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Comments by mrs_newcastle

Kings Head, Ashford

I came here one evening on the off chance of finding a quiet village pub to have a drink in with a friend, we even came out of the area. But that particular night there was a karaoke set on. Not the end of the world, it turned out to be a good laugh, i even did a couple of numbers myself.

Not sure what its like in the day-time, i hear they do food.

The staff were very co-operative and supplied my need for cocktails.

Met a very nice crowd of people, played drinking games and had a very FAB night. Also, met a very cute lad.

10 Oct 2007 12:17

The Oak Tree, Hillingdon

great pub! drinks, people, music fab! few chavs about, but what the hey

29 Apr 2007 14:18

The Master Brewer Hotel, Hillingdon

oh no, dont drink here. it looks as bad inside as it does on the outside. have fun trying to find the loos, terrible

29 Apr 2007 14:18

The Star, Hillingdon Heath

yuck! atmosphere stinks, and have you seen the people it attracts, dear me

29 Apr 2007 14:17

The Turning Point, Cowley

relaxing, calm and beautiful pub by the river

29 Apr 2007 14:15

Prince Of Wales, Uxbridge

cute pub which seems to attract fit guys, not that i was looking of course lol

29 Apr 2007 14:12

The Prince Albert Inn, Uxbridge

food is yummy x

29 Apr 2007 14:11

Paddington Packet Boat, Uxbridge

locals pub for local people. its cowley, what else can i say?!

29 Apr 2007 14:11

The Orange Peel, Uxbridge

rooms used to overcharge, not sure if they still do

29 Apr 2007 14:10

Nazdarovya, Uxbridge

never dissapointed when i go in here. yes, full of chavs, but great atmosphere, everyone seems to be having fun!

29 Apr 2007 14:09

The Hogshead, Uxbridge

gone a bit pants, pricey too

29 Apr 2007 14:06

Crown and Treaty, Uxbridge

great night out, stays open a little later than most pubs and good atmosphere! music is fab

29 Apr 2007 14:03

The Crown, Uxbridge

cute pub in cowley, now thats rare ! lol

29 Apr 2007 14:02

Coachmans Inn, Uxbridge

very clean and a quiet place to go on a week day. has a pooltable

29 Apr 2007 14:01

The Chiltern View, Uxbridge

its closed now, but it might as well have been closed before then. once walked in to buy cigarette papers and found myself swarmed by blokes who seemed to want to sell me lol

29 Apr 2007 14:01

The George and Dragon, Yiewsley

friendly people, more of a locals pub than anything. always have drinks deals on, fab! its what we like lol

29 Apr 2007 13:52

The Crown, Harmondsworth

cute pub, was out for a strole and found myself in this friendly pub full of local people. try it!

29 Apr 2007 13:51

The Red Cow, West Drayton

thoroughly enjoy myself in here everytime i go in. full of locals and people passing through. food is fab and pool tables attract the young crowds, great pub.

29 Apr 2007 13:48

The Railway Arms, West Drayton

what can i say, walked in here once and saw naked women! dear me

29 Apr 2007 13:45

The Fox and Pheasant, West Drayton

atmosphere stinks, but overall, good music, drink and a fab night out for a group of people

29 Apr 2007 13:45

The De Burgh Arms, West Drayton

over 21's (sigh) still got in when i was 15 though, cant seem to now. those stairs to climb to get to the entract, jesus! even worse when youve had a few too many and youre trying to walk down them!

29 Apr 2007 13:44

The Blues Bar, West Drayton

Now, ive had many a good nights here! karaoke is absolutly fab and drinks are NOT expensive. Last time i visited here, i think it was under new management because theyve changed the age specifications and that cute bar lad jason was nowhere to be seen! (sob)would deffo try this place on a friday or saturday night. be careful here though, can sometimes attract th wrong sort, my mobile once got pinched ere. lovely atmosphere and friendly talkative people

29 Apr 2007 13:42

Bentleys, West Drayton

no matter how many people buy, re-open or change the name of this place, it will always be a dive

29 Apr 2007 13:39

The White Hart, Harlington

calm and friendly atmosphere

29 Apr 2007 13:36

The Red Lion, Harlington

id say a local pub for local people who have been going for years, not much to say about it really. its basic

29 Apr 2007 13:35

The Angel, Hayes End

hayes end's finest hehe. cute pub

29 Apr 2007 13:33

Ram, Hayes

hmm, ive seen people younger than 16 walking out of here drunk. overall, atmosphere stinks

29 Apr 2007 13:32

The Great Western, Hayes

cant count the number of times ive seen that yellow borad up outside saying "did you see anything MURDER" from uxbridge metropolitan police. best bet is going to the offy next door, watch someone doesnt try to stick a knife in yer mind lol. overall, nice atmosphere and good booze, but crappy area

29 Apr 2007 13:31

The Grapes, Hayes

didnt think much of the food, beer tasted good though

29 Apr 2007 13:29

The Carpenters Arms, Hayes

dive, sorry, atmosphere wasnt nice

29 Apr 2007 13:28

The Botwell Inn, Hayes

cheap as any other weatherspoons is. didnt find the atmosphere very welcoming

29 Apr 2007 13:27

The Three Tuns, Gateshead

Great live music, really enjoyed it

29 Apr 2007 13:22

Liquid, Newcastle

It was closed by half one! Had free tickets to get in on a saturday nigth and it was bloody closed!

