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Comments by meland

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

Nice little back street pub away from the castle and touristy area, but close enough to find from here. Nice range of ales on tap and friendly welcoming staff.

23 Apr 2013 07:46

Fleur-de-Lis, Leigh

Great little local pub serving nice cask ales and very good quality pub food. Friendly atmosphere and service make it good place to visit.

23 Apr 2013 07:44

White Horse, Borstal

Really, a 6.5 rating? Friendly enough place I guess, but full of the local football team and seems this is their clubhouse on a Sunday at least. Really rubbish beer selection unless you like Greene King IPA....I don't and usual bog standard lagers on offer. Can't imagine this place surviving if it wasn't for the football team and a small indian restaurant in the back room.

12 Nov 2012 19:00

The Rose and Crown Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks

Don't be fooled by the current low rating for this pub because it's now a Vintage Inn and much changed. Very welcoming staff, great beer selection and really good value food make it stand out as a really good pub, although I suspect some traditionalists won't agree because it's not run by some grumpy old landlord who only takes cash for food and drink!

24 Oct 2012 12:05

The Fox and Hounds, Romney Street

Visited on a Friday lunchtime and the place was empty! seems new owners have been in for about 4 months and a pool table brought in (oh dear!). Nevertheless the beer selection was okay and the food we had was really good value and vey tasty. Wouldn't rush back, but not will visit again I'm sure.

14 Sep 2012 16:02

The Bottle House, Penshurst

We picked this place to take my wife's mother for a lunch time treat and I have to say overall it wasn't as good as I'd hoped! Poor beer selection (for me not the MIL) and whilst food was okay it really wasn't anything special for the price. Won't be rushing back anytime soon.

19 Aug 2012 12:21

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

Totally agree with the previous comment! This place has much potential and with the much better Bottle House and Spotted Dog just up the road you'd think they'd at least try and compete. Sadly, the beer, the food, the decor and the ambience is below average which is a shame for a pub in such an affluent village as Penshurst. Can only assume that as it's the only pub in the village itself, they purely rely on visitors to nearby Penshurst place and passing trade. I can't imagine how it would survive in a larger town with closer competition.

16 Aug 2012 12:14

The Pied Bull, Farningham

Not a bad pub at all and quite popular because of this. The beer selection could be improved but it was quite varied and the food was good value and above average. Nice little garden for those warmer days, but parking can be a problem unless you arive early.

23 Jul 2012 12:56

The Padwell Arms, Seal

Called back in here recently for the first time since October and what a disappointment it was. It seems the friendly & helpful people who had the pub back then have moved on - not sure why but don't get the impression they wanted to - to new pastures. Seems the 'new' people are previous tenants so all of the hard work done could so easily be undone as the pub used to be one to miss. The real ales still seem to be there, but when we ordered food we were given cheap A4 menu's with a handwritten front page! We ordered the food anyway only to be told by a very scruffy landlord they couldn't take a card payment because their phone line had been cut off when the previous tenants left....good planning this. We drank up and left and are unlikely to return anytime soon!

10 May 2012 12:54

The Lion Hotel, Farningham

Fine location, but dreadful place with no atmosphere!

24 Apr 2012 12:47

The Red Lion, Lenham

Not a bad pub really, but decor is a little dated these days. Ale selection was okay, but food we had was good value, tasty, and reasonable priced. Not somewhere we'd rush back to, but if in the area would drop by again.

24 Apr 2012 12:38

The Bowl Inn, Charing

Absolutely disagree with previous reviews of this pub! Visited one recent Saturday lunchtime and hoped to have some lunch. Only available food was snacks or sandwiches which looked somewhat less than inviting so we passed on this. Beer selection was okay on the day, but there was no atmosphere in the place whatsoever and staff at the bar were no exactly welcoming when we arrived. Do places like this not know that a warm welcome keeps the customers coming back even if the place is not as good as others in the area?

24 Apr 2012 12:35

The Halfway House, Brenchley

Lovely pub with a great selection of ales and really 1st class pub food which is well priced. Friendly staff and reasonably spacious, so all in all a real gem of a pub.

9 Apr 2012 18:52

The Warwick, Soho

Raeding the reviews I see most are 2 years + old, but believe me this is still a dive! Lucky enough to visit during a happy hour so prices were much more reasonable, but the beer selection is very poor unless you like only lager or Guinness. Staff not unfriendly, but hardly go out of their way to be friendly either.

18 Mar 2012 08:26

Kings Head, Mayfair

Pretty standard pub, but with friendly staff. Very expensive even for Mayfair, but excellent selection of beers. Just outside the busiest parts of the West End so a nice pub to go to if you like something a little quieter.

18 Mar 2012 08:19

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Good city pub with a massive selection of ales and lagers. Lovely building and good service at the bar.

