in for a quick look at the inside more than anything. Beer was ok, but not great by any means.
Would be a much better pub I feel, if it wasn't part of the Nicholsons empire.

10 Feb 2008 13:21

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Went in to watch the rugby with the missus the other day. Most enjoyable time had by all. The landlord made us feel most welcome, even letting us have a quick tour of the upstairs gallery.
The Adnams was in good nick, and the lovely unspoilt interiour made for a good afternoon.

10 Feb 2008 13:19

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Despite this being local to work, I�ve avoided it for a while now in favour of the Ship and Shovel 100yrds away. Mainly because of the couple of times I�d been in before, the beer had been awful and place rather grungy.
However after being persuaded to pop in for one at lunchtime I have to say it seems much improved. The refurbishment of a while ago seems to have cleaned up the seats. The pint of Abbot I had was good and the service from the cheery barmaid excellent.

7 Feb 2008 14:52

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

Nice interior, serving a good range of Fullers� beers. Only gripe is that we couldn�t get a seat. The (empty) upstairs section was roped off, presumably for the nonexistent diners.

Could get your beer to take away as well, which is something I�ve never seen in a central London pub before

7 Feb 2008 12:15

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Bit of a hole really, stuck to the bottles as I rarely risk the beer in these type of places. Not helped by the large amount of dog shit in the pato area.

5 Feb 2008 15:17

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

�3.50 for a pint so cold you could use it to freeze women's eggs.

5 Feb 2008 14:57

The Marquis, Covent Garden

Typical Covent Garden Pub, had to try and explain the order of a pint and a 'VODKA AND ORANGE' to the non English speaking barmaid about 6 times.

Go in The Harp

30 Jan 2008 13:02

The Paternoster, City Of London

Quick visit yesterday. Beer was well kept, and a nice atmosphere. Menu was quite large although I didn't try anything. Only downside seemed to be the price of other drinks, a VAT cost �7!

29 Jan 2008 14:48

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Poor staff, poor beer, including the larger (how???) shame for such a good location.

25 Jan 2008 16:02

The Nevill Crest and Gun, Eridge Green

So so large chain pub

9 Jan 2008 16:42

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

I�m not sure about this place. Yes it�s quite hip, but the drinks are limited and expensive and the regulars who crowd round the bar very cliquey

9 Jan 2008 16:21

The Prince of Wales, Tunbridge Wells

Used to be a fantastic pub, but has gone downhill recently.

9 Jan 2008 16:18

The Foresters Arms, Tunbridge Wells

Nice to see this pit is closed

9 Jan 2008 16:15

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

Without doubt the best pub in Tunbridge Wells. Nice old pub interior, with open fire, perfect for wet winter days, and sitting outside on the Pantiles of a summer evening is really nice.
Beer has always been reasonable.

9 Jan 2008 16:10

The Black Horse, Tunbridge Wells

Good pint of Masterbrew to be had. The pub itself is quite nice, has been refurbished rather well a couple of years ago.
Can still attract a couple of strange people, but not as bad as once it was.

9 Jan 2008 16:02

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

Has been done up quite nicely recently. Reasonable pint of IPA, if such a thing is posible. But not somewhere i'd rush to. Also has no smoking areas other than the narrow street corner out front, for those who like to puff.

9 Jan 2008 15:59

Beau Nash, Tunbridge Wells

Nice pub, if very small. Beer is ok, but nothing special. Can get very busy, although there is an outside area.
Food used to be really good at one point, although i've been told this is no longer the case.

9 Jan 2008 15:56

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Went for a meal in the restaurant with family a few weeks ago, which was excellent, if not cheap.
As a pub it�s a nice enough place, especially in the summer. Although I find it a better place for an early afternoon drink with the Sunday Papers, before moving off somewhere with a bit more soul. The River views are it�s biggest asset along with the food.

9 Jan 2008 12:51

The Bell Inn, Taunton

Comfortable pub in a village which is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.
Beer and food is always of a good standard. Well worth an evening meal. Staff and locals friendly enough, although you might get a couple of looks as you�re the first new face they�ve seen in 15 years.

9 Jan 2008 12:26

The Primrose Inn, Tonbridge

Nice old white weatherboard building with a pleasant country pub interior. Although now slightly spoilt by the monster TV in the corner.
Beer is always well kept, with Harvey�s always on. Punters are rather local, however not as overtly unfriendly as those who frequent the Somerhill down the road.
Worth dropping in for the decent pint if nothing else.

9 Jan 2008 12:06

The Pelton Arms, Greenwich

Popped in for the first time in about 15 years because The Cutty Sark is closed till mid Jan. Even with the Sark being closed it was still nearly empty, except for a man and a woman arguing over who was �more local�. Because neither had seen each other in the place before. Both spouting names of places they�d lived and schools they went to. Most amusing

The Pub itself has been done up recently and is much bigger than you expect. Beer was ok, although left after a pint for above reasons and the fact that the juke box was incredibly loud.