29 Apr 2007 13:21

Sam Jacks, Newcastle

Went in here last night, wot a crap place. Its massive, yet it doesnt even get half full! First of all, i went out looking like a little kid and the door staff didnt even ask me for ID, then when i asked for a vodka and red bull, the half dressed girl behind the bar said "�7 please". i was like you have got to be kidding me! Dont see what the big fuss is about this place. Only good thing i can say is...decent music

29 Apr 2007 13:18

The Rose and Crown, Newcastle

Cute little pub, been in here a couple of times now. Music is good and it isnt packed on the wekend, great pub for a quiet drink out.

29 Apr 2007 13:15

Keel Row Lloyds No 1, Newcastle

I actually work here lol. If im honest, the masses of beer hungry people who swarm to the bar every weekend is a pain in the arse when im on either side of the bar! Overall, cheap drinks, good music, great place to start a good night out. Never ate here, but the food looks yummy.

29 Apr 2007 13:14

The Robert Peel, Watford

This is a lovely pub which attracts good people. drinks are slightly over priced but theres a pool table and music is fine. friendly atmosphere

9 Apr 2007 21:04

The Unicorn, Bognor Regis

First impressions are not very good. I stayed there for a weekend in the rooms above with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed myself. drink is not expensive and the disco is fun. i even got a cheeky snog off the bouncer one night! lol

9 Apr 2007 21:01

Jingling Gate, Newcastle

Lovely pub with friendly atmosphere. Drink is not expensive. No pool table though.

9 Apr 2007 20:55

Crooked Billet, Iver Heath

thoroughly enjoyed the pub lunch here with my ex and his family. this place will be a personal memory to me. the food is very good!

9 Apr 2007 20:49

The Walnut Tree, Yeading

didnt like the atmosphere in there. drink wasnt expensive though

9 Apr 2007 20:45

The Wishing Well, Hayes

the food is lush...go try it!

9 Apr 2007 20:44

The Brook House, Hayes

love it sooo much! great night every night of the week. karaoke, live bands and great friendly atmosphere! EVERYONE try it out!! x

9 Apr 2007 20:42

The Swallow, Hillingdon

Nice, small little pub. My grandad actually drinks in there and the smell of the pine from the yard next door is refreshing. drink is not expensive. attracts lots of old people, wouldnt recomend a weekend night there but a quick quiet drink before catching the train is perfect

9 Apr 2007 20:40

Flynn's, Hayes End

Was in there the other night and i had a fantastic night. drinks are not over priced and the odd smell of pine is strangly refreshing. very friendly atmosphere and nice talkative people. love it!

9 Apr 2007 20:38

Zanzi Bar, Uxbridge

Excellent place to go on the weekend! Great music and fab atmosphere. Only downfall is the drinks are over priced. �3 entry

9 Apr 2007 20:35

The Ostler, Uxbridge

very lively pub with loud music on the weekends. attracts chavs sometimes, but theyre no bother. drink isnt expensive and you can really let your hair down

9 Apr 2007 20:33

The Metropolitan, Uxbridge

i agree with TheGP, last time i went there it smelt a bit. didnt enjoy the music that was playing that particular night, but people were all laughing and having fun, great!

9 Apr 2007 20:29

The Good Yarn, Uxbridge

Lush Food! Used to be a great weekender pub

Now its no smoking, music isnt loud at all and its not very lively like it used to be.

My mates call this the 'good yawn'

But i have had some good nights here

9 Apr 2007 20:17

The Crown and Sceptre, Uxbridge

Had some fun nights here. Its usually my next stop after ive filled up on cheap booze in the good yarn.

Throw some good discos and attracts young crowds.

Lovely pub

9 Apr 2007 20:15

The Cowley Brick, Uxbridge

Been in here just the once. Very pretty inside and friendly staff. Had a cold malibu and orange and wasnt over charged! Thank you

9 Apr 2007 20:13

The Brickmakers Arms, Yiewsley

Very quiet and small pub. Had my first pint and alcoholic bevvy in here when i was 13! lol

Lovely staff and friendly atmosphere.

9 Apr 2007 20:09

The Swan, West Drayton

Friendlt quiet atmosphere, although a lesbian once grabbed my arse once lol. no harm done. beer tastes fab!

9 Apr 2007 20:07

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