16 Feb 2012 12:58

The Black Lion, Richmond

We stayed here in early February and thought it was a thorough let down! The only food we had was the Sunday roast lunch as they don't serve food on Sunday evenings, but this was decidedly average for 8.95. The accomomodation was poor and the virtually unheated room - the owner apparently only has the heating on between 4 pm and 8 pm even on cold days like when we visited - was lacking any comforts with a sloping mattress, rotting window frame and several lights not working. The atmosphere overall was not welcoming excepting the lady who served our quite tasty breakfast. Oh, and the beer was okay!

13 Feb 2012 12:46

Wombwell Arms, Wass

A really nice place to stay, eat, and drink with a friendly landlord and landlady. The food was varied and excellently cooked and with generous portions. The accomodation comfortable and relatively quiet and the range of ales was good. Would visit again if in the area.

13 Feb 2012 12:39

The Welby Arms, Allington

We stayed here in early February and, after the reading the review below, were lucky that we were the only people in the accomodation! The beers were good and the food quite average really, but certainly not inedible, and with a friendly landlady and landlord if was a nice place to eat drink and stay.

13 Feb 2012 12:35

The Camden Arms, Pembury

visited on Saturday lunchtime and the place was busy, but I absolutely cannot see why. The beer selection was average, but when a menu is as long as your arm you should know right away its not going to be the freshest of food. Indeed this was the case with so called home made chips being more chewy than crispy and the batterered cod I had was clearly ex frozen. Why do some pubs think that putting average food on flashy plates and lumps of wood will make the food doesn't!

14 Jan 2012 17:47

The Dovecote, Capel

Went here for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent beer from the barrels, friendly staff and good, reasonably priced, food. They have a nice area outside for the warmer months too, so definitely will return then.

8 Jan 2012 08:07

The Poacher, Tudeley

Not a pub so shouldn't be on this site! Booked a Sunday lunch with friends and turned up at 12:05 but at 12:10 we were still standing in the cold because they couldn't be bothered to open the doors despite advertising a 12:00 start. Won't visit again because if that is indicative of their customer service I'd rather be somewhere that cares!

21 Dec 2011 12:39

The Spotted Dog, Penshurst

Visted on a Monday lunchtime recently and had the set menu - all that seemed to be avaialble actually - which was really tasty and the pie we both had was delicious. Impressive selection of beers including Betty Stogs which was very good. Nice pub, not too expensive and also friendly enough. will visit again.

17 Dec 2011 10:57

Zingara, Bexleyheath

Chain or not this bar has an impressive selection of cold beers including Zerodegrees pale ale. No real ales as such, but no Stella, Fosters etc thankfully. I was here for my companies Chrismas party and was really impressed with the food and the friendly service.

17 Dec 2011 10:52

The Fox Inn, Finchingfield

Only popped in for a drink, but the place was quite busy and had clearly undergone a makeover since we visted 2 years previously. Beer selection was good, if mostly Adnams and the staff seemed friendly enough. Next time we visit this area we'll eat because the food looked very good. Overall a cosy pub for those long winter months....

15 Nov 2011 12:13

The Red Lion, Finchingfield

Amazed that since I last reviewed this pub 2 years ago, only one other member has added a review! When we visited with friends recently, the pub hadn't changed at all and it's still a cosy and welcoming place. The beer selection is not fantastic, but the food is very good pub style food and served with a smile. However, the revamped Fox Inn seems to be the place to be, so pubs like this need to be on their guard.

15 Nov 2011 12:09

The Grove Ferry Inn, Upstreet

We stayed here for the night and it was okay, but I'm rating this as a pub and not a hotel. Only giving it a 4 because on the day we visited there were only two of the 6 pumps on and they had run out of Captain Morgan's rum....on a Saturday lunchtime!! This really isn't good enough, so either someone's not ordering enough or they just couldn't care less....I suspect both actually.

7 Nov 2011 12:49

Edwards Brasserie, Sevenoaks

Okay, not sure where to start because as per previous post it is a little strange! As you walk in it looks a bit like the entrance to a sports hall, but once you get to the bar and restaurant area it looks much better. We opted to dine and were given menu's which we ordered from. Later, as we were finishing, another table were given menu's but with a set menu option we were not advised of which is not good. The food was good and not great, but it was nicely presented and was hot, and for the price I suppose it was about average. The beer was London Pride or Harvey's and seemed pretty well kept and overall the drinks and meal were not bad value compared to some of the other places in this affluent area.

28 Oct 2011 12:24

The George and Dragon, Ightham

Visited for the first time recently on a Saturday lunchtime and was pleasantly surprised. Although a Shepherd Neame pub the Late Red was in good condition and reasonably priced. Food, whilst not cheap, was good value for what you got and we would definitely visit again.

24 Oct 2011 12:16

The Padwell Arms, Seal

After seeing reviews of the "new" Padwell arms we decided to visit on a sunny Saturday lunchtime. Yes, the pub is much better than before and yes the beer is excellent and resonably priced, and yes the food was good and well priced, but the place still looks a bit run down and will, I'm sure, be all the better once the redecorating is finished.

