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The Green Dragon Inn, Stoke Fleming

Quirky little place with interesting interior. Run by Mrs Basil Fawlty .
Beer was alright and reasonably kept. Food was acceptable as well.
Take your torch to the toilet.

27 Sep 2016 21:24

The Plough Inn, Grateley

Yet again under new stewardship. Went on a Tuesday night to discover that the car park was full, a good sign. Turned out to be the Quiz Night. Nothing wrong with that, if it fills the pub.
Looked at the menu, straight out of the freezer shop. Ordered food, was advised there might be a delay, which there was not, another plus.. Sadly the Risotto we ordered had been heated in the oven and was solid. You should not have to cut Risotto with a knife. Tasted acceptable and was warm but obviously the local school dinner cook has an evening job.
Poor selection of beer (being Enterprise Inns) and the I have tasted better Butcombe, not particularly well kept.
Drinks Prices were reasonable and food was cheap.
Full marks for trying, but you will have to do better.

6 Sep 2016 21:41

The Tite Inn, Chadlington

Excellent little pub. The selection of beers was a little limited (2 breweries) but the acceptable. The board on the wall indicated that the selection was varied regularly but we only visited the once.
The food was good apart from the side vegetables which were obviously frozen and hence tasteless.
Very friendly staff, so a good night out.

13 May 2016 09:27

The Plough Inn, Grateley

Back in service after a recent refurbishment which has cheered the place up quite a bit.Plenty of space in the bar and eating areas.
The new tenants are trying their best with a good selection of beers and the food was pretty good as well.

Keep up the good work.

13 May 2016 09:23

The George and Dragon, Shipley

Believed to have changed hands recently.
First the good bit, the beer was fine although we did not stay to try more, but it was appreciated during the twenty minutes we spent just waiting for a menu to be presented before giving up, stealing a menu that was lying around, and ordering at the bar. It was then an hour from arrival before food eventually turned up. The "roast dinner" was described by the recipient as inedible, and true enough it did all look like straight from the freezer into the microwave (the wafer thin uniform slices of meat gave it away). Fair play, they did not charge for it upon receiving the complaint. The risotto was like par boiled rice pudding with bits of vegetables stirred in. They would have been better using "Uncle Ben's" rather than whatever recipe they had used (Ambrosia Creamed Rice??).
A word about the staff, there is a difference between "casual dress" and "scruffy" (the proprietor was wandering around in jeans with the Backside having down). There needs to be some form of uniformity to allow customers to identify those working there (from whom they might be lucky enough to get service) from other customers. The staff appeared to be operating in a chaotic environment, flitting between bar and table service, neglecting the customers in so doing.
I give them a year before they fail.

30 Aug 2015 19:16

The Red Lion, Cricklade

Delightful pub serving good meals, all from the board rather than a menu. Pity quite a few items on the menu were "off awaiting them to be remade", however it indicates home production (good thing).
Their own brewery supplies a great selection of beers on top of the variety they have from other breweries.
Good service and well prepared food in homely surroundings.

28 Aug 2015 19:18

The Black Swan, Monxton

First time back under new ownership. Greta improvement, the food was very good, imaginative and not over-priced.
Had three beers on tap, a little cold for my liking, as well as a small selection of craft beers on which they hope to expand.
Still heavily into the restaurant side rather than the pub side.

17 May 2015 13:39

The Navigation Inn, Buxworth

Unpretentious pub in a great location, with good selection of beers.
Spend some time here if you can.

13 May 2015 09:30

The Golden Lion, Todmorden

Interesting pub, shabby chic with a good selection of reasonably priced beers. Chinese theme to interior and cuisine, but well worth a visit. Spend some time reading the walls and looking at the curios.

13 May 2015 09:27

The Rose of Lancaster, Chadderton

Stopped here hoping for a meal but it was very crowded with no spare tables. Beer was good (normal Lees selection) and very pretty location overlooking the canal. call in past if you can.

13 May 2015 09:24

The Riverhead Brewery Tap, Marsden

If you only go to one pub in Marsden, make it this one. Great selection of beers and interesting interior. Very popular with the locals at 5pm.

13 May 2015 09:21

The Commercial Hotel, Slaithwaite

Despite its austere frontage it was a pleasant little pub with a good selection of beers at reasonable prices. Unpretentious but worth a visit.