8 Jan 2008 11:09

The Prince Albert, Greenwich

Had a couple pint after closing at the Tolley the other night. London Pride was in good nick. As ever friendly enough. Slightly more local than the other pubs off Royal Hill, but that�s no bad thing. Good pub to watch the footie in.

6 Jan 2008 19:33

Richard I, Greenwich

Went in for a few drinks the other night. Young�s ordinary and special where good. (Not fantastic though). As ever, a real eclectic mix of friendly locals coupled with a nice Young�s pub make for a good evening.

6 Jan 2008 19:27

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Don't really know what ed42 is on. The Sheaf is still a cracking boozer with a good pint of Youngs to be had. Danny's doing a fantastic job and anyone who thinks the Globe has something to offer clearly likes rough beer and the smell of uncleaned toilets.

28 Dec 2007 17:25

The Globe, London Bridge

Has been better, I remeber not to long ago being able to get a reasonable pint of Adnams. Went in the other night for a change, beer was rubbish and the whole place smelt of the rather nasty loos.

Go to the Wheatsheaf instead.

12 Dec 2007 14:33

The Lord Clyde, Borough

Beer and company always good. A really well kept boozer, that is, and feels very local in a positive way.

12 Dec 2007 14:29

The Royal Oak, Borough

Yes the Harvey's is good. But the place lacks atmosphere, and you do feel like your being watched. Also feels abit too much like your Gran's front room.

The Lord Clyde 5 minutes away is a much better boozer.

10 Dec 2007 10:35

The Railway, Blackheath

Having lived through servel incarnations of this place, the current one isn't that bad. There is a good selection of beer and larger, ok, it's not cheap, but your drinking in Blackheath village.
Good atmosphere, although rammed of a friday and sat night.

10 Dec 2007 10:31

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Lovley little boozer, warm welcome and a good pint of master brew

10 Dec 2007 10:26

The Princess of Wales, Blackheath

Used to be a regular drinking hole of mine, but no longer. Went in for a quick pint with friends last sat night to encounter the crap bar staff, who point blank refused to top up our pints when asked, and tried to tell us that the clearly off (cloudy) beer was fine.
When asked for the manager none was available.

This place needs to train it's staff or clear them out because it's costing them big time. This place has previously had a 7 rating from me.....down to 0 i'm afraid.

10 Dec 2007 10:23

The Ship, Exeter

What a shame, lovely outside but spoilt by the cruddy interior. Beer wasn't much better.

The sort of place Greene King should be putting their money into, instead of trying to ruin pubs that are already fine.

3 Dec 2007 12:28

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Suffers from having The Lord Clyde at the end of the road from my point of view. But non the less a good local boozer. Certainly a good place to watch a mid day kickoff on a Saturday.

19 Nov 2007 10:17

The Cutty Sark Tavern, Greenwich

Nice little pub on the river, good selection of beers and the organic red wine is superb.

Food is of a good standard, and unlike the beer very good value. The missus had a fantastic lamb shank, while my steak and ale pie was good also.

5 Nov 2007 14:09

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Nice pub tucked away from the general dross that is Waterloo, standing outside with your pint you could think your in a Lowry painting.

The Adnams was ok in both price and quality (�2.90)but you can get better in the Lord Clyde or Market Porter.

Worth at least one visit.

15 Oct 2007 09:37

EV Bar, Southwark

Beer and food were ok, not cheap though

15 Oct 2007 09:29

Walkers of Whitehall, Whitehall

Nice bar tucked away off Whitehall. By far the best place around to get a drink. Not alot on offer beer wise, just Pride, but it's always kept well.
The food can be a bit hit and miss i've found. The upstairs bar has a fantastic atmosphere of an friday evening.

2 Oct 2007 12:00

The Ship Tavern, Holborn

Nice little pub tucked away off Kingsway. Reasonable beer and nice atmosphere, although not a place to go if you want to sit down.

2 Oct 2007 11:44

George IV, Holborn

Ok it's studenty, and noisey due to the high celling. But, the beer is cheap and reasonable, the food is ok and the pub itself still seems to retain some of it's old gin palace features. So not the worst student pub/bar your going to walk into.

2 Oct 2007 11:42

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Had a couple of pints of well kept Adnams last week. Facinating place, freindly bar staff and a cat sat on the end of the bar, cant ask much more from a pub really.

2 Oct 2007 11:38

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

Nice comfortable boozer, had a lunchtime pint and burger last week, both of which were fine.

2 Oct 2007 11:33

The Ivy House, Tonbridge

went in a couple of nights ago for the first time in a while to find that the bar had run out of all but two spirits and the labels on the pumps were written in hand on scraps of paper. Very odd. As ever the locals were plesant enough. But the staff were slow.

19 Sep 2007 13:21

The Minster Tavern, Ely

Agree with all the posts below. Staff and beer and food all very good. I like the interior as well, nice and homely at the front, slightly more modern at the back. Although Cutter has been done up this is still the best pub in Ely.

19 Sep 2007 13:08

The Royal Standard, Ely

Good food, reasonable beer. Staff and patrons can be a bit strange when you first go in, but all in all a decent boozer.

