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Comments by menelaus42

Top Lock, Heapey

An excellent choice of beers and a pretty good ambience. However, I found the same problem with the "locals". They are indeed loud and they crowd around the bar, two deep. It's nearly impossible to see what beers are on before squirming between them to get to bar.

26 Jun 2011 09:03

The Prince Of Wales, Chorley

Still an excellent pub.

4 Nov 2008 23:13

Suzannas, Blackrod

Repelled by the masses of cars outside The Spinners at Adlington, which surely meant an intrusive pub quiz or other such torture, we repaired to Gallaghers.
The place was empty and with good reason; all that was on offer in terms of cask ale was Tetleys. It has been 20 years since I sampled that brew and it will be 20 years before I risk another.
How the fortunes of this pub have changed, now a "Punch Taverns" holding with some hapless landlord having taken up their "business opportunity". Another good pub transmogrified.

4 Nov 2008 23:07

The Sweet Green Tavern, Bolton

Popped in the other week. Ordered a couple of pints of Moorhouses' "Witch Hunt" which assaulted even my companion's unsophisticated palate. The beer was exchanged with good grace by the barmaid. As with many of the "real ale" pubs, there are simply too many beers for the turnover. The result is that the poor customer has to gamble on how long the barrel has been on for and whether any has been pulled off that day. If lucky, a fresh pint; if not, disappointment and the hassle of returning the offending pint.

18 Oct 2008 16:16

The Swan Inn, Stone

I popped in on a Sunday lunchtime and I had one of my best pints ever. Eight real ales were on offer but I stuck with my first choice. However, I don't doubt that the others were equally well kept. A perfect pub atmosphere, enhanced by the free buffet on offer!

If only something like this existed in Bolton.

Highly recommended.

14 Sep 2008 19:48

The Brinsop Country Inn, Westhoughton

Still one of the few pubs in the area where you can get a decent pint of real ale. Last week they had an excellent Taylor's Landlord. Much given over to food with little in the way of atmosphere, except for the loud boors who hang around the bar.

20 Jul 2008 19:36

The Kings Head, Bolton

The only decent pub in Deane but I do wish they would change their offerings. Pride of Pendle and Bombardier, although excellently kept, just don't hit the mark.

3 Jun 2008 22:48

The Howcroft Inn, Bolton

Having witnessed the decline of a once fine pub, I was heartened when the present landlord took over. Alas, my optimism was misplaced. A few visits have confirmed that Flat Cap is to be the only offering. I will not be hurrying back.

3 Jun 2008 20:54

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