13 May 2015 09:19

The White Lion, Hebden Bridge

Called in past for a meal and a drink, both very good. Well prepared food and a good selection of beer. One of many in HB I am sure but well worth a visit.

13 May 2015 09:16

The Anchor, Cockwood

Lovely pub Ndlocation. Good selection of beers, but pricey.
Great interior, well worth a visit (with a large wallet).

2 Mar 2015 21:27

The Ship At Cockwood, Cockwood

Busy little pub when visited although by the end of the evening we were only our own. Beer was well kept if unexciting. Food was acceptable.
Canotcommend on location as it was dark, but had potential.

2 Mar 2015 21:26

Fox and Hounds, Uffington

Nice quiet pub, a bit starkly furnished but perhaps that was just because there was some redecoration going on.
The beer was acceptable but the food was disappointing. Fish pie was some farmed salmon with mashed potatoes on top. Chips were thin cut, bought in. It was not bad, just bland. Service was fine.

29 Jan 2015 16:45

The Whitegate Inn, Chadderton

Bad weather forced me to eat here again. Food is particularly poor value albeit edible. I got the same portion in the nearby Boat and Horse for half the price charged by this place.
Whitbread start sorting your ideas out!!!
The Beefeater menus quote 'a full range of draught beer and cask ales. Just ask a team member for more information'. So when I asked what the difference between beer and ale was, I was met with blank looks.

17 Dec 2014 20:37

Boat and Horses, Oldham

Large pub on busy roadway, but nice atmosphere and caring staff.
Had a bite to eat, which was served promptly, good service and acceptable food.
Three Lee's beers on draught, but only tried the one (Christmas Plum), very nice.
Good experience all round.

9 Dec 2014 20:20

The Whitegate Inn, Chadderton

No real ale here, just a Beefeater. Big screen telly and usual set up.
Food was particularly unexciting. Produced my risotto in about five minutes, it had the consistency of porridge and the microwave had not even warmed the plate. I was very hungry and ate it though.
Basically go elsewhere if you like beer.

8 Dec 2014 20:45

Mother Shipton Inn, Knaresborough

Interesting little pub a little out of town so pretty quiet when I went there.
Only one beer worth drinking when I was there (Thwaites Wainwright), but it was in good condition.

26 Oct 2014 22:04

Cross Keys, Knaresborough

Smashing little pub with good selection of beers, even though many come from the same brewery.
Beer was well kept and in good condition, landlord was welcoming and provided samples of the beers.
Nice and quiet on a Sunday night so can not comment on the rest of the week.

26 Oct 2014 21:59

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

A real gem of a pub, kept in a very old fashioned way. Some fine pieces of traditional furniture.
Beer was well kept and a good variety.
Worth seeking out.

29 Sep 2014 17:29

Gardeners Arms, Alderton

Nice welcoming pub which served some decent food as well.
Quiet during the week with the occasional bingo/quiz.
Beer was well kept, but unexciting. Plenty for cider buffs though.

29 Sep 2014 17:26

The Chichester Arms, Mortehoe

Fine pub, good beer. Only criticism, no WiFi!

21 May 2014 21:13

The Ship Aground, Mortehoe

Could be better. Barmaids very talkative to the regular locals, perhaps too much so.
Music should be turned down or better still, off.
Beer was OK though.
Interesting building.

21 May 2014 21:12

The Smugglers Rest Inn, Mortehoe

Still very quiet. We were the only customers in so the beer was fresh from the pipes!!!
Not particularly welcoming, the barman was engrossed in his mobile.

21 May 2014 21:08

The Parr Arms, Warrington

Beer was fine and food was good too. Interesting interior and good friendly staff.

6 May 2014 14:42

The Roebuck, Leek

A gem, all the beers Titanic sampled were in good condition and an excellent selection.
The food on the other hand was a great disappointment. Ploughman's Lunch had a slice of cotton wool instead of a hunk of bread, the chef's own pickle was just some sliced red onions and the "pickled onions" were silverskins. I would rather pay more than the £5 requested and get something decent.
For drinking, it was great! Forget the food.

6 May 2014 14:17

Cheshire Cheese, Sandbach

Popped in for a a quick pint, good selection and a good £1 cheaper than my local. Beer and atmosphere were fine.

6 May 2014 14:00

The Toby Carvery, Etruria

Beer was tolerable (not a fan of Marston's) but soul-less. Had to queue for beer rather than stand at the bar. Carvery was ok value (£6.00) but not great quality.