17 Oct 2011 12:15

The Nellie Dean of Soho, Soho

Not a bad little place with a good drink selection all round for all tastes...great restaurant opposite as well!

3 Oct 2011 12:36

The Toucan, Soho

Seemed to get very packed early evening then almost empty a couple of hours later. Nothing special and beer selection very average.

3 Oct 2011 12:31

The George, Soho

Not a bad little boozer for a Saturday pub crawl drink or two, but not one I'd rush back to! Lager selection good, but not so great for ale lovers...

3 Oct 2011 12:29

The Devonshire Arms, Piccadilly

Stopped off here for a drink on the Hottest October day since records began. Aircon upstairs was a relief from the hot dusty air outside. Beer selection was good and bar staff friendly enough

3 Oct 2011 12:25

The Bo-Peep, Chelsfield

Went out for a meal here for the first time in a few years and wondered why we hadn't been on more occasions. Beer was good before the meal and the meal was very tasty and good value. Only downside is it's a bit on the busy side and maybe the service is a little rushed at times.

5 Aug 2011 15:43

The Plough and Harrow, Eynsford

Why oh why do we come back to this place when there is so many good places nearby to eat and drink. As always the food was very average and the service likewise. Spit chicken with lemon and garlic was a spit piece of chicken with a whole roasted garlic and half of a roasted lemon separate. Needless to say the chicken tasted neither of the lemon or garlic. My wife had the same with a "piri piri" sauce which turned out to be tomato puree witbh chilli seeds. At least the selection of beers and the setting is good, but god knows why so many people flock to this place...

1 Aug 2011 12:48

The Ferry Inn, Horning

Despite the "CLOSED" text against this pub I can assure you when we visited on a broads holiday recently it was very much open. Unfortunately, I can't see that being for very long as it's a dump! The beer was nothing special and although we didn't eat the food looked like school dinners so we got fish and chips at the shop nearby which turned out a wise decision. Only good thing I guess is that if you want to moor up for the night it's 10 which is refundable if you have a meal in the pub which I guess is a good offer if you have kids in tow.

14 Jul 2011 07:32

Kings Head Hotel, Hoveton

In here on our last night of a Broads holiday and found it a place to have a drink. No frills but beer was good and reasonably priced.

10 Jul 2011 17:52

The Bridge Inn, Acle

Popped in here on the last day of our Broads holiday. The beer was very good and the food pretty good too so if we ever holiday on the Broads agsin we will definitely pay a visit.

10 Jul 2011 17:28

The Ship Inn, South Walsham

Popped in here after a long long walk from where we moored up. The sign said 1.25 miles but it's more like 2 miles. We only had drinks because whilst the staff were efficient they were not welcoming so we went to the Kings Arms Chinese which was absoltely excellent.

10 Jul 2011 17:25

The Ringlestone Inn, Ringlestone

What a great find! Lovely situation, beautiful garden well sheleterd from too much sun, and great pub food. Normally 14.50 for a pie is too much, but here the pies are a bit special so didn't mind paying this much. The beer is standard Shepherd Neame which is a shame because if this had still been a freehouse it would be the complete pub. That said the Thatchers Gold Cider was pretty good and the Lagers offered by SN are okay.

28 Jun 2011 08:59

The Golding Hop, Plaxtol

A place we visit every couple of months, but on the last occasion we took our neighbours telling them what a great place it was. Now, Eddie the landlord is never the happiest soul around, but he excelled himself on this occasion and was downright rude to our neighbours and us. Apparently they don't allow their 1 menu to be taken outside - he relented when we said we bring is straight back! - and these are the rules. We've always been loyal to this place, but enough is enough and we are customers at the end of the day. Sonia,as usual, was very freindly!

31 May 2011 12:57

The Chequers, Laddingford

We'd been meaning to visit this pub for ages and finally when we did we found a real gem. The beer was good, but it's the excellent and great value food that made it for us. a 12 oz rump steak with a massive plate of tasty chips, peas, mushrooms and tomatoes just 14.95....nowhere else I know of does it that cheaply even for an 8oz steak! Will definitely go back again to sample more.

31 May 2011 12:52

The Castle Inn, Chiddingstone

Visited again recently and found the service initially to be poor. When we arrived there was nobody at the bar and when a yound lad finally came to serve he did something else before actually asking what we wanted. My wife then asked for some change for the cigarette machine only to find it was completely empty! We later found there was a shop only a couple of doors up which he could have told us about. That said, the food and beer were again very good although the good value 3 course set menu seems to have disappeared!!!

16 May 2011 12:42

Fleur-de-Lis, Leigh

I'd driven past this place many times after fishing on the Medway, but never stopped before. This time I did and me and my brother in law enjoyed well kept beers and cider from a friendly barmaid. I definitely would stop here again on a warm summers day as it's a nice place to sit outside and watch the world go by.

16 May 2011 12:34

The Greyhound, Charcott

I try to like this pub, but on our third visit in about 18 months I found it just doesn't have any atmosphere and the decor is too drab. We didn't stay for food even though menu's were given to us - very presumptious.