19 Sep 2007 13:04

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Reasonable couple of beers last night. Seems to have been done up to quite a high standard. Which is always encouraging when the interior designers get there hands on pubs.

19 Sep 2007 13:00

The Hercules Pillars, Holborn

Am I the only person who thinks this place always smells of bogs

19 Sep 2007 12:48

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Nipped in for a quick pint at lunch whilst training next door. More than a pleasant supprise. Beer was in good condition and the food looked good, although I didn't sample any. I'll certainly be back.

19 Sep 2007 12:45

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

As ever a 'Spoons' Sh**hole

11 Sep 2007 15:57

The Cutter Inn, Ely

I agree with the last two comments. Much improved, although the service was a bit slow.

10 Sep 2007 09:29

The Sun, Covent Garden

Went in for a quick pint while waiting for my missus to get out of work. Seem like a decent little boozer. Shall come back for the football and check it out some more.

31 Aug 2007 14:46

The Hairy Lemon, Alnwick

Seemed ok, last place open in town at about 10:30 so went in for a last pint. Thought it looked a bit souless and chainy personally. Staff were friendly enough.

16 Aug 2007 15:14

The John Bull Inn, Alnwick

Went in on recomendation on a wet Tuesday night. Pleasent atmosphere with a large selection of whiskey and beer.

16 Aug 2007 15:10

The Falcons Rest/Bar Zanz, Alnwick


Went in with a friend on a Tuesday night looking for a place to watch the football. Opened the door to find the place empty save for the rather large white bulldog chewing a beer bottle. Thankfully we were told sky wasn't working so made our excuses and left.

16 Aug 2007 15:07

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Greatest pub on Earth, beer, locals, staff all fantastic.

11 Jul 2007 01:12

The Black Horse, Littleport

A nice little pub with a cracking riverside location. Always has a good pint of Adnams on. Regulars are quite friendly which is a pleasant surprise given that you are in the middle of the Fens.

6 Dec 2006 09:37

Que Pasa, Tunbridge Wells

Chav heaven

3 Oct 2006 16:50

The Sound Garden / Biscuit Factory, Tunbridge Wells

As someone else has said not a bad place for a couple while on route elsewhere. Lacks any real atmosphere to make you stay.

3 Oct 2006 16:48

The Compasses, Tunbridge Wells

Could be a really nice little pub. Lovely building, good beer, reasonable food. Shame about the brawling drugged up chavs that frequent the place.

3 Oct 2006 16:45

The Pitcher and Piano, Tunbridge Wells

Overpriced and full of people who think that they are Gods gift to humanity.

And that�s just the staff!

3 Oct 2006 16:42

Cassidys, Tunbridge Wells

Not a bad place to have a couple of beers. Has a good big screen to watch the footy and seems to be able to keep most of the tw*ts out. Which is difficult in Twells.

3 Oct 2006 16:39

The Guinea Butt, Tunbridge Wells

Not the worst place in town by any stretch of the imagination, however that is the only positive thing I can think of saying about it. Full of chavs and chavettes at a weekend. Beer is ok, and there is a garden which is a bit of a novelty in Twells.

3 Oct 2006 16:37

The Ivy House, Tonbridge

A nice small old pub with some great beer. Reasonably priced and the Thai food is good. Some of the locals are a bit odd, but hey it is Tonbridge.

3 Oct 2006 16:28

The Rose and Crown Hotel, Tonbridge

The bar is Smokey and uncomfortable, the beer is expensive and the staff barely speak English. As for the restaurant, it's overpriced and on the couple of times I've eaten there have never had a good meal. Either completely the wrong order or cooked badly.

3 Oct 2006 16:17

The Castle Hotel, Tonbridge

Last time I was in here the landlord threw out some guy for a) being drunk??? (funny that as you�ve been serving him all night) and b) swearing. Hmm!
The place has been done up a couple of years ago and served some decent food at one point. But it has quickly (like most places in Tonbridge) become a chav magnet.
On the plus side the beer�s always been quite good and it has a reasonable area outside by the river. Although an investment in some decent furniture outside wouldn�t go amiss.
Overall not a place to go of an evening, but a summer pint outside is nice.

3 Oct 2006 16:09

The Somerhill, Tonbridge

Could be much better, but isn't. An unfriendly place to say the least. Went in mid afternoon with my wife and literally the whole place fell silent. (not a good start)
Only a couple of beers which where expensive. And my wife�s dry white tasted like paint stripper.
Has a nice garden in the summer, but the overly �local� attitude of the punters lets the place down more than anything.

3 Oct 2006 16:01

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

As with all JDW pubs the cheap booze attracts the drunks and those just about old enough to drink.
Beer in here has always been kept badly whenever i've been in. The decor is poor and the whole place could do with a clean.

3 Oct 2006 15:52

The Market Porter, Borough

Large seleection of real ales and some nice microbrewery beers as well.
The location couldn't be better, standing outside in the summer is fantastic.
Could do with one or two more tables inside, but thats just being picky.

19 Sep 2006 17:01

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