6 May 2014 13:55

The Eagle Inn, Abbotts Ann

A great "locals" pub. Always a good selection of different well kept beers.
Seek it out.

4 Dec 2013 08:58

The Brewers Arms, South Petherton

Very accommodating, nice selection of beers and good atmosphere.
Food good too, what more could you ask for.

4 Dec 2013 08:52

The Clatford Arms, Goodworth Clatford

Cycled there to visit the "Beer festival" advertised only to be informed that they had run out of beer vouchers and were waiting for more so could not sell any of the festival beer.
It was suggested I wait half an hour, I had a better idea and went elsewhere. Such incompetence is inexcusable.

26 May 2013 18:22

Bull and Dog, Whitchurch

Walked 50 minutes to get here being the nearest pub from the Prees branch of the canal. Landlord was very helpful in organising a taxi for us on the way back so we ate their as well. Food was good and the beer was well kept (if unexciting) so well worth the walk.

6 May 2013 10:25

The Dusty Miller, Wrenbury

Good food and well kept beer in a lovely canalside location.
Bit new and plasticky but good nonetheless.

6 May 2013 10:21

The Aqueduct Inn, Froncysyllte

Went to search for it in April 2013 only to find it closed (for three months already) and will be re-opened in 3 weeks.

6 May 2013 10:13

Corn Mill, Llangollen

Very nice, good food, good service and an excellent selection of local beers.
We were directed to some really ropey places by a local who never mentioned this one. They must want to keep it nfor themselves!!

6 May 2013 10:11

Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton

Nice pub and garden, beer kept well.
Food menu was fine, the roast was a good plateful but the vegetarian dishes would satisfy a hungry rabbit, (leaves a plentiful, but substance little) and represented poor value.

23 Jul 2012 09:45

The Hawk Inn, Andover

Used to be the Amport Inn but now renovated and turned into a modern bistro.
Beer well kept though but the pub is noisy because the interior is all hard surfaces which resonate the ambient noise.
At least now the locals are returning to it.

25 Jul 2011 09:09

Amport Inn, Amport

Now called the Hawk.
Gutted, renovated and now looks like a Bistro. Beer very good though, heard good tales of the meals bit yet to try it.
Very spacious interior but very hard surfaces all over which makes the noise level high.

25 Jul 2011 09:05

The Bullington Cross Inn, Sutton Scotney

First the good news, it is no longer boarded up.

Now the bad,
it has been demolished.

6 Jul 2010 13:25

The Black Swan, Monxton

Foody restaurant rather than a pub. Have been there when all tables were reserved for diners (even though they were not actually occupied) so had to stand.
Varied selection of beer but not the best kept, and be prepared to dig deep into the pockets.
Lovely garden for summer though.

1 Jul 2009 08:33

Amport Inn, Amport

Quiet, out of the way pub, nicely kept but shame about the beer. Only Courage Directors when I was there, not particularly enjoyable.

1 Jul 2009 08:29

The Airedale Lounge, Logie Coldstone

Now closed as a pub and turned into an Antiques and Coffee shop!!!!

23 Apr 2009 14:22

The Five Bells, Nether Wallop

Nicely situated in this lovely village. Beer was fine. Limited menu for food and expensive. We had to wait an hour on one occassion although the landlady was apologetic (large party being served before us).
Pub kept in good order so worth a visit.

6 Aug 2008 08:41

The George Inn, Thruxton

Interesting pub, beer good (but Hampshire prices!!), food was straight from the deep freeze.
Large area so the big TV was fortunately out of hearing (almost). Used by the locals, but not too much in the way of alternatives.
Would use again though.

6 Aug 2008 08:36

The Plough Inn, Grateley

Been here a couple of times now (it being within walking distance) and alwways amazed how quiet it is. Nothing wrong with the beer but have not tried the food yet, plenty of space, nicely kept, so why no punters? Outside a little tatty and could do with redecoration but other than that, support it or loose it.

6 Aug 2008 08:32

The Airedale Lounge, Logie Coldstone

Village pub run for the village and serves as shop, meeting place, eating place and local entertainment/community centre. A vital part of the community.
Sadly the beer is fizzy keg S&N junk but bottled Newcastle Brown is acceptable.

3 Apr 2007 12:14

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