16 May 2011 12:30

The Black Horse, Thurnham

Very good service on the whole when we visited, but they have silly rules like you can't drink from bottles and eat food - except sandwiches - out front. Overall though staff were friendly and the service was good. Not cheap though, but food of a good standard and beers okay.

16 May 2011 12:26

The Crown Hotel, Long Melford

Contary to the reviews below I found the beer selection pretty good and the Brentwood gold was a lovely pint. The lunchtime food was excellent value too. That said this is not somewhere I'd choose to drink in the evening as it looked a bit rough and ready!

21 Mar 2011 12:59

The George and Dragon, Long Melford

Nothing special, that's all I can say really!

21 Mar 2011 12:57

The Bull Hotel, Long Melford

Stayed here for 2 nights for my 50th and whilst the back bar is a cosy good place to have a drink, overall the experience was a little disappointing. The beers were in good condition and the room - Melford Suite - was comfortable, but it was above the bar and you can literally hear every word people are saying below. The food was expensive for what it is and I would not choose to eat there again because it just was not worth the money.

21 Mar 2011 12:55

The Chequers, Farningham

Now made this my Friday night local and for good reason. The beer and ciders are well kept and varied and I agree the Russian landlady and staff are very friendly. Keep up the good work please.

7 Mar 2011 12:45

The Old Jail, Cudham

Seems like a popular pub, but at 12:30pm on a recent Saturday all tables were reserved and few people sitting at them. What's that all about?

7 Mar 2011 12:35

The Lullingstone Castle, Swanley

I took a wrong turn and whilst passing through Swanley thought I fancied a drink and saw this establishment. It looked a bit rough, but I am a wealthy chap so thought if anything kicked off I could afford to sue any blighter that hit me. On entering, the place went quiet like in old Westerns, but I persevered and went to the bar. A large glass of your finest house white please barman I said expecting Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. How surprised was I when I saw him pouring from a bottle of Hock. However, as I've never tried such cheap wine before I thought I'd give it a go and promptly spat it out in a spray of wine. Unfortunately, this was all over some poor chap sitting on an adjacent table in a muscle vest with tattoos who was with his wife...also in a muscle vest with tattoos. He prompty stood up and knocked me out, and the court case is in April!

10 Feb 2011 13:00

The Bell Inn, Bottisham

Advertised by a sign on the main road, but when you get there it's a let down. When we arraived food had finished so we just had drinks and snacks from thre bar. Landlady seemed to be forcing a smile and didn't say much so not somewhere I'd rush back to.

23 Jan 2011 09:16

The Woodman, Ide Hill

Visited this pub on a Sunday lunchtime recently. As always, the food was very good and reasonably priced. The thing that lets the pub down for me a little is the beer and particularly the real ales which are always Youngs, Speckled Hen and Bombardier and none particularly well kept. All round the bar area walls are beer mats depicting many of my favourite ales from around the UK, but never have I seen any of these on draught. As far as I know the South African guy who runs the pub own it as well so not part of a chain. I guess though that as it's always popular and quite full at weekends he doesn't need to cater for us real ale drinkers too much.

17 Jan 2011 12:38

The Plough and Harrow, Eynsford

Clearly Mr. or maybe Mrs.Bateman is an ignorant twat! The site may be called BEER in the evening, but it is a review of pubs and that, sadly, means these days the food is often more important to the pub remaining open than the BEER. Does Mr or Mrs Bateman not read other reviews where often the BEER is only briefly mentioned whilst the food gets a full review. Assuming Mr Bateman is a man maybe he should join the site which he may find more appropriate.

22 Dec 2010 12:39

Turmeric Gold, Tudeley

Now an Indian Restaurant/Bar, but because it's so damn good it's still worth a mention. Standard Indian lagers on tap with John Smiths I think, but food all cooked freshly and deliciously good value.

15 Dec 2010 12:35

The Greyhound, Wadhurst

Popped in here on a drive out and had lunch. Lovely fish n chips and my wife's scampi was nice too. Not excatly a gastro pub maybe, but good old fashioned food and beautfully cooked. Beer good and my pint of Old Hooky was very well kept. Old gripe was that I had a large glass of white wine and my wife had a small, but there was hardly any difference....except in the price! Recommended!

20 Nov 2010 11:52

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

Really surprised that overall this pub is currently showing 8/10 as although it's a good pub, it's not better than the Castle Inn, the Wheatsheaf at Bough Beech or indeed the Greyhound at Hever which are all within a few miles and show lower marks. Food we had was good, but not spectacular, and the Larkins Porter I had was a nice pint. That said I only had this because Larkins Traditional tastes like watered down beer to me! Overall, a good experience, but not fantastic and will visit again some time.

15 Nov 2010 12:28

The Castle Inn, Chiddingstone

Visited on a cold wet and windy Monday lunchtime and found the place very welcoming. John, the landlord, was very chatty and friendly and gave us an oversight of what he'd done with the place since taking over in January. We opted for the 3 course set lunch and although choices were slightly limited the food was very good indeed and great value at 13.95 per person. This is somewhere we'd definitely return to and hopefully it will be as good every time.

8 Nov 2010 17:01

The Plough and Harrow, Eynsford

This place is a Friday regular for us with friends because of it's laid back atmoshphere, wide selection of drinks, and comfortable seats. We decided for the first time to eat here and have to admit to mixed feelings. The menu is quite varied and only slightly over priced, and you feel it so wants to be a gastro pub. However, the food is really hit and miss, and whilst my starter of scallops was fine, my wife chose mussels and clam Mariniere which was basically mussells and clams in water with bits of onion. She complained but didn't receive any refund, just an assurance that the chef would be informed! Both our mains were very good, and so was my wife's dessert, but I chose the cheeseboard which was a big mistake. 3 tiny pieces of cheese, a few oatbakes - no butter, 6 grapes and a few bits of celery all for 6.45. There are better places to eat in the area.

25 Oct 2010 12:41

The Plough Inn, Hildenborough

I have to agree with previous comments in that this place could be so good. The "famous steak roll" we had was soggy so unless it's famous for being soggy I can't imagine why its famous! Beer (Tonbridge ale) was average and seemed mostly darker ales were on tap so if you like IPA or golden ales like me forget it!

18 Oct 2010 12:36

The Rising Sun Hotel, Cleeve Hill

Visited recently on a 2 night break. Had seen it was an Old English Inn so expected Greene King IPA only and average service. How wrong was I? This place is an absolute gem. The accomodation was good, but the food and beer was excellent and served by smiling and helpful staff. I don't agree that the food is expensive as coming from Kent it seemed cheap compared to pubs near us and we certainly got value for money. Highly recommended.

18 Oct 2010 12:29

The Slug and Lettuce, Cheltenham

Typical S&L establishment. No atmosphere, average beers and non smiling staff. Okay as a stop off for refreshment, but avoid otherwise.

18 Oct 2010 12:25

The Plaisterers Arms, Winchcombe

Popped in here for lunch on a recent Cotswold break. Tribute beer that I had was excellent and two others were also on. Had a baguette and fries for lunch and for the money it was good value and the fries were outstanding. Quite quiet when we visited, but i'm sure that's because it was in mid October.

18 Oct 2010 12:22

The Old Corner Cupboard, Winchcombe

Delightful pub situated as you come into Winchcombe from Cheltenham side. Visited on a weekday lunchtime on a break to Cleeve Hill and popped in for lunch. Good beer, good food and reasonably priced. Staff and locals seemed very friendly and would definitely recommend.

18 Oct 2010 12:20

The Kentish Rifleman, Dunks Green

We visit fairly regularly, but didn't often eat here because we think there are better value places in the vicinity. However, we took my Mother in Law here recently and we had a meal and I have to say we have been missing a treat. I had the loin of lamb and it was so tender and there was so much of it I have changed my mind about good value. Even the MIL enjoyed her meal so we will definitely go back to eat again. The beer is also very good and all drinks are much better priced than other pubs in the area such as the Chaser Inn where you need a second mortgage to buy a round in less pleasant surroundings.

20 Sep 2010 13:00

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

Returned to visit this pub after a break of a few months. Reason being last time we visited it wasn't as good as before and it seems like our break was justified. We arrived at about 4:30 pm on a Saturday and the place was only about a quarter full. We ordered drinks - 7.90 for a rum and coke and pint of Stwford Press cider - and then ordered food. Food took ages to arrive and when it did it looked okay. I had Liver and Bacon which was 13.95 so not cheap and frankly I found it too salty, but myabe just not to my taste. Nobody at anytime during eating ask if our meals were okay and not did they at the end. Maybe this was just a glitch in service, but none of the bar staff were the same as last time we visited so maybe this lot are just not as good. We won't visit again in a hurry while there are much better value pubs nearby.

13 Sep 2010 12:23

The Old Buttermarket, Canterbury

Don't necessarily agree with previous posts about this place as I found it to be fine for a drink, and although we didn't eat the food looked both good with generous portions. The beer was in fact exceptional with 3 real ales on when we visited so whilst this is quite touristy - it's almost opposite the cathedral gat so to be expected - I would visit again.

23 Aug 2010 12:55

The Halfway House, Challock

Called in here on way back from Canterbury and first impressions are good. A bit disappointed with ales on offer and the Summer Lightening I had was warm. However, the food is both great value and very good indeed. I had the scallops wrapped in bacon with giant grilled prawns and my wife had the fish mixed grill. Both were large portions, delicious and great value at 15.95. Would visit again if in the area.

23 Aug 2010 12:51

Papermakers Arms, Plaxtol

Have been to this pub twice in the last 9 months for Saturday lunch and both times they had run out of Bacardi, Red Bull and smirnoff ice and some beers were also off. Apparently, this is because on Friday nights they sell out! Well, i've got news for them order some more!!!!!! Won't be visiting again.

9 Aug 2010 12:57

Duke of Wellington, Ryarsh

Now this is what I call a good pub. Friendly bar staff, good food, good beer selection all well kept and a landlady that understands customers service. When my wife ordered Mussels some of them were unopened so I mentioned it to the landlady and she apologised and knocked 5 off the bill which was more than fair. Would definitely visit again....soon.

9 Aug 2010 12:50

The George and Dragon, Ightham

Popped in last week late afternoon and wasn't overly impressed. The landlord seemed friendly enough, but most of the customers seemed to be men who like to swear a lot and didn't care if it was in front of a woman. Not a pub i'd return to in hurry!

6 Aug 2010 12:58

The Greyhound, Hever

Re-visited after a year or so on a Sunday and was surprised how few people were in the place. Food quite expensive, but tasty so worth it.....almost! Drink selection is limited, but they had TT's Landlord so at least I was happy!

1 Aug 2010 20:33

The Olde George Inn, Shoreham

We visited this place recently for the first time in 2 years after seeing a roadside sign advertising it. There was no gang hanging about outside at lunchtime so at least that was something, but although the pub had changed hands it was still as we remembered it 2 years earlier! Food was everage and the drinks were too so won't be rushing back there any time soon!

1 Aug 2010 20:26

The Chequers, Farningham

Popped in here to have a drink with my sons and daughter after their grandad died. Ordered food which was frankly very average and cooked and served by a man with B.O. nice touch!!!! Beer selection good as ever though so not everything bad.

1 Jun 2010 13:00

The Bucks Head, Godden Green

It's a shame this is a Shepher Neame pub because it has character and good food. The beer is typical Shepherd Neame fare and not very good unless you're looking for a cold lager after a long walk or drive!

1 Jun 2010 12:50

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

Visited for first time in almost a year last week. Place is still looking a little run down, but somehow it seems to have improved. The beer selection is okay, but it was the food offers on weeknights that caught my eye. The steak night seemed excellent value and for a 16 oz steak with scampi it was just 13.95. The other nights looked great value and I will happily visit again in the summer as so much cheaper than it's sister pub at Bough Beech which never seems to change it's menu and is a little over priced.

1 Jun 2010 12:48

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

Visited for the fist time in almost a year and was pleasantly surprised. The place wasn't as packed as usual, but it was late on a Saturday afternoon! The food was good and well priced and so was the beer. Maybe just me, but it seems to have improved. However, I guess when the sun comes out the people will flock to this place making it too busy and impersonal for my liking!

1 Jun 2010 12:43

The Fox and Hounds, Romney Street

Re-visited last week and it's still a great place to drink and eat. Good beer selection and food is excellent. I had the fish and chips which was great value and one of the best pub fish and chips i'd ever had. It's a bit out of the way, but go here if you want a decent pub and friendly people.

1 Jun 2010 12:39

The George Inn, Thruxton

A man walks up and down the A303 with a board advertising this place which seems extreme as it's a busy dual carriageway! However, it's worth a visit as a stop off and food was good and reasonably priced and beer also good.

25 May 2010 12:55

The Crediton Inn, Crediton

Visited again recently for my Father in Law's wake and what a fantastic spread Diane laid on for all. All homemade food and great ales meant the occasion went smoothly which is what my FIL deserved. Thanks.

25 May 2010 07:37

The Rising Sun, Fawkham

Booked this place at last minute because many restaurants not open MOnday evenings. Beer I had was pretty good (Fawkham Guzzler) from Westerham Brewery and reasonably priced. Mixed feelings about the food because it was quite expensive for what it was, but in the main food was okay. Main criticism would be the lack of potato selection as all we were offered was New, mashed, chipped or jacket when many of the dishes cried out for something a bit more sophisticated. I had veal main course with mash and veg and whilst quite tasty for 17.90 it was 3-4 too expensive I think. Same with my sons Beef Wellington which at 18.90 was again overpriced although portions were generous. My wifes starter was really bland and for 6.90 it shouldn't have been. Would visit again, but more likely to eat from specials board which was cheaper and seemed better value.

4 May 2010 12:53

The Foresters Arms, Loughton

Answer me this! What sort of place says they open at Midday, but then when you approach the door usher you away saying they haven't finished cleaning? Well, the answer is this place......twice! Visit at your peril!

19 Apr 2010 18:23

The Three Colts, Buckhurst Hill

Visited this pub recently on a Saturday lunchtime to watch Sky Football after many years. I used to live just around the corner! The first thing that struck me was that they didn't serve any food, very unusual these days and not welcome as we were hungry! The second thing that struck me was they allowed some Chinese men to mingle in the pub to sell their fake DVD's - 3 Chinese men at 3 separate times to be precise, and we were only they for 90 minutes! Apart from that, service was friendly and beer okay and we won in the football which was the best thing about the experience. Oh, and kids are allowed in the bar because one man watched the football in fron of us with his young son!

16 Apr 2010 12:26

Owl, High Beech

Great location with a lovely view. Apart from that a typical chain pub with average food, average beer and plenty of screaming kids with loud mouth parents who think they own the place!

16 Apr 2010 12:18

The Gardeners Arms, Loughton

I used to live in the area and visited at lunchtime recently for the first time in many years. Nice pub and friendly people with good beer - Doom Bar, Black Sheep, Adnams - but food somewhat over priced for what you get. Scampi and chips descibed as "jumbo scampi" but it wasn't jumbo at all and with only 7 pieces it wasn't great value for 8.90

16 Apr 2010 12:14

General Sir Redvers Buller, Crediton

Typical Wetherspoons pub okay for lunch but full of oiks in the evenings drinking cheap lager.

7 Apr 2010 12:20

The Hoste Arms, Burnham Market

Nice pub nice location with good food and beer. Staff helpful and efficient although don't visit if you don't like plummy accents and people who think they're better than you because mummy and daddy have money!

20 Mar 2010 15:10

The Lifeboat, Thornham

Just got back from the Lifeboat and for us it was a case of mixed feelings! The good is the beer, the cider the bar food, the breakfast and the location. The not so good is the restaurant food which is too expensive and frankly not great quality unless you like your food swimming in sauces. The room we had for two nights which had cobwebs on the ceiling and stains on the bed cover and the unsmiling robot like restaurant staff - not all, but ceratinly the more senior ones! That said we had a good time and would consider visiting again.

20 Mar 2010 15:06

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Nice little back street pub with a good atmosphere. Didn't have any food, but drinks reasonably priced although the Japanese lager Kirin Ichiban at 4.30 a pint, whilst over priced, was very good. Gets packed in here though which is not a bad thing, but toilets are tiny and cramped and not all that clean.

13 Feb 2010 14:05

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

Visted here recently and whilst not quite as bad as some of the commnets suggest it is nevertheless not a great pub. The upstairs bar was packed so we went to the cellar bar which was busy with a few seats available. The food wasn't bad, but the drinks were over priced although nice to see Youngs London gold on tap which was well kept although a little warm!

13 Feb 2010 14:00

The Man of Kent, East Peckham

Went in here for first time yesterday. First thing the struck me, literally, was the low beams. If you're 6' or over forget this pub unless you want to walk around hunched over. Food quite good although it's the smallest piece of fish i've ever had with fish n chips before. Chips were excellent though and nicely presented. Not too many real ales on when we visited so I plumped for a pint of Amstel which is one of the few lagers I can drink. 7 for a Malibu and pineapple and a pint is not cheap though. Would probably not visit again as so many better in the area.

24 Jan 2010 07:52

The Red Lion, Finchingfield

We hadn't been here for a few years, and since last time we were here it'seems to have changed hands. The beer is Essex and East Anglian and well kept. The food was pub style rather than gastro, but the home made lasagne I had was both generous and delicious and worth the 9.25. My wife's chicken and ham pie was, i'm reliably informed, also delicious. The decor was cosy with a log fire to the right of the entrance. The landlord is as gay and camp as they come, but very friendly and entertaining and the locals, some well spoken and some not so well spoken, seem to have a real rapport with him. Will visit again when in the area.

22 Nov 2009 08:30

The Middle House Hotel, Mayfield

We hadn't been in here for about 3 years and last time we visited it was very busy. This time it was also busy, but we got there early and got good seats. The pub hadn't changed much and it's still as good as ever although the current rating of 8.1 is perhaps a little generous! This is mainly because the beer on offer wasn't as good as i'd remembered and the food erring on the expensive side. Beer was the usual Harvey's and London Pride, but the beer I had was called Tribute and was well kept and reasonably priced. The food - I had Liver & Bacon and my wife Roast Beef - was generous and tasty, but at 9.95 and 10.95 respectively it needed to be. We would visit again, but there are pubs as good if not slightly better closer to home.

16 Nov 2009 12:20

The Kings Head, Bessels Green

Paid this a visit recently and was pleasantly surprised. Very quiet pub with friendly service and log fire next to some comfortable sofa's. Beer is Youngs and London Pride plus Fosters and Stella. No Cider on tap which is unusual, but I guess if nobody wants it there's no point stocking it! Food is cheap and cheerful, but good value. A Thai restaurant is due to open here in the next couple of months.

9 Nov 2009 12:58

The Fox and Hounds, Romney Street

Was in here a month or so back and found it an excellent place to drink and eat. They even had Mild on tap which is rare these days. Recommended

4 Nov 2009 12:52

The Red Lion, Swanley

Totally agree with other recent reviews that this pub has been turned around. I popped in for a Thai takeaway recently and had a couple of drinks while waiting. All seemed friendly and beer was very good.

4 Nov 2009 12:47

The Black Horse, Stansted

Been going here for several years and although still friendly it's not as welcoming as once was. New Thai restaurant has recently opened and food is now better than the Thai before it so this is a plus. Bar food is traditional pub stuff but good value. Real ale is hit and miss, but in the main they have a good selection all round of beers and ciders.

8 Jul 2009 12:59

The Plough and Harrow, Eynsford

Since I last rated this pub in Oct 08 it seems to have gone downhill which is why we now go to the nearby Five Bells. The drink selection is still very good but it's the staff that seem to be the problem. The Australian barman that had personality has gone to be replaced by sour faced staff who don't exactly rush to serve you.

16 Jun 2009 19:25

The Kings Head, Bessels Green

The land lady and land lord of this place used to run the Castle Hotel in Eynsford which was a real dive. Hopefully they won't bring this potentially good pub down to the level of the former, although I suspect some of the regulars of the Castle are already infiltrating!!!

16 Jun 2009 12:46

The Five Bells, Eynsford

We regularly visit this establishment on Friday evenings. Always friendly and attentive staff and good selections of beers. Only tried the sandwiches when we visited on a lunchtime and they were good value and tasty. This is no Gastro pub though!

16 Jun 2009 12:43

The Plough Inn, Hildenborough

Not a bad pub when it's open! Lack of good beer when we visited with only Westerham on tap, but food was okay and reasonably priced.

16 Jun 2009 12:40

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

The same owners as the Wheatsheaf at Bough Beech, but whereas that pub is very good this place is run down and characterless.

16 Jun 2009 12:38

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

This is the sort of pub - like the Chaser Inn at Shipbourne - that attracts loads of people at weekends and bank holidays, but you have to wonder why. The food is good and the beer is average, but what makes people flock to this place is beyond me when there are so many pubs nearby that are nowhere near as busy, but just as good.

16 Jun 2009 12:36

The Greyhound, Charcott

This pub is tucked away and i'd love to say it is worth finding. However, it is one of those pubs that is not bad but nothing special. The beer is good and the food the same, but that is all it is and there was little atmosphere when we visited. It is a sad fact that this is the type of pub that could disppear in times of recession.

16 Jun 2009 12:33

The Greyhound, Hever

Good pub with a friendly atmosphere. Good food and rink selection. One criticism is that they seem to cater for weddings with the bars being shut when they do, but there is no sign left outside so until you walk in you're not made aware of this.

15 Jun 2009 13:00

The Kentish Rifleman, Dunks Green

Excvellent friendly kent pub. Called in here for the first time after passing it several times. We were not disappoibnted as the beer and food was very good. The landloord seemed friendly enough and the serving staff were attentive and helpful.

15 Jun 2009 12:58

Duke of Wellington, Ryarsh

Very friendly pub with good beer and wine on offer. Food reasonably priced, but not a huge choice although the Brie and Bacon ciabatta was very good.

3 Oct 2008 17:09

The Harrow, Hadlow

Called in here after going to the lambing at Hadlow College and was pleasantly surprised. We arrived just as the food was due to stop being served but the waitress said this was not a problem and made us feel welcome and we got the food we wanted which was good. Typical Shepherd Neame beers and lagers which are not my favourite - are they anybody's?? - but reasonably priced. Recommended.

3 Oct 2008 17:04

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

Looks like a typical back street locals pub, but having called in there a couple of weeks back we were pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere and general friendliness of the place. It's also a lot bigger than it looks from the front. The beer is good and reasonably priced and there is a good selection of lagers and spirits also.

3 Oct 2008 16:58

The Chequers, Farningham

A great pub for the beer drinker who likes well kept beers and some unusual lagers and ciders you don't see in many pubs. Food is average but good value and I would recommend this pub to anyone.

3 Oct 2008 16:53

The Plough and Harrow, Eynsford

This is a very good pub if you just want to relax and enjoy a drink with friends, but if you want to eat forget it unless you like paying well over the top. When we called in we ordered the Ham & chese melt which was around 7 but turned out to by a couple of pieces of dry toast wit a slice of ham and the minimum of melted cheese on top. Drinks are excellent if a little over priced.

3 Oct 2008 16:49

The Castle Hotel, Eynsford

This is our neighbours local pub and though we'd give it a try although not our usual type of establishment. I'd like to say we were pleasantly surprised, but we weren't. The beer is average, the food the same, but more importantly the atmosphere is non existent unless you fancy a fight when i'm sure there would be plent of takers.

3 Oct 2008 16:45

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

What a great pub! Good beer and cider and the food is excellent, but not the cheapest. Well worth a visit.

3 Oct 2008 16:40

The Golding Hop, Plaxtol

Landlord not the friendliest, but the landlady is excellent and serves the best Gammon egg and chips i've ever had. Beer from the barrel is worth calling in for alone.

3 Oct 2008 16:37

The George Inn, Trottiscliffe

Nice enough inside, but real ale limited to speckled hen and master brew from Shepherd Neame. It's really the food that lets it down as most main courses are over 10 and the Lancashire hot Pot I had at alomost 12 tasted like an ASDA`ready meal re-heated under the grill. My Wife said the Paella was tasteless and my son who had the Bolognese said if was watery and tasteless. Won't go here again.

3 Oct 2008 16:34

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